Mad Ed's Hot Five

Formed on a foolish whim, the Hot Five have been conflagrating before the coal fires at the Blue Bell Inn, Halkyn since November 2006.

L-R - Carole Horne, Roy Gregory, Stan Williams, Ed Lloyd-Hughes, Dr Tom Rippeth

Encouraged, sometimes goaded, by a gang of reckless patrons, the Hot Five churn out an un-amplified repertoire that allows the regulars to exchange scathing remarks about the band's dress sense and absurd facial expressions, whilst downing pints of Blue Bell Bitter, an activity encouraged with vigour by the band. 

"Our musical style is greatly influenced by the Dewhurst tradition" claims
bass player Ed Lloyd-Hughes; "We takes all the well loved traditional jazz tunes and we butchers 'em."

Roy Gregory needs little introduction to North Western jazz fans as a ferociously driving one man rhythm section playing Djangoesque guitar and searing banjo, he often sets fire to the rafters...... this man is seriously hot. Did I mention his limitless song repertoire? He knows 'em all.

Stan Williams has earned himself a reputation as fine trumpet player and is much in demand. Fortunately he lives 3 miles away from the Blue Bell so we can get him cheap most weeks. He has a blue trumpet, we have no idea why. Stan can sing too, but quite frankly, and strictly between ourselves, he never seems to know the words, keeps doing that skibbly skoobly oobly dah wah wah stuff. Man's a fool.

Dr Tom Rippeth, a native of Royton but now resident but a cycle ride away from the Blue Bell is a talented Tynesider playing trombone, Wagnerian horn, bass and piano and is mostly a sensible influence within the band. His proper job is calculating how hot and horrible global warming is going to get. What a little ray of sunshine he is.

Carole Horne, our splendid clarinetist has revealed herself as a dashed fine singer, delivering songs with enough passion and tenderness to bring forth a flood of tears from a glass eye. Carol live on Anglesey, works reluctantly, and produces honey with verve and joy. Make your own jokes about that one.

Last, and quite properly so, is Ed Lloyd-Hughes an alleged bass player. First played in a trad band when he was young lissome and lovely. Time has clearly taken a horrible toll on the feller. He was recently turfed out of a gurning competition for going too far, remarks about an Orang-utan's buttocks were heard. He has the loudest voice in Wales, but not the sweetest ......... Other people daft enough to guest with the Hot 5 include glamour shirtist and trumpeter Tom Jones, The surprisingly lovely Al Tunstall on piano and Morris Jones on trombone who deps for Dr Rippeth when he has to tussle with extra hard sums. For more pictures and tosh, visit the Blue Bell Halkyn website.

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" Keep my name out of this rubbish " Stan Williams [ trumpet and flugel ] 

" On no account mention my name " Carol Horne [ clarinet ] 

" Is this some kind of joke ? " Roy Gregory [ banjo & guitar ] 

" I deny everything including this denial " Tom Rippeth [ trombone and Valkyriehorn ] 

" Who ? " [ The rest of the Lloyd-Hughes family ]

" If I hear this lot again I shall retire a broken man " [ Humphrey Lyttelton.]

" A bunch of demented cacophoniacs, slightly better than rap music..... maybe. " [ KERRANG magazine ]

" Do they ever bother to tune their instruments ? " [ A musician ]

" On the spot fines will stop this kind of thing " [ North Wales Police ]

" How do they drink so much and still stay upright ? " [ Dialysis monthly ]

" Bloody great ! " [ John Prescott ]

Every Sunday at 3pm

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