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Having seen many messages on your website where people are looking for old long lost friends. I wonder if you could put up such a message for me - when you get a free moment which is never often in your case - to find a really great friend and colleague who I played with between 1963 and 1964 on the American bases in France, mainly. 

His name is Howard Eggleton; he then lived at a number in Pelham Crescent, Beeston, Nottingham. A top-flight drummer and one of the most placid, pleasant and humorous musicians I've ever known. I mentioned him, his wife, Margaret and their Alsatian dog "Lady" in the autobiography. We corresponded for a brief while after I came back to London - where I was living near my parents' place in Maida Vale at the time, in Summer 1964. I then got tied up on the London Jazz circuit, got busy at last, and we lost touch. The 'phone number that Howard had then is obviously in someone else's name now. I did try it. I just wondered if any Nottingham musicians who were around in the 1960s knew him and know where I could get in touch with him and Margaret again. We were, up until parting company, in the Gunter Gelsov band THE RENA COMBO, mostly at Army bases in the Verdun area from early 1964 to Summer that year. I hope we can be put in touch again.

29/03/11 - I have recently found your website on the internet about finding old musicians. I read that Joe Silmon a former band member with Howard Eggleton was looking to contact him. Here's the good news..

I'm Howards granddaughter. Howard and Margeret moved down from Nottingham to South Devon when there two children Melanie and Catherine (my mum) were very small. They moved to little village in Paignton called Marldon where they are still currently living.

Howard (my grandad) has not drummed for a while now but he used to when me and my older sister and cousins were younger. Margeret had a job at the Dartington College of Performing Arts for 35 year and has recently retired.

My grandad will be 72 this year and he is just the same as when I was younger. He spends his time now travelling with Margeret and taking their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren on holiday with them.

Howard and Margerets family:

Howard (72) and Margeret Eggleton (70)

Two daughters Melanie Eggleton (43) and Catherine Symons (40)

Melanie has three sons; Luke (22), Ben (17) and Finlay (8)

Catherine has two daughters; Samantha (21), Jess - Me (18) with her previous partner.

Catherine is now married to Rob Symons and they have a daughter Jasmin (11)

Luke - Melanie's eldest son - has a little girl (5 months)

Samantha - Catherine's eldest daughter - has a son Jamie (3)

I hope that you can pass this information on to Joe Silmon and I will pass this on to my grandad

Many thanks,

Jess Sykes


Joe Silmon        

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