Les Bull sadly passed away on 3rd May 2015
The Lez Bull Band

Lez retired quietly as player and leader of the band on 12th December 2011, the idea being that he would make occasional guest appearances, which I'm not sure he ever did. The band continued to play under his name for a while, and as Mathew Woodhouse had also retired from playing the remaining band members decided to play under the new name of The Quincy Street Quintet, led by Pete Major.

On 13th October 2014, Les wrote, "Just a note to confirm that I have now rejoined my old Band ( just when you thought it was safe to walk into a jazz pub).   As you may deduce, there are not many gigs in the diary yet, but we welcome all enquiries


Left to Right Back - Dave Lee, Les Bull,  Mathew Woodhouse
Left to Right Front -  Pete Major, Peter Boocock, Laurence Canty
(Photo Fred Burnett - Crofters Jazz Club, Garstang -  7/03/10)

The Lez Bull Band @ Moor Park Bowling Club Playing 'That's My Home' with
Mathew Woodhouse on trombone. Video recorded Sunday 1st June 2008.

Having played with the infamous Les Bull’s Festival Jazz Band for about 17 years, I had to give up playing for a few years for family reasons. Eventually, I thought the public had enjoyed their peace and quiet for long enough, so I asked an old chum and wizard keyboard player Pete Major if he fancied playing some Jazz. It took him several milliseconds to answer in the affirmative, and we then rang a few of our mutual buddies and acquaintances on the local music scene. The first man we rang was the powerhouse drummer from the old Festival Band, Peter Boocock. Once they heard HE was in the Band, the rest of the personnel fell into place pretty quickly (all being the worse for drink) 

In alphabetical order, the Band members are :-

Peter Boocock. Worked in rock and pop bands in his young days, his finest hour being an appearance on the Morecambe & Wise Show about 100 years ago. Was converted to Jazz when we persuaded him (with money) out of a very premature retirement from the ancient art of hitting animal skins with sticks. He joined the old Festival band around 1993, since which time he has never looked back (or forward).

Laurence Canty. He can’t quite carry a double bass on his bike so, instead, plays a mean bass guitar. Laurence talks with a very funny accent, and we don’t quite know where he’s from, but we suspect that it’s a fair distance south of Ramsbottom. A decent chap (for a southerner) and if we paid him by the decibel, we’d be skint. (Hang on, we ARE skint).

Dave Lee. A talented multi-instrumentalist (a.k.a. show-off) who blows the socks off clarinet, alto sax, and soprano sax. Based in Blackpool, where he lives on a deck-chair underneath the pier, he works with several other bands, by whom he has often been described as a ‘virtuoso’. We can’t spell that, so you just better come and hear him for yourselves - he’s a monster! 

Pete Major. Pete played keyboards with several rock and blues bands in his formative years, some of which became quite famous after he left. Simon, Garfunkel and Major; Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, Tich, and Pete. Just think what they’re missing now! Oh, and Steinway have asked us to point out that he plays a Kawai electronic piano. It’s bloomin’ heavy, but it sounds more like a real piano than most real pianos. 

Mathew Woodhouse 
replaced Eddie Taylor who now lives in Thailand for most of the year.

Then last, and definitely least 

Les Bull. Trumpet player and titular head (is that rude?) who insists on singing too much. Says it saves his lip (but is it worth saving?). Learned to play too loud as a boy with the legendary Furness Jazz College Seven (well, they were famous once-upon-a-time in the back streets of Barrow-in-Furness). His main claim to fame is that Wild Bill Davison once slept in his bed (fortunately, not at the same time). 

So that’s it, really. The Band play occasional forays to places like Carlisle Jazz Club, The Shrimper at Southport, Wagon & Horses in Lancaster, The Crofters Jazz Club in Garstang, the Victoria Park Hotel, Barrow, The Wine Bar, Lowther Street, Kendal. – and whatever else comes in. 

Contact Les Bull - 015395 61058

The band's latest CD recorded live at Carlisle Jazz Club on August 26th 2010

Listen below to a sample from some of the tracks

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