Photo - September 2005 at Moffat Jazz Club.
L to R - Tim Belford, Bruce Carnaffin, Ken Oates, Brian Judge, Roy Cansdale, Peter Boswell.

Following the death of Tim Belford and the semi-retirement of Brian Judge, it was reluctantly decided in Autumn 2016 to disband Mainline Jazz. We had some happy memories of playing gigs all over Cumbria, occasionally backing visiting stars like John Barnes, but so many of the original members have become unavailable that it was becoming difficult to carry on. Many thanks to anyone who has played with us over the 25-year or so life of the band - we had some good times!

Based in the South Lakes but drawing its personnel from as far away as Settle and Carlisle (cue for a railway line, but not the only reason for the band's name), Mainline Jazz was a Dixieland - to- mainstream outfit which had been together for about 15 years in all. Although the basis of our material was robust and entertaining traditional jazz, the band was more than capable of branching out into smooth ballads and even bossa-nova, which stood us in good stead when we played at weddings and birthday parties. 

The band consisted of: 

Brian Judge (trumpet, flugelhorn and vocals). 

Brian has done the lot - big bands, brass bands, pit work and every kind of small band jazz from basic to bebop. We're delighted that he agreed to join us when Phil Morris disappeared darn Sarf, and his fiery but accomplished playing gives a firm lead to the band sound. 

Peter Boswell (trombone and cornet) 

Born in Baghdad (the reason for his sometimes explosive trombone playing?), Peter has history in Cheltenham and Sheffield but is now tucked away in Giggleswick, from which Yorkshire base he makes marauding forays into Lancs and Cumbria. He plays solid tailgate or attacking swing-style trombone as the occasion demands. 

Bruce Carnaffin (clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax) 

Veteran journeyman reed player, nominal leader of the band and author of these descriptions. Modesty forbids any further comment. 

Tim Belford (RIP) (keyboard) 

Our token octogenarian, but you never knew it from his playing. Tim had played in all sorts of settings, including Carlisle's legendary Gateway Jazz Band, led by the late Mick Potts. His fleet-fingered versatility was a big part of the band's success. 

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