The Tuxedo Jazz Band

Derek Galloway, Isabel Toner,  Richard Knock, Brian Woods, Malcolm Horn, Gerry Owen


The Band was formed in 1993 by six experienced musicians, each having a desire to produce a band whose overall sound and technique was as authentic as possible to the original New Orleans bands.

The rhythm section ; regarded as a big engine with Malc Horn, one of the finest Banjo/Guitar players in Europe. Brian Woods Drums, lots of drive with the all important light & shade. Isabel Toner Dble Bass, nurtured by the band from a beginner, then released into the wild world of jazz where she holds her own, but always returns home to "Momma Tuxedo". 

The front line: Power, experience, and real passion to get as close as possible to the original sound, with Derek Galloway Trombone/vocals, Richard Knock (trumprt) and Gerry Owen Clarinet / Sax & vocals; all extremely well known in the business with past and present instrumentalists.

You will find the band playing each Thursday at the Old Wallaseyans Club , 142 Grove Road , Wallasey. CH45 0JKF.  Tel.0151 639 2832. Here they play to please the more purist fans of New Orleans Jazz. A major event worth a mention takes place on 8th November at Heswall Civic Hall when up to 300 gather for the 'Three Churches Together' for an evening of New Orleans style spirituals. 

The musicians' pedigree covers a wide spectrum of experience, particularly their very good name in Holland and Germany, and the pleasure of having played with some of the originators of the music - Alton Purnell, Kid Sheik, Louis Nelson, and our own Ken Colyer. Still very much with us, Sammy Rimington (who hopefully will be playing with the Tuxedo during this year).

The Band Members are:

Derek Galloway -


Gerry Owen -


Richard Knock 


Mal Horne -


Brian Woods -


Isabel Toner -


Contacts: -

Gerry Owen 01925-601694 
Malc Horne 0151-489-3047

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