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 Bands come and bands go, and some bands just  fade away. It's difficult to keep track of them all, so I've created a rule which says they are moved here from the main band spotlight page if they haven't appeared in What's On for twelve months. Some of these bands are still playing, but not necessarily in the North West, and some not  always on a regular basis. Some in fact, no longer exist.

This page has been set up for you to find out whatever happened to a band you used to listen to, perhaps a favourite musician you no longer hear, or even a venue you attended. It is also for bands that may still be playing, but they haven't appeared in my What's On for 12 months. If you can't find the information you are looking for, just email your query to jazznorthwest.co.uk@gmail.com and I'll see what I can find out for you.

Fred Burnett 

  The Bands &


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Algiers Stompers Newhall Jazz Band
Alt River Jazz Band New Orleans Express
Antique Six (Keith Hockin) New Riverside Jazz Band
Art Taylor All Stars The Northern Jazz All Stars
Bay City Strollers Old Fashioned Love Band
Bayou Jazzmen The Original Deepcut Jazz Band
Bourbon St. Roof Raisers The Oriole Jazz Band
The Original Blue Mags The Panama Jazz Band, Manchester
Bob Cort Panama Jazz Band in the 50s
Ted Calvert & Alan Hare Cliff Pascoe
Canal Street Jazz Band in Hamburg Pauline Pearce updated 11/08/11
Cafe Jazz Quartet Payday Loons updated 21/07/18
Cafe Society Pete Sharples, or Roger Comerford
The Collegians Peter Frank Allstars
Tony Cash Quayside Hot Stompers
Colin's Metro Swing Alan Radcliffe
The Climax Jazz Band Raikes Paraders Jazz Band updated 16/06/12
Sheila Collier Red River Jazzmen
Cotton City Jazz Band Roy Potts Five & A Penny
Custer's Last Band The Saints Jazz Band
Dave Donohoe Band Santa Fe Syncopators
Dixieland Hotshots The Saturated Seven
Dobbs Gutter Band Savannah Jass Band (Mike Pembroke's
Doctor Jazz Shades of Stephane
Druids Jazz Band & Brian Williams The Smoky City Jazz Band
Howard Eggleton The Smoky City Stompers
Entwistles (Norman & Ian) Société Promenaders
Festival Jazzmen The 'Stockyard Ramblers' members
Fire Hose 1 Jazzmen Swing City Trio
Fylde Coast Jazzmen Art Taylor All Stars
Bill Greenow The Treadmill Syncopaters
Alan Hare & Ted Calvert Tommy Thomas
Harmony Hounds Tony Davis Band
Bryan Haughton Tony Smith Jazzmen
The Imperial Brass Band (Marching Band) Wall City Jazzmen (1954)
Jackson Square Parade Band Frank Ward (New Independence Jazz Band)
The Jazz Aces Jim Wilkes Rascals
Jazz Gentlemen Jim Wilkes Stompers
Jazz Unlimited The Wolverines
Jazzin'it Worth Valley Stompers
Juvenile Jazz Yarl River Jazzmen
Frank Ward (New Independence Jazz Band) Yarrow River Jazz Band
Jim Wilkes Rascals  
Jim Wilkes Stompers  
Keith & Marcia Pendlebury  
King Farouks Jazzman  
Lakes Jazzmen  
Lez Bull Band  
Lune Valley Jazz Band  
Mahogany Hall Stompers  
Mainline Jazz  
Martyn Sharp & The Mighty Four  
The Mathew St. Ragtime Jazzband  
Merton Cahm  
Mike Carnie & His Jazz All Stars  
Mike Gilman  
Mike Lovell All Stars with Rosie  
Mike Lovell's 6-in-a-bar  
Mike Pembroke's Savannah Jass Band 1960's  
The Muskrat Jazz Band  


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