Terry Eastwood
Died on 10th March 2014

11/03/14 - News has just come in from Carole Fletcher that The Jackson Square Parade Band  Marshall, Terry Eastwood died on Friday 7th March.  Carole says, "I don't know any details yet, but he had not been well for some time but was at Rochdale Jazz three weeks ago for Frog Island. Terry was Mr Jazz in Rochdale for many years, starting the club and running everything himself with the help of his late wife Barbara. I expect he will have a Jazz funeral as he organized many of them himself.  He tried to get me to book mine with him a few years ago but I told him I wasn't going yet!".

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11/03/14 - Very sad news, Fred. Terry did a lot of the parades at Pakefied and Bracklesham. RIP.

John Petters

I'm so Sad and Sorry to here of Terry Eastwood's passing, we knew each other for more than 30 years, His late wife Barbara together with Terry used to put us up at their home each time we can down to the Old Rochdale Jazz Cclub with my Heritage Hall Stompers, They were always so kind. I always remember when some Guy came to the door and sold Barbara a photo taken from the air of their Street, She was always so pleased to point out their house in the picture. Terry !!! Well he said nowt, just looked.

We used to have some wonderful conversations over a little beverage or two or three depending on how late the evening was and how long the whiskey lasted !!!, Terry had so many wonderful stories about when he was in the RAF, and afterwards as a Sales Rep.

I shall Miss Terry Very Much (He was a One Off)  Who can forget when you had finished one of his gigs when he used to say to the audience, Well give the lads a good hand, "They Have Done Their Best" Now Next week  "We Have a Good Band" ha ha ha, Terry You were Wonderful  "God Bless"

Brian Carrick

08/04/14 -

The passing of Terry Eastwood, Rochdale's 'Mr Jazz on a Sunday' means the loss of a big traditional jazz fan who did a tremendous amount to 'wave the flag' for Trad. Jazz in the Rochdale area.

Promoting regular jazz session on a Sunday at various venues since the mid 80s, Terry became the man one could rely on for a good night out. In the 80s, local bands had pub residencies at the old John Milne, The Eagle on Oldham Road and The Fisherman's in Hollingworth Lake, but none survived like Terry's Sunday sessions! Thanks to his expertise in booking good bands and some 'star' guests, he built a reputation as being a shrewd promoter.

The first sessions, around 1984, were held at Newhey Conservative Club, a popular venue, where many well known jazz stars such as Pat Halcox, Monty Sunshine, Cy Laurie and Beryl Bryden appeared. The venue was closed without notice, so Terry was forced to find somewhere quickly and went to The Waggon & Horses in Newhey. The pub wasn't ideal for bands to play, so after a year, a change of plan made it jazz on A Sunday lunchtime at Milnrow Workmens Club in 1986. This was a successful time with many memorable sessions, one being the Dave Donohoe Band with guest Digby Fairweather. Eventually another venue had to be found and Castleton Gabriels Football Club became home in the evening for a long time. In January 1995 another move was forced upon our 'never to be beaten' friend. Terry found Castleton Moor Conservative Club, which at the time seemed suitable, apart from being in an upstairs room which wasn't good for the bands getting in and out. The opening night was with The Phil Mason Band, he had a big following which ensured a full house. Many more enjoyable sessions took place for a while, until that venue was closed down too.

Castleton Gabriels became the regular venue again for a long time. However, life for a jazz promoter never runs smoothly and Terry Was often confronted with problems that had to be resolved quickly. Problems eventually forced yet another move and for a year in 2004/5, the Kingsway Hotel upstairs room became the venue and this was followed by sessions in the function room at The Broadfield Hotel until July 2007. The Flying Horse in Town Hall Square was then home for a year. But, in September 2008, it was back to Castleton Gabriels again, having been refurbished, the first night with The Dave Donohoe Band attracted a capacity crowd. Jazz continued there until recently. Enthusiasm never waned for Terry, with staunch support from his late wife, Barbara. After more that 20 years of running the club, Terry decided to ease off and a new committee was formed to run the club. He continued to attend many sessions until last year when he became unwell. Terry's last visit to the new venue at Newtown National Club on Nixon Street was on the 16th February. Hew died at his home in Milnrow on Friday 7th March.

Mr. Eastwood's other claim to fame was a Grand Marshal, leading New Orleans Parade bands. He appeared at many jazz festivals from Suffolk to Hampshire. He also lead his own band, formed specially to play at funerals. Terry left instructions for his own 'jazz funeral' which was a Milnrow Parish Church on Monday 31st March.

David Woonton

Milnrow Carnival on June 10th 2006 - Photo supplied by Alwyn  Smith


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