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Accrington Stanley Football Club

Art Taylor All Stars

Bodega Jazz Club

Brian Williams

The Cavern

Crawford Arms

Crosby Rhythm Kings

Cuerdly Arms Jazzers

Douglas Valley Stompers

Earle Scott Band

Force Seven

Fylde Coast Jazzmen

The Hippodrome, Ardwick Green

Ian Rose Jazz Band

International Jazz Festival, Zurich 1964

The Iron Door Club, Liverpool

The Jackson Bradshaw Band

Johnny Tippett Band

Keith & Marcia Pendlebury

Lancaster Mystery

Liverpool in the 50's

Liverpool Stadium

Liverpool University Jazz Band

Lymm Damm Jazz Band

Manchester Clubs

Manchester Jazz Club 1948

Manchester Jazz 1950 - 1980

Maynard Ferguson

The Morecambe Boys

Merchant Taylors

Mike Pembroke's Savannah Jass Band


The Muskrat Jazz Band

Name the musicians

Old Fashioned Love Band 1972

Panama Jazz Band in the 50s

Pete Haslam's Collegians

Picton Hall Preston Herald 1953

Rainy City Jazz Band

Ralph Watmough Band

Red River Jazz Band

Saints Jazz Band

Santa Fe Syncopaters

Southport Rhythm Club

Southside Stompers

Smoky City Jazz

Smoky City Stompers

Sportsmans, Manchester

The Temple, Liverpool

Tony Pringle Story

Wall City Jazz Band c1955

Wigan Grammar School &

The Woodchoppers

Who, When and Where

Zenith 6

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