Mike Pembroke's Savannah Jass Band from the early 60's

Savannah Jass Band

L-R : Dave Wright, Mike Pembroke, Alan Gresty, Brian Ellwood, Charlie (John) Bentley, and Roy Borrows.



Re-Mike Pembroke's Savannah Jazz Band from the early 60's. Attached a photo of the line up. Photo taken I believe at the Regency Club, Didsbury Road where we had a residency (Wednesdays?). Note my hair cut. I believe I had just changed from a Brylcream plastered quiff to a "Beatles" style.


Charlie (John) Bentley B. P. E. (retired)

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Cushion Foot Stomp

London Blues.mp3

The Chant.mp3

Tiger Rag.mp3


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