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March 2018

23/03/18 - Norman Gibson was quite amused by a joke from resident quizzer Barry Simmons on Eggheads last night following a music round. He said "What do you call a man who hangs around with musicians"?   The answer was "A Drummer".  Wonder if Moe Green saw that one?

23/03/18 - That photo of the Vieux Carre Jazz Club card brought back some memories! When Mart started the band, Mart Rodger Jazz Aces, at age 16 to 17, they played at first at a pub in Urmston and called it Le Vieux Carre Jazz Club. Possibly this was the idea of Bill Brennan who was the manager of the band. Later they moved into the Thatched House pub, just off Market Street in Manchester and used the title again. Mart was then asked by Her Majesty’s Government to enrol in the Army as he became 18 and Eric Batty took over the band. A few years later, Dizzie Burton became the leader but the band finished sometime after that. - Janet Rodger

23/03/18 - Carlisle Jazz Club gig list has been updated.

23/03/18 -  Tributes are coming in, following the death of Dave Copperwaite. Dave now joins many other greats on the tribute page.

23/03/18 - Our dear friend trumpet player DAVID COPPERWAITE died today after a long illness. We will post more information and funeral details later. - Derek and Trish Galloway

23/03/18 - I've just amended Matt Palmer's mobile number on the dep's list after he discovered there was a slight error in one digit, which of course was enough to make it useless. If any musicians made a note of it since October last year, it might be worth checking you have it correct.

22/03/18 - The gig list for The Fleetwood Hesketh Sports & Social Club, Fylde Rd, Southport, has been updated.

22/03/18 - The John Petters radio programme - Now you has Jazz Jazz Jazz, will be available on Sound of Spitfire Radio on Monday evenings at 9pm and repeats on Wednesdays at 11pm.

22/03/18 -  Dave Davis hopes to be able to aid the discovery of the Teagarden drummer. He says, "I've attached a better photo' of him".

21/03/18 - Re: The mystery drummer with Jack Teagarden 19/03/18 - I’ve been pondering this, and just now, sitting having a coffee, the name Ray McKinley came into my head. So I think it’s him, but like Steve Voce, could be wrong! See photo attached - Jon Critchley

21/03/18 - In the UK we sometimes refer to made up groups of musicians as a 'telephone band', and 'Loose Marbles', (12/03/13) 'Smoking Time Jazz Club' etc., all fall into this category of Royal ( that's Roy-al ) Street musicians getting together. 'Loose Marbles' have been around for quite some time,and Shaye Cohn ( Trumpet/Keybaord ), among others, can be found in earlier videos. In the Malcolm Holland video Marla Dixon { 'Shot Gun JB' & 'Skake 'em Up JB' ), husband John ( 'Shot Gun JB' Bjo ) and Robin Rapuzzi, on drums instead of his usual washboard, ( 'Tuba Skinny' and ''Frog & Henry' ) are joining up. This is all quite common in NOLA and results in some great music. - Norman Gibson (see also

21/03/18 - Re: The mystery drummer with Jack Teagarden 19/03/18 - Given the style of Teagarden's suit and the Slingerland drum kit it must have been taken in the late '40's or very early '50's. I notice another double bass at the back so it could have been a two band session. The drummer could be Morey Feld but I'm not definite. Moe Green.

21/03/18 - I wonder how many people remember the days when you had to pay for membership to most jazz venues before you were allowed in. When I used to go in the fifties, if you forgot your membership card, you didn't get in. Things have changed since those days, even the atmosphere in the clubs, no looking through thick smoke to try and see who's playing the solo. I remember going to the Bluenote Jazz Club on Market Street in Manchester, Youngers No 3 was 1/9d ( 8p) a pint and if you felt really flush Youngers No 1 was 3/6d ( 17.5p) a pint. At the end of the night you could leave after a great night with sore eyes, lung full of smoke, ringing ears and slightly inebriated all for under a quid, even your bus fare home. I used to belong to several clubs, some of the membership cards shown, Bodega and Thatched House cards have been mislaid. Unfortunately the club Le Vieux Carre I can't remember where this was, perhaps someone can enlighten me. What a great jazz scene it was in them days. - Alan Pearce.   Alan sent me several membership cards which I'm sure will bring back a lot of memories to some people, click on the image to see them

21/03/18 - "Back safe and sound", writes globe trotting Norman Gibson. "I've heard that Fest Jazz ticket sales, at this point, compared to last year same time, are doubled. I believe that the Frog and Henry tour could well have had a good effect on that, as many fliers, provided by Trevor, were handed out and Fest Jazz was mentioned a lot at their concerts. Of course, F & H will be in France again this year, so they had motive!  We bumped into a couple of jazzers we know from Leicestershire, while strolling in Puerto Rico. Small world !".

21/03/18 - Hopefully by tomorrow recovering from what appears to be flu - shivers, aches, can't keep awake. That's twice in two years even after the jab, must be the wrong kind of flu!  It's a good sign that I've felt like putting a bit of news on.

19/03/18 - 9pm - 10pm, Just listening to John Petters with his new radio programme, "The jazz Show" on This is a brand new internet station, based near John in Spalding Lincolnshire. If it's available later I'll let you have the link. Tonight is part 1, so at least there's more to come.

19/03/18 - I must bow to superior knowledge, Fred. That's an old Al Gay. I knew a young one!   But following up on your suggestion, can anyone help Jazz Journal by identifying the drummer in this photo of Jack Teagarden with Max Kaminsky, Hungnuts Picou and Jack Lesberg?  The 'S @P' on the bass drum may not refer to him. He maybe sitting in on someone else's drums. - Steve Voce. (Click on picture for larger version).

19/03/18 - Whether or not it was Al Gay, I remember him as a great guy. I played with him at the MSG when he guested with Nev Taylor's Jump Band I think. As a callow youth, I asked him about the 'pro' scene down in the 'Smoke' (I'd had quite a few offers) and he advised about the five-to-a-flat wall to wall empty beer bottle scene so I took his wise advice! His favourite story was about the quartet he'd put together which was advertised as 'Al's Gay Quartet'. Heaven knows what sort of audience turned up. Those were the days before PC reared its ugly head! - Ian Royle

19/03/18 - Many Happy Returns this week to John Dunlop on Wednesday who reaches the great age of 80. Apologies for publishing the wrong date last week John, only just realised, hope I got it right this time.

19/03/18 - Due to (probably) a chance alignment of the planets next Wednesday 21st, The band playing at The Irby Club will be more recognisable as The Merseysippi Jazz Band. Jon Critchley is indisposed a little health-wise; Laurie Cooper thinks that it would be better to entertain his wife that night as it’s their wedding anniversary; Dave Thomas has been coerced into dog sitting for his daughter; Bill Buck has decided it’s preferable to holiday in the sun rather than trudge up the Wirral. Good news is that Malcolm Hogarth, Isabel Toner, Dave Dixson, Pete Fryer and John Hyam will be there, all jollied along by our good friend and ace drummer Brian Singleton of the Chicago Teddybears Society Jazz Band. Maybe that band’s erudicious piano player / vocalist Ed Lee will also be on hand; what a bonus. All this assuming the weather is fair. Fingers crossed, - Jon Critchley

19/03/18 - The Roa Island Jazz Club gig list has been updated

17/03/18 - Oh dear some things are not meant to be and we can’t control the weather.  Unfortunately CREOLE JAZZ at The Bolton Arms in Leyburn is cancelled tomorrow lunchtime due to snow / bad weather forecast. If you can post this on your site I would be grateful.  The next one will be Sunday 22nd April 12.00 – 3.00pm. - Kathy Benson

17/03/19 - This from Dove Jazz Club - "We're very sorry that, actually for the first time in twenty seven years, we have to advise the cancellation of tonight's concert by the High Society Jazz Band. Because of their concern at the forecast possibility of adverse weather later today causing disruption they have reluctantly decided not to travel to Dove.  Unfortunately at such short notice we are unable to find an alternative for you.  We offer sincere apologies to all members who were planning to come and support us for any inconvenience that this causes and we look forward to seeing you again in the future".

17/03/18 - Congratulations to Dave Davies – Al Gay is confirmed at the mystery clarinettist. No prize I’m afraid but the interest the query has received has prompted the editor to contemplate starting a regular feature.  Please encourage your followers to subscribe to the NJA Newsletter – 30 years and going strong. We’ve been in existence since 1964 and are bowing to anno domini by slowly merging with the NJA. We both have the same aims in preserving the UK’s jazz heritage. - Graham Langley

15/03/18 - Well it looks like Dave Davis has clinched it. He's sent me a couple of photographs of Al Gay, and one is off my site here,  the other is this one on the right taken from an Alex Welsh video on YouTube

15/03/18 - To me, with my aged eyesight, looks like Al Gay, Rod Hamer and Mike Hogh. - Louis Lince

15/03/18 - A Windsor Tenor Banjo circa 1929 is the latest item to go on the Sales Page

15/03/18 - Enjoyed the Loose Marbles set……liked the Emile Barnes style clarinettist. Saw them in NOLA last year, probably catch up with them, Shotgun Jazz Band and Tuba Skinny again this year. I see T.S. are on the ‘big stage’ in Jackson Square again at the French Quarter Festival (Thursday 12th April) - Pete Lay

15/03/18 - Regarding the photograph at, I've had two 'maybe' for Al Gay, and one definitely not. So this from Pete Lay has really turned it into a puzzle - "Hi Fred, Definitely Al Gay in Rod Hamer’s photo. Lovely guy and musician, sadly missed. - Pete Lay".

15/03/18 - In your news, somebody is trying identify a clarinet player. I think that he may be Al Gay. - Howard M.

14/03/18 - Hi Fred, Hope you're well!  That's definitely not Al Gay in the Rod Hamer photo. - Steve Voce

14/03/18 -
Re. Graham Langleys' enquiry about the clarinet player in the Rod Hamer photo'. It looks like Al Gay.  - Dave Davis.

14/03/18 - Thanks for pointing out the Pete Vickers article - interesting stuff. I expect he realises that the photo of the Preston outfit was of one of the adult kazoo / drum marching bands which held great sway in the 20s & 30s. Known as 'Jazz' bands, but having no relationship to jazz, they had a huge following particularly in the North. They still exist today but only among children as far as I know.  - Graham Langley, Archivist, British Institute of Jazz Studies

14/03/18 - As part of Neston Music Festival 2018, as well as the Brownfield Byrne Hot 6 on Saturday 14th April, we're hosting Billy Thompson' s Gypsy Jazz Band (in the Stephane Grappelli style). He plays over a whole range of styles but is exceptionally good and such an entertainer-everyone enjoys the band's performances. They'll be at St Thomas' Church Parkgate on Thursday May 24th from 7.30pm. Tickets £10 available at Mozkitos, Parkgate Square, or from 0151 336 2530 but we usually sell out pretty quickly so hurry. Refreshments available - Ina Bushell

14/03/18 - As I promised I would keep you informed, I am sorry to have to report that jazz at The Crown in Addingham has come to a sudden end as from today (no session tonight) until further notice. This is due to refurbishment work. We are ever optimistic that it will recommence sometime in the not too distant future. In the meantime we will be looking for a temporary venue - once again I will keep you posted. Many thanks - Harry Long

14/03/18 - By strange coincidence, the same National Jazz Archive Newsletter it is revealed that "Jim Godbolt’s wonderful book, A History of Jazz in Britain, 1919–50, is available again from publishers Northway Books, thanks to a reprint to coincide with the exhibition Rhythm & Reaction at Two Temple Place. It covers the trail-blazing American artists of the twenties and thirties, their influence on British musicians, the specialist magazines, rhythm clubs, discographers and pundits, and the fascinating cloak-and-dagger plots to defy the Musicians’ Union ban". Peter Vickers must be psychic! (see 13/03/18).

14/03/18 - Just received an email from Graham Langley, asking me if I receive the National Jazz Archive Newsletter (which I didn't, but I do now), as they are looking to identity a clarinettist playing with Rod Hamer (born in Bury, Lancashire in 1940), and John Ritchie, You can see it at Anybody help?

13/03/18 - Eddie Condon once accused Paul Whiteman (!) of trying to "make a lady" of jazz. Well the monochromatic "Loose marbles" carry on that concept well. I didn't really want to "like" them, but their "bandsmanship" is awesome, and I listened to the improvisations on the "Great American songbook" all the way. I think it will jerk a few comments; Moe Green will have clocked the sartorial elegance of the slide guitar guy, (let down hugely by the vast PA mixer in back!), Shades of Felix Mendelssohn!- curses., Eccles,- I've given my age away. - Jon White

13/03/18 - On 11/02/18 I posted an item about the Original Dixieland Jazz Band arriving in Liverpool, and Peter Vickers took up the cudgel and dug into the British Newspaper Archives.  He produced an article about the arrival of jazz in Britain, which he has now expanded upon. You can see the more detailed article by clicking here. Peter would be pleased to receive any comments.

13/03/18 -  A distinctive wraparound tuba that was stolen last month from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band in New Orleans is back. Creative director and musician Ben Jaffe said he recovered the 12-year-old Italian sousaphone Monday, thanks to a tipster who wished to remain anonymous. He didn't elaborate on exactly how he got it back. More information at

12/03/18 - Hi Fred I've just found this very interesting and enjoyable band, "The Loose Marbles", on YouTube at and if you have an hour to spare I'm sure you and your readers will also enjoy it. Malcolm Holland

11/03/18 - Now our previous drummer is no longer with SIX IN A BAR Classic Jazz Band, we are very happy to announce that John Smith has now joined the band on drums. We look forward to a new chapter in the band, playing and singing arrangements of some of rarely played 1920s/30s pieces along with some great standards. - Mike Lovell

10/03/18 - Where did 16 years go?  Were you there? This poster sent to me by Sheila Collier, also a photo at You can see a larger version of the poster by clicking on it.

10/03/18 - If you want to see and hear your jazz in daylight hours during the week, then Carnforth Station is the only place to be with The High Society Jazz Band on Fri, 16 March, 12:30 – 14:30

10/03/18 - One band that has been going for over 60 years in the NW, is the Original Panama Jazz Band, and this week's page of the week is 60 Years Of The Original Panama Jazz Band 1954-2014 by Jon Critchley

10/03/18 - Many Happy Returns on Wednesday to John Dunlop who by my reckoning has reached a milestone in his life. Have a great day John.

10/03/18 -  Creole Jazz is back at The Bolton Arms in Leyburn (Wensleydale). The first one is Sunday lunchtime 12.00 – 3.00pm 18th March 2018 in the ground floor rear bar area. Free admission – food available. Most events will take place on the 3rd Sunday in the month, but check What's On where you will also find more information.

09/03/18 - Bernie Hives reminded me that there once a photo of him and Earl Hines outside the  Club Hangover in San Francisco featured on the site, and he was right, I dug it out and here it is.

08/03/18 - ‎Bengt Johansson‎ wrote on Facebook - "Today, March 8, it is 30 years since Ken Colyer passed away. Time goes, but The Guv'nor and his music are still very much alive. RIP.".

08/03/18 - I quite agree Ian Royle, I look at myself on video, and think ‘Who’s the miserable old git on trumpet! - Richard Knock.

08/03/17 - is where you'll find music and an interview with the Chicago Teds on Radio Merseyside. It starts 40minutes in. 29 days left to listen

08/03/18 - Just discovered, somewhat belatedly, that NW musician Andrew Mackenzie came 5th in the British Jazz Awards in Nov 2017. Well done Andrew

07/03/18 - Ian Royle writes, "I hope to be allowed to sit in on Thursday night in Sale with Charlie's band. It'll be my first time out since last November in Spain following an op for 'trigger finger' so it'll be a very gentle blow if it happens. I really enjoyed Louis Lince's two documentary videos featuring jazz bands in our area. It was great to see so many guys I know personally still blowing. My main criticism - and I'll bet my mercurial mate Terry Brunt would agree-It's great to play this joyous music we all love, so why not SHOW IT?? Most of the guys in both of those videos seem to be emulating Miles Davis's attitude to their audience. Ever watched Henry 'Red' ? Louis? Ory? You don't scowl at your followers. Most of those facial expressions would turn milk into yoghurt. C'mon guys -we're supposed to be entertaining people! ".

07/03/18 - The Mayor of Shrewsbury, Councillor Jane Mackenzie, is hosting a charity ball in the town on March 10 at 7pm, with live music from Jeff Matthews band, the Chicago Swing Katz. It would appear that David Beckham is also doing his bit for the charity ball, the 42-year-old has agreed to personalise what he writes on his donated Man U shirt to whoever wins it. More details at

06/03/18 - The latest edition of 'Dove Jazz Club Bugle' is now available on the club web site.

06/03/18 - Hello Fred You are doing an excellent job in difficult times!! Watched that Jane Mc Donald " New Orleans ". Oh dear me!! nil points out of a 100?? Paint drying is better!! Could have been anywhere? Is that about right?? Anywhere in the NorthWest Jazz scene would have been good! Yours in the Jazz desert. Tony Cain

05/03/18 - Forwarded by Ian Royle who originally received it from John Westwood - I am including two links regarding Club Hangover "where there is never a cover charge - never a door charge." It was a popular San Francisco Jazz Club in the 1950's. The first link includes almost 30 live radio broadcasts, each 30 minutes long, recorded in the mid 50's. Kid Ory, Armstrong, Muggsy, Fatha Hines, Teagarden and Ralph Sutton are all featured. The audio quality is quite good. Just scroll down the page for the list of programs. It begins just below the picture of Muggsy. I think you will like these- Ian. The second link includes some history of the club, with some great old photos and articles. 

04/03/18 - Just to let you know that the Doc Houlind Revival all Stars will be in Louth March 24th;Rochdale 25th and Barnsley 26th.They will be our only gigs north of the Midlands during our three week trek around the U.K.and it will be great to meet up with old friends again - Brian Turnock

04/03/18 - It would appear that quite a few musicians who served in the forces, spent time at RAF Padgate, judging by the contributions I received in 2006 about the place. It's this week's Page of the Week.

04/03/18 - Many Happy Returns today to Rosie Harrison. On Tuesday it's Roy Williams' birthday and on Friday Mart Rodger & Colin Smith will be celebrating theirs. Many Happy Returns to one and all.

04/03/18 - The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tue, 6 March, 14:00 – 16:00. It's the only mid week daytime jazz event.

03/03/18 - The Canal Street Stompers will play an extra gig on Wednesday 7th March at the Railway in Sale at 8.30.  This is to replace the one cancelled last week, due to bad weather. Back to normal then on the last Wednesday in the month - Derek Galloway

03/03.18 - There's a jazz concert coming up soon in Neston library on Friday 9th March. It is by a three piece group called 52SKIDOO and titled "The joint is jumping". It sounds like real fun and younger musicians connecting with hot jazz. This concert has been put on by the library authorities, as part of the Cheshire Rural Touring Arts programme, which is very encouraging. They are also on 16 March at Macclesfield library, 14 April at Norley Village Hall and 20 April at Kettleshulme Village Hall.- Clive Edwards

03/03/18 Jon Critchley has got his deerstalker on and spyglass at the ready. He says, "I’m pretty sure that this photo at was taken more recently than the 1950s, and I make an educated guess, as they do on Eggheads, that it was around the late 1990s because the piano player is clearly on his mobile phone, probably a Nokia". He went on to say, "I’ve found out that the Lambda Record Company, who’s sign is in the photo, was based in Crosby, near Southport and recorded local bands and also Mersey groups such as Gerry & The Pacemakers later in 1961. I’m wondering if the piano player on the mobile phone is Terry Burstall who still lives in Southport and was a member of the mentioned Alt River Jazz Men , as was David Blackledge. Maybe Robin Tankard on bass? Another interesting and gripping fact is that the photo was taken at 10 past six. I’m doing my best. Cheers".

03/03/18 - Re: the picture at at, I think the picture of the band was probably from the late 1950’s, not 1940’s !  The clarinettist is David Blackledge who played in the band after coming down from Cambridge University in the late 1940’s. a fine player who was later with me for many years in Southport’s Alt River Jazzmen. He was also a fine cricketer who played for Liverpool Cricket Club up to the mid 1960’s in their halcyon days of Husband and Tyler.  The trumpeter is/was Roger Higham. Brother of John. Who was at Liverpool University in the mid 50’s.playing in various bands there, He later was with the Wirrorleans band, and is currently still playing with the Peninsular Jazz Band in Heswall.  Both fine players. - Roy Swift

03/03/18 - Another cancelled event - New Orleans Wiggle at New Mill Club,  Holmfirth, Sun, 4 March.

02/03/18 - We have had a poor spell of the weather here in Disley and I hope it improves for our Monthly Jazz at High Lane on Monday coming. I am glad we had our Charity concert in Goostrey for St.Lukes Hospice last Saturday. We have raised £11,886 for this charity so far and that makes myself and my fellow musicians very pleased.  In addition to this Janet and I met Poynton ten year old boy Joseph Whitworth who has been in a wheelchair since he was four years old. He wants to go to Poynton High School later this year and he cannot go unless he has a special new wheelchair with a cost of £25,000. Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz will be playing to help the fund raising at Poynton Methodist Church on Saturday 10th March and tickets are £8 and I hope those who can will make it.  - Mart Rodger

02/02/18 - Jazz on A Sunday at Rochdale has been cancelled this weekend due to current weather situation.

02/03/18 - Those of you who don't normally watch the series 'Cruising with Jane McDonald' on Channel 5, may be interested to know that tonight at 9pm, "the singer delves into the American Deep South, sailing along the Mississippi. She samples the jazzy vibes of vibrant New Orleans, before being introduced to her latest floating home, the American Queen, the world's largest steamboat".

01/03/18 - Following their successful night there in January, the Chicago Teds now have a series of monthly gigs at Eastham Lodge Golf Club. There are two this month, then one a month through to December. They are always on a Friday but not always the same Friday. All details have been added to the website. Also, it is now confirmed that the Teds will appear on Radio Merseyside on the afternoon of Tuesday March 7th between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. - Ed Lee Click here for more details

01/03/18 - Cancellations received today - The Pendle Jazzmen and the Tuxedo Jazz band tonight, However it's business as usual for the Silver Bell Band tonight.

February 2018


28/02/18 - Woodvale Rally will have a music stage in Victoria Park on 16th & 17th June in Southport. It looks to be a great day out for the family.  Set to appear are the Blue Mags and the Chicago Teds. You can see the music programme here.

28/02/18 - The first of the cancellations - Canal street Stompers at the Station Hotel, Sale, "Unfortunately due to the continuing inclement weather conditions and in particular certain band members having a considerable distance to travel we have decided to cancel tonight’s (28th Feb) gig. Apologies for any inconvenience". - Charlie Bentley

28/02/18 - The March edition of Just Jazz Magazine is now out. Details here

27/02/18 - I've just been on the Keswick Jazz & Blues web site and just clicked on the Artists and listened to an interview with Keith Nichols with some super recordings included. I'll be checking the others next.

27/02/18 - I play on a Zottola 66B mouthpiece and would like to find a shallower model of the same size. Unfortunately they are no longer in production so if anyone out there has a Zottola 66 C,D, or E trumpet mouthpiece and would be happy to sell it please get in touch. Apparently these are very rare and I have now been advised on extremely good authority to try a Schilke 13B or 14B, so if anyone has one of these surplus to requirements please let me know. - email or phone 07981 549885.

27/02/18 - Another series of write-ups on jazz club events used to be done by Tony Sheldon (Rochdale Jazz Club), but I couldn't find any recent ones on Rochdale Online. Not surprising as it would appear that Alan Lawless has been doing the job for the last few years, and you can find a number of his reports on gigs at Rochdale Jazz club, by clicking here

26/02/18 - They've done it again! With the help of Louis Lince, Jenny & Ray Knight have produced part 2 of their video tour of jazz venues in the North West under the Rayk Jazz banner. Now you can see and hear how many of the NW musicians you know so well, got into jazz in the first place. This time it is entitled "From The Dee To The Mersey-The Jazz Odyssey Continues" and you can see it at It features The Wall City, Parade, Chicago Teddybears, Savoy, Tuxedo, Merseysippi and Blue Magnolia bands. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

26/02/18 - This is a jazz-friendly request - I'd like to encourage folks to get their tickets for The Keswick Jazz and Blues Festival in May - last year's festival was one of the best I've been to, and so I'm looking forward to this year's ding-dong. We'll be running the Guest Sessions as usual, and we want plenty of players and listeners to make our bit memorable. Weather permitting, we'll be playing to raise funds for Keswick Mountain Rescue on Sunday Morning in the Market Square.  So please get your tickets - if we don't support it, we'll lose it! - Malcolm  Hogarth

26/02/18 - Dear Fred, Just to let you know that we've sent a 4th £500 donation to the Altzheimer's Society from the sale of our 2015 CD 'Milk of Amnesia' and our 2017 CD 'Forget Me Knot', both of which you have so kindly advertised for us. Thanks to all purchasers. - Malcolm Hogarth & John Higham

26/02/18 - There's a Gretsch Catalina Jazz Kit Drums in Ebony finish plus extras, just gone on the Sales Page

26/02/18 - Some people may not have received the latest News email, some were rejected, possibly the content was mistaken as spam by illogical spam identifying computers.

26/02/18 - The internet is always full of surprises. I was looking to see if Tony Sheldon still wrote his Rochdale Jazz Club write-ups for his local newspaper, which also appeared on Rochdale Online  when I came across some great photographs taken at the club by Sam Ralph, a professional photographer. Check them out at

26/02/18 - Reed musician, Bruce Carnaffin, emails me with details of the forthcoming event at Kendal Jazz Club, but what I hadn't realised until Norman told me, was that he also does a write-up, or blog, on the events afterwards. You can read Bruce's blogs for this year at

26/02/18 - Just spotted this recent news item from Thomson Reuters  - "Men and women swayed to music at Saudi Arabia's first-ever jazz festival on Friday, the second of a three-day outdoor event that showcases the Kingdom's recent efforts of shedding its conservative image. Locals and foreigners flocked to the festival to watch bands from Riyadh, Beirut and New Orleans."

25/02/18 - "Hi Fred, my name is Stephen Lewis and, although I was born in Liverpool, I now live near Chester. I’m hoping that you and your contributors will find the attached photograph of some interest, and that you may be to help me out with some information about it. The gentleman front and centre with the guitar is my grandfather, Adrian (Bob) Allan, and we think that the photograph was taken in the late 1940’s, possibly early 1950’s. He was a fine jazz guitarist and, as I understand it, was once a member of the Ralph Watmough band. However that is all we know, but I would like to find out more if possible."   You can see the photograph at, so let me know if you have the answer and I'll pass the details on - Fred.

25/02/18 - Sometimes an email copied to the site turns into a heated discussion, as per last week's Page of The Week. Sometimes a page gets no response at all. This week's Page of the Week was one of those, it came from Brenda Canty-Forrest in 2012, and was a cutting from the  Manchester Evening Chronicle. It wasn't controversial, more an interesting fact about a band she played in, but it did beg a question that never got answered.

25/02/18 - Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at The North Euston Hotel, The Esplanade, Fleetwood FY7 6BN is the only midweek daytime event this week. It takes place from 12:00 - 14:30. You'll be lovely and warm inside, but brace yourself for the cold wind when you come out according to the weather forecast. That applies to all the gigs this week, more so the evening ones.

25/02/18 - Many Happy Returns this week to Jamie Brownfield on Monday, and bass player Jim West on Saturday.

25/02/18 - The gig list for Maverick's 80s Lounge at Bingley, has been updated.

23/02/18 - There's been a switch round of gigs at Rochdale Jazz Club. May 20th will now see the Tame Valley Stompers playing, and October 21st will see the Main Street Jazzmen. Tony tells me someone has noticed that my site is showing a £7 entry fee rather than £8 for the club, but I can't find it. If you can, please let me know where it is.

23/02/18 - Is there anyone out there who hasn't bought a CD or LP from Lake Records? I recall coming across an LP - "Ken Colyer's Jazzmen - The Decca Years 1955 - 59"  in Kendal in the late 80s. It was that and a few more Lake Colyer LPs along with Tony's Tradtime on JazzFM that got me back on the jazz road again. So it was interesting to read a press release on Jazz Guide News that Paul & Linda Adams, after 42 years of the business and the release of over 600 albums, are wanting to take life a bit easier, move into semi-retirement and transfer some of the work. Well done Paul & Linda.

21/02/18 - Well Frog and Henry completed their five bookings in the North West and, having got such good receptions, they have committed to another tour in 2019. Jazz clubs take note ! Meryl and I went down to the Caledonia in Liverpool for the final one. A good decision it was too, as Laurent, reeds player with Berlin's 'Old Fish JB', decided to fly in and join them. Unusual for a Monday night, the Cally was full to bursting. we met up with a few we knew, including Ian and Sheila, better known as GI Jive, the dancers who generally appear with the 'Swing Commanders'. The 'more more' calls resulted in a late session to just short of midnight. It was a long haul getting the tour together, but now I am retiring very happily. - Norman Gibson

21/02/18 - Further to Pete's correspondence re early jazz in Britain. He may be interested in this extract from The Oxford Companion to Black British History. 'In1914 Victor Joynes Imperial Four played at the Lotus Club and the drummer Louis Mitchells Beaux Arts Orchestra at Princes Restaurant. Mitchell, who later claimed to be the first first man to bring jazz to Britain returned in 1915 with the pianist Dan Kildares Clef Club Orchestra to appear at Ciro's Club. He toured widely in 1915-17 and his 1917 tour with his Seven Spades was especially influential in exposing African-American music to a wider audience' - Jeff Roberts

21/02/18 - Hi Fred, 1921 this is the show "Hello America" that was heralded as the source of the jazz invasion to come in 1918, and features ' The Piccadilly Four'. There are lots of other clips adjacent. - Pete Vickers

21/02/18 - Many thanks to Alan Grubb, one of the members of the Isle of Man Jazz Club which organised the Isle of Man Jazz Festival for 40 years, for sending me a photograph taken at Laxey Glen Ballroom when the Merseysippi Jazz Band were playing along with Nat Gonella & Bruce Turner. It was a time when the late Mike McCombe was on drums, and Alan's Letter and photo have been added to Mike's Tribute Page

19/02/18 - The page - "Whatever Happened To - Brian Williams & The Druids Jazz Band", has been updated with an item by John Dunlop

19/02/18 -  I read with interest Pete Vickers article on early jazz in Britain. Some of these "bands " must have sounded terrible. I have a film made in 1924 at The Piccadilly Cafe in Manchester. The band is a typical Dixieland five piece : tpt. clt. tmb. pno. dms. They are obviously improvising ( no sheet music ) and look to be going like the clappers but of course the film is silent. They were obviously popular as the dance floor is full. The bandstand is tiny and it is amusing to see the trombone player extending his slide among the dancers. How he didn't have it knocked out of his hands is a mystery. Or perhaps he did? - Moe Green. I wonder if this is the one? - Fred. "Yes, that's the one. Intriguing isn't it. I would have loved to have heard them". - Moe

19/02/18 - Barrie Marshall has an amazing collection of postcards with a musical theme, and he's uploaded 387 of them to smugmug. He's kindly allowed me to pass on the link so that others can enjoy them at . My favourite is this one.

19/02/18 - If you live anywhere near Preston, you'll probably know about Bygone Times, at Eccleston. It's specialises in Antiques, Collectables, Memorabilia, and Vintage, and with more than 500 stall holders spread across 85,000 sq. and enormous 5 floors, it's not for the faint hearted. I was there yesterday and came across four interesting CDs. Two Old Fashioned Love Band CDs, a Merseysippi jazz Band CD and a Chris Barber CD, each selling for £1. Well I couldn't resist, so I bought "Chris Barber's Jazzband and All American Ramblers", and "Mersey Tunnel Jazz" by The Merseysippi Jazz Band and good to hear the two-horn Watters/Scobey sound once again with Pete Daniels & John Lawrence on trumpet & cornet resp.  Presumably not in the Antique category yet, otherwise they would have been twice the price! Apologies to Mike Pembroke for not buying the other two, but I do have put a limit on my extravagant spending. Click here for more details

18/02/18 - There's a one night variety extravaganza coming up at The Lowther Pavilion in St Anne's on the 23rd of this month. It's hosted by Des Day and features top comedian Jonnie Casson. Music will be provided by Deco Delight. There's more information on the Lowther Pavilion web site, click here to access it

18/02/18 - Sometimes someone sends me a comment which I post, and before long it turns into a heated discussion. Such was the case a while ago when Jeff Roberts made what I assume was meant to be an innocent comment about American Culture. Check it out, it's this week's Page of the Week

18/02/18 - Many Happy Returns today to Sheila Collier who started her jazz career with a sit-in with the Southside Stompers, founded by the late Don Bridgewood, and was then invited to be their regular singer.  On Friday, it's Many Happy Returns to former member of the Syd Lawrence Orchestra, trombonist Frank Slater.

18/02/18 - Norman Gibson has sent me a write-up of the Frog & Henry Trio at Morecambe, including a tap dancing video. Mystified? then click here to see and read it.

17/02/18 - There will be a Music Festival in Neston running from 14 April to 24 May.  I am helping to organise the opening concert on 14 April, as per these details, which is a jazz evening with the Jamie Brownfield / Liam Byrne Hot Six with vocalist Grace Williams. This should get the Festival off to a flying start! Anyone who cannot get to Neston to buy tickets at £10 can send me a cheque payable to Neston Civic Society (for this concert only) with a note of their telephone number, and a stamped addressed envelope, so that I can send the tickets back. My address is Clive Edwards, 22 Woodlands Road, Parkgate, Neston, CH64 6RT and my phone number is 0151 336 1190. There will be two more jazz concerts at the end of the Festival and details of these and the other events will follow in due course. - Clive Edwards

17/02/18 - There's a jazz concert in Neston library on Friday 9th March. It is by a three piece group called 52 SKIDOO and titled "The joint is jumping". It sounds like real fun and younger musicians connecting with hot jazz.  This concert has been put on by the library authorities, as part ot the Cheshire Rural Touring Arts programme, which is very encouraging. They are also on 16 March at Macclesfield library, 14 April at Norley Village Hall and 20 April at Kettleshulme Village Hall. - Clive Edwards

15/02/18 - Norman mentioned Ewan Bleach playing two clarinets, both were Bb, one was a Boehm System and one was an Albert System, he trying to come to terms with learning the old style Albert System, he seems to be doing very well to me. - Barrie Marshall

14/02/18 - Well Fred I have to report that there is no doubt that the Frog and Henry Trio UK Tour started last night with the best audience reception I've witnessed in a long while. This was a really good marker for the success of the whole tour. OK, it was a darned cold night up there and some members decided to stay at home. Big mistake ! ( -4C and an ice coated car greeted me when I set off for home ) The latest version of the Fotdella Double Bass Machine behaved itself on it's debut, and created a lot of interest at the interval. Not only is FH Henry an amazing and pleasant young musician, he is a clever engineer to boot ! Ewan Bleach is a rising star. and had the audience in raptures with his playing, moving easily with his choice of two clarinets to alto and tenor saxes. Hadn't seen Dave Neigh before, but he kept the rhythm going strong on his Tuba Machine, also constructed by Henry, whilst accompanying on steel guitar, at the same time of course. Well worth the cold trip up, and all augurs well for a repeat performance tonight with me in Morecambe. - Norman Gibson

11/02/18 - Anybody who followed up the link Jazz It Up With This Fantastic Free Exhibition On British Jazz on 30/01/19 will have read that "The first Dixieland band arrived in the UK in Liverpool in 1919, before moving down to London". In my ignorance I assumed they actually played in Liverpool,but Pete Vickers put me straight by telling me that's where the ship docked and they went straight to London.  It got us talking, and Pete, who has access to the British Newspaper Archives, set off on a trail to see if there was indeed any mention of their arrival in the UK in the newspapers, but it led him further - When did jazz first arrive in Britain? You can see how he got on by clicking here. Pete would be pleased to receive any comments.

11/02/18 - Two people have reported receiving emails supposedly from me with just a link it to an unknown place. Unfortunately just because it has my name on, it doesn't mean to say I've sent it, you can set up an email address and put anybody's name on. I never send a link out without following it with some words that indicate I will have sent it, and in many cases there's a link to my website also, which is a bit of a giveaway.  Be warned!

11/02/18 - I've been surfing the YouTube videos today and enjoying some great jazz from all over the world not least from Chris Barber's big and small bands, and on one video Amy Roberts was playing on flute, and Chris was playing in a wheelchair having broken his ankle. This brings me to this week's Page of the Week when in 2014 Gerry Travers raised the question, "Do you think he is going to play until he drops or should he at 84 years plus, consider managing only, and taking a back (and clearly well deserved) seat? The responses were not surprising..

11/02/18 - Just one mid week daytime jazz event, The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 16 February, 12:30 – 14:30.

11/02/18 - It will be 69 years on Thursday since the Merseysippi Jazz Band was formed and still going strong. That's some record it, and it all began 5 years before Dove Jazz Club promoter Barry Prime was even born, and it will be his birthday on Friday.

11/02/18 - Norman Gibson tells me he's more or less sold out for the Frog & Henry Band, so to repeat Trevor Stent's comments, "I would urge all North West jazz fans to go and see the group Frog and Henry this week", your only option might just be Kendal on Tuesday or Carlisle on Thursday.

10/02/18 - Dear Fred it is with sad news I report the passing of Dave Brennan - banjoist, leader of the Jubilee Jazz Band, Rotherham and of BBC Radio Sheffield jazz prog. fame.  The  "burial" will be private but there is a church service at 11 am Friday 16 Feb at Rotherham Minster for those who wish to attend. - Alan Birkinhead. Trevor Barnes has forwarded further information - "Parade band, I believe, at the burial. After that there is a reception at Sitwell Golf Club (Shrogswood Road, S60 4BY) - static band.  Musicians will want to know about instrument. Wil Robinsons is i/c the static band and John Pashley the parade band. As far as I know all will be most welcome to bring their instruments to the Reception anyway. It would be nice to give Dave a great send off".

10/02/18 -
You can read the latest Dove Jazz Bugle "The Jazzaholics",  by clicking here. The band will be playing at Dove Jazz Club next Saturday.

09/02/18 - I have now set up a tribute page for Mike McCombe, which you can access by clicking here. If you have any memories of Mike when he played with the Mersey's please share them with us.

09/02/18 - Very sad news about Mike McCombe. Mike was instrumental in getting the Merseysippi Jazz Band over to the U.S.  I had some great times with him over there. A lovely drummer, he also worked with the Colyer band. My heartfelt thoughts go to Barbara. - Pete Darwin

09/02/18 - I'm very sorry to hear of Mike's passing. We met a few times over the years, good chap!! - Pete Lay

09/02/18 -  "Hello, I'm Mike McCombe's wife Barbara, and I'm sorry to send the news that Mike passed away on 30 January. As you may know, he was the Merseysippi Jazz Band drummer for many years before moving to California, where he played with the Grand Dominion, Albion and his own band Skunk Creek".

08/02/18 - Just been looking at JazzNorthWest Weekly and came across a couple of interesting articles, one entitled Louis Armstrong returns as Zulu King, and one about Lil Hardin Armstrong

07/02/17 - There's been a price reduction on the Sales Page for a Taylor Trumpets Bb London model. It's in super condition and has been recently refinished.

05/02/18 - "Sidesmen", now that's a term I haven't heard in a while and wasn't even sure if I had it right. Another article from Nourishing Obscurity clears it up for me, and some excellent examples at I hope you have a decent woofer for the first video! I just loved the cartoon video with Acker's "I'll be glad when you're dead ...". Enjoy!

05/02/18 - The news yesterday about the imminent demise of the International Association of Jazz Record Collectors (IAJRC) is so sad. As I understand it, our Music is genuine improvised jazz music whether it is from “way back as far as far back goes” – Duke Ellington, Count Basie, King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis, George Lewis, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, et al, to Bird, Miles, Mingus, Monk, Trane, and other Giants from Bebop and Beyond.  There are not many of us left now and we must do all we can to preserve it.  It is genuine, true, improvised, and creative, and too good to lose.  We must not give up on this!  May our music never die – in spite of everything we hear on the media and all the rubbish that claims to be music today.  Yours in Jazz, Alan G Brown.

03/02/18 - OKOM, know what it means?  Well to any newcomers it's an abbreviation of 'Our Kind Of Music'. Back in 2011 John Muskett felt slightly queasy when he encountered the words, "our music". It started a small discussion, which is this week's Page of The Week.

03/02/18 - On Tuesday 6th Feb The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House from 14:00 – 16:00, This is the only daytime mid week event next week.

03/02/18 - Many Happy Returns next week to Judy Eames on Friday 9th Feb.

03/02/18 - Hi Fred, it was interesting to see the advert for King Oliver although by 1932 Joe Oliver was struggling to play and had not recorded for Victor for several years.I have an interesting piece from a 1936 Downbeat Magazine. It seems Oliver would not accept work in any large city as he didn't want people to see how far he had fallen. There's a review of one of his concerts and it seems that he only appeared for two or three numbers. He suffered terribly with his teeth and there is an interesting piece in " Really the Blues" where apparently on his way home early in the morning Joe would buy a still warm loaf scoop some of it out and fill it with sugar. I know Mezz Mezzrow's book is the biggest work of fiction purporting to be fact ever printed but if this bit is true it could explain his dental problems. - Moe Green

01/02/18 - Well now I've heard it all - "MARSHSIDE, England (Reuters) - Whether celebrating or mourning Britain’s exit from the European Union, you can now do it to music, thanks to a British composer who has set dry EU legal-speak to jazz as part of a project to explore Brexit through art".

01/02/18 -  Secret Peaky Blinders pop-up bar is opening in Leicester this weekend according to The Hinkley Times. Patrons may even see a few scenes from the hit series being acted out - although attendance by Cillian Murphy and counterparts is sadly not expected. As you’d expect from a speakeasy, there will be a secret door from the street, which guests will need to knock on in order to gain access.  There will be live music from a traditional 1920s jazz and swing band and dancing, to enjoy. Plus, you’ll be able to treat yourself to themed drinks, such as Peaky Blinders ale, whisky, rum and gin, and cocktails created especially for the night. Well it might be a gimmick, but if it helps keep the music alive I'm all for it.

01/02/18 - In Oxford, Mississippi they are gearing up for the 44th World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest & Festival - May 24-27, 2018. I could quite fancy seeing one of those in this Country.

01/02/18 -  It seems likely that the Chicago Teds will be live “on air” one afternoon in early March. Date and time to be confirmed. Watch this space.

01/02/18 - For those lucky people down South, I see from my Jazz Northwest Weekly Newspaper that the "Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra", with Wynton Marsalis, will be doing "Benny Goodman: King of Swing" and "Leonard Bernstein at 100" on the 27th and 28th Feb, at the Barbican Centre in London.

January 2018

30/01/18 - Jazz It Up With This Fantastic Free Exhibition On British Jazz - This was my latest notification from Google about the Rhythm & Reaction exhibition at Two Temple Place, near Temple tube station in London, but not before I'd seen a full page spread in yesterdays 'i' Newspaper along with a picture of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band.

30/01/18 - "Might be an interesting night at 'The Railway' in Sale tomorrow night", says Ian Royle. "There'll be Derek Galloway of 'Temps' fame with a wounded shoulder unable to blow his trombone and me recovering from a hand operation attempting a possible (with permission) sit-in with the band. Any hospital staff who like jazz are encouraged to attend".

30/01/18 - That fascinating site I last mentioned on 07/01/18 called 'Nourishing Obscurity' has now featured Ottilie Patterson on a page called  "Trad jazz chantoosie".

29/01/18  - "Have a look and enjoy", says Norman Gibson. "Hard to believe our luck at getting such a real clarinet talent joining us in just over two weeks. This will just have to be included on the Frog and Henry playlist. Ewan is a worthy match for the great Sidney Bechet!

29/01/18 - Starting tonight, The Merseysippi Jazz Band will play at the Liverpool Cricket Club, Aigburth, Liverpool L19 3QF, starting at 8.00 pm, and very Monday night thereafter. Admission is free but there will be a voluntary collection during the interval at 9.00 pm.

29/01/18 - The February edition of Just Jazz Magazine is  now available, and there are one or two people I can think of in the North West who will be excited to see a picture of the Shake 'Em Up Jazz Band on the front cover spotlighting an article on this year's Fest Jazz 2018 in Brittany. It will probably be outshined though, by an article by Louis Lince entitled, "Traditional Jazz in The North West" (Hello, haven't I seen that title before somewhere?).  It's a three page story behind the scenes of the making of the Rayk Jazz videos which featured NW bands and entitled The Road to Southport Pier - A Jazz Odyssey 2017

28/01/18 - Hi Fred. As there has been no mention of this on your news page, I thought I'd let you know of a milestone event that I attended (and played at) last night. It was Paul Blake's 90th birthday party bash. There was a fantastic cake (click pic for larger version). Paul has been playing clarinet and sax with the Wall City Jazzmen since they first formed, and he hasn't retired yet, although he is considering doing so this year. The Mill Hotel will be under new ownership by the end of January, so the future is uncertain, but I'm confident that the band will find a way to continue. We can't let our fans down! - Alan Jeffs

28/01/18 - Hi Fred, Can I beg a favour please and ask if you could include the following on your news page? After the Crown Inn at Addingham closed its doors for 3 weeks, and hence no jazz, I am pleased to say that my Good Time Jazz Band, will be back playing again at The Crown every Wednesday evening from Wednesday 31st January. Many thanks - Harry Long.

28/01/18 - A special birthday greeting to jazz musician Taff Lloyd who celebrate his 80th birthday today. Happy Birthday Taff.

28/01/18 - Hi Fred, I am pleased to announce that on 18th MARCH 2018 Jazz returns to The Bolton Arms in Leyburn, Wensleydale (monthly) with KATHY BENSON'S CREOLE JAZZ (rags, stomps, spirituals and blues from the classic jazz era) Sunday lunchtime 12.00 'til 3pm (lovely room in ground floor back bar area). Free admission - food available. Please come and support live Yorkshire jazz !  - Kathy Benson

28/01/18 - New Orleans Express was the name of a band that Dr. Ron Lloyd co-founded in Chester in 1975. He had previously been a member of Liverpool University Jazz Band, The Dave Lind Jazzmen and The Gut Bucket Steam Orchestra. The history of this band and where it was in 2012 can be read in this week's Page of The Week and even more at

28/01/18 - Many Happy Returns this week to the following musicians - Terry Porter on Monday, Ken Doran on Wednesday, Brian Carrick and Tony Pollitt  on Thursday and Alan Matthews on Saturday.

28/01/18 - If you prefer your live jazz to be in the daytime mid week, then Fleetwood's the place to be this week for Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at the North Euston Hotel on Wed, 31 January, 12:00 – 14:30

27/01/18 - Pete Vickers has been doing a bit of research stateside, and found an interesting advert in the "Daily Inni", the student newspaper of the University of Illinois (click picture for larger version).  It appeared on July 19th 1932, and after further research myself I found several other gig dates in July that year. A little further digging brought me to an interesting advert in the The Urbana Daily Courier, Sept 5th 1919 and an advert for new record releases, including one by The Original Dixieland Jazz Band which you can see by clicking here.

26/01/18 - Helping to celebrate Peter Vickers' (centre) 80th birthday are from left to right. Alan Matthews, James Vickers, Barrie Marshall and Keith Moore. Photo Barrie Marshall, photographer - passing waiter

22/01/18 - Last Wednesday eve turned out to possess weather of the most inclement. As a result, the audience was somewhat decimated - apologies for absence were phoned through. Undeterred, Alex Clarke was at her brilliant best, a two-reed lead fronting a depleted Tame Valley jazz band as Norman Pennington was down with pneumonia. One unforeseen side-effect of the reduced gathering was that "our" table won two prizes in the weekly raffle, a previously unknown phenomenon. - Noel Broadgate

22/01/18 - RE: Legendary NFJO Concert, Royal Festival Hall 14/7/1951, again no mention of Lyttelton and the part he played in the great revival, not the awful trad boom. Is he being airbrushed from history ? - Roy Swift.

22/01/18 - My thanks to the person who spotted some errors on the Rochdale Jazz Club page and some of the events in What's On and notified Tony Sheldon, who rang me today and left a message because he doesn't have internet access.  If anybody else finds any errors, and I'm sure there are plenty, feel free to contact me right away so that I can amend them, I don't bite.

22/01/18 - Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz might have had a good time in Norway, but from Louis's post on Facebook, it seems the journey home was not quite as good. "Back home by 8.00pm this evening. Started off at 7.30am from the hotel in Stavanger to go to the airport for a Copenhagen flight and thence to Manchester. However, the early flight was cancelled due to a technical problem with the plane which had to go back to Copenhagen to be replaced with one that was airworthy. The replacement was 2 hours later than planned at Copenhagen, our flight having left for Manchester 30 minutes prior to our landing. So we were sent on the pretty route to Frankfurt and then via Lufthansa to Manchester, arriving at 5.15pm local time. The good news is that Eric's Trombone, John, Mart and Allen's bags arrived. My banjo was with me as a carry on. Chris's, Eric's and my bags were still in Copenhagen. We are assured they will be delivered to our homes tomorrow morning".  Reminds me of why I'm not keen to go abroad these days.

21/01/18 - You might not have heard yet, but there is football on at the Coffee House in Liverpool tomorrow, so the Merseysippi JB will not be playing there", writes Ed Lee. "In fact they will not be playing there again! From the following Monday (29th), they are returning to Aigburth Cricket Club where they will be in a “cosy downstairs room with access to the bar via a lift and stairs” - Malcolm Hogarth’s words"!

21/01/18 - Many Happy Returns this week on Thursday to Terry Binns, and a special birthday greeting to Pete Vickers who will be celebrating his 80th. On Friday Paul Adams of Lake Records will be tucking into birthday cake.

21/01/18 - From time to time I'm asked where people can pass old jazz records on to, either for financial return or just wanting them to go to a good home. Always a difficult one because many of us have moved on to CD players and no longer have a turntable, also a lot of old recordings are now also available on CD. One place that got a mention on the site earlier last year was Rabbit Records who, if you wish to donate the collection to the National Jazz Archive, can facilitate the sale, with a proportion of the proceeds passed on to benefit the work and continued development of the Archive. Details are on this week's Page of The Week.

20/01/18 - Janet Rodger reports, "Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz had a great gig in Norway last night at the Stavanger Tradjass Festival. There was an enthusiastic and appreciative audience, with lots of people there who the band has met during the 37 trips they have made to Norway over the years. They will be playing two gigs today and are looking forward to entertaining more of their friends".

19/01/18 - It was a pleasant surprise to open the post this morning and find another donation towards the site running costs, this time from Dove Jazz Club. Whilst I do not run the site for monetary return, it is gratifying to know that my efforts are appreciated. Thank You Dove Jazz Club and hope you have a bumper night with the new Roy Walker Band tomorrow, 20th Jan at 8pm.

18/01/18 - There was a good turnout for Jeff Gilpin's funeral yesterday. At the church I was joined by John Gordon (banjo), Bill Smith (cornet), Dave Thomas (clarinet) and Derek Galloway (trombone). We played before, during and after the service some of Jeff’s favourite tunes. Later, at the Dunscar Conservative Club, with trumpeters Dave Pogson and John Percival, clarinettist Barry Aldous (taking a couple of tunes on my bass), and Tenor Saxist Howard Murray, there was more jazz. Joan Gilpin and son Keith were most appreciative of our efforts and particularly of comments already posted (in Remembering) on Fred’s Website. - John Muskett

18/01/18 - My old friend Roy Swift would be pleased by the complete version of  'I Want A Girl' by the Saints on Lake Records. This begins at the beginning and not at Alan's clarinet solo. It was too long for original issues running, from memory, for about 7 minutes. Steve Voce

18/01/18 -  Hello Fred. Just to let you know that The Black Swan at Hollins Green has closed its doors to any further jazz on every first Monday of the month. The entertainments room has now been turned into a full-time dining room. - Martin Bennett (Old Green River Band).

18/01/18 - Guess what Fred? I also have a 12" Vinyl - The Legendary NFJO Concert 14 July 1951. Anybody interested?  (contact via Fred).  - Ruth Brooks

17/01/18 - The New Riverside Jazz Band regular gig at The Wagon & Horses has come to an end. "Not surprising", says Barrie Marshall", as the landlord has stopped all his music in the pub.

16/01/18 - Mart Rodger writes, "Brenda Canty Forrest has let us know of the funeral details for Colin Tomkins. This will be at Wrexham Crematorium on Monday next at 1130 a.m. followed by a buffet at the Hand Hotel in Llangollen".

16/01/18 - John Petters has posted the following in the Ken Colyer Society Facebook page - "Max Collie's Funeral: Just heard from Martin Ross that it will be on Monday 5th February at Woodvale Crematorium, Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3QB. at 14:00hrs".

15/01/18 - Re recent conversations on the Legendary NFJO Concert, Royal Festival Hall 14/7/1951, I have a vinyl LP ( priceless now ? ) of the concert reissued by Brian Hainsworth in about 1985/6. Those listed as taking part were Humphrey Lyttelton and his Band, Saints Jazz Band ( obviously Manchester ! ), Graeme Bell and his Aussi Band, the Joe Daniels Jazz Group, the Crane River Jazz Band, and Freddy Randall and his Band. Compere was Deryk Guyler ( of ITMA and Please Sir fame ! ). Sleeve note on this version written by Steve Voce. Most of the bands seem a bit overcome by stage fright, except for the Saints who apparently decided to show “ The Southerners” how it should be done with a very rousing and exciting version of “ I want a girl just like the girl ( that married dear old dad ). It begins, for some reason, with Alan Radcliffe’s clarinet solo which still stirs me all these years on.   Then the band come in and give it their all! - Roy Swift

15/08/18 - I am very sorry to hear of the death of Colin Tomkins. Colin played trumpet with Manchester's famous Zenith 6 band in the late 1950s and early '60s. He was a fine trumpet player and my abiding memory of him was his pleasant and good-humoured character. Happy memories of those good times alongside myself, Mart Rodger, Alan Pendlebury, Derek Gracie, and other members.    I 'm also sad to hear of Max Collie's passing. I was privileged to play in Max's band on a number of occasions , depping for Ron McKay and later for Pete Cotterill, both of them fine drummers. Max was a great band-leader with a strong character, good New Orleans style trombone , and an excellent vocalist.  The tribute to Max features an excellent photo of him and contains a very full and informative resume of Max's exciting and varied career. Thank you Max for all those wonderful memories. - Dave Berry.

15/08/18 - Due to renovations, the Black Horse Jazzmen with not be playing at The Lion in Settle tomorrow or the following two weeks. Normal service will resume on 6th Feb.

14/08/18 - In June 2001 we had a great band play at our jazz club in Preston, and which had not long been put together by the late Jimmy Smith, which he called "The Northern Jazz All Stars", and stars they were, just look at the line-up. It's this week's Page of The Week

14/01/18 - Many Happy Returns this coming week to Band Marshall Jeff Roberts on Thursday, and to reed player John Hallam on Friday

14/01/18 - Just the one mid week daytime jazz event, and that's The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 19 January, 12:30 – 14:30, where there are Tea Rooms and good food available. Free entry but a collection is taken at this event.

14/01/18 - In a very kind gesture, Rochdale Jazz Club sent me a donation towards the cost of running the website. Knowing that jazz clubs are on a tight budget, I tried to offer the donation back to help with club funds, but Tony Sheldon wouldn't hear of it. "We appreciate all you do, and the time you must spend doing it, and so do our members", he said. Many thanks Tony, and many thanks Rochdale jazz club, and to help balance the books, if you haven't been for a while, why not get along to their next event on Sunday 21st when you can see and hear Martin Bennett's Old Green River Band and I'm sure it will be money well spent.

13/01/18 - I have just picked up a fuller description of the Bass Instruments, being introduced into the Frog & Henry Band, from the 2018 'Programme' link on the Fest Jazz website. ' A spectacular sight, Dave Neigh fills out the rhythm section largely on his own, playing banjo and tuba at the same time ( it's true ! ) A foot-operated tuba machine of their own creation. Part of their show also incorporates the newest version of the Fotdella, a 9 string foot-operated double bass making it's very first Festival appearance at Fest Jazz. Essentially a combination of a harpsichord plucking mechanism and a three quarter size contrabass body, with 5 additional strings and a simple foot pedal system'.  Both bass instruments will make their inaugural outings in the UK at Kendal, Morecambe and Carlisle Clubs 13 to 15th. February. - Norman Gibson

13/01/18 - The Parade Jazz Band are having a Mardi Gras with a touch of romance at the Red Lion, Parkgate 13th Feb 8.30. All welcome, fun for all

12/01/18 - "I wonder if you would kindly advertise the following event on your site", writes Linda Spencer. "Zoe Gilby will be visiting The Barlow, Edgworth as part of Edgworth Methodist Church's programme of community events. We have not had a jazz singer at The Barlow before, although we have a thriving folk club and hope that we can generate interest in this type of music. Zoe Gilby is a vocalist and songwriter making a stunning impression at prominent jazz festivals and venues in the UK and internationally. She will be appearing with her quartet at The Barlow, Edgworth, BL7 0AP on Saturday, 17th February". I've checked this lady out and can't see any jazz standards in her repertoire, but what the heck, it's good to have someone willing to give jazz a start.

12/01/18 - Dove Jazz Club has issued its latest copy of The Bugle

11/01/18 - Regulars to the Talbot Hotel jazz weekends, will be delighted to see a TV program first broadcast in 2016. Julie and her daughter Kate were featured on BBC's Bargain Hunt and the repeated episode is now available on iPlayer at -


10/01/18 - Bass Player Allan Wilcox writers, "Louis Lince told me on Monday that Max's death had been announced on your news page. As you may remember, I played with him many times over the years, and although I had kept in touch with him and knew how ill he was, I was pretty devastated. I've written a sort of memoir that you might want to include, either on the page itself or in Remembering, if you think it suitable". Well I do think it's suitable, it's a name I associate from the early 60s with the likes of Barber, Ball & Bilk so I've set up a tribute page for Max.

09/01/18 - Much admired young female reed player Alex Clarke will be at the Beaky in Ashton-under-Lyme on Wednesday 17th of January, playing with the Tame Valley Stompers. Kick-off 9.00pm, admission £2.00. All welcome.

09/01/18 - Details of Geoff Gilpin's funeral have been sent by John Muskett. "Wednesday 17th January at Mid-day: Service at St Anne’s Parish Church, Turton. The church is actually in Chapeltown, 55, High Street, BL7 0ER. Cremation (family only) is at Overdale (Bolton), and afterwards at Dunscar Conservative club, Hardman’s Lane, Bromley Cross, BL7 9HJ (location of Eagley Jazz Club) – available from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm. It is likely that there will be a jam session if folks would like to bring instruments". Click here for Map and Directions. John has sent detailed travel instructions from M61 should anyone require them.

08/01/189 - The write-up for the the High Society Jazz Band has been brought up to date (other bands please note). My thanks to Dave Bateman.

08/01/18 - Janet Rodger has sent me a cutting from the Daily Express in February 1962 and it's about Chadderton Councillor looking for a jazz band to play in the park. It's very amusing by today's standards, click here to read it

08/01/18 - I was at the 1951 Festival Hall concert- courtesy of H. M. I was at the radio school at RAF Locking, and played in the "NAAFI" band. A "pro" sitter-in was Johnny Picard from the #3 RAF band, based also at Locking; they had a dance outfit, the "Blue rockets", and played regularly at nearby Weston-Super-Mare. Anyway we were pally, and he got me a ride in their band truck for the concert dah'n "the smoke". Great do!, but what rings is Johnny stamping his feet on the wooden slats, and whooping- "I'm gonna play with that band"-- Humph. And he did, for quite a few years.. Anyway, back tracking with the big G, I came across this blog:  A goldmine of (South Coast) period events. loads of musical memories for some of us; + one "star turn".... Michael Miles' "YES/NO" interlude with "Wilson, Kepple, and Betty". ( I must find my old FEZ). har har har, - Jon White

08/01/17 - There's been quite a bit of talk lately of young bands from abroad, so for the sake of balance, here's a young band from the UK, based in London, The Shirt Tail Stompers. are playing tonight at Wilton’s  between Wapping and Whitechapel, close to the historic Tower of London and St Katherine Docks.  A bit too late to set off now I guess, but a name to make a note of for next time I go down. If only I could dance like those youngsters in the follow up video!

08/01/18 - Not a name familiar to me, but I'm sure many out there will recognise his name  - George Kidd who was a trombonist and popular figure on the Scottish jazz scene playing with the Penman Jazzmen, has died aged 78. "He was one of the Scottish jazz scene’s great characters as well as a musician whose trombone-playing abilities were admired by fellow musicians all over the world, if not always recognised by the wider public". His obituary is available on line at

08/01/18 - Just to clarify matters following Judy Eames’ post (07/01/17), the all-female group, “‘The Shake’Em Up Jazz Band”, was created by Tuba Skinny leader, Shaye Cohn, for a one-off concert in 2016. Since then it is the wonderful Marla Dixon who has led the band on trumpet. The personnel for Fest Jazz 2018 is Marla Dixon, trumpet; Chloe Feoranzo, clarinet; Defne Incirlioglu, washboard; Haruka Kikuchi, trombone; Molly Reeves, guitar; Julie Schexnayder, bass.  The band is a fine example of light, swinging New Orleans jazz at its best: and we are thrilled that they are coming to our festival.  I would like to take this opportunity to encourage North West jazz fans to go and see Frog and Henry on the mini tour organised by the indefatigable Norman Gibson Superb young musicians who play a style of jazz that is wonderfully refreshing; lovely, interesting people too. They were at Fest Jazz last year and we immediately invited them back for 2018. - Trevor Stent

07/01/18 - More from "Nourishing Obscurity", this time it's Acker Bilk in the spotlight

07/01/18 - Tony and I are going to the Chateauneuf Du Faou festival at the end of July. One of the bands, all female, is led by the Tuba Skinny leader. I don't know if she's parted company with them.  We're driving 50 miles in the wrong direction to travel with Tad Newton's coach party.... Leaving just after midnight!!  We still get a few BIg Bear gigs; the most recent was Dec 21st at Hastings. We left here just after midday, expecting to be at the Travelodge by dusk.... got there at 5.45. I keep reading on Facebook about musos having horrendous journeys with road closures, accidents (or carelessnesses as I call them). Anyway it was a great audience and the band played well, we were so glad we'd booked the 30 quid Travelodge option!  Let us know if your travels bring you this way; we've joined the Oxfordshire Jazz Federation committee and Tony's hoping to bring the website into the 21st Century. - Judy Eames

07/01/18 - There can be few visitors to the site who haven't heard or seen the famous NFJO Royal Festival Hall 1951 Concert. The late Geoff Brooks kindly sent me, and others a copy on CD back in 2005 and the discussions that took place at the time are on this week's page of the week

07/01/18 - The only daytime jazz gig mid week is Annie's Saints And Sinners @ The Dog & Partridge, Bollington on Mon, 8 January, 14:00 – 16:00, but check first on 01625 610059

07/01/18 - Many Happy Returns of the day today to Lancaster guitarist Jon Moore

07/01/18 - I find it surprising that information on the Tuba Skinny European Tour seems to have been in the dark. I'm not that well known, but I must have had about five e-mails from a guy called Chalandon advising me of updates, over the last few months, as the European venue list was filling up. I forwarded one or two of these to more influential people, and I know efforts were made to get the tour extended to the UK. without success. The full programme ( with a note saying it is not definitive ) can be found by going to  I'm fortunate that I've seen TS in 2014, and spent time in the company of Erika, Barnabus and Robin Rapuzzi. Renewed friendship again with Robin last year was the starting point resulting in the Frog & Henry Jazz Trio coming to Kendal JC, myself at Morecambe and Carlisle JC in mid February. We are thankful for that. - Norman Gibson

06/01/18 - Max Collie has died today, having had a serious stroke in 2013. The funeral at Brighton is on a date to be announced.  John Maxwell Collie was born in Melbourne, Australia on 21st February 1931. He first heard professional jazz in 1946 listening to Graham Bell’s lunchtime concerts at The New Theatre Melbourne. By 1948 he was playing with a local band and shortly after, was leading it. In 1963 Max arrived in England for a European tour, and in 1964 decided to stay and joined the London City Stompers, becoming leader after a year. In February 1966, he formed Max Collie's Rhythm Aces and that band went on to become world famous.

06/01/18 - On January 2nd Sammy did a telephone interview for the American talk show The Paul Leslie Hour. It was a spontaneous interview with no rehearsal or script. If you would like to listen to the interview you find it at

05/01/18 -
There has been a lot of interest shown on this site in the past in New Orleans' Band - Tuba Skinny, and attempts were even made to get them to come to the North West but to no avail. Peter Dennis, after a lot of effort finding it, has kindly sent me their itinerary for their 2018 European tour, so if a trip over the channel takes your fancy, click here. Peter says, "The list should help as it gives the email address of the people to contact re tickets - they have been very helpful. Dendermonde Battaklang contact is Frederik Goossens <>. I am only going to some of the Belgium Concerts and already have tickets - they are going quick - the Honky Tonk Jazzclub is "sold out"

05/01/18 - I read with sadness Mart's report regarding the passing of Colin Tomkins.  Back in 1961 I was privileged to have depped about three time with 'The Zenith Six', at The Clarendon in Oxford Street Manchester. Colin was the trumpet player on those gigs as I recall. Yes, a very fine player indeed.  Colin also depped for Jack Goodier, with us (The John Tippett Band), at The Imperial Club in Stockport on one occasion.  Condolences to Colin's Family, and yes, he will, I'm sure, will be remembered in Manchester jazz history.  Joe Silmon would have seen to that ! - Des Hopkins.

04/01/18 - Mart Roger writes, "Janet and I received an e-mail yesterday from Brenda Canty Forest who was the first wife of Colin Tomkins. Colin was a super trumpet player and he was with the Zenith Six during my time as a member. Colin died on New Year’s Day in Wrexham Hospital. A great grandson was born that morning and Colin sadly died in the afternoon".  Brenda subsequently emailed to say, "We had started our first band in 1954.the Oriole JB and had Rod Hopton trombone and Pete Kennedy clarinet. Colin then played with Pete Haslam's Crescent JB for a while when I was having our first child and then The Zenith 6,then I joined The Crescent later to become the Collegians. We moved to North Wales in 1962 and had a band there where a number of Manchester musicians came and played a few gigs with us at times. There is still only me who remembers all the details and believe he would have liked to be included on your site. He was part of my life for 25 years and I think he would be pleased that he could be remembered in Jazz circles".

03/01/18 - There's been a change this month at Didsbury Cricket Club, The Savannah Jazz Band & Harlem Hot Stompers have swapped about. So for the next four weeks it will be Tame Valley Stompers tomorrow, Harlem Hot Stompers on the 11th, Chicago Teds on the 18th, and the Savannah Jazz Band on the 25th.

03/01/18 - All dressed up and nowhere to go! Well not in the case of Mike Lovell's 4 in a Bar who were at The Bartle Hall Hotel near Preston, playing in the New Year  It was a Gatsby themed evening with over 120 guests who enjoyed a sumptuous dinner and listened and danced to the band. The musicians were Andy Wallis, Chris Howse, Colin Turner and Mike Lovell, looking super smart in white jacket!

03/01/18 - In what might be described as a 'scoop' for the North West, Norman Gibson has booked the, "Frog & Henry jazz trio, from the streets of New Orleans" for Wednesday 14th. February 2018 in Morecambe. You can find details by clicking here, and download the poster here, but to summarise - Tickets can be purchased from The Concert Room, Jubilee Social Club, Torrisholme, Morecambe LA4 6NZ., or Contact Norman Gibson Tel. 01 524-855 770. E-Mail Tickets are £9.00 Adv. (£10.00 on Door). Norman tells me, "It will be a Charity effort, as any profit that may be made will be given away. I have in mind a local charity our son-in-law has joined up with. It's mission is to see no local child at school without a breakfast. I'm awaiting clearance".

03/01/18 - Nothing to do with Jazz (at least I thought so until I put the word in the search box), as I'd previously been watching a film taken in Blackpool in the 1930's. Check out Huntley Archives and you'll find film of a Harlem night club and Harlem authentic jazz and jiving lindy hop style dancing 1940's, plus short clips of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band in the 1940's and more. All the videos appear to have been posted on YouTube so you may have seen some already.

03/01/18 - More contributions have come in for the Jeff Gilpin tribute page, the latest being from Sam Ellis, Savannah Jazz Band.

01/01/18 -  Back in June 2017 I mentioned a book called "Roots, Radicals and Rockers by Billy Bragg – the skiffle moment and how it changed music".  Barrie Marshall says, " I’ve had some reports of how good it is, a lot about the influence of jazz in the UK and a lot about Ken Colyer, I always said from their early days that without Ken Colyer The Beatles would not have emerged".  Barrie has since sent me a link to a video on the subject -, and Barrie has also uploaded a radio recording he made back in 2008, which you can listen to at

01/01/18 - I took this picture at the first Keswick Jazz Festival before Spats was well known. - Barrie Marshall (click on picture for normal size).

01/01/18 - Happy New Year to you from all at Ayr Jazz Club.  Sadly I have heard of the passing of George Kidd, trombonist for many years with the Penman Jazzmen. I have no details but I am sure that John Sinton (who runs the band) on 01786-823590 or 07721-089012 will be able to update anyone. -  Stuart McLean

December 2017

31/12/17 - There is now a tribute page for Jeff Gilpin and contributions from Graham Martindale and Matt Palmer have been added. I wonder if anybody has a good photograph of Jeff in his Grand Marshall outfit?

30/12/17 - Yes, this is one for us still sticking around on the Jazz Scene. Trombonist Herb Gardner has played 'both side of the tracks' with big bands and traditional Dixieland bands in and around New York City. He worked with Wild Bill, Ruby Braff, Eddie Condon as well as Chico Hamilton, Roy Eldridge and Wynton Marsalis (another 'cross-dresser'!) However at a gig recently an old lady came up to him and asked "Didn't you die?".    Also from Bill Crow's column - "The brilliant classical flautist Julius Baker was still teaching into his eighties and after a particularly brilliant performance for his students he received thunderous applause. Acknowledging the ovation he replied "Hey, you should have heard me when I was seventy five!" - Ian Royle

30/12/17 - Today I had a 'phone call from Joan Gilpin to say that husband Jeff had died yesterday. Jeff was well known to traditional jazz enthusiasts in Bolton for many years. He was a committee member of Eagley Jazz Club (at Dunscar Conservative Club) and was a parade marshal for functions around the north-west. He had a huge enthusiasm for traditional jazz and, in his lively way, was never afraid to communicate this. Although I used to pull his leg a lot, there was great affection between us, and I am sad to see him go.  The funeral is likely be at Bolton's Overdale Crematorium, but details will not be known till after next Tuesday: though there will not be a parade band, there will be some kind of jazz musical tribute. I will try to post more details when I learn them. Harmonious best 2018 wishes to you Fred, Barbara and your readers. - John Muskett

30/12/17 - In 2005 Pete Lay kicked off a discussion about the Performing Rights Society (PRS), in which he said, "Its good to hear of a new venue - in light of the news that the new licensing bill has meant landlords not renewing their music and dance part of the licence, hence killing off live music, and of course the "monster" of PRS who are mind set on destroying jazz clubs and festivals with their charges".  Anything changed?  It's this week's Page of The Week

30/12/17 - Many Happy Returns and best wishes to Brian "Sam" Ellis on Thursday this week.

30/12/17 - There are no midweek daytime jazz events coming up this week.

30/12/17 - The latest edition of Just Jazz Magazine is now out. You can see the content details by clicking here.

29/12/17 - Trombonist Roy Williams is to play at Kendal Jazz Club on Tuesday 9 January - . Roy is recognised as being probably the best jazz trombonist Britain has ever produced, and he is making a one-off journey from the South to appear with the High Society Jazz Band. An evening of high-quality and lively Dixieland jazz is assured. The venue is Kentdale Suite, Kendal Rugby Club, Shap Rd, Kendal, at 8pm. Admission £10.

28/12/17 - Hi Fred, Jon Critchley from the Original Panama Jazz Band told us about your website. We thought you might like to know about the fantastic gig the Original Panama Jazz Band played for our swing dance group: the Cheshire Swing Cats, at Hoole Community Centre in Chester on Sunday 17th December 2017. They played two great danceable sets for over 60 swing dancers for our end of year Christmas do (please see a couple of photos of the band at A wonderful time was had by all! Thanks and best wishes, - Ruth

24/12/17 - The Ken Burns series "JAZZ" is on more or less all day on New Years Day, a welcome change from the end of the year dross, Well worth watching or committing to the watch later recordings. "PBS America, the British TV channel from America’s Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) today launches on Freeview channel 94. The announcements marks Freeview’s 12th and final channel launch of 2017".  - Peter Vickers

24/12/17 - Next Week's Page of The Week, as previously mentioned, with be Free/Flee as a Bird to the Mountain,, from 2003, about a BBC Radio play which is now available once more to listen to.

24/12/17 - Birthdays coming up this week are Pete Darwin Today,  and Tom Culbert on on Boxing Day, Many Happy Returns to you both

23/12/17 -  "I’ve just enjoyed listening to a BBC radio play Don Taylor: “Flee as a Bird to the Mountain” about a New Orleans jazz group, with music by Bob Dwyer", says Peter Jezard. Good timing Peter because that was the subject of a page I put on in 2003, " 'Flee' or 'Free' as a Bird to the Mountain", which will be next week's Page of The Week.   I remember it well, an excellent play and I'm glad they have repeated it, although I have a recording from the first time round. It's described - "A group of male friends in their 60s revive the schoolboy New Orleans Jazz band that expressed their purist youthful idealism. Youth and its high ideals have a brief musical re-flowering, until tragedy strikes. Has their time has finally passed?   Don Taylor's drama stars Jack Shepherd as Dave, Philip Jackson as Colin, Trevor Cooper as Derek, Thomas Arnold as Dick, Philip Joseph as Bob, Elizabeth Bell as Jenny and Martin Hyder as Chris.  Music by Bob Dwyer's Hot Six.  Director: Peter Kavanagh.  First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2003.".

22/12/17 - Had a super night with the Cheshire Swing Cats at their Sunday night party and again on Wednesday night at The Irby Club: Never seen so many happy smiling faces enjoying the music and the dancing: mostly but not all youngsters, either! Good to see. There’s hope yet! - Jon Critchley

22/12/17 - On 20/12/17 - David Whitehead emailed to tell me that we shared an introduction to jazz and the town where we both lived - Preston. I persuaded David to tell me more about himself, and his life with jazz and work, and it's reproduced here.

22/12/17 - Barrie Marshall depping & Keith Moore sitting in with the Silver Bell Band in Preston last night. Good to see the venue filling up nicely before I left around 10pm. It was a good and friendly session, but unfortunately I have to be up at 7-15am on Fridays,

21/12/17 - No sooner had I thrown the question of increasing entrance charges into the pot, than I  had need to ring Tony Sheldon, chairman of Rochdale Jazz Club to check on the prices there for the new year. Tony told me that in fact, as from January 2018 admission charge at the club would be £8. Tony explained - "Our financial year ended in September, and so many bands wanted to play at the club last year that that we  put on extra nights to accommodate, making it three gigs in some months. However, it didn't work!  It meant that we had gigs on successive weeks and the people didn't want to come out that often. The club lost £697 last year, so we had to revamp and stick religiously to just two bands each month with a gap between. We put out a questionaire to our members explaining the situation, and would they be prepared to pay £8 or stick at £7. 56 members responded and everyone said to increase it to £8".  What a nice democratic outcome. I've updated What's On and the club gig list

21/12/17 - As with many emails previously, one comes along that's guaranteed to get follow up emails coming in. When that happens I think it's only fair that they move off the News page to a page where the discussion can continue ad infinitum, (Remember Doom & Gloom). The latest one to come along was from Norman Gibson, on 18/12/17. You can follow the topic "Disrespectful,  irreverent, ignorance, or just having a laugh?" on the Discussions page.

21/12/17 - There's an interesting link in my weekly jazz newspaper this week at It's to an item entitled "In New Orleans, There's A Piece Of Music History Around Every Corner" which is probably a must for anyone thinking of going to New Orleans without being on an organised tour. will take you to places to visit, and a map to pin them down. Lots of videos to check out if you haven't already seen them.

21/12/17 - In the process of updating jazz club gig lists for next year, I have to check to see if there have been any price increases. The average admission charge seems to be around £7 for the smaller jazz clubs, which made me think back to ours which we started at Fulwood & Broughton Cricket in 1999 when we charged £3 admission for the three years that we ran it, plus there was an additional raffle. Our average attendance was around the 70 mark and the bands were quite content with what we paid, which was usually more than the guaranteed amount. I thought it might be interested to see how inflation had affected the pound in our pockets and what we would have to charge today to run the same club. I fully expected to be able to use this to show people that in reality, they are paying the same or even less these days, but using I was shocked  to find that the answer was that £3 in 1999 equated to £4.90 today!  That's less than average and less than half the amount some jazz clubs charge, so where's the increased cost coming from? Some bands complain that the money they receive hardly pays the petrol, whilst some clubs can't afford to run any longer and close. So are my calculations amiss?

20/12/17 - Jazz At The Arts - Bollington Arts Centre gig list has been updated for 2018

20/12/17 - Is it just possible that “the banjoist” commenting, apparently adversely, on Doolally Tap had his tongue in his cheek? At least the band plays Chimes Blues in the Oliver/Barber key of C, whereas local purists seem to prefer Bb (never heard an explanation). I noticed that the banjoist in this collection of brash upstarts was very convincingly made up to appear somewhat older than his colleagues: he also appeared to be employing (4 string) guitar tuning on his instrument. Can I thank you for all your efforts and send harmonious Yuletide wishes to you, Barbara and all your readers?Christmas Greetings - John Muskett

20/12/17 - Like yourself I was introduced to the British Jazz scene at the Bodega in 1955 when after 2 years military service in Hong Kong, being exposed to American Forces network broadcasts, and also the repertoire of Joe Wolfendon ( our NAAFI piano 'Fats Waller ' impersonator ) I wanted more. This occurred due to rejoining Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Club, and playing with the A Team away fixtures in the Manchester area. These were often completed by enjoying the liquid hospitality of the Manchester University Students Union, who often had members playing for or against us. The travel was by coach from Starchhouse Square, Preston. (few car owners in those days). On one memorable occasion, on completion of the Bodega gig, the Colyer Band discovered that the coach driver had been persuaded to join in our revelry, and was coerced into taking the rugby team plus the Colyer band members via the East Lancs Road (no motorways at that time) to the Students Union at Liverpool University to see The Merseysippi Jazz band where Licensing hours did not apply. Needless to say, the team returned to Preston in the early hours of the morning and I believe resulted in disciplinary action against the coach driver. I never did find out how the Colyer Band got home. We were all much younger then. - Dave Whitehead. (you can read more about David by clicking here

19/12/17 - Due to a hiccup with page 2 when posting Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz newsletter on Mart's web site, Janet has sent me an amended copy which is available by clicking here.


18/12/17 - Barrie Marshall has alerted to me to what could be a very interesting programme on Radio 4 tomorrow at 9am. Clarke Peters uncovers the stories of black musicians in Europe, from the birth of recorded sound to the height of the jazz age.

18/12/17 - Referring to your posting 17-12-18, I went to the 'Page of the Week', and then used the link therein for 'Additional information . . . Early Jazz'. A sentence there stood out to me - ' It is also the saga of the first jazz bands, their struggle to adapt to the changing demands of their audiences and the impetus they gave to the roaring twenties'. While new young 'first bands' bringing back the brash swinging 20's music, continue to thrive across Europe, the few that we seem to have here in the UK are not getting the appreciation or help they deserve. As an instance, I picked up a posting on, where a young band 'Doolally Tap' have been received well by Ramsgate JC, but one of our well known, and long term, banjo players chose to leave this comment "Just who are these irreverent ***** ? No sense of the history of jazz". (Referring to the video I suspect - Fred). That is of no help at all. There is not much difference in the young of today, with respect to all genres of music, as in our day. Remember the sixties ? The very fact that they have a desire to play 'our' form of music should be encouraged. Maybe if this musician were to meet these young guys ( I haven't ) he could help direct them and pass on some of his knowledge. I telephoned Jon Critchley the other day and complimented him on his continued achievements , with the Cheshire Swing Cats dancers coming to his resident jazz sessions. He tells me he has had 21 ! He has adapted, changed/added here and there to suit, 'not too many 150mph numbers' and everyone is happy. Now that, Mr Banjo Man, is progress ! - Norman Gibson

18/12/17 - Eagley Jazz Club gig list has been updated for 2018

18/12/17 - The Latest edition of the Dove Jazz Club bugle is now available on line at

17/12/17 -  The gig list for The Fleetwood Hesketh Sports & Social Club, Fylde Rd, Southport, has been updated

17/12/17 - Party night at the Beaky in Ashton-under-Lyne this Wednesday, the 20th December. Norman Pennington has provided, for your entertainment and delight, the full 6-piece Tame Valley Stompers. And what is more (if more were needed) there will be a raffle with a multitude of prizes, the opportunity to perform live with the band, and the usual refreshments will be available, both solid and liquid. And all for the modest admission charge of £2.00!  "Come and join the party" says Noel Broadgate.


17/12/17 - Back in October 2012 I announced a new book had been issued -   “Exploring early jazz: the origins and evolution of the New Orleans style”, written by Dan Hardie. I wonder if anybody bought a copy?  It's this week's 'Page of The Week'.

17/12/17 - Just one midweek daytime jazz event coming up this week - Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at the North Euston Hotel in Fleetwood on Wed, 20 December, 12:00 – 14:30.

17/12/17 - Despite continually fighting serious health problems, today's birthday boy, Harry Swinburne, continued to do a lot for jazz, organising jazz breaks in Llandudno as well as running regular jazz events nearer home in Maghull. Happy Birthday Harry, and keep fighting.  Other birthdays coming up this week are bass player Derek Brown on Tuesday, pianist Noel Broadgate on Wednesday, ex pat (soon to return we hear), cornet player Tony Pringle on Thursday with trombone player Bernard Burke and reed player George Galway on Saturday.  Many Happy Returns to you all.

16/12/17 - Thanks to Ray & Jenny Knight (rayk jazz), the Savoy Jazzmen now have a new band photograph.

14/12/17 - Dove Jazz Club events list has been updated for 2018.

14/12/17 - Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz Newsletter No. 81 has been put on the band website now so anyone who wants to read it will find it there, or you can download it by clicking here. Due to a hiccup, the one on Mart's site has a small error, which should be corrected shortly.

13/12/17 - Jim Lodge from Leeds is the latest musician to join the deps list . Jim plays clarinet, tenor sax and soprano sax

13/12/17 - There's a double dose of Lindy Hopping coming up for The Original Panama Jazz Band: First one this coming Sunday, when they’ve been asked to play at the Cheshire Swing Cat’s Christmas Party, and again on Wednesday at The Irby Club when they dancers will wow the band and the audience with their super dancing during the band's own Christmas Party.

12/12/17 - "Terrific, Fred... on the ball AGAIN", writes Jon White. . Great page on Nourishing Obscurity (11/12). This guy "Dearieme" really knows his onions, and has over 14 pages of jazz history
curated from Youtube, which won't come up automatically with your link, (just Page 1).Page 2 is lady singers, then the old question "Who played the first jazz solo in the twenties", a trip into the "classics" etc.-wonderful".  - Well spotted Jon, here's a better link, there are 11 pages in all, which you can access at the bottom of each page.

12/12//17 -  The Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz January gig at High Lane Conservative Club will be held a week later than usual, i.e. 8th January, which is good news for those regulars who want to stay up late on New Year's Eve and join the revellers.

12/12/17 -  There's a one off charity event coming up in New Mills Derbyshire, where trombone player Eric Brierley and his wife Maggie live. They have organised a "U3A and friends Jazz Party" in aid of the North West Air Ambulance charity.  It's at New Mills Town Hall on 16th December, and will feature Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz. You can get early bird tickets for £8 at New Mills U3A meetings, or from Maggie on 01663 745396, but It will cost you £10 if you want to pay on the door.

11/12/17 - Just come across a web site "" which has just included an article, "Revivalist and Trad Jazz 2: UK, Oz and Le Continong". Some pretty good stuff worth looking at - George Webb, Humphrey Lyttelton, Graeme Bell and Ken Colyer, with videos and recordings to boot.  Might be worth adding a comment if only to show there's still interest out there.

10/12/17 - The Pendle Jazzmen's second appearance at their new venue - Ighten Mount Club - saw over fifty people in the audience, enjoying the hot jazz on a very cold night which culminated in a snowy journey home for many.  A special appearance was made by former long-term member Mike Pearson - back to live in Lancashire after several years in Cornwall. Both he and his wife are now fully retired and decided to return to their home county. Despite not playing much for several months Mike delighted the audience and band members by his usual brilliant playing both in the ensembles and on an outstanding solo.  It is hoped that Mike - weather permitting - will be able to make the journey every month and resume as a regular member. The next session will be on Thursday, January 4th, starting at 8p.m.  The rest of the members are Stuart Whiteley (tpt./fl.), John Brunton (clt./ten.), Mike Reddin (gtr./bjo), Dave Joyce (bs.), and Colin Mason (dms.). Admission is free and the venue can be found by clicking here

10/12/17 - A few years back Norman Gibson, of Jazz2Swing2 (Morecambe), and a number of others from up and down the Country, moved heaven and earth to get 'Tuba Skinny' to the UK, but. as he says, failed miserably. However, an equally good opportunity presented itself, and in conversation with Tuba Skinny's Robin Rapuzzi (Wbd) and Todd Burdick (Tuba), over at Fest Jazz Brittany in July, he broached the question 'What would be the likelihood of Ryan, aka FH Henry, bringing his 'Frog & Henry Band' to the UK?' ( see ). Ryan was in e-mail contact within a couple of days of the FestJazz Festival finish, with a definitive 'Yes' !! So, since August, lots of information on Countrywide Jazz Clubs, Jazz Festivals, etc. have been provided, to the point where a smaller exploration group will arrive 12th. Feb. 2018 for two weeks. The hope is that the full 7 piece can then plan confidently to tour later in the year. Click here for venues and dates

10/12/17 - Daytime events this week include Annie's Saints & Sinners @ The Dog & Partridge, Bollington 2pm - 4pm (Check with 01625 610059 first), then on Tuesday, 12th December from 12:30 – 14:30, The High Society Jazz Band are at Saint Oswald's Church, Warton, Carnforth. On Friday, The High Society Jazz Band are playing again at Carnforth Railway Station, Warton Road, Carnforth, 12:30 – 14:30.

10/12/17 -  Lots of musician's birthdays to celebrate this week - Moe Green on Monday, Alex Clarke & Barrie Quilliam on Thursday, Richard Knock on Friday and Sam Wood on Saturday. Many Happy Returns and I hope you all have a lovely week.

10/12/17 - The internet has increased communications around the world considerably, and with that comes the good news as well as the bad. It also can create a lot of amazing coincidences and some of those were related on a page back in 2009.  Maybe you've had chance to add some more tales to this page?  "Internet Coincidences" is this week's page of the week.

09/12/17 - The Chicago Teds have two new gigs in a new venue - Eastham Lodge Golf Club (Ferry Rd, Eastham, Wirral CH62 0AP) and the dates are both Fridays: February 2nd and March 9th. The Teds’ gigs at Maghull (14th Dec) and Grappenhall (25th January) will feature the Chicago Teddy Bears Pocket Pantomime!!

09/12/17 - At 8pm on Sunday 17th December, its the last session with the Severnside Jazz Band at The Four Crosses, Bicton, SY3 8EF, and will be the Xmas Party. Then, on 4th Sundays in the month The Severnside Jazz Band led by Dave Sherwood on cornet will play at The Wild Pig, Meole Brace, Shrewsbury, SY3 9JT (was The Brooklands pub).  Meanwhile, Jeff Matthews' Chicago Swing Katz will continue to play at The Wild Pig on the 2nd Sundays in the month. - Malcolm Hogarth

09/12/17 - This from Alan Bell in Belfast - The Jazz at the Downshire Christmas Night is being held next Friday 15 December, doors open from 8pm. The current extreme weather conditions are not very conducive to going out, but I have looked at the forecast for next week and I am confident that the freeze will have petered out by midweek and we should be back to more normal temperatures by next Friday. So I would like to encourage you all to make the effort to come along with your friends and support your club for a seasonal festive night of fun and dancing with the Martello Jazz Band. Santa hats are encouraged along with any other Christmas regalia you care to bring!  Looking forward to seeing you there.

09/12/17 -  This from Keith Allcock - "The forecast for tomorrow suggests that travelling conditions could be very difficult and, with our guest musicians coming quite a distance, we have reluctantly decided to cancel the Jazz Rendezvous session at the Bowling Club. Dave Alexander would have been coming from Wrexham, where the snow warnings are quite severe, and Terry Brunt and Howard Murray from Stockport and, even if they managed to get here, there might be a very poor audience if conditions are bad. It’s a great shame that we’ve had to cancel our Christmas session, which promised to be a really good one, but it seems the sensible thing to do. Hopefully we can assemble the same line-up in the near future".

07//12/17 - At this time of the year it's usual to see resident gigs cancelled over the Christmas Period, so it made a nice change to get an email from Barrie Marshall to tell me that the Sun Street Stompers are playing at their normal venue (the John O'Gaunt in Lancaster), at lunchtime on Christmas Eve and New year's Eve.  Mind you, despite emailing musicians and asking them to check their gig listing, I still have some bands playing on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, so make sure you check before setting out, rather than rely on the information in What's On.

07/12/17 - Good to see that 'What's On In Glossop' are listing the jazz events at the cricket and bowling club, currently showing Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz who are appearing tonight. They have a page called "Trad Jazz At Glossop Cricket & Bowling Club" which includes a picture of the High Society Jazz Band, who are appearing on 19th April 2018, and also links to the Glossop jazz club page on this website for details of the organiser.  Well done somebody!

06/12/17 - Following on from the success of their first CD, Milk of Amnesia which raised £1600 for the Alzheimer's Society, Malcolm Hogarth & John Higham have brought out a second CD - "Forget Me Knot". I don't know where they dig these numbers out from, but some of them are hilarious and I've included three tracks to demonstrate. Click here to check it out.

06/12/17 - The Merseysippi Jazz Band are having 3 Mondays off over Christmas and New Year as Christmas Day and New Year's Day both fall on Mondays. Peter Fryer says, "We have been informed that there is a football match on TV next Monday, 11th December, but we will be there on the 18th.

06/12/17 - When it comes to a drummer's nightmare, I guess carpel tunnel syndrome must be well up the list. Pendle Jazzmen leader and drummer, Colin Mason, is just recovering from such an operation, which he says actually prevented him from drumming for several months. Best wishes to Colin for a speedy recovery.

05/12/17 - Many thanks to the great crowd who turned up for the re-opening of the refurbished "Railway" at Sale to listen to the Canal Street Stompers. The Christmas session will be held on Wednesday 20th December rather than the usual 4th Wednesday in the month. - Derek Galloway

05/12/17 - At our last session at  The Hand Hotel, Llangollen, at 12:30pm on Sunday 2nd December with the Deeside Dixies, we had guests Jon Critchley, (tpt), Terry Perry (rds), Sue Reid (vocals), as well as Mike Pearce (dms) from South Wales each month, Isabel Toner (bs), Andrew MacKenzie (tbn), and Ed Lee for a couple of vocals. The brolly parade featuring 15 to 20 people was our best ever in our 13 years residency, and our raffle with 6 or 7 prizes organised by Judy Gosling had a record take. But it would all have been wasted without our terrific audience. On January 7th , we have guests Phil Lucas (tpt) and Liam Byrne (rds) to complete the line up. The session is from 12:30 to 3pm, entry is free, and good food is available. And in March (4th) we've got John Hallam (rds). Roll on 2018! - Malcolm Hogarth

30/11/17 - Dear Fred, Some good news. The Palm House have booked the Savoy Jazzmen back again for next year. They are very pleased with the concerts, On average over 100 people attend and many join in the Mardi Gras parade numbers. - Peter Swensson

30/11/17 - I see that Julie & Gilbert have an entertaining video advert for the Talbot Hotel weekends on Jazz Guide web site at

30/11/17- A Framus Guitar in its original build, bought in 1958, one owner, and a P. Mauriat 'Special Hand Made' System 76 straight Soprano Sax, are  two items which have gone on the Sales Page this month.

30/11/17 - The latest edition of Just Jazz magazine is now out. Details are here.

November 2017

29/11/17 - As there won't be any updates after tomorrow until Tuesday, I'd like to wish retired leader of the New Riverside Jazz Band, Alan Duckles, a very Happy Birthday on Monday, and also a reminder that the The Savoy Jazzmen are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tue, 5 December, 14:00 – 16:00.

29/11/17 -  As part of my exercise regime, I walk to the paper shop most mornings. Today was a very cold day so I wrapped up well ready for the 1 mile walk, and having previously downloaded 131 Bob Wallis Storyville Jazzmen tracks from Spotify, I was in good company.  Trying to set my pace to the rhythm I did the return trip in record time, coffee wasn't even waiting for me when I got home.  I'd forgotten the rate at which bands of that era played,  and I don't know about 'My Old Kentucky Home, I was pretty worn out when I got back to mine. Many years ago I would have felt like dancing my way home! Ah those were the days! Is it me or have many of the bands, like me, also slowed down as the years have gone by?

27/11/17 - Did you know you can download a month's offline version of What's on at with all the added information included?

26/11/17 - Mike Lovell tells me that last night at Roa Island Jazz Club, held in the Yacht Club, the weather was horrible... force 8 gale and driving rain...but the fans braved the elements and came in their dozens. He said, "We, SIX IN A BAR Classic Jazz Band played there last night to a full house. Encouraged by the enthusiastic audience, we responded and a great night was had by all. Doing a great job guesting with us, were John Smith on drums with Dave Strutt on trumpet and flugelhorn. Just shows you that what is great, is when an audience is prepared to ‘weather the storm’ to see and hear some jazz.

26/11/17 - Norman Gibson says, "Of course Ottilie Patterson was the singer on the 'Holiday film' with Barber. We were outside this home of her birth not that many weeks back. I've passed it many times over the years, but wasn't aware of it until the plaque was unveiled on it recently. There's the official unveiling at which Norman says  "I was invited to attend but couldn't make it over. I like as it is an ordinary Ottilie jazz fan presenting his own piece of video in his 'aul' Belfast accent. Less than a thousand YouTube viewers have seen it".

26/11/17 - Few people would associate Nat Gonella with the clarinet, but it seems he did have one, and you can read more in this week's Page of The Week in which Derek Brown also recalls having one of Nat's trumpets in his possession for many years.

26/11/17 - Many Happy Returns today to Dave Berry. Birthday celebrations won't start until Wednesday for Tony West, and Friday for Paul Marks. Birthday best wishes to you all.

26/11/17 - Just one midweek daytime jazz coming up - Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at the North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood on Wed, 29 November, 12:00 – 14:30

25/11/17 - The Canal Street Stompers return to the newly re-furbished Railway in Sale on Wednesday 29th November. Jazz starts at 8.30 till 11pm.Hope to see you all there. - Derek Galloway

24/11/17 - Just had a call from Peter Eddowes who had been watching the Holiday film. He said, "I wonder how many people realise that the bathing sequence was actually filmed in Morecambe"? I said I'd guessed as much because I recall all those bathing contests taking place there. It seems Morecambe ran the Miss Great Britain concerts from 1945, and in 1957, the year the film was said to have been made, it was won by Leila Williams.The following year she became the first female Blue Peter presenter, co-presenting with Christopher Trace.  Peter felt that Lancaster Council wouldn't be happy to be featured in a film about Blackpool, but after a discussion it was realised that we don't think the film actually mentions Blackpool, in fact it only became obvious to me after it had started. Those with sharper eyes probably spotted that whoever uploaded it to YouTube, had decided to call it "Blackpool Holiday 1957".

24/11/17 - In the Blackpool film "Holiday", the Barber band is heard playing tunes a semitone above the usual keys, suggesting that the sound track has been speeded up (to achieve synchronisation with the divers?!) which would contribute to the fast tempos offending Moe. Harmoniously. - John Muskett

22/11/17 - "The Pendle Jazzmen have settled into their new home with aplomb" according to the Burnley Express at

22/11/17 - Hi Fred,  I found the film Holiday fascinating. It brought back a long gone era that lots of us remember. I was delighted to see the shots of the aircraft ( a DeHavilland Fox Moth for any anoracks out there ) I had my first ever flight in one a few years earlier at Southport in fact it could have been this very plane. I agree with Jon about the Bathing Beauty Contest. Seeing hordes of leering men does not make for comfortable viewing but nobody thought of these contests in that way then. I thought that the frenetic tempos of the Barber band began to grate after a while but an enjoyable reminder of a much simpler time. - Moe Green

22/11/17 - It's our 11th birthday this Sunday at the Blue Bell in Halkyn. 11 years of beer testing and frolics, marvellous raffle prizes and rampant cacophonic outrage... How DO we do it? Sadly our magnificent guitar and banjoisté MIKE SWIFT is off to hang upside down for a while. Confirms what I thought about him, something of the night.... He claims to be off to Australian. We have in his place the celebrated GARY POTTER so things are going to be a bit sparky I think. So there it is... Jaffa cakes, beer, hot band, panoramic views and no budget blues...come on down. This I know constitutes a naked plug Fred but any other form of nakedness might frighten the sheep...- Mad Ed Hughes. As long as there's  bit of news included, you're forgiven - Fred

20/11/17 - Re: Holiday. Yes, Fred I had to re-run the bathing sequence a good few times before that tune clicked, (distracted see). Everybody loved that "Marilyn " wannabe! Back in the day we would have roared at the old fellas "Gawping". Aint so funny now though, is it?  Masterly editing though, and thanks to jazz for bringing all our yesterdays back in glorious colour, bet Moe devoured this, stylistically, of course. - Jon White

20/11/17 - Roger Marshall tells me that the committee at Dove jazz Club has decided that the proceeds of the Raffle at the Hot Fingers concert this weekend will be donated to the Russell Bennett Memorial Trust along with a donation from the Club. Roger says, "Even if you are unable to attend our extravaganza with Tom Langham but would like to give a donation we would be only too happy to pass any contribution you may wish to make on to the Trustees if you forward it to me at 31, Dale Road, Dove Holes, Buxton. SK17 8BG. Cheques should be made payable to the Russell Bennett Memorial Trust".

19/11/17 - Re: The film "Holiday.".  Ron Bowden must have practised long and hard to get those cymbal shots right on time as the divers entered the water!   He must have used a splash cymbal? - a Joe Silmonesque gag! - Howard Murray. I was quite amused by the choice of track for the beauty contest - Fred

19/11/17 - I see on Jazz Guide News that  new names have been added to the Keswick Jazz & Blues Festival -

19/11/17 - Many Happy Returns this coming Wednesday to John Meehan, drummer and leader of the Savannah Jazz Band

19/11/17 - For those who prefer the daylight hours for their visits to jazz venues, I'm afraid it's going to be a bleak week as there are none!

19/11/17 - Page of the week this week? Well I suppose it had to come round some time, it's my personal page detailing how I got to where I am today, and if you keep digging and following links, you'll even see what I got up to as a teenager, read even more in an article by Andrew Liddle,  and listen to my appearance on Radio 4. It's all been well hidden up until now.

18/11/17 - I've just twigged that the film "Holiday" mentioned in News item 16/10/17, is available in full on YouTube: Those were the daze..... - John Westwood

16/11/17 - "The fact that we had over 90 happy souls in the audience shows the popularity of this unique band to our Club ensemble". Well that was something that certainly caught my eye, not something you hear from most jazz clubs. So where did I read it?  Dove Jazz Club Bugle. The club featured The Ragtime Band on 14th October. I think the next issue of The Bugle is imminent so keep your eye on the club's Dove Bugle Page

15/11/17 - Hi Fred, Just found this on the internet. - We probably played here in the mid 60s. We used to come down from London once a month and play weekends in Chatfields Hotel, West Street, Brighton. I remember on one weekend Colin Smiths Jazz Band, (Acker Bilk's trumpet player at the time) with Alan Price on piano, (who went on to make his own pop hits like "House that Jack built", "Jarrow Song" as well as hits with Georgie Fame), were in Brighton. They were playing at a Club just up the road and when they finished their gig they came down to our joint and we all played together. Great memories. - Mike Lovell

15/11/17 - Back by popular demand, 17th December, 7-9pm, Plas Newydd in Llangollen hosts it's second Jazz@Plas Christmas; an evening of traditional jazz standards and Christmas Classics in the beautiful grounds of one of North Wales most treasured heritage sites performed by local musicians Grace Williams (vocals) Pete Beresford (piano) David Alexander (guitar) and Jamie Brownfield (trumpet). The performance will begin at 1900, but arrive at 1830 for mulled wine and a mince pie (included in the ticket price).  You can purchase tickets in advance at Llangollen Tourist Information Centre (01978860828), at eventbrite using this link or on the night at Plas Newydd (subject to availability). An evening for  friends and family to enjoy!

14/11/17 - Jon Critchley writes, "The Original Panama Jazz Band is delighted to be playing at The Cheshire Swing Cats’ Christmas Party on December 17th at Hoole Community Centre, Chester. The Cats regularly visit us at The Irby Club, so it’s nice to return the gesture".

14/11/17 - Well we might be struggling on occasions to find some mid week daytime jazz event on this side of the Pennines, but I did see in "Where Can We Go",  there's one every week in York - "Traditional Jazz every Thursday afternoon, 1.00pm – 3.30pm. Cross keys pub, 32 Tadcaster Road. York YO24 1LQ, Tel: 01904 700854. Free admission and parking, dog and child friendly, food (a Jazz menu) available. Tel 01904 700854 This Thursday 16 Nov at the Cross Keys we have the Tim New Jazz band This is a new line – up of York musicians that went down a storm last time they played at the Cross Keys with James Lancaster on Trumpet, Tim New on sax, Mike Barnham on guitar , Bob Smeaton on keyboard, Nick Merriam on bass; Paul Smith on drums. The band will be playing lots of well known jazz tunes with vocals from the fabulous Marlena Rose."

14/11/17 - The Saturday George Lewis played The Free Trade Hall I was playing with the Jazz Aces at the Thatched House our regular venue. I distinctly remember George appearing at some point in the evening. Bill Entwhistle took a photo of him with our band. I never saw the photo and my memory is hazy but he was there. - Moe Green.

13/11/17 - Dublin musician Doug O'Brien is looking for a 2nd hand 'King 2B' trombone. He is a regular visitor to the greater Manchester area, if by any chance anyone had a King 2b for sale, he would view, try and buy. Contact me or call Doug direct + 353 86 873 7665 -  Des Hopkins.

12/11/17 - "Here is the link for Jamie's Jabbo Smith session at this year's Whitley Bay Jazz Party", writes Julie Brownfield - "  Keith Nichols directing Jamie Brownfield - trumpet, Ewan Bleach - clarinet & alto sax, David Boeddinghaus - piano, Elise Sut - brass bass, Spats Langham - banjo, Hope you enjoy!".

12/11/17 - The 2nd Almondbury Jazz Festival. - This one day jazz festival which is raising funds for Ruddi’s Retreat – a local charity providing holidays for families of children who are facing life changing illness - is on 18th November.  In Almondbury HD5 8XF nr. Huddersfield. The Conservative Club, the Woolpack Inn and the Radcliffe Arms are close together along Westgate, opposite the church. From 12.30pm there are a total of ten bands appearing in those three venues and one in the church, where food is served. Last year all the venues were very busy and in Almondbury parking is restricted.  The website is Orleans Wiggle is at the Conservative Club from 8.30 pm with Eric Brierley as guest on trombone. - Richard Lord

12/11/17 - Reading about George Lewis at the Free Trade Hall reminded me of how I almost heard the band. I was in the RAF and had agreed to meet other members of the Druids Jazz band to go and see the concert. I came down with the Flu, but still hitch hiked from Wiltshire to Manchester and in the rain. I arrived in terrible shape but headed for the bar and a whisky. The band could be heard playing the first of two concerts. I passed out, was woken by a policeman, had my money returned and was taken to catch a train to Liverpool. I missed the whole thing and the party afterwards. It is burned into my memory banks! - Tony Pringle

11/11/17 - Page of the week this week is The Muskrat Jazz Band

11/11/17 - Many Happy Returns on Tuesday to trombonist Ken Parkinson.

11/11/17 - Daytime jazz mid week this week, includes Annie's Saints And Sinners @ The Dog & Partridge, Bollington, Mon, 13 November, 14:00 – 16:00 (check first), and The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 17 November, 12:30 – 14:30 where there are Tea Rooms with good food available. There's a collection taken at this event.

11/11/17 - A beautiful instrument; hardly used and in absolutely clean and pristine condition. That's how a Taylor Chicago Jazz 46 Trumpet is described that has just gone on the Sales Page.

10/11/17 - There will be a jazz night in the newly refurbished Devonshire Arms, 307 Longhurst Ln, Mellor, Stockport SK6 5PP, on Friday 15th December with Ian McCann, Andy Henderson, Dave Parr and Dave Thomas from 8.30 till 11.00. Home cooked food available until 8.00pm.

09/11/17 - An American BBb Sousaphone made by the Reynolds Co. has just gone on the Sales Page for £850 ono

09/11/17 - It was good to see the comment by my friend Bill Isbister about George Lewis at the Free Trade Hall.  I was there along with other members of the legendary Southside Stompers and it was an evening I shall never forget.  It was on a Saturday which was our normal club night but we shut up shop because George was performing that evening and we never regretted it. - Alan (doc) Brown.

09/11/17 - Thanks to John & Marie Howell for the Spotify link. I've had an account with Spotify for ages and never used it. I logged on to the Lewis / Colyer link and was just off to bed when "Weary Blues" reawakened my weary body so I'm now here at the laptop listening to the rest of the tracks. I was only twelve when this was recorded, old enough now though to have many car rental companies add a ridiculous premium to enable me to drive one of their vehicles, but lucky enough to have seen and met some of the jazz legends still around when I reached my mid-to-late twenties. - Graham Martindale.

09/11/17 - Who'd be a jazz promoter?  The Friday night band at "The Talbot Jazzmas Party" next weekend has had to be changed yet again. I'll put the details of the new band on here as soon as I get them. - Late news - It's to be my local band, the Silver Bell Band

08/11/17 - Now for something completely different. Many of you will be know or have heard Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz's pianist, Roger Browne. What you may not know is that his other passion is amateur dramatics both directing and acting in plays. Well this could be your last chance to see him in black tights in a very strong cast of four bringing you a delightful play, full of poignancy, humour, and a few home truths about age, ageing and the eccentricities of thespians, enlarged as they cope with retirement. Just go along to St Werburgh’s Hall on St Werburgh’s Road, in Chorlton next week and have a thoroughly entertaining and uplifting evening – 7.30pm start. The play is called “Quartet” and was written by Ronald Harwood, who also had a hit with “Dresser”.  Roger says, "You can secure a seat or three by calling the box office line on 0759 382 7201 or by calling me on 07590 641 386. He says, "I would love too see you there.

08/11/17 - Not sure if Courtney Pine is your cup of tea, but just in case, Band on the Wall are delighted to announce the fourth edition of the Jazz Directors Series, featuring jazz saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Courtney Pine C.B.E., taking place February 2018.

08/11/17 - I have just found the “Famous Manchester Free trade Hall Concert 19..." - George Lewis with Ken Colyer” concert in 1957 on Spotify where it can saved to a computer....just brilliant. - John and Marie Howell (Jazz Club 90).

08/11/17 - The High Society Jazz Band has played at Grange Over Sands Golf Club on several occasions, but normally it's a private event. The band is there again on Saturday 25th November, but this time the event is open to everyone. Tickets are available at £17.50, which includes a substantial meal. Anyone interested should contact the Club directly - email - phone 01539533180

06/11/17 - The George Lewis DVD arrived safely, thank you. I have four recorded tracks of George Lewis playing with the Ken Colyer rhythm section at the Manchester Free Trade Hall on his first post war European tour. You could have heard a pin drop when he played Burgundy Street, a very emotional time for the audience who were just entranced. One fairly small man with a clarinet keeping the audience absolutely spellbound. I will never forget it. - William Isbister, Moosbach. Germany.

06/11/17 - Nearly missed a couple of birthdays this week. Best wishes to Graham Martindale and Terry Brunt on Friday.

05/11/17 - Gerry Clayton says, "thought you may find this interesting!"....  It's a Facebook page so not sure if it's open to all,,  it's The double bass banjo! There's more on  

05/11/17 - Page of the week this week features a musician who is a regular contributor to this site - John Muskett.

05/11/17 - Just one daytime midweek jazz event coming up - The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tue, 7 November, 14:00 – 16:00.

05/11/17 - Many Happy Returns this week to Harry Roberts on Tuesday, and Peter Brown on Wednesday.

04/11/17 - There has been a change of programme at the Talbot Hotel for the Jazzmas Party Time 2017 on Nov 17th - 19th,  Swing Zing will now be playing on the Friday night. Swing Zing will feature Jeremy Huggett and his very talented Jazzband. Capturing the jump jive and swing sounds of the 40s and 50s, including Louis Prima, Louis Jordan, Duke Ellington, Fats Domino, and Nina Simone.

04/11/17 - Just received this notification from Google - "The South Wight Jazz Band - Welcome to The Facebook page of the Isle of Wight's very own Trad Jazz and Skiffle Trio! Performing at Events, Pubs, Festivals, Train Stations and ...". Looked it up and what a joy to see, and more than a trio too! -  Check out and

03/11/17 - Due to a late cancellation The Doc Houlind Revival All Stars has a date free on its 2018 UK tour which is Tuesday March 27th.  As we will be in Barnsley the night before we would prefer it to be in the North or the Midlands if possible. If any club or individual can help us out it would be much appreciated. Fee would be negotiable. - Brian Turnock.   Contact details are - E Mail : or tel 0032 472 813999

03/11/17 - Another lovely thing is to happen tomorrow. We played at their Wedding in 1992 and the couple have asked us to play again for their 25th Anniversary. They have requested a tune we did 25 years ago called “A Kiss To Build a Dream On” - Mart Rodger

01/11/17 - ​​Fred, no shortage of young dancers at the 40th Guinness Jazz Festival Cork Ireland, last weekend, with an overall attendance estimated in the city at 40,000.   Its just the same for our Sunday sessions in Sin E Dublin, large attendances, mostly young boys and girls discovering Dixieland jazz for the first time and loving it. The downside is we have a shortage of musicians who want to play our kind of music. Plenty of excellent young players, but no interest in older jazz styles.   In Cork we played six sessions, two a day, to packed houses at the wonderful Clayton Cork City Hotel.  Delighted to have had some great musicians with us, including two from the North West, Tom Kincaid on piano, and John McCormick, bass.  - Des Hopkins.

01/11/17 - Just received a couple of new promo videos from Tony Jacobs featuring  'Shake That Thing!' - The Great British Swing Dance Show, starring the Swing Time Jivers, the Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra, Tony Jacobs & Catherine Sykes. and

October 2017


31/10/17 - Some people out there may have known Harold Pendleton, who was born in Southport in 1924 and died on 22 September this year. I picked up his obituary from The Guardian. "Hearing a local Dixieland jazz band live was a thrilling revelation to the teenager, and though a chartered accountancy training and a City job on his move to London in 1948 delayed his destiny, it arrived when Pendleton asked a fellow browser in a Soho record shop where the nearest jazz club was. The recipient of that query turned out to be Chris Barber. He went on to manage Chris Barber’s band when in 1959 their cover of Sidney Bechet’s Petite Fleur sold more than a million copies". You can read his amazing life story and full obituary at

30/10/17 - How many different styles of jazz can you think of?  Well,  "A Passion For Jazz" has come up with 25, and they don't even list 'Traditional Jazz' or 'Dinner Jazz' (whatever that may be), although I suppose 'Classic Jazz' covers our kind of music.  Hats off to them for attempting to define the various jazz forms, I wouldn't know where to start.

29/10/17 - Re: Howard Murray's comments on dancing, when Jenny, Ray & I were videoing the Wall city band at their Monday residency we saw local folks dancing to the music. Great to see folk doing what the music was intended for. - Louis Lince

29/10/17 - Great article about the jazz with young French folks dancing to swing music. The attitude of the separation of age-groups is a British thing. I've seen very mixed age groups in Europe but not perhaps on the scale of that lively video. -- Nearer home, Jeff Lewis' knock-out band plays at a pub in Liverpool, The Caledonia and have been found by local 'swing club', dancers who do jive etc. and dance in the manner usually associated with our style of music. They don't outnumber the rest of the audience but they do participate far more. They often have routines, clearly rehearsed and much in the manner of stage dancing. In the old terms, the joint was jumping!  --   With Martin Bennett's band, we get a couple of gigs a year at Heriots Rugby Club in Edinburgh where a jazz event is held by "Heriots Jazz & Jive Club". Here the very purpose is dancing and the older, less gymnastic dancers, share the large dance floor with younger Jivers, doing their own thing and doing it especially well. Again I think they rehearse. I get quite out of breath just watching! --  I sat-in with the Wall City Jazzmen in Chester...a couple of jivers came on and set the heather alight! -- Drummer John Petters the south, puts on Swing and JIve nights with success but I hear that his finding is that using the word Jazz does nothing to bring 'em in.  --   So it seems that there may well be a market or a revival but marketing jazz has never been high on the list for jazz bands or promoters.  Free pub jazz has not done much to further the cause and brewery managers should be shot at birth.  "They're jazz musicians.They love it. They'll play for nothing!"  Or Telford's Warehouse Chester a few years back.. Sunday lunch time. So packed that the band had to order their interval beer over the PA. A junior Manager, from H.O. fresh out of college came in doing his rounds. "What's that band doing there? Get rid of it.. You could get another 25-30 people standing in that space!"  Need I say more? - Howard Murray.

29/10/17 - One of the links on my Link Page is to Fred's Guide to Dining Out - places I have either visited or read about, in Lancashire and surrounding areas. It's a map showing where the places are located, and today I've added a few more, so if you fancy eating out, check it out. I can't make any guarantees about the quality of food, but for each venue there's a link to their web site, so you can check out the menus.

29/10/17 - Many Happy Returns this week to musicians Roger Browne on Wednesday and Danny Riley on Thursday,

29/10/17 - The clocks have gone back and the dark nights are starting earlier but there are no mid week daylight jazz events this week, unless of course you know different.

29/10/17 - One thing that is bound to be a cause for heated debate amongst musicians is whether or not membership of the musician's union is worth it or not. Back in 2008 it was debated on the site and I wonder if any musicians have had cause to change their views since then. It's the subject of this week's Page of The Week.

29/10/17 -  A few months back you mentioned a book by Peter Kerr called “ Don’t Call Me Clyde” Journey of a Sixties Stomper” what a great story about an excellent Band “The Clyde Valley Stompers’’ they were one of my favourite bands and a great loss to the UK trad scene when they were disbanded by Ian Menzies who owned the name but never made the band famous, that was left to Peter and the rest of the Band to do, remind your readers to read the book and they won’t be disappointed it shows how some people are more interested in the money than doing the right thing . - Derek Dalton from Adelaide

28/10/17 - Keith Robinson has asked to go on my News mailing List, but unfortunately I am unable to reply to his email address that is coming up. If you are reading this Keith, perhaps you could contact me again and let me have the correct address. Don't forget anybody can request the News emailed to them twice a week, just Send an email with the subject "Add Me", plus your name and email address,

27/10/17 - I just mentioned yesterday that Cafe Society are playing at the Heron Theatre, and Anthony Mason tells me that the gig is a sell out, so no more tickets I'm afraid folks.

26/10/17 - Would you believe it's almost two years since Cafe Society made an appearance in What's On  That meant it got relegated from the band spotlight page last December. I'm pleased to say that it's now made a welcome return. Colin Turner writes, "Although North-West jazz clubs do not beat a path to Cafe Society's door, the Heron Theatre at Beetham, which is between Carnforth and Milnthorpe, has no such inhibitions and is presenting the band on Saturday, 28th October. Hopefully the gig will be as successful as the one we played a couple of years ago at this splendid venue".

26/10/17 - Not actually a North West jazz issue but would you be kind and mention the Save Swanage Jazz Festival campaign, which has 6 days left to achieve pledges of £900. It's always been a great festival and to lose it would be a loss to us oldies, and all those fantastic up-and- coming musicians that are filling us with hope. See - Malcolm and Isabel.  I just checked and with 5 days to go now, it looks like the goal posts have moved, but the battle is still being won - £16,197 pledged of £15,000 goal, 247 backers and still 5 days to go

26/10/17 - Well Fred what can I say ? Do you ever think the young will mix with the older and dance and enjoy the music of the new young kids on the block like this?  Here, just gone out on Youtube, The Old Fish Band from Berlin knock out some of the best music around in Europe just now. I was there, and the other interesting thing is the number of players in there dancing ! Some eagle eyed jazz fan will pick out one of the UK's finest young reeds players Ewan Bleach swinging his stuff with guys and gals from the Sweet Peppers JB. Brilliant, come on Keswick, Bude, etc., get in with the flow, the UK dancing young are out there, they just want this music - Norman Gibson

26/10/17 - The Forest are not playing at their usual venue (Union Exchange, Colne) on Tuesday 31st October. Unfortunately the room has been booked for a children's Halloween party and they won't be playing that night. Normal service will be resumed the week after.  - Colin Bostock.

25/10/17 - Dear Fred, Through your website Ray & I (Rayk jazz) would like to thank all the bands that have participated in the second part of our jazz project and allowed us to video them :  Wall City Jazz Band (Mill Hotel & Spa),  Parade Jazz Band (The Red Lion),  Chicago Teddy Bears Society Jazz Band (Royal British Legion Maghull),  Savoy Jazz Band (Widnes RUFC),  Tuxedo Jazz Band (The Old Wallaseyans Club), Merseysippi Jazz Band (The Coffee House).  Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra (The Rose of Mossley). We would also like to thank Louis Lince for his guidance, patience and everything else and to Jazz Northwest website for its invaluable information and help. Last and by no means least all the people we have met and who have made us so very welcome. - Ray & Jenny Knight (Rayk jazz).

25/10/17 - Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz website now has tracks off some of their records plus tracks from a performance at Hayfield Jazz Festival in 1988. Mart says, "Sadly Joe Palin, Tim Roberts and Pete Cotterill have all passed away but we still have very talented jazz musicians playing these days. Also there are two DVDS of lovely tunes". Here is a quick way to look

24/10/17 - One of the North West' s favourite reed players must be John Hallam. In July this year an interview with Andrew Liddle was featured in Just Jazz Magazine. Andrew kindly sent me his copy for inclusion on the site and you can read it here

24/10/17 - Always nice to get one of these - "Hi Fred,  I follow a number of Bands that are listed on your Website when possible and find the standard really very good. On Sunday night, my wife and some friends went to see the North West based band "Deco Delight" at Baildon Hall.  I have to say that Deco Delight is one of the best Bands I have seen in a long time.  The Music and Entertainment value was excellent. Everyone had a superb evening. If anyone hasn't seen them, I can only say that they are in for a real treat. Thank you for your website that keeps me and many other Jazz Fans out there, informed about what's going on". - Peter Gibson

24/10/17 - The Archers has never been the same since Tom Forrest left in 1997, but I think it’s worth listening to if only for the very feint incidental music behind (usually Linda’s) conversations: For instance, a few weeks ago I detected the Hot Five playing “West End Blues”; then more recently Sidney Bechet; Yesterday it was the Louis Armstrong All-Stars with “Ain’t Misbehavin”. Today, I could hear The Andrews Sisters doing “Bei Mir Bist Du Schon”. God knows what Linda was saying though, I lost the plot; some say years ago. I like to think that the BBC is using The Archers as a subliminal attempt to revive national interest in proper Jazz. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode! - Jon Critchley

24/10/17 - If you missed the Temperance Seven at Thornton little Theatre last Friday, there's still time to catch them this Sunday 29th, at The Platform, Morecambe, 3:00pm – 4:30pm.

22/10/17 - The non musicians amongst us no doubt know the difference between a trumpet, trombone, tuba or clarinet, and some may even know the differences when it comes to more than one type, but how many of us know anything about mouthpieces?  Back in 2007 Dave Copperwaite was after a particular mouthpiece and the late Eric Holroyd offered some advice. However when some of the replies included words like 64D, Double Cup, and Rudy Muck 17c, I began to wonder if we were on the right subject or even a wind-up!  It's a fascinating story and some very interesting discussions ensued.  It's this week's Page of The Week

22/10/17 - If you are one of the many who don't like going out at night, there's just one lunchtime jazz event this week - Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at the North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood on Wed, 25 October, 12:00 – 14:30

21/10/17 - Last week's Page of the week "Speaking the Unspeakable", has prompted John Muskett to add an update.

21/10/17 - Just outside my catchment area, but Matt Palmer asks, "I don't know if you would post this, but Loughborough Dynamo F. C presents a jazz supper evening, with Thomas "Spats" Langham's Hot Fingers with Emily Campbell on Friday February 9th 2018. 8.00 - 10.30pm? Tickets £10 including supper. Limited tickets available, book early to avoid disappointment. - Licensed bar, Ample parking, Raffle.  Call Ros on 07421 993978 or e-mail for further details or bookings.

19/10/17 - As mentioned earlier, the George Lewis DVD is no longer available and therefore no longer being advertised.  If you missed your copy, there is now one available at approximately half price. The late Geoff Brooks bought one and was only able to watch it once or twice before he passed away. His widow Ruth is offering his copy  for just  £10 including p&p. Please let me know if you are interested and I'll pass your details on.

18/10/17 -  Mike Lovell sent me montage of some of the photos that Barrie Marshall took, and passed on, of FOUR IN A BAR in the Cafe at the Ashton Memorial on Sunday evening. Mike Lovell, trombone : Andy Wallis, reeds : Chris Howse, banjo/guitar : Colin Turner, bass saxophone.  Click on the picture as always, if you'd like to see a larger version.

17/10/17 - It was our jazz session in Poynton at The Royal British  Legion Club last night. Because of the strength of wind  I was worried and expected no one to come and listen to Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz.  Well 20 people came and we all had a super evening.   I would like to thank those jazz fans for coming to listen to us. - Mart Rodger (Manchester Jazz).

17/10/17 - Colin Mason & Stuart Whitely are all set to appear on Radio Lancashire on 27th October,  at approximately 2pm  where they will be talking about thePendle Jazzmen's new venue in Burnley at  Ighten Mount Bowling Club Ltd, Romford St, Burnley which starts on 2nd November at 8pm. Stuart will be taking his trumpet to the studio, but I think Colin might be drawing the line at taking his drum kit. We shall see/hear.

16/10/17 - I have just been watching the news on TV, and when it ended I flicked over to Freeview channel 7 which at peak times in this area of Lancashire is usually "That's Lancashire" but at other times is "Talking Pictures TV", as mentioned by Graham yesterday. I instantly recognised Chris Barber band playing to scenes of a coastal holiday area which I recognised as Blackpool and the Fylde Coast.  It turned out to be the film "Holiday".

15/10/17 - The Parade Jazz Band Annual Halloween party ???? Held on 31st October 2017, 8-30pm start in the Red Lion pub, 16 The Parade, Parkgate, Neston CH64 6SA.  Free entrance Raffle optional Fine jazz Fancy dress optional Fun and frivolity a plenty Great hospitable informal atmosphere All welcome - Wendy Neumann

15/10/17 - What a talented parade of guests does our Norman (Pennington) arrange for the delectation and delight of the crowd at the Beaky in Ashton-under-Lyme. Last session we welcomed Mike Mason, renowned horn player from Macclesfield (rumours that he moonlights with the Cheshire Hunt are entirely unfounded). For the next session - October 18th - we have Richard Slater, a.k.a. Billy Bedlam, on valve bedpan and hosepipe, and finally, on Wednesday 1st November, we will be joined by that talented young reeds player, Alex Clarke, who captivated us all on her last visits. All welcome; bring an instrument and sit in second half.

15/10/17 - Bonjour Fred, Where I live in France I watch UK television via Freesat. A new channel appeared recently, "Talking Pictures TV", which shows black & white films and various oddities, short biographies of old movie and comedy stars, interviews (one with Acker) etc.. I think many are culled from the National Film Archive. Trolling through the listings I came across "Glimpses: Who were you with last night 1963 with the Paramount Jazz Quartet" which I recorded and watched last night. What a lovely surprise - piano, bass, guitar (none known to me) and my old friend Ron Mackay playing, scatting and clearly enjoying himself in his inimitable fashion. Wonderful stuff. It's on YouTube but in much poorer quality under Acker's name plus another clip of the same quartet playing "Ship Ahoy". - Graham Martindale

14/10/17 -
The High Society Jazz Band are at Carnforth Station on Fri, 20 October, 12:30 – 14:30, and is this mid week's only daytime event.

14/10/17 - Birthdays coming up this week - Dave Bateman (gtr/bjo) on Wednesday, and Suzanne Mott (voc) on Thursday. Many Happy Returns to you both.

14/10/17 - "Speaking the Unspeakable", was the heading of a series of comments in April 2009 on this site about band fees, a subject guaranteed to raise the hackles of some and pleas of poverty from others. It's this week's Page of The Week and makes for very interesting reading. It also shows - nothing much changes. 

14/10/17 - The Deps List has been updated as much as possible, lots of changes of phone numbers and email addresses, some I deleted because both failed and there was no way of contacting the person. Some I have had to leave with the email addresses crossed out, so whether those phone numbers are valid or not is difficult to say it was taking too much time to verify them. If you see someone you know on the list with a crossed out email address please let them know.

14/10/17 -  "No doom or gloom pervades the atmosphere of the Blue Bell in Mynydd Helygain (Halkyn) to use your poor inarticulate English", writes Mad Ed Hughes. "The new landlord loves MAD ED'S HOT 5 as we come to the 11th year of our tenure. Sunday 15.30 thru 18.00, a valuable bottle of wine to be won AND large boxes of Jaffa cakes too...... Ooh!".

13/10/17 - I decided to take a look at the Deps List today, and I sent out emails to all the addresses listed to check they were still valid. So far I've had 21 bounced because the addresses were incorrect. If I can't get them corrected I may have to publish the names and ask for your help.

13/10/17 - "A bit of daytime Jazz Northwest", writes Ian Royle, "The Jazz Northwest I'm referring to is North West of Alicante on the Costa Blanca here in Spain. The Arena Bar in Denia holds daytime jazz sessions on Sundays with Colin Fraser's Jazz Quintet this coming Sunday playing mainstream jazz. Colin is a '"See You Jimmy" in your face sort of Scots trombone player and a great entertainer. The following Thursday, TK's 'Simply Jazz' features time changes as leader Terry Kennedy sings 'All of Me' in 5/9 time for Dave Brubeck aficionados. Very clever stuff. The raising of eyes among the rhythm section members shows their appreciation of his musical expertise. I played at the Arena Bar last Sunday deputising for top Costa Blanca trumpet man Mike Summers with his ' New Jubilee Jazz Band' .It was a great fun afternoon with one or two guys I'd met out here before and some knockout musos who I hadn't".

13/10/17 - Bingley Jazz Club gig list has been updated.

13/10/17 - Now that the Old Fashioned Love Band has disbanded, Moe Green finds himself available for dep jobs, and as such has now joined the deps list

13/10/17 - There will be no jazz at the Railway in Sale on Wednesday 25th October. The pub is closed for refurbishment and will re-open on 17th November. Jazz resumes as usual on the last Wednesday of the month, Wednesday 29th November at 8.30pm. Hope to see you all there - Derek Galloway (Canal Street Stompers).

12/10/17 - The Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra web page has been updated. There was quite a lot of historical information on the page previously, and was no longer applicable, but rather than discard it, it still appears but as The Original Blue Mags under 'Whatever Happened to?'

12/10/17 - A couple of last minute gigs just in. - Tomorrow evening,(13th) 5.30 till 7.30, An Evening With The Sun Street Stompers at The Storey Institute. Lancaster, Part of The Lancaster Music festival. Also - Bazzer's Jazzers (busking trio) at Atticus Book Shop, 26 King St, Lancaster LA1 1JY. Saturday the 14th, 12.00 till 13.00

12/10/17 - Here is an unusual one from Barrie Marshal, "A musician friend of mine has some clarinets for sale, they are all the same model, Elkart CL100, first they have not fallen off the back of a lorry, they came from a school, they have stickers on them from The Music Cellar of Preston, I had a blow on them, 19 in all, 12 of them were good enough for me to play on gigs, three without thumb rests the others just needed looking at and some mouthpiece caps missing, he just wants to get them off his hands, he is not asking a lot, maybe a school would be interested, he lives in Garstang. These have now been sold - FB

10/10/17 - An H N White King 2B Liberty Trombone Circa 1949, "in wonderful condition", has just gone on the Sales Page.

10/10/17 - It's been a while, but jazz is back at Sale Conservative Club, well at least for one event. The Chicago Teds are there on 15th Dec. See poster for more details

09/10/17 - A Yamaha PSR 215 keyboard (61 keys) has just gone on the Sales Page.

09/10/17 - I've just added "Shrewsbury Jazz Network listings" to my Links page. Some interesting gigs listed on there including John and Mare Howell's Jazz Club 90 gigs at Albrighton.

09/10/17 -  Due to a hiccup in the refurbishment of the pub and its re-launch weekend, The Frisco Bay Hot Stompers are now playing at The Bolton Arms in Leyburn (Wensleydale) on Sunday lunchtime 29th October, not 22nd as stated in previous news item. The line up is Harry Long on cornet, Gerry Smith on reeds, John Crisp on trombone, David Reid on banjo, Dave Stanley on drums, Tom Derbyshire on string base and me on piano and vocals. FREE ADMISSION – food available. - Kathy Benson

08/10/17 - Ray & Jenny Knight are all set to start a series of video recordings of NW jazz bands tomorrow night. They will be recording on 9th,10th, 12th, 17th, 19th, 23rd and 24th October. Check out What's On to see which are the bands to be recorded. Look for 'Video night'.

08/10/17 - Some more amazing jazz weekend deals at The Talbot in Southport, have been added to the jazz festival and weekend page

08/10/17 - In March 2006, Moe Green talked to Just Jazz about his life in jazz as a drummer. It was reproduced on this site and is this week's Page of the Week

08/10/17 - Many Happy Returns this week to Doug Whaley and Jack Cotterill on Monday and to Gerry Clayton on Friday.

08/10/17 - Mid week daytime jazz this week - Annie's Saints And Sinners @ The Dog & Partridge, Bollington (check first on 01625 610059) on Mon, 9 October, 14:00 – 16:00

07/10/17 - Well Fred, all I can say is, the JOG picture must have been painted on a very sunny day. Barrie in blue trousers ? I've never known such a thing! - Norman Gibson

07/10/17 - This popped up on Facebook, it’s a painting of Ye Olde John O’Gaunt commissioned by Steve Thorn with The Sun Street Stompers, its by an artist called Chas Jacobs who does lots of painting round Lancaster and Morecambe. Musicians - Arno Bakker. Sousaphone. Paul Guppy, double bass. Barrie Marshall, clarinet. Alan Duckles, cornet. Dave Bateman, banjo. Steve Thorn, tenor saxophone. The painting was done over twenty years ago - Barrie Marshall

05/09/17 - Updated After playing every week at The Inn on the Wharf for more than five years, members of the Pendle Jazzmen were shocked and disappointed at the recent sudden closure - symptomatic of the fate of many hostelries throughout the country. Efforts have been made to find another venue which can offer the same or better facilities in order to keep in touch with the very loyal followers. A new venue has now been found: The Ighten Mount Bowling Club is on Romford Street, BB12 8AF. The facilities are excellent, the Band playing in the Ground Floor Lounge with its own bar providing the full range of drinks - beers, wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic - from the well- stocked bar. A special feature will be hot suppers in the form of pie and peas. A problem sometimes is the lack of adequate and safe parking: not so here as the club has its own large car park right outside. The sessions will be every month on the 1st Thursday with the doors opening at 7.00p.m., ready for the start at 8.00p.m. Admission is free but a raffle will be held each week to go towards covering expenses. Members of the band are greatly looking forward to their first appearance at Ighten Mount Club, greeting old friends and welcoming new friends. This will be on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd. Particular thanks are due to the Club Steward, Graham Slade, for his support. Further details can be obtained by ringing 01282 423230 (the club) or 01282 699571 - Colin Mason

05/10/17 - That's it, the last George Lewis DVD, a historical recording of George Lewis on Japanese TV, has now been ordered and reserved. It's been a lovely partnership with Geoff Bull in Australia, and so rewarding that 330 people have enjoyed it so much.

05/10/17 - I have just worked out that my Band, The Sun Street Stompers, has played approximately 1700 times in Lancaster, since forming in 1985 at the Olde John O'Gaunt, thanks to Steve Thorne. It has played every Sunday in the city, including a couple of other venues, with the exception of high days and holidays and I'm the only founder member still playing in the band. The band has done other gigs in Lancaster but I can't remember where! Great thanks to landlady Claire Tomlinson for letting the band go back to its roots at the JOG, so I could continue this long standing tradition. - Barrie Marshall

03/10/17 - Just read your news page and see that Gerry Clayton has put a picture of the advert for a Riverboat Shuffle in 1961 with The Beatles.  This is a programme of Liverpool Jazz festival we played in January 1960 while the Beatles were in Hamburg and Ringo was with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes and the Supporting groups on the last page of the programme!  Brenda Canty-Forrest

03/10/17 - It was indeed a pleasure to get to George's final night of promoting East Belfast Jazz Club. The atmosphere was great, but then it usually has been good with the normal fifty or so crowd. Social chat, dancing and BYO drinks and the walls bedecked with jazz posters - just how a little jazz club should be. And, believe it or not, a mixed group of about ten young people turn up and join in. Reed player Trevor Foster was heard to say " We ( the band ) felt inspired tonight - just like aul' times" Good luck George, and we know you will be a keen attendee and supporter. And, just to round our weekend off, we had right tasty Cajun meals at Papa Joe's New Orleans Restaurant in Bangor Saturday night. - Norman Gibson

03/10/17 - NOW SOLD OUT - That's it!  Just one left, first come first served.  The George Lewis DVD has all but sold out, there won't be any more

02/10/17 - Don't be caught out by a power failure or a computer crash. Did you know you can now download and print off a month's What's On. It's updated weekly and available from the What's On page or click here to download this month's list in PDF form

02/10/17 - The final night of the East Belfast Jazz Club was on Friday last & what a night it was the hall was packed to capacity. The audience really enjoyed themselves & the band was on top form. It was great to see my old my old friend Norman Gibson & his wife Merle from Heysham there, they came over especially for the occasion. I also have one piece of good news, the Martello Jazz band have offered to carry on for a trial period of 3 months & if this works out it will become permanent, it will no longer be the E. B. J. C. it will be called "Jazz at the Downshire". At least we will still be keeping jazz alive in Belfast - George Smyth

01/10/17 - The latest edition of Just Jazz magazine is now out. Details are here.

01/10/17 - A fascinating bit of history sent in by Gerry Clayton. Acker Bilk and the supporting band - The Beatles. If you can't see it too well, click on the picture. Maybe you'll get a few thousand pounds in offers Gerry?

September 2017

30/09/17 - Drummer Bill Williams passed away 11 years ago on this day in 2006. His tribute page is the subject of this week's Page of the Week.

30/09/17 - The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tuesday 3 October, 14:00 – 16:00. It's the only mid week mid day concert this week.

30/09/17 - Many Happy Returns on Sunday to Brian Ellwood, and on Wednesday to Pete Lindup

29/09/17 - Clive Edwards tells me that the Friends of Neston Library have arranged an evening of hot jazz on Wednesday 25 October 2017 at 7.30pm, with well known musicians Andy Henderson, Andrew Mackenzie, Howard Murray, Pete Darwin. Dave Alexander, Keith Allcock and vocalist Grace Williams. Clive says of Grace, "I heard the sit in with Five & a Penny at Alexender's a few months ago and thought she would work well with the band. Keith Allcock and I have been friends since the 1950's and he has arranged the band for me. Neston Library is a good venue and the event should make a profit to help them". Click here for full details of "Jazzberry Jam".

27/09/17 - Mike Pembroke writes, "I wish to inform that the final appearance of the Old Fashioned Love Band will take place next Monday October2nd at Dunscar Conservative Club (Eagley jazz club). For this farewell performance we will be joined by Mel Hill, our trumpet player for at least 12 of the 15 years that the band has existed, and who, along with Jake Reeves was a member of the previous 1960s OFL incarnation. I would just like to thank all those who have supported us during a very happy period. This obviously includes promoters, festival organisers, and particularly the fans who attended sessions and those have just bought our CDs both in the UK and other parts of the world".

27/09/17 - Many Happy Returns on Saturday to Keith Allcock, and unless I have it wrong it's going to be a special decade one to celebrate. Congratulations Keith.

27/09/17 - "Thursday 28th Sept Andy, Ritchie, myself (Greg Robley), Liam Rogers on Dobro and Percussionist Joss Jones will be performing at St. Peter's Church in Pwllheli. We will start at 7.30pm and refreshments in the form of tea, coffee and wine will be available. All profits go towards supporting the worthy cause of Pwllheli Food Bank. Hopefully we'll see a few of you there. Thanks" - Greg

27/09/17 - Last weekend  we were invited to the Talbot Hotel by Gilbert & Julie Petrie to join them one evening for one of their amazing value weekend jazz events.  We went on Friday night when John Gordon's Dixie Kings were playing which included John Hallam, along with Mike Burns, Laurie Cooper, Derek Brown and Duggie Tyldesley. Gilbert does an amazing job to make sure everybody is catered for, including birthday and anniversary wishes and a special cake for the occasions. He also made sure we were sat with the familiar faces of Jon & Kay Critchley. An excellent evening of first class jazz.

27/09/17 - Ray & Jenny Knight (Rayk jazz) from Braintree in Essex, who did a series of videos of NW Bands are coming back between the 9th and 24th October to cover Merseyside and The Wirral. This time they will be accompanied by Louis Lince, and will be covering the following bands - Wall City Jazz Band, Parade Jazz Band, Chicago Teddy Bears Society Jazz Band, Blue Magnolia Jass Band, Tuxedo Jazz Band, Merseysippi Jazz Band and the Savoy Jazz Band. You can check What's On to find out when the bands play.

26/09/17 - Re: Beer festival on Sunday 1st October 2017 at Wythenshawe Cricket and Sports Club, 78 Longley Lane, Manchester (Northendon) M22 4JF. The jazz ensemble Hot Treacle will be playing between 3.00pm and 6.00pm and not 2.00pm and 5.00pm. - Charlie Bentley

26/09/17 - Remember trombone player Mike Pearson?  Well he's back and he's emailed to say, "Hi Fred, after ten years in sunny Cornwall I have relocated to sunny Fleetwood in Lancs. If anyone needs a trombone player, the mobile number and email on your deps list is still ok! ".

26/09/17 - The High Society Jazz Band will be playing an extra gig at Carnforth Station this Friday (29th September) at the usual time of 12.30 - 2.30pm. This is partly to test out whether there is enough support for two gigs a month, because their regular 3rd Friday gigs have been very popular over the summer month.

26/09/17 - Hi Fred, I appreciate that you are North West bound, but I am sort of in mid country between East and West!!! I wondered i you would be kind enough to mention that Jazz is returning to the Bolton Arms in Leyburn (Wensleydale) as a taster on Sunday lunchtime, 22nd October 2017 12.00 ‘til 3.00pm (FREE ADMISSION – food available), thereafter to be confirmed on a monthly Sunday lunchtime basis. The band on 22nd October is THE FRISCO BAY HOT STOMPERS, an 8 piece band led by Harry Long on cornet with myself on piano and vocals. I do hope you can add this to your news up-date. If you require any further information please let me know. - Kathy Benson

25/09/17 - Barrie Marshall has uploaded photographs taken at the 'Jazz Breakfast at The Apothecary' for the Lancaster Jazz Festival. They feature Barrie Marshall, Peter Boswell. Malcolm Hogarth and Isobel Toner.

25/09/17 - George Smyth has written to tell me that The East Belfast Jazz Club, which has been running successfully for over five and a half years now, is closing. George himself was diagnosed with a serious illness and underwent major surgery at the end of last year. He says, "At this point I would like to sincerely thank the members of the band – Trevor Foster, Leslie Brookes, Billy Dickson, Victor Staley, Billy Richardson, Billy Byson, the late Tony Martin, and of course our singer, Caroline Browne.  The final night of the East Belfast Jazz Club will be Friday 29th September 2017, so let’s make it a good night and remember the good times!".

24/09/17 - I've made a slight change to to the font on this page. It's slightly larger and no longer in bold type. Hope it's OK out there, but I was having problems on a new monitor I had to get this week..

24/09/17 - Mid week daytime jazz this week can be found at The North Euston Hotel in Fleetwood, where Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar will be playing on Wednesday 27th from 12 noon, and at Carnforth Railway Station on Fri 29 Sep  at12:30pm where The High Society Jazz Band will be playing.

24/09/17 - It will be 4 years this week since the great reed player Jimmy Thomson from the Fylde Coast passed away, so I thought it would be nice to make his tribute page this week's page of the week.

24/09/17 - Carlisle Jazz Club gig list has been updated.

 23/09/17 - Referring back to the posting on 11.09.17, I can tell you that the Frog and Henry Band planning, is moving along now at a pace.  The European tour could now extend from June to September, and an exploratory UK visit could happen even as early as February 2018, followed by a later visit after Fest Jazz finishes at end of July. - August or September. Most members of the band are swing dancers, so they know the repertoire to suit the rising numbers of dancers seeking the right music. Jazz Clubs, and Swing Dance Clubs, can show interest in taking this band by either mailing me at Ryan Baer's e-mail, received this morning, tells me two of the Clubs ( one as a result of your earlier posting ) which I recommended, have made 'standing offers' for dates in April, so another probability enters the mix. One thing now seems assured, F & H will be here next year. -  Norman Gibson

22/09/17 - I saw in Jazz Guide that there's a "Raise The Roof Celebration Jazz & Beer Festival" coming up in Tyldsley between October 6th and 8th with a great Northern line-up. If that wasn't enough to get you out of the chair, that young saxophonist Alex Clarke will be guesting with several of the bands. Full details have been added to the Jazz Festivals Page

21/09/17 - Rosie Harrison will be one of Andrew's Jazz Friends on Wednesday at The Fleetwood Hesketh, Southport, 8:30pm. Andrew posted this photograph on the JazzNorthWest Facebook page.

21/09/17 - A KING 2B (G) Trombone is the latest item to go on the Sales Page

20/09/17 - Colin Mason tells me he is actively looking for a new venue and is very hopeful. However if anybody out there has any contacts in the hospitality industry who may be able to help, I'm sure he'd be pleased to hear from you. His contact details are on the Pendle Jazzmen web page

18/09/17 -  I was sorry to learn of Trefor Williams’ death. Bass players meet only infrequently, and have few opportunities to discuss their trade, but I was lucky enough to meet and talk with Trefor on several occasions when the bands we played with were booked together. He was a wizard at New Orleans Revivalist playing, but from our discussions was clearly knowledgeable of (and doubtless could play) many other styles. I greatly enjoyed talking bass matters with him, and he was kind enough to make encouraging noises about my own playing. A lovely man. - John Muskett

18/09/17 - Hi Fred I am pleased to tell you that my FOUR IN A BAR have been asked to play at this years Lancaster Music Festival. Line-up will be... Me on trombone . Chris Howse on tenor guitar, plectrum banjo and vocals . Colin Turner on bass saxophone . Andy Wallace on reeds. Our gigs are on Sunday 15th October 3pm till 5pm... Bowerham Hotel 6pm till 8pm... Williamson Park-Ashton Memorial.

18/09/17- For this year's Lancaster Jazz Festival, Isabel and I were asked by Barrie Marshall to play in his Sun Street Stompers for the 10:30am Jazz Breakfast at The Apothecary. What is significant is that the pub has a Bechstein grand piano that's playable. That's two pubs I now know with pianos, and I'm on record as not believing in miracles! - Malcolm Hogarth

18/09/17- The Wyre Levee Stompers & Duncan Reid Skiffle are performing for the Fylde RFC's "Jazz On A Winter's Day The Penultimate" which will take place on Sunday, 10 December 2017 3pm. Full details are available by clicking here. Tickets are already going fast.

18/09/17 - Just back from a 2 day break in the Lakes, spoilt only by a motor-biker, who, as we waited behind another car on Wrynose Pass to leave room for oncoming traffic to pull into a passing place, decided it wasn't there to stop in at all, and swung out and then back in like a TT racer. Unfortunately he must have thought there was only one car to swerve round and swung back in too soon, ripping a hole in my bumper and wing. For his sins he finished up on the floor, but after a few moans and groans decided he wasn't hurt.  We were shaken and stirred, but otherwise OK.  Car goes in next week to be fixed.

16/09/17 - Manchester Jazz Festival took place at the end of July and beginning of August. How the flavour has changed, A page entitled "Manchester Jazz Festival - As it used to be! 2nd September 1978" is this week's Page of The Week.

16/09/17 - Congratulations to Allan Dent who will be celebrating his birthday on Monday 18th. On that same day Mike Reddin will also be celebrating his birthday

15/09/17 - Charlie Bentley  writes, "There is a beer festival on Sunday 1st October 2017 at Wythenshawe Cricket and Sports Club, 78 Longley Lane, Manchester (Northendon) M22 4JF. There will be a jazz ensemble Hot Treacle playing between 2.00pm and 5.00pm with a slightly unusual line-up (myself included). The music will be a mixture of ballads, traditional jazz, skiffle, any requests as long as they are not too silly. One band I was with were asked to play some Led Zeppelin this was with a line-up of two banjos, trombone, sousaphone etc. Admission is free and there will be food available including of course a selection of beers to try".

15/09/17 - One of the places I missed from the list of venues that Ray & Jenny Knight visited in the NW, was the Conservative Club at High Lane Disley to video Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz. Well now there's news of even more to come.  Jenny Knight has emailed me to say, "Hi Fred, Just to let you know that our next trip (by Rayk Jazz) will be in October, next month), to Chester, Liverpool and the Wirral. Louis Lince will be with us for some of the trip. He is also finalising the bands. Will let you know exact details when I have them".

15/09/17 - John Dunlop has emailed to tell me that "Tony Pringle has sold up in USA and is returning to the UK. to live in Wirral. He has of course been the leader of the New Black Eagle Jazz Band for many, many years after originally being the leader of our Druids Jazz Band where I played bass".

15/09/17 - My wife Margaret and I attended Phil Yates' funeral yesterday. It was well attended with some mourners left with standing room only. I'm sure Phil will be missed as apart from being a fine musician he was such a nice guy. We met his wife and daughter. Some facts and humour as Phil I'm sure would have enjoyed were told by John, the brass bass player from Yarrow River Jazz Band. - Gerry & Margaret Clayton. Another funeral which took place yesterday was that of Dave Browning. Mart Rodger told me, "It was a super funeral for David Browning yesterday and the number of musicians there to say goodbye was tremendous".

14/09/17 - Kendal Jazz Club has a new home - The Kentdale Suite, The New Kendal Rugby Club Club House, Shap Rd, Kendal LA9 6NY

14/09/17 - The Sun Street Stompers New Orleans Jazz Quartet will play a Jazz breakfast at The Apothecary, Penny Street, Lancaster, on Saturday September 16th 10:30 till 12 noon. The band will consist of Barrie Marshall (clarinet), Peter Boswell (trumpet),  Malcolm Hogarth (piano) and  Isabel Toner on double bass

13/09/17 - Trefor Williams funeral will take place on Tuesday September 26th, 2017 @ 1.30pm - St. John's Church, St John's Road, Folkestone, Kent CT19 5BQ. No Flowers Please. There will be donations to a charity. It will be a traditional funeral, with hymns etc, but a TRIO will play during the service.

12/09/17 - Back in early May, Louis Lince rang me and invited me over to a meeting with Ray & Jenny Knight who were coming up from Braintree in Essex to the North West to do a series of videos on Jazz in this part of the country. Also at the meeting were Fraser McCombe, and Derek & Trish Galloway. Louis interviewed us and Ray & Jenny recorded the event. Later they went to Didsbury Cricket ClubRochdale Jazz ClubDelph Band Club, Southport Jazz Club and The Ale Emporium in Preston.  There's was one thing for sure, I certainly didn't envy the amount of editing they were going to have to do to get it down to under an hour, but after many hours, they did and I can reveal that it's been launched on their Facebook page at which you are invited to 'Like', but for those who have an aversion to Facebook, you can see the results of their hard work at They intend coming up again some time in the future to cover some of the places they missed this time.


12/09/17 - Here's a last-minute reminder that Jeff Barnhart and Spats Langham are at Kendal Jazz Club tomorrow night (Wednesday). It will be the last gig at Staveley before the club moves to the new Kendal Rugby Club next month.

12/09/17 - Boston (USA) Associated Press has published the following -  "A recent college graduate accused of killing his mother, grandparents and a caregiver was described on Monday as a good friend and talented jazz musician who showed no signs that he was troubled".  Mmmm...  that description applies to most of the ones I know!

11/09/17 - Norman Gibson has reminded me of an interesting web site based in Nottingham that I haven't mentioned since Tuba Skinny began hitting the headlines here six years ago. - playing traditional jazz blogspot  Yesterday's blog is about the USA  all-ladies Shake 'Em Up Jazz Band. Norman told me, "Marla playing cornet, is of course better known with the Shot Gun JB, and you know she is booked for Keswick, although her husband John, travelling with her, is not officially booked as yet.   Ryan Baer, who played in the Tuba Skinny JB, intends to visit the UK as part of his European tour between June and September 2018 with his full Frog and Henry Band. The line-up is expected to include Robin Rapuzzi ( washboard ) and Todd Burdick ( Tuba ) both Tuba Skinny players and Ewan Bleach reeds."  Norman says, "My intention is to come out of 'retirement' to get them on as their first booking promise. I have been forwarding a lot of contact details to Ryan, but any promoters who wish to consider taking them to let me know at  Ryan has a different mindset to the problematic Tuba Skinny, who a group of us couldn't entice over about three years back. A lot of early showings of interest at this point will help".

11/09/17 - John Pashley is the guest musician joining the Tuxedo Jazz Band this Thursday 14 Sept 8 30pm at The Old Wallaseyans Club, Wallasey.

10/09/17 - Eddie SImpson was a man who lived on the Fylde Coast and did a tremendous amount of work in the area to support Traditional Jazz. His initial aim was to bring a selection of bands to the area because his wife was no longer able to travel to jazz festivals. Sadly she died following an accident, just before his first event in 2000.  The late Gordon Hughes wrote an article about the end of  Mad For Trad which is this week's page of the week.

10/09/17 - For those who don't like being out at night now the light is fading, there's Annie's Saints And Sinners @ The Dog & Partridge, Bollington, Mon, 11 September, 14:00 – 16:00, but check first on 01625 610059. If you live further North there's The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 15 September, 12:30 – 14:30. More lunchtime events on Sundays so check What's On

10/09/17 - Plenty of birthdays coming up this week - Many Happy Returns today to Tom 'Spats' Langham, then to Tony Ormesher on Tuesday , Roy Swift on Wednesday, and Harold Troughton and Richard Lord on Friday.

10/09/17 - I see on JazzGuide News Page that Lake Records have released recordings of Mike Daniels, Steve Lane and Freddy Randall.

07/09/17 - Re: Dave Browning 21:08:17 -  The funeral will take place on  Thursday 14th September at Vale Royal Crematorium, Northwich, CW9 8RP at 11.30am. - Mart  Rodger

07/09/17 - Updated to include the time - More tributes have come in for Phil Yates, and Rachael has now sent me the funeral details. His funeral will be on September 14th at Thornton Crematorium, Lydiate Lane, Thornton, Merseyside. L23 1TP at 3-20pm.  Map.  There will then be a gathering at The Royal Hotel in Waterloo for food/drink/sharing memories of Phil. It would be lovely to see as many people there as possible. - Rachel.

07/09/17 - We have been asked by the widow of Maurice Van Eyck to sell off his vast collection of Jazz & Blues CDs with all proceeds going to his grandchildren.If anybody is interested please contact and he will send a list of the material. Many thanks ,  Brian Turnock

07/09/17 - Sheila Collier writes re: Trefor Williams - "The most lovely person, kind and caring, and, not least, a very special musician, playing his bass, Big Bertha with feeling and empathy, like himself"

05/09/17 - This from Pete Lay at 08:54 today - "R.I.P. TREFOR WILLIAMS!!  Passed away about an hour or so ago".  

04/09/17 - There is now a tribute page for Phil Yates who died two days ago. He joins the list of many jazz musicians who are no longer with us.

04/09/17 - It was such a shock it's hard to know what to say. Phil Yates was an accomplished musician and good friend. He joined the Yarrow River band in December 2003, and was still with us on a recent private gig in May of this year. Of course he was well known on the Liverpool scene with a number of bands, and I was always particularly happy when I was asked to dep and knew that Phil was on the gig. He recently played with the Tuxedo band both in Wallasey and Southport depping for Gerry Owen. My thoughts are with Jocelyn and Rachel at this sad time for them. Phil's untimely passing is a loss to us all. - Richard Knock

04/09/17 - Very sad to hear about Phil Yates, he was a founder member, like myself, of "Jazz 'n it" the band was formed through members of your Jazz northwest web site. Our thoughts go to Phil's family. - Gerry & Margaret Clayton

04/09/17 - Barbara & I were privileged to receive an invite from our old friends Mart & Janet Rodger, to attend an evening at Disley Golf Club to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on Saturday 2nd September. We had a lovely meal followed by music and entertainment, and it was lovely to see the spirit of friendship and fellowship that Mart & Janet had developed over the years with friends, neighbours and fellow churchgoers, as well as their lovely family.  Rather than drive home on Saturday night, we stayed overnight in Adlington, and rounded it off on Sunday with a trip to the Otter, Owl and Wildlife Park at Chapel en le Frith, then through the Peak District National Park via Hope Valley, Castleton, Lady Bower Reservoir and the Snake Pass, and it was a delightful journey home. More pictures - and

04/09/17 - "Hi Fred - we were disappointed to learn, after the trip out to Fleetwood, that there was no jazz at the North Euston, as a folk and blues festival was on in its place. Never mind, we listened to some different music in various venues around the town". - Dave Wellock.  Me too Dave, unfortunately nobody told me!

04/09/17 - The latest issue of JazzNorthWest weekly is out and it features a section entitled, "10 of the Best Northern Jazz Venues", not my choice I hasten to add.

03/09/17 - Just a reminder about the session at St Helens Bowling Club next Sunday evening, September 10th, Jazz Rendezvous with guests at St Helens Bowling - please note that, in response to audience preferences, we’ll start at 8 pm and finish at 10 30 pm. We have three fine guests, all of whom are well known throughout the north-west and beyond. Our old friend Terry Brunt, of the scarf and beret, will be on trombone, Dave Mott will be on reeds, and Malcolm Hogarth will be on piano, fresh from playing at the Bude Jazz Festival in Cornwall. Hoping for a really good turn-out - Keith Allcock

03/09/17 - I was on my way home from a lovely weekend away, when I received this devastating news from Rachael Yates - "This is Phil Yates' daughter. It is with sadness that I must inform you that Phil Yates passed away yesterday,  from a feared heart attack (we are yet to find out). I know that he was a big follower of your website and played a big part in the NW jazz community playing clarinet (such as The Mathew Street, Downtown Dixies, Yarrow River and Jazzin' It). I thought it would be nice if you could mention this on your website, so as to spread the word as well as celebrate his life? ".      Phil was just 67 on 15th June, and was a giant of a man with a most gentle nature. I know he read this site daily because as soon as I put a request on the site, Phil was invariably the first to answer if it was something he was able to help with. I first met Phil at the Wray Village scarecrow festival near Lancaster, where the New Riverside Jazz Band were playing, and Phil was chatting to fellow reed player, Barrie Marshall. Phil invited us to go over to see the Mathew Street Jazz Band, in Mathew Street Liverpool, which we did.  Barbara & I send our condolences to Rachael and the rest of her family. Once I know the funeral details I'll put them on the site.

02/09/17 -  In answer to Steve Marquis's question. Tell him to Google XS Promotions. They are the north of Scotland's leading music and entertainment specialists and are agents for a band called the Buchaneers (trad, early 20s and 30s jazz), Four in the Bar and Havana Swing.  Good luck - Dave Wellock.

02/09/17 - Have you heard of Merton Cahm?  Hopefully he's still going strong but I don't know. He was on the earlyish Manchester Jazz scene, in the late 40s and 50s, but now lives in Tel Aviv, and is still playing clarinet and tenor sax., in both Dixieland and Classical Music settings. He's the subject of this week's Page of The Week which was an item by the late Joe Silmon.

02/09/17 - The only mid week daytime gig coming up is The SAVOY JAZZMEN who are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tue, 5 September, 14:00 – 16:00

02/09/17 - Many Happy Returns next week to Howard Worthington and Tony Davis (Midlands) on Sunday.

01/09/17 - Rick Lunt pointed in me in an interesting direction. It's an interview with John Gieves-Watson of the Temperance Seven, Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band and 'Bill Posters Will Be Band'. Part one and Part two are on the Musical Talk Podcast site.

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