The Salt City Jazzmen

Salt City Jazzmen of 1973 showing left to right: Pete Noden, bass; Jack Hewitt, piano; Dick Wharton, cornet; Bob Jones, drums; Dave Parsonage, clarinet/saxes; Bob Terry, banjo/guitar; and Alan Newton, trombone.

The band was formed in 1969 and began their first residency in late 1970. This was at The Vine at Shavington near Nantwich in Cheshire where they played fortnightly on Thursdays for eight years. The early band consisted of Dick Wharton, cornet; Alan Newton, trombone; Dave Parsonage, clarinet & saxes; Jack Hewitt, piano; Bob Terry, banjo & guitar; Pete Noden, bass; and Bob Jones, drums. (As seen in the first picture, taken in 1973). In the intervening years the band has contained members who were, or later became, well known in other bands - Richard Vernon of Tommy Burton fame, Mark Challinor who went on to form his own band the Wabash Jazzmen, and Jon Penn, Derek Harrison, Peter Robinson and George Barnett, who have played in a variety of other bands in the Cheshire/Staffordshire/ Shropshire & North Wales areas. Also the band has often exchanged deps with the Severnside Jazz Band of Shrewsbury for which Dick Wharton also played regularly.  After leaving The Vine, The Salt City Jazzmen had residencies at the Railway Hotel and The Bowling Green pub in Nantwich, The Red Lion, Wybunbury, The Red Lion, Nantwich, The Royal Oak, Worleston, The Old Barbridge Inn, Barbridge (they were here for over 17 years), The Jolly Tar, Barbridge, the Rising Sun, Wistaston Green and The Nags Head, Crewe, until moving early in 2014 to their present venue, The Elephant, Shavington.

The band as seen in this second picture, taken March 2003, was Alan and Bob, plus Mike Hardacre on trumpet, Harry Christian on clarinet/saxes, Stuart Renn, banjo/guitar and Derek Pierce, bass (Harry Christian has since ceased to be a regular performer with this band so Paul Blake, one of the original members of the Wall City Jazz Band and its current leader, now performs on clarinet and saxes).

The Salt City Band, taken March 2003 and showing left to right: Alan Newton, trombone; Derek Peirce, bass; Bob Jones, drums; Mike Hardacre, trumpet; Stuart Renn, banjo/guitar; and Harry Christian, clarinet/saxes.

The current line-up is Glyn Bennett trumpet, Alan Newton trombone, Geoff Parker clarinet & sax
Stuart Renn banjo & guitar, Mad Ed Lloyd Hugh's bass.

The  Salt City Jazz Men now have a residency at The Elephant public house in Shavington, Crewe, Cheshire.

They are playing the first  Wednesday evening each month, 8.00pm - 10-30pm

The venue is

contact details:- 

Alan Newton, tel. 01270 619297.

Bob Jones passed away 23rd June 2020

Derek Pearce (Bass), Alan Newton (Tbn), Bob Jones (Dms), Dick Wharton (Cornet), George Barnett (Clt), Stuart Renn (Bjo)
Photo taken around the year 2000.

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