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Life long trad jazz fan. Now 62 years of age, Played trumpet in Trad Band whilst I was in the RAF stationed in Cyprus back in 1960/63., Band was called "The Stockyard Ramblers" I still listen to jazz, sadly I do not play anymore. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Alistair (Jock) Mackenzie, originally from Inverarie, he played Banjo, Don Cadwallader, originally from Wallasey Merseyside, his parents had a newsagents shop. He played Trombone. These are the only two members of the "Stockyard Ramblers" jazz band that I can remember. Can anyone out there help me?

From: Dave Jones Port Sunlight U.K.

Dear Fred, 

Many thanks for your news letter. You may remember I contacted you some time ago to try and trace some former members of the band I played with in the late 1950's early 1960's whilst serving in Cyprus.  The Band was the 'Stockyard Ramblers'  To date I have only traced one member  trumpeter Barry Atkins, who played alongside me for 18 months.  Sadly  I was to find that he had passed away  some months before I eventually made contact with his widow.

Still I still live in hope that at 62 I may yet find some of the old players.

From: Dave Jones Port Sunlight U.K.

Hello Fred,

Last January you posted a request for information about Jock Mackenzie a former  banjo player with the Stockyard Ramblers . a band we played in during  our service in the RAF in late 50's early 60's.and I played trumpet.

Sadly  after a long and protracted  search, I was informed that Jock had died from cancer some two years ago.  I would like to trace his wife Linda if that is possible. Anyone that can shed some light on her whereabouts can email me on

Jocks last known band was The Mike Cole Band  playing in the Nottingham area.  Although I believe Jock freelanced most of the time.  Not surprising that,  because he was a superb banjo player, and a musician of considerable talent, who would be in great demand by many a Trad Band.

From: Dave Jones Port Sunlight U.K.


Hi Fred

Interested in your site as I was doing a Google search for Barry Atkins who I served with in Nicosia.   It so happens I have the attached pic of the Stockyard Ramblers taken at a fete at RAF Nicosia in 1963 that you may be interested in seeing.

I also have several pics showing Barry and I would be more than happy to e-mail them to his widow or whoever could make use of them

Regards Mike Mulhern


13/04/21 - I'm sitting here with my Mum, sadly writing my Dad's eulogy and I Googled The Stockyard Ramblers, the skiffle RAF band my Dad was a member of in Cyprus in the 60s.  Imagine my surprise when you're blog came up!

My dad was Mike 'Black Mac' McGill and he played double bass, guitar and banjo.  I believe his good friend, Brian King was also in the band. We have a copy of the record that was made too ??

I know my dad loved being in the band. Just wanted to let you know.

Best wishes, Fleur Howley nee McGill


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