Whatever Happened To -
The Climax Jazz Band

Several light years ago, I used to play piano with the Climax Jazz Band (which later re-formed as the Climax Blues Band). After living in each others pockets for some time (which included a short spell in France), when the jazz band split up, we all seemed to move away from our base in Stafford, never to be in contact again. 

I heard that John Chisholm (dbl bass) was running a pub, that Johnny Banjo had passed away, and that Dad traps (Trevor ??) and Roger Bone (real surname Price) were both in the Leicester area. Colin Cooper, however, I have met a couple of times; once when I went to his house, somewhere just outside Stafford, and once when he came to perform at the Burnley Blues festival, when we met up briefly backstage. 

Going back even further to the Jazz Band at Leicester University, the only guy whose name I remember was Pete Treagar, a trumpet player who hailed from Portsmouth (or somewhere down there) with whom I managed to get backstage to meet Louis Armstrong when he played at the de Montfort Hall. 

Not quite my life history! 

Cheers! Noel Broadgate.

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