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Well now you've taken the trouble to find me, I'd better tell you a little bit about myself.

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Born in Accrington in 1942, lived in Bury 1964 - 1985 and retired in Preston in 1992, I don't know how I ever found time to go to work as I don't have a moment to spare with hobbies like Traditional Jazz, Photography, Computing (Desktop Publishing & Midi), Gardening, Amateur Radio (G3RSM), etc., and some of them (like amateur radio) are currently having to take a back seat. I spent most of my work time with BT initially as a telephone engineer, then a Television Broadcast Link Engineer, then as a Data Communications Technical Support Manager. When early retirement came at 50, I had even more time for computing and as well as doing a course in C programming on 10th May 1994, I then went to the local University of Central Lancashire and did a beginner's course on the Internet. From there I decided to teach myself the web language (html) so I went out and spent 6.99 on one of the best valued books I have ever bought - "Teach Yourself html" by Mac Bride. For the finishing touches I spent 13.99 on the "Instant HTML Programmer's Reference" by Steve Wright. Nowadays I tend to use Microsoft Front Page Editor, it's much quicker.

I guess it's my love of New Orleans Jazz, which started as a young man visiting the Bodega Jazz  Club in Manchester, and the loan of reels and reels of Ken Colyer, Alex Welsh & Chris Barber tapes lent by an old friend of mine, Sam Lord from Greenmount, Bury, that eventually led me to create what began as my "Traditional Jazz in Lancashire" Web Page. During the period that "trad" became overplayed in the 50's, I moved on to other interests, and it wasn't until the mid 80's that a visit to Kendal unearthed the first of a series of Ken Colyer reissues on Lake Records and once again I was "hooked". I still didn't appreciate that live jazz was on the doorstep, until Tony Davis started his programme "Tony's Trad" on JazzFM in September 1994 and various local venues were mentioned on the programme. A visit to these locations and the friendly musicians who played there opened up a whole new delightful world of Traditional Jazz nights at pubs and clubs across Lancashire, and I want to share them with you. My wife Barbara, and myself, started our own Jazz Venue in 1999, which we ran for three years to generate interest in Traditional Jazz in Preston. Your comments on these pages would be appreciated via email to

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