The Lakes Jazzmen

Band Leader Unwin Nunns passed away suddenly on 2nd November 2013

01/04/15 - The band still exists but has no regular commitments

Unwin Nunns (RIP) Double Bass

 Unwin the band leader was born, educated and brought up in Windermere.  First started playing bass at school and then in to RAF with the Regional Band in 1948 at Bedford, treading on the same ground as the great Glenn Miller who was there only four years earlier and Glenn sat in with some of the greatest jazzers ever.

Left the RAF and joined the Basil Halliday Dance Band in Nottingham, alongside neighbouring bands Ken Mackintosh at the Astoria Ballroom and Don Smith at the Palais. 

Unwin continued to have the drive and sound from his big band days and loved the sound of music. 

Frank Slater - Trombone

A big welcome to Frank, who discovered that I was on the same circuit in Nottingham but I was there 7 years earlier. Like myself he was in the RAF. Since then he has done the lot; from Nottingham to Manchester, a Fellow of Trinity College London and Graduate of Northern School of Music - now RNCM. 

A well known musician in Jazz, Swing, TV and recording studios. Twelve years as Music Centre's Co-ordinator. He joined the great Syd Lawrence Orchestra in 1991 until 1999. Since then he has been backing American artists and the BBC Big Band and Glenn Miller (UK) Orchestra.

Harry Roberts - Trumpet


Many years, M/c Rainy City Jazzband, Bolton's Tuxedo Jazzmen, Chicago Teddybears Jazzband [Original] leader Roy Rogers c 1970s.Recent years, Yarl River[dep] freelance, and Burneside Brass[10yrs]  Harold, but regularly know by many jazzers as Harry !!

Lawrence Marshall - Banjo

An original member of the Lakes Jazzmen and solid as a rock, with great strict tempo (nice solos too) - a great guy.

Bruce Carnaffin - Reeds

Bruce is an invaluable player in my band and just the kind of clarinet player who gives that lift and excitement to jazz which also shows on his tenor and alto sax playing and his vocals give out a sophisticated 1930s sound which is great in our kind of music.

Peter Eddowes - Drums

Peter is a very accomplished drummer and is quite at home with most types of music from concert to swing and jazz and certainly a great assett to my band and a true professional, who is much sought - after by many bands .

Band Contact

Bruce Carnaffin- 01539 720172


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