Jazz Unlimited

Photograph by Barrie Marshall, 28/02/11 :  L/R - John Whittaker, Alan Kenmure, Geoff Wilkinson, Ray Briggs, Ronnie Blamire


20/03/17 -

Dear Fred

Jazz Unlimited is no longer doing the regular Monday night at the John O' Gaunt in Lancaster, so please can you take us off your listings. I'll let you know if we restart there, or find some other venue.

Best regards - John Whittaker

Jazz Unlimited pays a lively mixture of styles ranging from trad through mainstream


Piano: Ronnie Blamire
Bass: Ray Briggs
Drums: Geoff Wilkinson
Sax and clarinet: Alan Kenmure
Trombone: John Whittaker

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John Whittaker 07752 643946

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