Whatever Happened To -
Jim Wilkes' Rascals

 Jim Wilkes sadly passed away on 3rd July 2006 

L-R - Gerry Clayton, Jim Wilkes, Dave Rossiter, John Gordon
 (photo Fred Burnett 17/12/04)

The band was formed, at short notice, to fill a date at Whitewater Hotel at Backbarrow, near Newby Bridge. All the players were established band leaders with extensive experience. The whole evening went with a swing, so much so, they were asked to do another date. Joan, at the Whitewater, christened them the Jim Wilkes Rascals. They rather liked that and so the name has stuck.

The Rascals offered free swinging jazz, in several different styles, and were happy to entertain at all kinds of events and occasions.

They were ideal in smaller venues, as they took up very little room., but there was, nevertheless, a big exciting sound. And a lot of fun.

On stage at Little Thornton Theatre - 17th Dec 2004


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