Whatever Happened To -

Bob Cort

Guitar Vocalist

Made a recording of Don't you rock me Daddy Oh back in the 50s - 60s

Last heard of in Yorkshire somewhere as a Publican?

He was a good jazz guitarist so someone must have played with him

Cheers Bugleboy.

Hello Fred, I was reading an item on one of your pages written by Murray Glover who has some pictures of Bob Cort. My name is Clive Cobb, my wife Lesley and I worked with Murray at Royds in the sixties and we would love to make contact with him again, could you please foward our email address on to him. Many thanks, Clive.

Bob Cort - I have information - Lived in my village - I have a drawing which I produced in the 60's knew him well - nice stories - Carl Reilly

Carl, Hi, Murray Glover here ... I worked with Bob at GS Royds Ltd. in about 1959/60, sharing an office with him at one stage. He was an inveterate practical joker. Sitting opposite him at one time was a copywriter who always dozed off in the afternoons. Bob rigged up a plastic tube under their two adjoining desks, and at the appropriate time blew water down it, (being a visualiser he always had a glass of water, with paintbrushes in.) About 15 minutes later the poor bloke woke up with a start, convinced that he had wetted himself. Another trick was to ring two people up at the same time on two separate internal phones, then put the phones together ... "Hello" "Hello" "Who's that ?" "WHO'S THAT ?" "What do you want ?" "I don't want anything, what do YOU want ?" etc. etc. Other gags I could tell you. I stayed at Royds till 1986, but I think Bob moved on to other things in the early 60s. You may have already seen these pix, but in case not, here they are ..................In the pic he is looking at a pack of Guards cigarettes, one of our accounts. I would be very interested to hear of Bob in later life. I am still in touch with three or four people who were at Royds then.

All best and happy Christmas, Carl and Fred.

Murray Glover

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