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Norman Entwisle

My name is Ian Entwisle, Bass Player now living in Holmfirth, West Yorks now, but as a Lancastrian in exile I was interested to see your website and recognised many names on there as people I had played with during the early to mid 80’s

Many people may remember my Dad, Norman Entwisle, who was a Jazz Guitarist playing in many Manchester Jazz Bands during the 60’s 70’s and 80’s (at least)

Norman (Dad) was my passport into Jazz, I was at the time a Pub/Club Rock Band Bass Guitarist in my early 20s and he couldn’t resist buying a himself a bass and sat in with a few bands : Panama Jazz Band, John Taylor (trumpet) band, Bill Oldham’s (Trombone) Band, Dave Ellisons (Clarinet) Jazz Band and of course Jim Wilkes White Rose Jazz Band. When these bands preferred his guitar playing I was drafted in on Bass and learned my craft learning all the Jazz standards. I was know as ‘Ian, Son of Norman’ a name which sort of stuck.

I have many happy memories of playing with Jim Wilkes in particular and the tribute on your site is top notch. HE was a lovely guy and is sadly missed. I used to travel to gigs with Jim on occasions and he was a real inspiration to me with his relaxed style and his completely made up stories to introduce tunes.

I don’t think it is just me that remembers Norman as a Legend, most bands loved his solid rhythm work and knowledge of chords, he was not so much a lead player but his solo features were based on chord inversions, arpeggios and solid rhythmic guitar work. He was also very modest, never seeking the limelight and always willing to encourage others, I can actually remember when I was much younger, Jon Gordon came to our house when he was first starting out on Guitar and he had come to get some tips from Norman who was a big Django Reinhart fan.

Sadly Dad passed away at the end of 2000 following a long illness, and I would really appreciate it if you could include an entry on your website to immortalise his contribution to the Manchester Jazz Scene over the years.

I am enclosing a couple of photos, one is obviously just Norman with his guitar, the other photo was taken at Jim Wilkes House : (Left to right) Howard Maude (Drums) Ian Entwisle (Bass,) Norman Entwisle (Guitar), Jim Wilkes (Trumpet), Terry Arnold (Trombone) and Les Whitemoss (Clarinet - hidden)
As you can see a lively time was had by all !!!! particularly Terry !!

I am still playing bass and now have electric, fretless and and upright ‘stick’ bass
I am always looking for gigs so if anyone needs a dep bass player for Jazz gigs they can contact me on mobile 07986 037312 or email ian.entwisle@sky.com

Very best regards

Ian Entwisle

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