Whatever Happened To -
The Alan Yates Dixieland Hot Shots
(Alan Yates passed away on 9th July 2013)

We are a Manchester-based band which is dedicated to keeping the traditions of the early Ken Colyer and early Barber bands going, which, as any Trad fan knows, gives us a wide brief. Sophisticated we ain’t! But we do admit to being a smartly dressed, happy crowd of nutters.

As banjo, guitar, vocalist and leader (of the orchestra?) it is my duty to keep some semblance of order amongst this motley crew, which I do with my extensive man management skills and an extra thick banjo sound box.

We have Stuart Scott on clarinet, alto and vocals. He used to have a job that took him the length and breadth of the country. In fact, once whilst having a liquid lunch at a pub near Harwich, a chap told him how much he’d enjoyed his playing in the same hostelry two months earlier.

On trumpet and vocals the very talented, ‘Smiling’ Rebecca ‘Hat’s’ McShane, a beautiful fat tone and a great technique. Jazz has a future with this young lady.

Our trombonist is the hilarious and irrepressible Bill Oldham, an ex-copper who once arrested Frank Randall, a story you must ask him to relate when you meet him.
Our drummer was the late John Stavordale, again a much-travelled fellow, who has lived and played all over Europe.
And last but certainly not least, our double bass and sousaphone player, Andrew Sunderland. Andy is so tall, when we do a march we have to re-route round low bridges.

The band was formed some 12 years ago from the Alan Anthony Set, Ocinta, and the 23rd Foot Volunteer Jazz Band, with myself Alan Yates and the late Roy Rogers, founder and former leader of the Chicago Teddy Bears. Our aims then, and still are, to play the music as well as we can, have fun and maybe earn a few quid along the way. - Alan Yates


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