Bob Hayward
(died 11th December 2010)


It is with much sadness that we announce the death of Bob Hayward, pianist with the Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra since its formation in 1968, on Sunday 12th December 2010. 

Bob was a lecturer at Wallasey Art college and soon became involved in the trad scene, playing with the Original Gutbucket Steam Orchestra in and around the Wirral in the mid-sixties and it was from this band that the Blue Mags evolved-obviously the name change was a big factor! Bob was an out and out trad man with a unique style, a kind of thumping 88er that provided the basis for the big fat sound that the Blue Mags became famous for. He did in fact enjoy all types of music; he would drive to work with the 1812 Overture blasting out of the windows, to get him in the mood, but equally enjoyed Beiderbeck, Jelly Roll, Armstrong and Waller. He also enjoyed country and pop. 

A single man, Bob enjoyed the bachelor life and would not have been out of place in a gentlemanís club, smoking his favourite cigar and discussing matters of the realm. He was a very good tennis player and took to golf naturally when his knees packed up, playing for many years at Bidston Golf Club. His love of gadgets was a great source of amusement for the band, and he would regularly turn up at gigs with his latest discoveries from Poundland- torches that you wore on your head, cameras, pen knives-his car was an intricate web of devices, rather like a space shuttle, plugged into dozens of adaptors and sockets! A strong willed chap who didnít suffer fools gladly, he was our food and lottery monitor; it was his job to demand food for the band which he did with much gusto and authority, but when you got past the military exterior, there was a kind fella, honest and reliable as the day is long, who loved to tell a shaggy dog story or a joke but could never get to the end without laughing. He enjoyed a game of cards and was genuinely interested in the lives of the band and their families. 

Prostate cancer struck ten years ago, and he got through it with great dignity. He enjoyed a few years of good health before becoming ill again about a year ago. He had a rough time of it but remained uncomplaining. We went to see him last week and even though gravely ill, proffered his apologies for not being well enough to play! One of a kind thatís for sure!! 

The humanist ceremony will be held at Landican Cemetery, Wirral on Tuesday 21st December 2010 at midday. Bob has only a few family members left alive to attend and it would be nice if as many friends and musicians as possible could make it. 

Dennis Harrison Leader Blue Mags

Bob lectured at the Art College in Wallasey when I was Dep Borough Architect fo WBC. We met often during the course of a working day.

We did the Pub an the front at New Brighton etc etc.

Nice guy , a friend. Not just music!

Roy Potts

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