Whatever Happened To -
The Jackson Square Parade Band

 Terry Eastwood died on Friday 7th March 2014

The Jackson Square Parade Band was put together by Parade Marshall Terry Eastwood around 2004/5 but it only acquired its name in 2008. The normal line-up consisted of Musical Director John Pashley from Yorkshire, on trumpet,  Gerry Owen from Warrington on saxophones and clarinet, John Brunton from Burnley on soprano and tenor sax, Dave Parr from Manchester on Brass Bass, Dave Moore from Bury on snare drum, Louis Lince on bass drum, and Mike Pembroke on trombone.

Terry had 8 or 9 other musicians which from time to time he could call upon if someone was ill  or on holiday.  He himself led the band in full New Orleans style regalia. The band was often in demand for funerals, but could do other engagements. For example, when required to do a reception after a funeral, he could adjust the band to suit. On those occasions Louis Lince could switch to banjo which most people were used to seeing him play, Dave Moore could bring in his full drum kit, and Dave Parr could switch to double bass.

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