Lockdown Photographs No. 7
 Archive Photographs dug out during lockdown. Well there's no live jazz so you have to do something!
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Fred, I was wondering if the band members on West Coast Shout could be identified from the cartoon album cover drawn by Diz Disley. - Bob Lamb

If you think about it, there are seven band members riding on the horse. Nob Baldwin sported a handlebar moustache as the chap second from the left. The fellow fourth from the left, in my opinion looks like Trevor Carlisle who played drums. The point I would bring to Bobs attention is the fact that there was eight people in the band and not seven. Cant see that any other caricature that looks anything like anybody else. Unless the horse represented the missing member. I don’t recall any of them having such a long face, or wearing blinkers.  - Peter Darwin

17/03/21 -  Regarding identities on MJB album West Coast Shout cover . - Pete Darwin is quite correct, there are 8 musicians on the album and only 7 shown the horse. I guessed the odd man out may be guitarist Nigel Sinclair who was in fact Nigel Scrimshire. Which makes me wonder if Diz Disley was the cartoonist as Neville Scrimshire was/is also a graphics designer. The artist isn't identified on the cover
I'm sure that bassist Dick Goodwin is hanging onto the horse's tail....as he did to many of those he backed.....and lost - Bob Lamb

22/03/21 - Many Esquire covers were designed and drawn by Al Fairweather. I’m not sure about this one. -
Gerard Bielderman




Some cuttings from 1963.  A very young Micky Cooke and John Hallam. - Duncan Hollows.



The Newhall Jazz Band back in 1977. - Mick Unthank



The Sun St Stompers at the John O'Gaunt it it's early days when the awful fireplace was there and the terrible wall paper Steve Thorn very soon sorted that out, Dave Bateman Guitar, Paul Guppy Bass, Barrie Marshall clarinet and Alan Duckles cornet.


Another lockdown photo. Very early Rioters Dixieland Jazz Band. 1988/89.  Myself, Jeff Lewis, Roy Swift, Jim Lucas. Wilf Jenkinson, Phil Yates,  and look how slim we all are!! - John Dorgan


16/03/21 - Les Haricots Rouges from France at the Oliver Cromwell Jazz Festival, Upton-upon-Severn in 1995 – showing their Finale to a fantastic set before an audience of near 1,000 in “Charlie’s” marquee.  The performance from this young band of brilliant musicians included – all the band ‘sharing’ instruments for one number ; the drummer, after a solo break, showering the band with drumsticks ; the trumpeter ‘streaking’ across the rear of the stage, and an ‘exploding’ string double bass ! A standing ovation from the whole marquee followed their ‘pyramid’ finale.  Our local band were not impressed when I suggested them trying the ‘pyramid’ occasionally to improve their ‘crowd’ appeal. - Terry Birkinhead


19/03/21 - Another picture from the past of the "New Hall Jazz Band" working on Lake Windermere.  L.R. Steve Johnson Gtr, Peter Eddowes (Drums), Jim Morgan (Clt./Sax), Pete Deely (Bass), John Sideau (Leader Trumpet),   It was not raining either!!!!  - Peter Eddowes


19/03/21 - A young New Riverside Jazz Band playing in Skipton.  Front L-R, Barrie Marshall, Alan Duckles, Alan Matthews. Back L-R, Delia Glaister, Peter Eddowes, Dave Bateman, Paul Guppy.  Below that is a photograph of the band taken 33years ago at a Private Booking in Bretherton (Near Preston Lancs).  Whilst I have a lot more. I couldn't resist this last one, as its rather unusual in it's layout. L/R Back row Barrie Marshall, Alan Duckles, Peter Eddowes, Dave Bateman. Front Row on Bass Malcolm Hall and Cyril Lyons. I didn't realise how we looked then, how time flies,  it happens to us all!  -  Peter Eddowes

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