Whatever Happened To -
Bill Greenow


08/11/2009 - Hello Fred, Thank you for the nice page, it was a very good idea. 

One of my favourite clarinet players is Bill Greenow.  I have only 1 LP from him, playing Tenorsax ( Berendonck records) 

He was playing several years with Koen De Cauter (Waso) 

Do you know something from him? 

Thank you, greetings 


04/09/11 - Hi Fred, I know that some time back the name of Bill Greenow came up on your site so I think this sad news about my ex-musical colleague from the Martyn band days should be added. Bill had one leg removed a couple of weeks back and Cuff's E mail conveys even more bad news.

Regards, Brian Turnock

Hi All
I managed to get through to Bill in hospital at last today, and the latest is since there is no pain level reduction after the leg amputation 2
weeks ago they are going to take the other one off today. Sorry to bring the sad news , .I believe the 2 boys Alex and Adrian are
coming over today from Sweden, so I may hear more in the next day or so.

Regards  Cuff Billett

07/10/11 -

Forwarded by Brian Turnock -

Hi All Just heard from Andrew, Bills brother, that Bill died in the night, no more details I'm afraid

Cheers Cuff Billett

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