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20/10/12 - I'm grateful to CM for sending me this interesting photograph.  It was featured in the Liverpool Daily Post on Aug 24th 2007, but the photograph was taken in 1987 of a group of young budding jazz musicians from Liverpool, who popped into the Saturday Superstore, remember that programme? CM and I agree that one of the slightly older members has a distinct look of Lonnie Donegan, coincidentally with banjo. CM says, "I wonder where these musicians are now, or has jazz lost them? Can you help identify them?


30/10/12 - Hi Fred

A friend passed on a query from your jazz page about Juvenile Jazz, the band eventually received sponsorship and became Jazz Amiga. Jazz Amiga split up 14 years ago. John Mottram (banjo) is now a doctor, Richard Thompson (trombone) is a Headmaster, Adrian Stanley (trumpet) is a scientist, Johnny Baxter (drums) is a professional musician, and our son Richard Beesley (clarinet) is also a professional musician, he lives in Brighton, teaching music one day per week and playing diverse types of music with several bands. He doesn't get to play too much jazz these days but you may be interested to hear that he has played modern jazz several times with Kyle Eastwood, son of Clint, and his band. We lost touch with Garry Doake (double bass) and Nigel Ippinson (keyboard) but I know that John Mottram and Richard Thompson are still playing.

Warm regards Pam Beesley

22/10/18 -

I'm indebted to Geoff Hogarth for sending me this link to the Liverpool Juvenile Jazz Band's appearance on Blue Peter in 1987. It was uploaded to Facebook to celebrate Blue Peter's 60th birthday, it says, "Here's a clip of Liverpool's own youth jazz band appearing on the show 31 years ago. The lads from two Liverpool schools, were actually very good. Nice to hear the Blue Mags mentioned. - Fred Burnett


23/10/18 - 

Geoff Hogarth has turned up trumps again, he's found an interview with Nigel Ipinson where in 2008 he talked about his time with the Juvenile  Jazz Band as well as OMD,

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