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Sheila Collier
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22/11/09 - Tony West asks, "The last I heard of Sheila Collier was that she was living in Cockermouth, so having heard the news I wondered if anyone knows if she is OK?".

24/11/2009 - 

Hi Fred,

In response to Tony West; Sheila lives in Kent these days and sometimes puts on a band at the Clarendon on Thursday evenings in Deal.

Best wishes - Louis Lince

23/09/10 -

Tony West used my live chat facility this morning to deliver this message

Tony_West: Hi Fred- I have had an eMail from Sheila Collier
jazznorthwest.co.uk@gmail.com: Oh great how is she?
Tony_West: Good- moving to Sweden, a friend of mine in Gravesend found her... She is with a clarinettest Lasse Karlsson
jazznorthwest.co.uk@gmail.com: OK. I haven't seen her for years. Did you tell her people on my site have been asking about her?
Tony_West: She sent a couple of photos too... I will tell her- I caught her on the phone a week ago. She was just back from Sweden, packing up to move there. I'll send you Sheila's pic in an e/m

06/10/10 - 

"You have recently mentioned on your newsletter that Tony West has contacted Sheila Collier. If anyone is interested I found on You Tube Sheila singing with Lasse Karlsson and, presumably, his band in Sweden. One is "S'Wonderful" and the other is "T'aint Nobody's Business if I do". I used to go to listen to Sheila, mainly with the Smokey City, at the Band on the Wall in Manchester amongst other places. That was in the days before I knew Don !!!!!!  (long time ago).  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKsGEFRBDA4 and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Nfr49VgDB8 

Hope this is of some use". - Regards,  Margaret Ashworth

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