The Lune Valley Jazz Band
Still going strong

Left to right; Lawrence Marshall, Banjo; John Beaumont, Cornet; Rosie Harrison, Reeds and Vocals;
Pete Eddowes, Drums; Steve Lister, Guitar and occasional Cornet; Adrian Morris, Bass;  John Whittaker, Trombone.

Photograph by Harold Johnston

John Beaumont passed away 8th April 2021

The Lune Valley Jazz Band was formed in 1980 and is still playing the music it loves to people who enjoy it, be it in a pub or a castle, a ballroom or a marquee, out on the lawn or out on a lake (Windermere, usually). We've played 'em all! With so many years playing under its belt the band has an extensive repertoire, from ragtime to rhythm 'n blues, New Orleans to Tin Pan Alley featuring the music of Scott Joplin, King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Duke Ellington, Spencer and Clarence Williams and many more.

Picture of the band taken at the Scorton “Bikes and Barrows” event on the early May bank holiday 2018.

The band has seven members. Founder member John Beaumont is a Chris Barber fan; a native of Yorkshire and its brass bands, he plays a solid cornet lead. Supporting him on trombone is John Whittaker who joined the band in 2010. John says he misspent his youth playing in various bands around Cape Town including a German 'Oom-Pah' band. At the high end of the front line is reed player and vocalist Rosie Harrison. Rosie started playing tenor sax with big bands at the age of sixteen. She is a devotee of Bessie Smith and George Melly and has been with the LVJB since 1999. Steve Lister has been with the band for over half its life playing electric guitar and also second cornet on a handful of numbers. Steve began his musical career with his school jazz group back in 1960, went on to play in a dance band, rock/rhythm 'n' blues group, a showband and back to jazz. Lawrence Marshall joined the band in 2003; a fine, dependable banjo player, with a vast knowledge of the genre - and an even bigger record collection. Bass player, Adrian Morris joined in 2006. After playing music in the punk era of the 1980's he was persuaded onto the firmer ground of Blues and R'n' B and thence to jazz, providing the rhythm section with a firm foundation. Last but not least, our latest recruit is Peter Eddowes who has played solid and imaginative drums for every possible type of band for some years in the North West and elsewhere.

The Lune Valley Jazz Band at The Tithebarn, Garstang, 16th June 2018
"Beautiful evening last night at Th'Owd Tithe Barn in Garstang with the Lune valley jazz band.
Beautiful group of people, who created lovely atmosphere: Rosie Harrison, John Beamont, John Whittaker and more
 - thanks to all for enjoyable evening". - Svetlana Baeva, See Facebook videos


All enquiries for the band contact Peter on 07702 084672 or email: (emir3 *

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Click the play button to hear Rosie singing "Beale Street Blues" taken from their 2013 CD
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Beale Street Blues

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Rosie Harrsion at Th'Owd Tithebarn, Garstang with the Lune Valley " Jazz Band singing "Sam Jones Blues". It was recorded in 1923 by the popular blues singer Bessie Smith. This video was recorded on 15th March 2009.

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