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Geraldine (Gerry) Duckles

Photo by Barrie Marshall

23/02/21 -

"Sadly I have to report the death of banjo player Geraldine ("Gerry") Duckles, wife of the late Alan Duckles.  She passed away peacefully on Sunday February 21st 2021, with family members at her bedside.  She played in my band for many years as did Alan, and was always full of fun.  She also played in Tom Culbert's band - The Quayside Hot Stompers, for the duration of the band. She was a good straightforward rhythm player and did the job well. She left my band when Alan passed on and never played again". -

Barrie Marshall.


27/02/21 -

It was with great sadness that I learned of the death of Gerry Duckles.  I spent many happy years in the Quayside Hot Stompers and fully endorse Barrie Marshall's comments; she was a lovely person and a wonderfully accurate and swinging support to the band's rhythm section. It was a privilege to have known her.

Colin Turner

27/02/21 -

I was very sad to hear about Gerry Duckles. I depped a lot with Alan’s band and always enjoyed not only the music, but the welcome I got from Gerry & Alan. Barrie’s quite right; she was a really good steady dependable rhythm player and a warm and lovely lady to boot.

Graham Martindale


 It was sad news to read about Gerry Duckles, I did a few deputising jobs for Alan in both Tom Culbert's, Quayside Hot Stompers and Barrie Marshall's, Sun Street Stompers when Alan had an operation on his arm/hand what must now be well over 10 years ago. I've also visited and sat in with the band on a Sunday on a few occasions after that. Gerry was always fun to work with and made you feel welcome. Another good one sadly gone. RIP Gerry. -

Mark Croasdale


Alan & Gerry at Ferrari's Longridge 2002 - FB

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