Lockdown Photographs No. 3
 Archive Photographs dug out during lockdown. Well there's no live jazz so you have to do something!
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Photographs from Dr. Alan Brown, in Manchester including this super photograph of George Lewis.

Time for a cuppa in Binns Cafe


L-R Eric Brierley (tbn), Don Bridgewood (dms), Roy Bower (tpt),
Norman Dakers (bjo), .John Featherstone (pno) Geoff Ford (bs), Alan Brown (cl)


The photo is from an article which was in the Picture Post about Manchester University Men’s Union and the Rhythm Club was a feature. It shows Richard Ellis on trumpet, myself on clarinet and Jack Palmer on banjo. Richard later progressed to become Professor of Anaesthetics at Leeds University and Jack became a pharmacist and owned a pharmacy in Ramsbottom. I think it was taken in 1954 or 1955.


Derek Atkins and Alan Brown playing at a session at Swinton Park Golf Club sometime in the mid 1960s.  Also in the band but not in the photo was Fred Fidler on trombone.  The photo was taken by a fellow golf club member Eric Shaw who incidentally was a professional photographer for Reuters News Agency.

Photographs from Terry Birkinhead

ART HODES. (1904/1993)  An American pianist, born in the Ukraine, settled in Chicago at an early age. Shown here when guesting with The Blue Magnolia Orchestra at The Albert in Lark Lane, Liverpool on 10/5/88. He played with Armstrong, Bechet, Spanier and reputedly played for Al Capone ! Also toured the UK with Wild Bill Davison in 1989.

PEANUTS HUCKO. (1918/2003). American clarinettist, shown here with his touring All-Stars at The Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight, 23/9/88, Digby Fairweather and ‘Count’ John McCormack on the photo. He played with Armstrong, Goodman, Condon and Glenn Miller.



A couple of photographs sent in by Bob Lamb the top one now identified as Mike Dexter & Tony Dunleavy.  No mistaking the somewhat closer, close-up of Dave Renton below. Bob says, "Apart from trombone Dave had an excellent veggie restaurant in Liverpool called Domino which doubled as a small art gallery.  He was a smart cook !




Johnny Tippett (Bjo), Des Hopkins (Dms), Harry Knott (Bs), Jack Goodier (Tpt),  Roy Rogers (Clt). Pete Ward (Tbn).  Hyde Jazz Club, Manchester July 14th 1961 - Photo supplied by Des Hopkins


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