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Band Dress Code Are some jazz musicians too 'scruffy'?
The Best Jazz CD I ever bought What would your choice be?
Doolally Tap video Disrespectful,  irreverent, ignorance, or just having a laugh?
What Makes a Good Jazz Club Malcolm's Observations
Keswick Jazz Festival Is the festival about to end? What went wrong?
Nostalgia From Dick Barton to Clog Dancers
Trouble at t'mill Blowing up a storm at Dove Jazz Festival
Oh to be in France How musicians can expect to be treated there.
Time to Sit Back When should musicians take a back seat?
Manchester Jazz Festival Are the organisers biased?
Upbeat - The Doom & Gloom antidote For those who feel  OKOM is on the up and up
Doom & Gloom Pt 6 Telegraph  - recommendations for outstanding music
Silence Please A jazz arrangement of John Cage's  4'13" wanted
Jazz 625 A TV Programme that raised a few debates
Modernists versus Traditionalists Do they appreciate how complicated 'our' music can be
Jazz is dead! Discussions on a radio programme of the same name
The name "Jazz" When did it first appear on the UK mainland?
Off-Putting singers in trad bands The modern trend of trad bands to sing every other number
Dancing On The Edge How accurate was this TV programme?
Doom & Gloom Is there a future for traditional jazz?
Doom and Gloom Part 5 Is lunchtime jazz the wrong way to go
St James' Infirmary Where did it originate?  You may be surprised
Mutes & All The why's and wherefores of its origin
Horst Kitzinfangel

Musician Par Excellence. But who's heard of him?

Jelly Roll Morton Who plays his repertoire?
Jazz & The Beatles Friends or Enemies or was it just a question of time
What has Baby Dodds ever done for me? - Drumsticks at dawn as Moe Green starts another discussion
Learn to play Trad Jazz clarinet - The easy way with Bunty Arkright
Playing the wrong notes - Musicians, fed up with playing the mundane for "cretins" !
Encores - Are they for real or a ritual?
Musician's Expenses - Should door charges be increased to cover petrol increases
All Stars

- Where did the name come from? Was Louis the first to use it?

Amplified versus Acoustic

- Is there a need for amplifiers these days?

What makes a good band - A discussion page for the listener
Jazz Services

- Do they help us?

Key Changes - What key do we play this in? A discussion on keys

- They ain't much but they make a heck of a difference

Public Liability, Risk Assessment - What does the MU offer? Is it worth the money?
Right kind of jazz? - Mart Rodger raises a controversial question
Skiffle - Where does it fit into jazz?
Speaking the Unspeakable - One man's gripe about pay, and What to expect in France
Western Music

- Is jazz the only original music to come out of America?

 Chord Books

- The big, the bad and the ugly, your views


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