30/01/09 - 

Les Dyos (trombone) asks, "Whatever happened to the Original Deepcut Jazz Band ? formed in the 50s at the later formidable Deepcut in Hampshire - the now defunct Depot of the Royal Army Ordinance Corps. We played a few gigs in the Sgts mess (were we ever paid?) and made a 78 in Aldershot, which I still have!  Personnel? all I can remember was Ron Desborough on Guitar, a very tall medical student on cornet, but names ...... old age!

03/02/09 - "I was delighted to hear from Les Dyos and memories of the RAOC at Deepcut about 1956 (see News Item 20/01/09). I was on clarinet and he was on trombone. The others were Ron Kirk tpt Brian Wood tpt Laurie Haythorne pno Ron Desborough Gtr Keith Donaldson bass Brian Simpson dms." -  Gordon Fryer ( still having a blow on rare occasions ).

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