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With bookings falling, yet still playing, Mike decided, in Sept 2013, to unlist the band from the main menu rather than update the page,
In June 2010, the band  members were 
Mike Lovell, Rosie Harrison, Willy Entwistle, Andy Henderson (cornet), Jimmy Scaife, Frank Flynn, Pete Fielding


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The Band

A hard working band and one of the busiest in the North West, Mike’s band is successful because not only do they play great music, they entertain their audiences. When Mike started the band some 2 and a half years ago, he hand picked the very best players that were available, you will read about them in the following biographies but the band developed its own distinctive sound and audiences found themselves listening to jazz standards with a different feel to what they were used to. When Mike decided to include a singer he went and heard Rosie and new immediately it was she who should be in the band, not only because she had a great voice, but she also played clarinet and saxophone. The fact that she looked great was an added bonus. The band goes from strength, playing at major jazz Festivals, private functions etc. The band can augment from a dinner jazz 4 or 5 to a full line up of 6 or 7. Playing at cabaret clubs and casinos the band is very versatile and can lend itself to most styles. But most of all the Mike Lovell Jazz Allstars with Rosie, entertain their audiences.

MIKE LOVELL....Trombone. Slide Trumpet & Vocals

Leader, Trombone & Vocals

Born in Brighton and moving to London at an early age, Mike started playing at the age of 12 in the school brass band. He then went onto play with the Essex Youth Orchestra and subsequently the National Youth Orchestra. At 16 he formed his first jazz band playing in many venues in and around London. After playing in dubious ‘dives’ in Soho and famous jazz clubs such as 100 Oxford Street and Ronnie Scott's, Mike joined a famous American Jazz/Rock Band and toured Scandinavia, Europe and West Africa. He then came out of the business for several years and went into the management of Casinos, Hotels, Caesars Palace Theatre Night Club. Now he is back and formed this band asking the very best players in the North West to join him. Some 2½ years later, with a few changes and with the addition of a great vocalist Rosie Harrison, the “Mike Lovell Jazz Allstars with Rosie” is one of the must popular and hard working bands in the North, playing at many Jazz Festivals, private functions, corporate events, casinos etc.

DAVE SAVILL Cornet  (Dave passed away on 31st December 2011)

Dave is one of the finest cornet players in the country. In the late 70’s he played with Keith Nichols in the Midnight Follies Orchestra. Around the same time Dave was a member of the Syd Lawrence Orchestra, going on to play with the Terry Lightfoot Band and George Chisholm's Gentlemen of Jazz.

JIMMY THOMSON....Clarinet. Alto & Tenor Saxophones

Jimmy is a legend in his own lifetime. Playing over the years with such famous names as the Cyril Stapleton Orchestra, Joe Loss Orchestra and the Ken Macintosh Orchestra. At the Tower Ballroom In Blackpool Jimmy played with the Eric Delaney Band. In his illustrious career Jimmy has also been head of Blackpool’s Music Department and was able to launch the careers of many a gifted youngster. Jimmy has played in many smaller bands and is regularly invited to guest at jazz festivals across the country.

FRANK FLYNN....Piano, Keyboards & Vocals

Born in Liverpool, Frank moved to Blackpool in 1950 and studied piano under Miss Josephine Mellor to grade 8 and Professor William Rees (LRAM). He started playing at gigs at the age of  l3 and formed the Frank Flynn Trio in 1957 and worked all the Northern Cabaret Venues with their own show, also backing many well known artistes including Dorothy Squires, Nat Gonella, Don Rendell, Eric Delaney, Englebert Humperdink, Max Wall, Bob Monkhouse and many more. He then formed his musical comedy show “Brahms and Liszt” and has had major success performing at international corporate events, Royal Albert Hall, Grand Theatre, Preston Guild Hall and has been invited to play at corporate events in most European countries plus Mauritius, Dubai, Hong Kong etc. Frank has to be the best jazz piano player- entertainer in the North of England and joined Mike’s band soon after it started and when not travelling the country with “Brahms & Liszt” he is a great part of the band.

PETE FIELDING....Guitar, Bass Guitar & Vocals

Pete has over 40 years experience as a guitarist, bass player and vocalist. He was a member of the original “Executives”, a Blackpool band who were E.M.I. recording artists of ‘March of the Wads’ fame. Pete had a hand in writing it but it was eventually sold to Joe Loss. Over the last 15 years or so Pete has almost totally involved in the local jazz scene as a bass guitarist. Since joining Mike’s band Pete has taken up the double bass and has taken to like a ‘duck to water’ and loves it, giving the band a whale new great sound.

PETER EDDOWES...,.Drums & Vocals

After piano training as a classical musician Peter turned to drums and jazz. As a teenager he was influenced by the big bands. Peter has worked for comedian Jim Bowen and has played in many of the major Blackpool and other local venues, such as the Winter Gardens, Central Pier and Floral Hall, Morecambe. In addition he has played at many hotels, cabaret bars and clubs. Pete has also played with same great musicians, such as, Cy Laurie, Neville Dickie, Roy Williams and John Barnes. Recently Pete has been playing on cruise ships and has also done pantomime and music hall. Pete says “I love playing with Mike’s band, it’s got soul... and swings like a garden gate !"


ROSIE HARRISON.....Vocals & Reeds

Blackpool born, Rosie began playing piano and singing at the age of 5 and was taught by her Mum. Her formative years were dedicated to learning both the clarinet and alto saxophone, followed quickly by the tenor saxophone. She was very quickly co-opted into the Lancashire Schools Jazz Band and as a member of her sixth-form college band, she toured Europe and made several television appearances which included Blue Peter and Songs of Praise. At the age of 17 Rosie joined “16 Men Swinging” playing soprano saxophone and along with vocals, ensured the further development of her jazz technique. After singing with other bands over the years Rosie joined Mike’s band some 2 years ago and added the final ingredient that is making the band so successful.

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