Blue Mags on TV
25th May 2003

Last year (2002), the Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra were invited by Granada TV to record 1920s style music & appear in the forthcoming major drama series "The Forsyte Saga II".  

The second series of The Forsyte Saga was broadcast on prime time television on The ITV Network on 25th May 2003. 

The news series was shown on Sunday evenings, running to 4 episodes and will also broadcast in The USA at a later date.

This involved researching several tunes which could only have been composed before 1919, ie, Soudan - (For a belly-dancing sequence), - The Original Dixieland Onestep,  Someday Sweetheart.. etc

Band members were squeezed into period starched shirts & evening jackets  prior to filming at Arley Hall stately home in Cheshire, & Liverpool Cricket ground. 

Pianist, The late Bob Hayward, was provided with an instant moustache worth 200, which he accidentally nearly went home in....

That's it Fred---- 

Exclusive to Jazznorthwest news.


In case you are wondering what happened to the Blue Mags in the Forsyte Saga, Harold Troughton says, "Three hours of make up in order to show one clarinet, one bass player's hand 5 nano seconds of me & a fleeting glimpse of pianists shoulder.. Hollywood must wait !!! Future episodes will doubtless show more of Band 2 containing miming sound engineer, banjo player's son, & two more mags. - Harold Troughton

Just a note from the late Dennis Harrison (ex leader Blue Mags). I've been asked by the chaps to contact you to redress the balance viz a viz our appearance in the Forsyte Saga. Harold Troughton has very kindly kept you informed of our progress and he did contact you to say that Band 1 of the Blue Mags were seen very, very fleetingly. The full facts are that Harold and 3 other Mags appeared in one scene and the remainder of the Mags, Band 2 of the Blue Mags, appeared in a second, different scene. Band 2, being younger and more handsome than Band 1, were in shot for some time, and indeed we are now stopped in the street for our autograph and Band 2 can only think that Harold's rather biased  report and subsequent comments stem from the fact that Band 1 weren't seen at all!!

Not to be outdone, Harold, by skilful use of of the jog and shuttle button on his ten head super high speed video recorder, has managed to produce evidence that he was in fact seen on the box.


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