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June 2019

16/06/19 - Many Happy Returns this week to Tom Kincaid on Thursday, Wally Fawkes, who by my reckoning will be 95 on Friday, and Barrie Marshall on Saturday.

16/06/19 - If you like lunchtime jazz during the week, then there's just one event for you - The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 21 June, 12:30 – 14:30 at Carnforth Railway Station, Warton Road, Carnforth. where's there's Tea Rooms and Good food available, and lovers of the film 'Brief Encounter can revel in nostalgia!

16/06/19 - Some happier news to report this time! A new manageress at The Fleece (in Addingham) has agreed to a resumption of my Good Time Jazz Band playing there weekly again on Wednesday evenings with a start time of 9:00pm. This return will begin on the 3rd July and, hopefully, we will have a long and happy residency there once more. - Harry Long

15/06/19 - The results of the 2018 British Jazz Awards are out, and a well known NW traditional jazz musician is listed (with winner at number 1, runners up 2-5): Tenor Sax - 1 Karen Sharp, 2 Dave O’Higgins, 3 Art Themen, 4 Robert Fowler, 5 John Hallam

12/06/19 - Jean King has written to say, "Reg King is a big supporter of your Jazz Page. He had a heart attack on our way home to Vancouver from UK, but is home recuperating".  Hope you make a speedy recovery Reg, I've been there and got the T shirt and I'm still here working hard. Reg & Jean were born in Liverpool and went to listen to the Merseysippi Jazz Band many times at the Cavern and the Temple.

12/06/19 - "Acoustic folk and 1930s dance-hall jazz coming soon to Keswick", is a headline in 'Cumbria Crack'. It's happening on Sunday 23 June, and Sunday 30 June. Intrigued? then check out this page

10/06/19 - An interesting write-up in The Scotsman about the Leith Jazz Festival, includes a paragraph, "This year, there was still a smattering of world-class jazz but there were none of the established classic or trad jazz bands that appeared in previous years, and it was more of a challenge to find familiar names amongst the astonishing 62-strong list of gigs shoehorned into the three days.".  Nothing new there then! I was checking on the actual location of Leith, although I knew it was in Scotland near Edinburgh, what surprised me was that it is further West than Blackpool, so definitely in the NW of the UK!

10/06/19 - I have to say Fred, after looking at the Kirkcudbright JF line-up for a full 3 day weekend + a Thursday evening session, that this little festival certainly deserves the utmost support at the amazingly low weekend stroller price of only £ 62.50. Heck ! many of the same musicians are there and Keswick was £ 120.00. If I wasn't so darned busy with moving coming up I'd be there ! OK I'll make up for this missed opportunity at Edinburgh, when I meet up with the Shake 'em Up girls again, and get to see and hear the rising Tenement JB. - Norman Gibson

10/06/19 - Terry Birkinhead has sent me a small report of the Savannah 40th Anniversary Concert in Huddersfield, which I've added to the 40th Anniversary Page

09/06/19 - Other than being able to buy a whole day, or afternoon ticket at Kirkcudbright Jazz Festival for Friday, there are no daytime jazz gigs mid week this week.

09/06/19 - Many Happy Returns this week to Des Hopkins on Tuesday, Keith Hockin on Thursday, Richard Leach on Friday and Dave Wright on Saturday.

09/06/19 - Garstang Jazz Club gig list has been updated.

08/06/19 - Despite my concerns over privacy, Dee from Manchester is quite insistent that I should post the fact that Terry Brunt has recently lost his long time partner Jan. She says, "He is one of life's beautiful although meshuga quirky person but truly dedicated and to watch him with his students fills your heart with joy. Everyone loves him. I truly think you should give a mention about Jan. He, like I, was devastated. It is with respect to the mere fact he is a musician of great outstanding and later if people have not heard, it will be very sad. My husband and I, (sounds like the Queen) like most people, adored him. We have to support him. If people did not hear, it would be tragic.

05/06/19 - The note yesterday about Chicago Teds at Southport, prompts me to send another note of a Teds gig near Rochdale.  On Friday 14th June the Chicago Teds will play a charity event with proceeds to St James Church. The gig is in the Parish Hall Sunday School, School Lane, Ashworth OL11 5UR. 7.30pm start. Tickets £10 which includes Strawberries & Cream! There will be a Bar!  Information & Tickets available from Chris Bryning on 01706 650053 - Dave Woonton

05/06/19 - "Can you publish in coming events that The Eclipse Parade Band is out and about on Sat. 8th, 15th and 29th June, and Sun 30th June and 28th July", writes Jeff Roberts. Well they are all now in What's On so check out the dates for the places.

04/06/19 - The latest issue of the Dove Bugle is now out in time for the High Society Jazz Band appearing at Dove Jazz Club on the 15th June

04/06/19 - The Pedigree Jazz Band were appearing at Rochdale Jazz Club on Sunday. and there to capture it as usual was Sam Ralph. You can see his photographs by clicking here

04/06/19 - On Tuesday 18th June The Chicago Teds are playing at a charity event to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. The gig is in the Tithe Barn, Meols Hall, Botanic Road, Churchtown, Southport PR9 7LZ and it kicks off at 7:30. Tickets are £10 which includes a glass of wine. More details from Val (01704 550761) or Pam (01704 226658).  The Teds are also doing an afternoon concert, 1-4pm, at Haydock Park Golf Club in September. For  details click on image..

02/06/19 - I see Jazz Guide News features details of the Tenement Jazz Band and Frog & Henry tours in England.

02/06/19 - Many Happy Returns today to pianist Brenda Candy-Forrest (Tomkins), and trombonist Jeff Milner on Tuesday.

02/06/19 - As the Savoy Jazzmen gig in Sefton Park had to be cancelled for this week, there's just one daytime midweek jazz event coming up. It's at Garstang Jazz Club where the Brownfield/Byrne Hot Six will be playing from 12pm to 2-30pm and you can enjoy a choice of hotpot or butter pie in the interval, and believe me, it's good too!

May 2019

30/05/19 -  A new venue in the NW this weekend, John Hallam with the Tom Kincaid  Trio at the Farmer's Arms near Parbold, L40 3SL. If you need directions, go to What's On, click on the event, then click on the "map" link

29/05/19 - I know we are out of your area but the musicians who come to us do travel far and wide, even over the border from the North West!!!   Nick Ward is known throughout the UK as an excellent drummer and he brought in his Jelly Roll Quartet a couple of gigs ago with Jon Penn on piano, John Maddocks on clarinet and Brian Mellor on banjo (in place of Spats Langham). They would be worth booking by any club in the North West!  I am sure many of your readers will know all or some of this quartet and might like to see these videos; - Looking for a Little Bluebird Ponchetrain Chevy Chase, & Sidewalk Blues   - Jon & Marie Howell, Jazzclub90. You can see the full list of excellent videos from jazzclub90 via Jazz Extras and selecting  Videos on YouTube and elsewhere. Jazzclub90 is currently number 11 in the list. - Fred

28/05/19 - A photograph of John Hallam playing with the Gerry Tomlinson Trio at Sedgley Park Rugby Club in Whitefield near Bury on Sunday, was kindly sent in by Brian Taylor.

27/05/19 - The next session of Jazz Rendezvous at St Helens Bowling Club will take place on June 16th. Please note that this is not the usual second Sunday in the month, but a week later.

26/05/19 - Our concert at the Sefton Park Palm House on Tuesday 4th June has been cancelled. They are carrying out some major work on the floor. The Savoy Jazzmen will be back on Tuesday 2nd July. - Peter Swensson


26/05/19 - Just one daytime jazz event midweek - 6 in a bar at NORTH EUSTON HOTEL, Fleetwood. Adm £6 on Wed, 29 May, 12:00 – 14:30 at The North Euston Hotel, The Esplanade, Fleetwood FY7 6BN, UK (map)

26/05/19 - Many Happy Returns this week to Malcolm Hogarth today, Bruce Carnaffin and Dave Dixson on Monday, and to Wilmslow jazz promoter, Graham Brook on Saturday

24/05/19 - Re Bill Williamson's letter. I well remember the Clarendon pub on Oxford Rd. On Fri. nights it was a trad club and on Sat. it was modern ( Club 43 ) run by Eric Scriven. I can't remember his partner who went on to manage Maynard Ferguson. There were some great bands who played there and one Sat our band played there which was very daunting. I remember the Left Wing Coffee Bar. It was run by my friend the late John Rowland and I used to stagger out in the grey light of dawn. As I recall the resident drummer was an American called Sammy based at Burtonwood Airfield. The Clarendon had to make way for the Mancunian Way and '43' moved to Amber St nr. Shudehill where it featured some top American musicians. - Moe Green.

24/05/19 - Bill Williamson was right there was a bar on Oxford Road called Frascati.  I used to go in the 50s with my then boyfriend.He is right their music was more modern.  We only frequented the bar for a short time because our taste was trad jazz. - Mildred Finney


23/05/19 - Barrie Quilliam also writes, "I have been listening to Jazz FM for many years. Formerly, they broadcast mainly mainstream such as Diana Kraal, Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald with Louis Armstrong, Oscar Peterson. Recently they have started playing a lot of what you might call “Contemporary” Jazz, that is not to my taste.  Can anyone recommend a radio station the broadcasts mainly mainstream either on FM or Digital".

23/05/19 - I was very interested in Bill Williams’s piece about Frascati’s. In the 1950’s I played there on piano with a mainstream band led by Alan Hare on trombone. Alan was also a very accomplished jazz pianist. I had been playing in a very “trad” piano style. In the interval, on the first night, he showed me how I could play in a more modern style which would be more suitable for the music the band was playing. I accepted his advice with enthusiasm. I have always remembered that turning point in my musical career. - Barrie Quilliam

23/05/10 - There's nothing wrong with Bill Williamson's memory. Frascati's was a bar on Oxford Road that featured modern jazz and people like Joe Palin and, I think, Stan Robinson used to play there. Harry Isaacs

23/05/19 - I was interested in your item concerning jazz in St Asaph cathedral. I live within a few yards of the cathedral but neither I , nor my jazz friends were aware of it, other than through gossip but as it was gossip we ignored it. Our fault perhaps! - Denys Owen. I gather there is a lady who keeps a mailing list so will try and get her details for you - Fred

23/05/9 - Re Bill Williamson’s query about a modern jazz club on Oxford Road ( “ Club 43 “ aka , I think , as the “Clarendon “ think that was the name of the pub ) : used to go myself occasionally. Best gig there in the late 50’s was “ The Jazz Couriers “ : Ronnie Scott/ Tubby Hayes ,both ts. , Terry Shannon pno, Jeff Clyne bs. , & Phil Seamen,drs. And that was followed by an all nighter at the “Left Wing Coffee Bar on Lincoln Square. Caught first electric train back to my parent’s home in Whitefield from Manchester Victoria station on Sunday morning. - Brian Taylor. (Looking forward to seeing John Hallam playing with the Gerry Tomlinson trio at Sedgley Park RUFC clubhouse 1:00-3:30pm on Sunday 26 May.)

23-05/19 -  Sadly, I have to announce that our session next Wednesday 29th May at The Fleece will be the last for my Good Time Jazz Band as the pub want to use the room for "quiz nights etc" This will, possibly, be the end of our 40 years of playing jazz in Addingham - 30 years at The Fleece, 6 years at The Crown and a final year back at The Fleece. I shall, of course, be looking for a new venue and in the meantime the band will be playing at Bingley Jazz Club (Mavericks) on the 4th July and the 8th August. I will keep you informed of any developments.-  Harry Long

23/05/19 - "That's The Way to Do It".  I see the Hereford Times has a good write-up on  Upton Jazz Festival which takes place from June 27 to June 30. Plenty of advance publicity is always the best way to achieve results.

23/05/19 - Just in case some of your site visitors may like Manouche/Gypsy music, Stochelo Rosenberg and Paulus Schafer will be appearing on a Day of Django on June 7th. at Preston Jazz Festival. £12.50 and £8.00 concession. - Norman  Gibson

21/05/19 - More photographs from Sam Ralph.  This time it's the Aire Valley Jazz Band who played last Sunday at  Rochdale jazz Club.

21/05/19 - Subsequent to the references to The Sportsmans, Bodega et al I was eating dinner at my daughters house and the white Italian wine on the table was "Frascati". I remember going as a teenager in the 50,s to a bar on Oxford Rd of the same name, where a more modern jazz of the day was played. Are my memories correct? comments please. - Bill Williamson

21/05/19 - Clive Edwards writes, "The Neston Music Festival concludes with two major concerts, one by Dale Storr "Sounds of New Orleans"  on Wednesday 22 May  at Neston Cricket Club and the other by The Original Panama Jazz Band on Friday 24 May at Neston Civic Hall. Both concerts start at 7.30pm. Tickets at £7.50 will be available on the door.  Both venues have a bar. There is ample parking at the Cricket Club and park in Neston's large free car park for the nearby Civic Hall". Click here to read more

21/05/19 -
Glossop Jazz Club gig list has been updated

20/05/19 - I also enjoyed our evening at St Asaph Cathedral on Saturday.  .As you can imagine the acoustics were fantastic and the band in good form. Mart would have been proud. I chatted with Eric Brierley who I’d known back in the 50’s and Chris Pendlebury who I knew as a young boy when his dad Alan played with the Zenith Six.  I just wish we had known about it sooner as more of our friends could have come.  - Brenda Canty-Forrest

20/05/19 -  I went to the concert given by the "Manchester Jazz" band at St. Asaph Cathedral, on Saturday evening. Bit sad really as this is the first gig I’ve attended since Mart's passing.  As you might expect, a brilliant Jazz Gig well attended and much enjoyed by everyone present. It seems the friends of the Cathedral are intending to put more gigs on in the future so I offered to send them your web address, both for your completeness, and their publicity. - Martin Snow

20/05/19 - Sorry to learn of Tom Culbert’s poor health.  50 years ago last week he and I appeared with the New Era Jazzband on Opportunity Knocks.   And I mean that most sincerely folks ! - Ron Houghton

19/05/19 - I just read about Tom Culbert’s retirement owing to ill health. I’m so sorry to hear that, because as you know he ran The Quayside Hot Stompers for some years. With that band, and through Tom’s influence and of course Alan Duckles fine cornet playing,  I played stuff I never thought I would. Now there's only me and Colin Turner who are still playing. - Barrie Marshall

19/05/19 - I too was sorry to hear the news about Tom Culbert's retirement from playing. The Forest New Orleans Jazz band will never sound the same again without Tom. His driving style, heavily influenced by the early jazz greats really drove the bands along. In my opinion, he is one of the best piano players around for this kind of music. He was also always very encouraging towards me as a piano player myself, giving me invaluable advice on band piano playing. - Mark Croasdale

19/05/19 - There are no mid week daytime jazz gigs this week, so time to get the gardening done.

19/05/19 - Many Happy returns today to Paul Medina, and tomorrow night, when The Merseysippi Jazz Band @ Liverpool Cricket Club in Aigburth, they will no doubt be singing Happy Birthday to Peter Fryer.

19/05/19 - Somebody could be about to get a bargain. The 9 first class traditional jazz CDs that I put on eBay were standing at little more that what it will cost to post them yesterday, but it is beginning to change today. The Sale ends tonight so if you haven't already done so, check out the list here.

16/05/19 - I am very sorry to hear of Tom's retirement from playing. He has been a great player over the years. I first met and played with him in north London in the early 1960s., when we played at the Black Bull N20 and then at Kentish Town with the late Brian Greene's band. Our paths crossed again when I moved back to the north in 2002. May he have a long and happy retirement. - Louis Lince

Louis16/05/19 -
The success of the Frog and Henry band in the UK just grows and grows ! So far for 2020 there are 23 venues booked (15 this year ), and these are now all listed on their website -  Norman Gibson. There's a fair few in the NW as well - Fred

16/05/19 - I have to report that owing to ill health, Tom Culbert , the long standing pianist of The Forest New Orleans Jazz Band, has sadly had to retire from playing.
He will be sorely missed by all the boys in the band, and his adoring fans.  Local pianist, Frank Cooke, who has been deputising for Tom for the past few weeks, has agreed to join the band permanently. - Jack Moore

16/05/19 - Hi Fred, I'd like to send a link to Ian W Seaman for the 1066 Jazz Club in Hastings who have New Orleans jazz on a weekly basis in his area. For instance on 23rd May the visiting band will be Sarah Spencer's Transatlantic band which I'm sure he'll enjoy. - Malcolm Holland.

14/05/19 - For those who donated to our Keswick Mountain Rescue busk in the Market Square, Keswick on Sunday 12th May and subsequently at our Guest Session in the Pack Horse Inn, I've sent a cheque for £435 off today, a rounded-up amount raised.  Thanks to all the donors and those who took an interest in our playing. - Malcolm Hogarth

14/05/19 -
Janet Rodger writes, "You had an item recently in the News Page about membership cards. Well this is the one I had for the Bodega! (on Cross Street, Manchester). It was the biggest jazz club at the time, probably about 1955. A question about the Vieux Carre membership reminded me that that club was started at I think, the Victoria Hotel in Urmston when Mart Rodger’s Jazz Aces were in their infancy. Bill Brennan was the manager of the band and I feel sure that this name was his idea". The card has been added to the Old Jazz Clubs Page

14/05/19 - "Just found this when I downloaded the radio app to my iPhone: It’s called the “UK 1940s Radio Station” it is what it says, super stuff! A new radio station to me, anyway!".  - Jon Critchley. This, and more on line music stations are on my links page - Fred.

14/05/19 - In case anybody has been wondering if Mike Lovell has been feeling homesick since leaving these parts to go to Cornwall, take a look at these photographs he has sent me, and see what you think. Mind you i think I might be a little concerned about the shark in the second one!  Mike says, "I’ve just been playing with some great guys in the Sandbar at Praa Sands. I’ve been booked as a guest at their next months gig. Really looking forward to it. The clarinet player is Gordon Stafford who is on your deps. page. What a beautiful venue, right on the beach".

14/05/19 - Hi Fred, I sadly live in a barren place for N.O. Jazz , the South twixt Hastings & Eastbourne at least not a lot is advertised. If there are any of your readers that are aware if Christine Tyrell is still singing perhaps they could let me know. She is well remember here with the Phil Mason Band. Great website much valued keep it going. - Ian W Seaman.

14/05/19 - Deco Delight are playing at a Charity night to raise funds for the Air Ambulance on Saturday 18th. It takes place at the Nazareth Unitarian Church at Church Street Padiham BB12 8JH at 7-30pm.

12/05/19 - Hi Fred, It was good to meet up with you last Sunday at the Wyre Levee Stompers monthly gig at the North Euston Hotel.  Just to let you know, my band, The Jazz Knights Quartet have secured a monthly residency at Blackpool's Norbreck Castle Hotel commencing 24th July.  The band will be performing a programme of Traditional / Dixieland jazz from 1-00 to 3-00 pm in the hotel ballroom where the band started out in 1980 providing in-house entertainment as a replacement for all-in wrestling !!!  The current Quartet comprises Chris Walton (piano) Frank Carter (bass) Pete Eddowes (drums) and myself on reeds. - Bill Barrow

12/05/19 - Just one mid week daytime jazz event for you - The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 17 May, 12:30 – 14:30 where there is a Tea Room and good food available.

12/05/19 - Many Happy Returns to Martin Bennett today. On Wednesday, it is John Barnes' birthday, and I can't help wondering how he is. I know he has dementia and in a home, but hopefully he can find enough in his memory to celebrate.  Any update news welcome. On Thursday one young musician who will definitely be celebrating is Phil Lucas, happy birthday Phil. Saturday takes us back to my end of the spectrum with birthday wishes to  John Higham.

10/05/19 - I made a suggestion some years ago to a promoter of a local jazz club that as we were in a University City, he could perhaps offer free or reduced price admission to encourage young people who might be encouraged to dance, but it was declined. So I was somewhat pleased to get this email from Ann Lord at Eagley Jazz Club - "At last Monday's event, we were entertained by the very excellent Dixie Beats. Their saxophonist was a very talented young lady, who brought along some of her student friends. It was great to see young people both playing in and watching Jazz bands! As such, the Committee has decided to introduce a Student charge of £3.  I will watch developments with interest - Fred

10/05/19 - How do I manage to do it?  The latest lot of my CDs for sale, listed here, managed to go on without any link to the eBay page where they can be bid for. This has now been corrected. No wonder only 13 people have seen it when I last checked.

10/05/19 -  The Original Panama Jazzband is appearing as part of the Neston Music Festival on May 24th at Neston Civic Hall (see “What’s On” for details): Point is, we were to have had Sue Reid as our guest singer, but as Sue is not too well at present, we have instead been fortunate to have the fine vocalist Jacky Quilliam with us, to sing some of the songs associated with the Chicagoan jazz and style which we will be featuring heavily in our programme. We wish Sue a speedy recovery in the meantime! - Jon Critchley

09/05/19 - Just watching on catch-up the 'For One Night Only - Jazz 625' programme from last Friday night on BBC4. This pays homage to the original programme that run from 1964 to 66 on the new BBC2 channel, and the 625 refers to the high-def format of the time. Filmed live at this year's Cheltenham Jazz Festival, it features performances by current artists, and also contains fabulous nostalgic footage from the original programmes, including all the jazz greats of the time - Oscar Peterson, Duke Ellington, Thelonius Monk et al. Also clips from early Soho clubs - Ronnie Scotts, Flamingo, 100 Club etc. It's filmed entirely in Black & White - or is my telly on the blink!  - Barry Pryme.

09/05/19 - I like "The Hot Sardines"": reminds me of the French band "Caravan Palace" (wish they'd come over), great lively jazz, visual and made for dancing which is what it's all about. No introspective dirge!  - Jon Critchley

08/05/19 - Preston's only New Orleans Jazz venue, "PR1", formerly the Mad Hatters, The "Ale Emporium" and before that, the "Bitter Suite",  has been renamed yet again. This time it will go under the name "Speakeasy". Tomorrow night the Silver Bell Band will be playing there from 8-30pm, as they do every other week.

08/05/19 - Brilliant New York band ' The Hot Sardines '. on their way back from Japan, China, Honolulu, Check Rebublic and Austria, will do three performances down South 16th to 18th July in Bristol, Saffron Walden and London. View their video of ' Bei Mir Bist du Schon ' on Youtube or their website. - Norman Gibson

08/05/19 - I just thought I would mention that the last two Sundays at Ye Olde John O’Gaunt have been very busy. I’m pleased to say that the audience is not all geriatrics. Lots of much younger people turn up on a regular basis with it being at lunchtime and on a busy Main Street with people coming into town from the railway station. People hear the band and pop in to see what is going on and often stay, every lunchtime for 33 years without a break, long may it continue. - Barrie Marshall

08/05/19 - A 'Report from York' from a recently exported John Muskett reads, "Meryl and I are settling in well at York. We regularly attend Thursday lunchtime jazz (weekly) sessions at The Cross Keys, Tadcaster Road (visitors who park should log-in their vehicle registration details at the bar). The organiser is trombonist Alan Bramley who has north-west connections, being a graduate of Liverpool University. He has been kind enough to book me for five sessions since our arrival. The music is what might be called non-doctrinaire traditional jazz, with some excellent musicians participating – I have met up with long standing colleagues Frank Brooker, Richard Speight, Andy Henderson and Malcolm Hogarth among others. Last week the audience appreciated clarinettist Tony Denton paying tribute to Mart Rodger by playing Colin Smith’s composition “I Believe In Rainbows”: Tony had depped with the Mancunians on occasions for Mart.  Soon after we arrived in York, Alan Bramley and Alec Crow (who runs Bedale Jazz Nights) contacted me. Both had got my details from Fred’s Website, so a big cheer and many thanks to you. Not yet visited Bedale club, as their fortnightly sessions clash with my Delph appearances with Spirit of New Orleans – when I’ve a night off from SONO I’ll try to get there. I’ve also done a couple of gigs with New Orleans Wiggle, based in the Holmfirth area".

07/05/19 - I know I do harp on about bands with YOUNG musicians. But this one. a family of musicians from Quiimper France, has a very young coy little girl who turns out to be the vocalist in this rendering of 'Bei Mir Bist du Schon'. This Family, Issac et Nora, are the latest booking at Fest Jazz end of July. Norman Gibson. Perhaps we have a similar jazz family here in the NW. If there is let me know - FB.

07/05/19 - There's another great selection of CDs up for grabs as from tomorrow night, and you can preview them here

07/05/19 - Pete Lay has emailed to say, "I received some very sad news today from Renee Long. John Long passed away on Saturday morning May 4th. He died from a cracked skull and brain haemorrhage suffered after a fall in hospital, where he had undergone a pace-maker fitting on Thursday.  As you can imagine Renee is in the state of shock at the moment, because it was an unexpected death. No funeral details until later in month.  R.I.P. John".  For those not familiar with the names, John and Renee Long, concerned that the live performances of the Ken Colyer band would only be heard once, bought themselves high-quality recording equipment, and with Ken's consent recorded the band for others to enjoy, e.g. "Colyer at Wimbledon"  Upbeat URCD 275, "Ken Colyer And His Handpicked Jazzmen", Ken Colyer Trust ‎– KCT 2R, and "The Cranes Fly Again" URCD 281.

06/05/19 - Eagley Jazz Club is holding its annual Hot Pot Supper on 3rd June. The menu consists of Lamb hot pot, followed by a choice of cheesecake, Creme Brulee or cheese and biscuits and tea/coffee. Doors open at 6.30pm for 7pm dinner, followed by the band at 8pm, the fantastic Dave Donohoe band. Anyone who would like to attend should reserve tickets through Ann Lord (as soon as possible!) on 07938171684.

06/05/19 - "Jazz at the Factory Tapp bar Kendal Thursday 9th May is CANCELLED", write Gwen & Martin Tordoff.  "Starting next week at Ye Olde Fleece Inn Kendal ,14 Highgate,Kendal LA9 4SX with Boogie Bill and the Billionaires with Emma on vocals. Time 8:30 to 10:30 pm. £5:00 on the door. We are a small group of jazz friends who try to keep jazz going in Kendal. I’ll let you have more dates and bands as soon as I can. Thanks for all you do".  

06/05/19 - Many thanks for the publicity you gave to the charity event New Orleans to New York. Roger Browne put on a fantastic show last Friday and I am delighted to say that £1,100 was raised for The Christie. Thanks again for your help it was really appreciated.

06/05/19 - Hi Fred, Thank you for including details of the Roger Browne concert on Friday. I, along with a friend, attended on Friday and it was a superb evening - well worth the journey from Bury to Timperley. Roger was on top form, as I thought he would be, with a superb mix of music and stories.  - Margaret Ashworth

05/05/19 - Having seen both the Mama Shakers and Shake 'em Up bands at Chateauneuf du Faou last year (and, incidentally, met Norman for the first time), let me recommend fellow readers of your newsletter to make every effort to see both. I'll also second Norman's commendation of the Pershore festival. Sadly, Barbara and I can't make it this year. - Malcolm Bridge

05/05/19 - We had a run up to Fleetwood this afternoon, where according to my What's On, the Wyre levee Stompers were playing at 2-30pm. We arrived halfway through the first set to discover it now starts at 2pm so that's one thing that's now been corrected. As a result of this, seats were hard to come by, quite refreshing to see so many people enjoying the music. Mike Pearson is now with the band having returned to the North to Fleetwood, from Cornwall. Owing to the recent death of Alan Riley, Mike's arrival was somewhat timely.

05/05/19 - Barrie Marshall writes, "While wading through all my books I came across a bunch of Melody Makers from the 1950's, interesting stuff, I found this. I will look for more stuff".

05/05/19 - Peter Swensson tells me that the jazz concerts at Sefton Park Palm House are now free. Refreshments are available.

05/05/19 - Mid Week daytime jazz this week includes The Red Rose Band at Burnley May Day Parade on Mon, 6 May, 12:30 – 14:30, and The River City Jazz Band on Llandudno Pier at Mon, 6 May, 13:15 – 16:30. On Tuesday The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House Tue, 7 May, 14:00 – 16:00. Then on Thursday it's the start of the Keswick Jazz & Blues Festival.

05/05/19 - Many Happy Returns on Friday to Norman Gibson, and on Saturday to Darren Lloyd.

05/05/19 - Sorry to read that Roger Higham has retired from playing: he was a fine cornetist and he is a fine chap. We trumpeters are getting to feel a bit lonely!  - Jon Critchley

05/05/19 - I asked Mike Lovell if he'd settled in down South, and he replied, "Not only am I rehearsing with Mike Lunn, piano, banjo, guitar and Gordon Stafford clarinet, with the intention of going out as a 4 piece (when we’ve found a descent double bass or tuba player), but I’ve also joined the Lostwithiel Town Brass Band. -  No peace for the wicked!!! ".

03/05/19 - I recorded a video of the Wabash Jazzmen on my phone at Garstang Jazz Club yesterday, which is now on the Wabash Jazzmen Web Page near the bottom of the page and I hope you'll agree, the result is quite acceptable.

02/05/19 - I mentioned in earlier reviews, on the Frog and Henry Band, that their success would be picked up by other exciting young bands, who would follow to the UK. Well I see Pershore will have very lively young French band 'Mama Shakers' playing Sat. and Sun.17/18th August. Really nice little festival is Pershore I might add. Also amazing all girl band from New Orleans 'Shake 'em Up' will be at the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival in July 2019, together with the 'New Orleans Swamp Donkeys Traditional Jass Band' and gutsy blues singer Meschiya Lake. Edinburgh's own 'Tenement Jazz Band' also appearing. It's worth looking at the EJ&BF website to view a very full programme over about ten days. Norman - Norman Gibson

02/05/19 - It is with much sadness that the Peninsula Jazzmen have to announce the retirement of their long standing trumpet / cornet player, Roger Higham, for health reasons. We have enjoyed his company and his playing for quite some time and he will be missed by us and by our supporters. Thanks Roger!

02/05/19 - One of my favourite bands was playing locally today at Garstang Jazz Club. It was Mark Challinor's Wabash Jazzmen, and it wasn't surprising to me to find the car park filling up rapidly when I arrived. Unfortunately it turned out that the other half of the Memorial Hall was being used for a polling station, and audience numbers were down on last month, but that just means more people missed out on a fantastic session. Any jazz promoter will tell you that you can always think of reasons why this has happened, but you can never really be sure. The one thing about the Wabash Jazzmen is that you get plenty of variety, with the odd duet and trio complementing a programme of standards balanced with not so well known numbers. Jim Swinnerton was the guest on bass, not surprising as it's his jazz club and he has previously played regularly with the band.  Regular bass player Richard Vernon lives down in the Potteries so he was no doubt  happy to be spared the travelling

01/05/19 - Here's one trombone player definitely going places, according to David Leithead -

01/05/19 - The usual 'Chicago Teds’ gig at Grappenhall on the third Thursday of each month will NOT take place on 23rd of this month because the venue in Bell House Lane is being used as a polling station for the European elections.

April 2019

30/04/19 - Carlisle Jazz Club gig list has been updated

30/04/19 - Tom from the Tenement Jazz Band emailed me to say, "We're delighted (and a more than a little surprised to be honest) to have been nominated by an industry panel in the Best Band category at the Scottish Jazz Awards (alongside such other wee bands as the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra). We hope this represents a positive sign for interest in traditional jazz in Scotland and beyond, and it's great to have our hard work over the last 18 months or so recognised in this way. While the nominations were by panel, the winners will be decided by public vote. SO - that's where we'd greatly appreciate your readers' help. If they could spare a couple of minutes to vote for us via the following link, we'd be hugely appreciative! Voting closes at 5pm on Tuesday 21st May, and the awards take place in Glasgow on Sunday June 9th. Thanks so much, and we continue to gain a great deal of insight and education from your website, for which we're very grateful".

30/04/19 - I just read an item on Facebook posted by Jim Douglas about Salford born Roy Williams - "Just been to the  Luton and Dunstable University Hospital to see how Roy Williams is doing. He is down but NOT OUT!  Roy has indeed suffered a stroke but all that has been noticeably affected is his speech making it difficult for him to talk normally. He is more frustrated than anything but understands he has to remain in hospital for tests and observation. He sends his best wishes and thanks to all his concerned fellow musicians and fans. Let’s wish him a speedy & full recovery" Here Here Jim.

30/04/19 - Bernie Hives, from Detroit, Michigan, is a regular visitor to this site. He has just posted a newspaper cutting to me, and a note that said, "Nice to have someone like this in your neighbourhood". Well I found the article on line, and he's right, it is just what we need.

29/04/19 - Sam Ralph was back in action at Rochdale Jazz Club this weekend, photographing the Parade Jazz Band.

29/04/19 - Free lunchtime concerts coming up at Morecambe Platform Theatre - Ermystead Grammar School Swing Band 7th May, Jazz Standards performed by Val Baulard and the Boscats on 21st May, and The fabulous Morecambe Ukulele Orchestra on 28th May. All at 12.45pm

28/04/19 - One that nearly got away - Many Happy Returns today to a banjo player from Southport - Wilf Jenkinson

28/04/19 - Denis Gilmore tribute page updated

28/04/19 - If you forget to come back and check this page and find you've missed out, why not have the latest news emailed to you each week? Your email addresses are never passed on without permission. My email address is, Send an email with the subject "Add Me", plus your name, and you will be added to my mailing list.

28/04/19 - Just one daytime mid week jazz event this week, and what an event it will be. It's been some time since this band came to Lancashire,  but that's about to change. Mark Challinor’s Wabash Jazzmen are coming to Garstang Jazz Club on Thu, 2 May, 12:00 – 14:30. It's in the Kirkland & Catterall Memorial Hall, Preston PR3 0HR. BYO drinks, but not your lunch, as that is included in the admission price of £12.

28/04/19 - Many Happy Returns on Tuesday to Dave Pogson, Norman Pennington and Sue Parish. On Thursday it's birthday wishes to Trevor Stent, ex Blue Mags leader now living in France who does a sterling job organising the Fest Jazz, at Châteauneuf-du-Faou.

28/04/19 - Following the report by Dave Wellock (22/04/19) that Chris Barber had fallen and broken his hip, so didn't appear at Ilkley, also reported in the Ilkley Gazette, I've been asked, "Someone out there must know how Chris Barber is progressing since his hip injury fall? Good news welcome".  Well I've not been able to find any update myself, but I see that tickets for The Chris Barber Band - 70th Anniversary Concert at Nottingham Playhouse are still being sold for Wednesday 10 July 2019

28/04/19 - So sorry to read about the death of Dennis Gilmore. Terrific player. Lovely man, and great company. Up to him emigrating he was on trumpet with our band for a few years, and prior to that he was the piano player. Spent some memorable times with Dennis and his wife Sam on a visit to California. I've lost contact through us both re-locating, so if Peter and/or Des would be kind enough to contact me, I would love to talk to them. - Dave Donohoe

28/04/19 - The gig list for Bollington Arts Centre has been updated

28/04/19 - Mike Hart, Edinburgh Jazz Festival founder, and director for well over 20 years was a key player in virtually the entire history of the Edinburgh traditional jazz scene. His passing will be marked by celebrating the music and musicians of traditional Edinburgh jazz, from the early 1950’s to today, and referencing the style that Mike brought to the early years of EJBF. Norrie Thomson, Graham Blamire, and Hamish McGregor, long time colleagues of Mike, have put together a special programme with will feature recreations of The Climax Jazz Band, The Society Syncopators and Scottish Jazz Advocates, Mike’s main bands as a musicians, but will also present many of the musicians who knew and worked with Mike, still active today. -

28/04/19 - Today is your last chance to bid for this latest collection of CDs

27/04/19 - The latest edition of Just Jazz has come through the letterbox. Click here to see front cover and contents.

27/04/19 - Denis Gilmore has now joined the list of departed musicians on the Tributes Page. Although I created this site in 1995, the list was started much later, and it's sad to see the 148 names of musicians, promoters, band marshalls etc. that have gone on since then.

27/04/19 - Congratulations today to Jon Critchley, not only because it's his birthday as announced earlier, but also to Jon & Kay who celebrate their wedding anniversary today.

25/04/19 - Planning on going to New Orleans this year? Then there's an article on where to go and what to do around Jackson Square in this week's edition of JazzNorthWest Weekly where you can also preview the Original Soundtrack from "Bolden" as played by Winston Marsalis. Also London Jazz News has picked out some of the jazz and jazz-related concerts from this year's BBC Proms. "This year, the main jazz event is the music from the Duke Ellington Sacred Concerts. Directed by Peter Edwards with the Nu Civilisation Orchestra, it marks something of a high point of the Orchestra’s work around Ellington".

24/04/19 - Thanks for your news about Denis Gilmore, which of course I was sad to hear. I did not know Denis well, but he played with Dave Donohoe for a spell in Manchester and I used to go and listen. He was always very kind to me and would let me have a blow, sometimes changing from trumpet to piano. - Martyn Sharp

23/04/19 - My thanks to Keith Wadeson for an updated photograph of The Wyre Levee Stompers. The web page has been updated. Other bands please take note!

23/04/19 - I have just read the sad news on your page about the death of Denis Gilmore. he was a fine trumpeter and pianist. It was due to your site that I was able to contact him again after many years, and we corresponded, then he stopped replying a while ago. I do know that he hadn't had the best of health in the last few years and had stopped playing. Moe Green may know more. Please send my condolences to his family. Brenda Canty- Forrest (was Tomkins).

23/04/10 - Such fond memories of lovely Denis Gilmore . In the early 60s with the Southside Stompers . He was a good friend and lovely trumpet player He worked for Echo Instruments as a rep going into East Germany and Poland in the old cold war days . .will you open a tribute page ? I have a nice photo or two I could send . My best wishes to his family - Sheila Collier

23/04/19 - Please note that on 30th April The Black Horse Jazzmen will not be playing at The Royal Oak in Settle as the ‘RIDE To STRIDE’ Festival connected with the Settle Carlisle Railway takes over venues near the railway every year and is putting on the appropriate sort of Folk Music from early evening till late at The Oak and other venues along the line. We are of course at the Oak tonight 23rd April with Steve Lister and Paul Palmer as guests and we will be back every Tuesday from the 7th May. - Peter Boswell

22/04/19 - I’ve just spent a very pleasant Easter Sunday afternoon on the pier at Llandudno playing with Curly Jones’ River City Jazzband. Happy time with good fellow musicians, and an appreciative crowd of listeners. Thanks, Curly and gang! - Richard Knock. You might have had even more listeners if it had been in What's On, I will ask Curly for a list - Fred

22/04/19 - Hi Fred - my younger brother recently went to see the Chris Barber Big Band in Ilkley but while the band still fulfilled the gig, sadly Chris had fallen and broken his hip, so didn't appear. Get well soon, Chris. - Dave Wellock

21/04/19 - Alan Pearce kindly sent me some more memorabilia from his early jazz days in Manchester which I've added to some club membership cards he sent previously. There was obviously quite a lot going off in Manchester at the time and it's all been put together here

21/04/19 - I got the “Melody Maker” mags from Sid, and great reading they are, brings back a lot of memories from 1959 / 1960s, when I got interested in Jazz: It was on the up, not the wane, as we must sadly realise today. One item in the September 19th, 1959 edition is a bit poignant though: a review of new pop singles includes Bobby Darin’s “Mack The Knife”. It says: that “the single has been banned in America because of fear of it inciting teenage violence”.  Oh, the times, they AREN’T a-changing”!?  Yours optimistically, Jon Critchley

21/03/19 - The request for info on "Swing Machine" reminds me that some years ago I asked for info on another Liverpool band called “Earl Scott and his band “ without success. In the 1940s it was a really good swinging group, quite unlike the usual dance orientated bands and was in great demand from those interested in swing. I well recall tickets being extremely hard to obtain. The pianist was Jim Cumming who also ran a cocktail bar type of group, popular in the days when the city had several “proper” night clubs. I don’t really expect anyone to remember them, it’s a long time ago and you’re all far too young. - Denys Owen

21/04/19 - Might your readers be interested in a show at Birmingham Town Hall next Sunday April 28th? A matinee. It’s called SHAKE THAT THING!-The Great British Swing Dance Show and features my Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra and the UK’s premier Swing Dance Company – The Swing Time Jivers. I sent you a couple of YouTube videos a while ago. Here’s another:  I’m presenting three Festivals Of Hot Jazz, Big Band Swing and Cabaret for Warner’s Leisure Hotels this year – and a further four in 2020. Please see my Festivals page for further details: I recently returned from 10 fantastic days in NYC. I was privileged to be invited to sit in with Vince Giordano’s Nighthawks on four occasions. If you’re visiting, do catch his show – every Monday and Tuesday evening at the Iguana on West 54th Street. Here is his website: - Tony Jacobs

21/04/19 -  I'm pleased to let musicians and jazz fans alike know that we'll be running the Guest Sessions again at the 2019 Keswick Jazz & Blues Festival (Thu 9th to Sun 12th May) every day from 2pm to 5pm in the Packhorse Inn, (just off Market Square). It's free entry and we aim to get all musicians a blow during the sessions. We ask all readers to please support the Festival. - Malcolm Hogarth

21/04/19 - After getting it so wrong about Simon Wallace's events (16/04/19), I'm annoyed with myself that I hadn't previously found It should be most interesting to learn of Simon's experiences there... I've wondered about it all for years. - John Westwood

21/04/19 - Glad to hear from Bernie Hives that Black and Tan is going strong in the States although I prefer the name Mississipp Mud as I was introduced to this beverage indirectly through jazz. - Moe Green.

21/04/19 - Here's a most delightful poster by Magda Boreysza commemorating the tenth anniversary of Tuba Skinny. - Trevor Barnes (click on picture for larger version).

21/04/19 - Just heard on a Facebook post from his son Pete, that Denis Gilmore sadly passed away in California this morning, having emigrated there in the 80’s. Denis was a well known and very fine trumpet player on the Manchester scene in the 50’s 60’s era. Mainly with Pete Haslam, and also Johnny Tippett's Jazzmen among others. He continued to play for many years in the US. RIP Denis. - Des Hopkins.

20/04/19 - The page listing the next batch of CDs to be sold in aid of the website and Prostate Cancer UK, has been updated, it was unfortunately showing the date had expired, it doesn't expire until 28th April.

20/04/19 - Plenty of celebrations this week. Many Happy Returns to Chris Mitchell on Monday, Derek Vaux on Tuesday, Eric Brierley on Thursday, Anthony Mason, Laurie Cooper and Martyn Sharp on Friday and Jon Critchley on Saturday.

20/04/19 - Doug Ball is asking, "Could you please tell me if you have heard of a band called The Swing Machine from Liverpool. If you have do you have there contact details". Doug says it's a  a quartet or quintet. Anybody know the band?

20/04/19 - Following the departure of Mike Lovell to Cornwall, The 6 in a Bar web page has been updated. The new band will be playing at the North Euston Hotel on Wednesday the 24th April, commencing at 12 noon, the only mid week daytime jazz event this week. Strictly speaking, pending the return to performing of Willy Entwistle, it will only be 5 in a Bar, but hopefully the band will return to full strength in the very near future. At the North Euston Hotel on Sunday afternoon, 28th of April, 4 in a Bar will be playing in the main bar area from 2.00 pm.

19/04/19 - Thanks to your site (03/04/19), I have found homes for the Melody Makers, the Storyville, the Bunk Johnson and the Jazz Archivist magazines, but nobody seems interested in Footnote, New Orleans Music and the Just Jazz ones. - Sid Bailey

18/04/19 - There's a new band formed in Lancaster under the leadership of Alan Mathews. It's the Church Street Strutters featuring Dave Strutt (trumpet) Barrie Marshall (clarinet/sax) Alan Mathews (Trombone) Lawrence Marshall (banjo/guitar), Paul Guppy (Sousaphone), Robin Andrews (washboard) and Laura Andrews (Vocals). They will play on the Second Tuesday in the Month, commencing 14th May from 8—10.30pm at The Butcher & Tonic, Church Street, Lancaster (opposite the SUn Hotel), and it's Free admission

17/04/19 - The Four Buskerteers in Lancaster today - Robin Andrews, Lawrence Marshall, Barry Marshall and Paul Guppy.

16/04/19 - A slight correction - Following John Westwood's comment on the Seventh City Jazz Band, my name is Simon Wallace and I was just off to Thailand not Brunei and there I did on three occasions have a musical audience with the late King of Thailand who was a great composer who also played the sax, clarinet and trumpet.  I would be more than willing to write briefly about those audiences if you thought that your readers might be interested - Simon Wallace, Melbourne, Australia. I've said yes - Fred

15/04/19 - Val Kennedy tells me, "We’ve decided to organise a jazz gig at the Lambert Hotel (formerly Abbot Hall Hotel), Kents Bank, Grange-over-Sands. It's  Hot Fingers Trio and Emily on Friday 14th June 2019 and includes a sandwich supper, bar & chat. You can read the full details here

15/04/19 - Looks as though the 'liquid' theme continues on the News Page, with Bernie's flashback yesterday. Barry Marshall's comments about the Sun Street Stompers reminded me of the blurb issued by Cheltenham's Quay Street Jazzmen back in 1962. This was given to me at the very first 'live' tape recording I ever did, which was at a Cheltenham Town Hall concert (and earned me a few bob from the BBC!).  The next one I did was some time later, of the Seventh City Jazzmen at the Post House, Leeds/Bradford - I must try and find that tape; it was a good session. Simon Wallace their then trumpet player was flying out to Brunei the next day to practice his dentistry with a charity there. I had a phone call from him subsequently in which he not only thanked me for the tape-copy but went on to tell me about his playing in the band led by the Sultan of Brunei, who played a mean Hawkins-style sax! He subsequently moved on to Australia but at that point I lost track of him altogether.  That half-century is rolling by so fast! - John Westwood

15/04/19 - In an earlier email, Mike Lovell told me - "The SIX IN A BAR name, I think will continue for a while only at the North Euston, mainly for the sake of continuity as far as the customers are concerned. Cafe Jazz Quintet no longer exists. Sticky Rock 3 carries on until Anthony Mason tells you otherwise. 4 IN A BAR continues for the Sunday gigs, again for the same reason as above.  Anthony is taking over 6 in-a-bar & 4 in-a-bar

15/04/19 - Mike Lovell writes, "Just a quick note to tell you I’m leaving for Cornwall tomorrow, and to thank you for all your support and friendship over the years, it has really been appreciated.  I will miss all the ‘stuff’ I’ve been involved with but I’m looking forward to a new adventure (I’ve already got a reeds player and piano/baritone uke player, interested in getting something going down in the West Country). Plenty of venues to explore.  I will thank them all personally of course, but a big thank you to most of the musicians I’ve had the pleasure of playing with over the years.  It’s been nice and has been a privilege to lead and play in a 1920s/30s jazz band, SIX IN A BAR, a Great American Song Book Band, CAFE JAZZ QUINTET, a fun trio, STICKY ROCK THREE and all the other bits in between" 

15/04/19 -  For three years now, across the North of England, The Midlands and North Wales, Roger Browne has been giving illustrated concerts “New Orleans to New York”, playing his piano with a mix of music from the roots of jazz, inspired by Jelly Roll Morton, Scott Joplin, Fats Waller, Dave Brubeck, Errol Garner and Oscar Peterson, to his own jazz interpretations of classics from the world of Musical Theatre, by composers such as Jerome Kern, George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Jimmy van Heusen, Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers etc. The presentation is interspersed with tales of hilarious moments from his lifetime of playing jazz around the world and being involved in over a hundred stage productions. Roger says, "I now have a chance to turn this very popular presentation into a full night of fundraising to support improvement in outpatient facilities at The Christie Hospital. The official organisers are providing a cheese, wine, and pate supper during the interval. I would be so pleased to see you there supporting this cause. The date is Friday 3rd May – 7.30pm arrival for 8.00pm start". More details here

15/04/19 - I've just finished putting together another collection of 9 CDs which will go on eBay in a couple of days. Though I say it myself this is a great selection featuring bands from Canada, Australia, Ireland and the UK. You can see a preview by clicking here

15/04/19 - I was looking for a vocal version with verse of "Yes sir, that's my baby" but saw there was a video by Gunhild Carling at I have one or two tracks of her singing so thought it might be suitable. I was quite surprised when I played the video and she set off at a pace with her trombone. Rather enjoyed it. - Graham Martindale

14/04/19 -  Tell Moe that the Black and Tan (06/04/19), is alive and well in the States, and is a popular imbibement at my local watering hole. You can also buy it by the jug already mixed where it goes by the name" Mississippi Mud " probably an apt name. - Bernie Hives, Detroit

14/04/19 - Eagley Jazz Club gig list has been updated and now contains a full schedule of events up to the end of the year.

14/04/19 - The Latest Dove Jazz Club Bugle is available on line in advance of the Wabash Jazzmen appearing there on 20th April.

14/04/19 - An honest comment about his band from Barrie Marshall - "What can I say about the Sun Street Stompers? Not a lot, nobody famous in the band, not the best techniques, we have not played in famous bands and we make the odd mistake but just laugh at it.  Some of us have been thrown in at the deep end with famous musicians at jazz festivals when they guested with the band for a few numbers. We have three band leaders who run their own bands, but the main thing about this band is we really enjoy ourselves, good time music for bums on seats.  The band has been doing this every Sunday for 33 years so we must be getting something right".

14/04/19 - Many Happy Returns this week from me and someone else who wishes to remain anonymous - to Chris Barber who will be celebrating his 89th birthday on Wednesday. Also to Jack Wilson just North of the border, who is celebrating his 81st on Thursday.

14/04/19 - Just one midweek daytime jazz event for you - The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Friday, 19 April from12:30 – 2:30pm

13/04/19 - Barrie Marshall has sent me an extract from an Offbeat Magazine about the clarinet as described by Shaye Cohn, but I think you may find the whole article about Tuba Skinny interesting by reading it here

12/04/19 -
Readers might like to know that tonight's BBC4 programme at 9.00pm 'Rock Island Line' - predominantly about Lonnie Donegan's skiffle hit - contained some good Jazz references. About 20mins in, presenter Billy Bragg gives a potted biography of Ken Colyer, including the jumping of his ship to get to New Orleans, and fabulous video of him playing with George Lewis. Contributions from Chris Barber and mentions of early Jazz pioneers add to the interest. - Barry Pryme.  Thanks Barry, and Chris celebrates his 89th birthday on Wednesday this week. The programme can be viewed at

10/04/19 -
Two recent Walter Love Jazz Club programmes on Radio Ulster feature 'A Veteran Remembers,' Roy Whittaker's reminiscences of jazz in Northern Ireland in the 40s and more recently, 'Boogie Woogie- a perennial favourite! Well worth a listen to both programmes on BBC Radio Player - David Evans

09/04/19 - I've just been notified that The Budapest Ragtime Band are returning to the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival on the 12-21st July this year. Doesn't look like the full programme is available yet.

09/04/19 - Mention Hiroshima, and what comes to mind?  Well John Westwood tells me to check out and and prepare to be surprised. If that's not enough, he says to take a look at this amazing collection of videos. It's all happening out in the far East it seems.

09/04/19 - Alan Riley now joins the ranks of departed musicians on the Tribute Pages. Alan was well known on the Fylde Coast and if you have any memories or played with him, let me know and I will add them to Alan Riley's Page

08/04/19 - The Savannah Jazz Band is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year. To mark the occasion both Peter Butler (jazz&jazz), and myself, have each put together special pages. If you can add any of your own comments I'd be pleased to include them on my page.

08/04/19 - Sam Ralph was at Rochdale Jazz Club again last night, busy taking lots of photographs of the Dart Valley Stompers. Sam says, " "There are a few different kinds of photos I tried last night if you have any thoughts please let me know as I am just trying out new things and idea's".

08/04/19 - I seem to remember that the top drink at the Sportsman's, (Down the stairs in Market street ) was YOUNGERS No 3, a potent brew for young teenage jazz fans! Keep up the great work Fred - Bill Williamson

08/04/19 - Speaking of 'Guinness Plus' I will always remember the tipple of the late, much revered 'Spanish Fred' (John Bassnett) who drank 'Poor Man's Black Velvet'. This was half Guinness and half cider. Glowing cigarette in holder (right hand),pint in left hand and right elbow on the mantel above the fireplace at the Warren and Bulkely in Stockport listening to the jazz, 'Spanish' would pontificate the merits of New Orleans in contrast to 'modernist trash'. He had a rather narrow view of of our music but he was a great source of encouragement to many a young musician, including me. - Ian Royle

08/04/19 - I have read on Facebook that founder member and one time leader of the Fylde Coast Jazzmen, has passed away. This post from Rodney Goth on 5 April at 09:55 · It is with great sorrow, I have to inform you that Alan Riley died last night, A great sax player, and friend, Will be sadly missed. Details to follow as and when.  RIP mate - Rodders

07/04/19 - The latest 2019 Keswick Jazz & Blues Festival Schedule is now available on line here

07/04/29 - Reading Moe's comment on the Black & Tan drink ( I'm a Mild drinker & only drink Guinness when I go back 'home'), it reminded of being in a round of six at a stag night. One of the guys there drank Martini and Lemonade. I went up to get my round in, and got as far " it's still the same round as before - - - ", when she cut in and said " I know, it's two pints of bitter, two lagers, a mild and a 'fairies'. Obviously, I never told the guy what she said, and I've seen him recently and he still drinks the same ! I just hope he doesn't visit your jazz site! - Norman

07/04/19 - Many Happy Returns to Matt Palmer & Mike Hayler on Monday and to Andy Henderson on Friday.

06/04/19 -  Alan Pearce couldn't remember where Le Vieux Carre club was. It was The Thatched House off Market St. I played there with The Jazz Aces. Roy Williams played trombone with us before he left for greater things! In the Sportmans I was introduced to Black and Tan. Half of draught Guinness half of mild. A barman today probably wouldn't what it was. Happy ( hic ) days. Moe Green.

03/04/19 - Last year Alan Pearce sent me photographs of his old jazz club membership cards, and it got mentioned on the news page at the time. I have now put them together with some of the messages received on a page that can be accessed from Jazz Extras as it's a piece of NW jazz history.

03/04/19 - I have amassed a large collection of jazz magazines which I am trying to find loving homes for, I do not want to just throw them in the skip!

Here we go: - Footnote - Most issues from a collection of 104 from 20 volumes : New Orleans Music - 184 issues complete from 15 volumes : Storyville - 52/139/140/141/142/143 : Bunk Information - 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018 : Jazz Archivist - 13 copies in all 1994 to 2016 : Jazz Beat 3  : Jazzology 3 : Melody Maker - 15 from 1959 & 1960 : Jazz News - 1 from 1998 : Cricket (copy) - 1897 : All free to collector or postage paid from Sid Bailey 01273 430311, 35 Edgehill Way, Portslade, East Sussex BN4 2PU :

03/04/19 - Last chance today to bid for this CD collection of mine.

02/04/19 - Sue Reid has sent me details of "The International Guitar Festival of Great Britain, organised by Wirral Council".  Sue says, "Some of this is Jazz and some of it isn't so it may not be appropriate for your site but I thought I'd see what you think". Will I think it could well be of interest to many jazz followers, so details are available here

02/04/19 - Just a quick thank you to all the lovely folk that turned up at High Lane Conservative Club last night to see Manchester Jazz at their monthly venue. A great turn-out that included 6 young new comers who enjoyed themselves and will be returning with some mates next month - they wanted to dance and next month they will. - Louis Lince

01/04/19 - My thanks to Peter Sinclair for sending me a link to this tweet at "On this day, 1 April (really!), one hundred years ago, the Original Dixieland Jazz Band disembarked in Liverpool. They travelled by train to London and, according to the band's biographer H.O. Brunn, spent their first night in dressing rooms at the Hippodrome". I found more on the story of their arrival in the UK at

01/04/19 - Sometimes you have to just wonder if it's for real, or something to do with the date. I've just received an email asking if I'd like to consider a feature and maybe an interview with a band that is described as, "An exciting collaboration of talented northern jazz artists, creating and performing original large scale jazz compositions. The group bring together their wide musical influences, including middle eastern harmonies; high energy, dance-able afro-jazz; and heavy metal and rock grooves".

March 2019

31/03/19 - Sad to hear the news about Geoff Gilbert. He would often call me from New Orleans to keep me up to date with local news. Condolences and best wishes to Diana. - Pete Lay

31/03/19 - Frank Gibson Tribute Evening - Manchester Jazz Society and members of the Gibson family will be paying tribute to drummer Frank Gibson who died in November. Selections of Frank’s favourite recordings will be played. Frank's friends and colleagues are all welcome and can bring in appropriate recordings and offer their memories of Frank whose popularity and presence on the Manchester Jazz scene is much missed.   This will be held at The Unicorn in Church Street Manchester starting at 7.30pm on Thursday 11th April  - Eddie Little : Secretary Manchester Jazz Society

31/03/19 - Midweek daytime jazz this week consists of The Savoy Jazzmen on Tuesday between 2 – 4 p.m. who are giving a concert in the beautiful setting of the Sefton Park Palm House, Sefton Park, Liverpool. L17 1AP, and Garstang Jazz Club which presents finest saxophone player from Edinburgh John Burgess with Jamie Brownfield on trumpet accompanied by jazz's favourite boy band - The Three Bears on Thursday April 4th, 12.00 noon at Kirkland Village Hall nr Garstang PR3 0HR.

30/03/19 - I am Geoff Gilbert's brother and co founder of Geoff Gilbert's Gothic Jazz Band.  I have today received telephone call from my sister in law Diana with the sad news that Geoff has this morning passed away after a fairly torrid time in hospitals and hospice. Sad as this news is it is a happy release for him. He leaves many happy memories of jazz times here in England and particularly in Australia and latterly in New Orleans. - Alan Gilbert.

30/03/19 - Following the death of Mart Rodger, the band held a meeting at which it was decided to continue running the band as a working unit - but renamed "Manchester Jazz". This has the full blessing of Mart's widow Janet. The band will honour all existing bookings, including their own club, held on the first Monday evening of the month at High Lane Conservative Club - The next one being April 1st. The band are using a variety of deps until a decision is made as to who will be asked to join the band on Clarinet. Eric Newton has helped us out over the last two weeks and will be at High Lane next Monday.  Pianist Roger Browne (07590 641386) and Banjo/Guitarist Louis Lince (0161 494 9899) will be approaching existing and potential venues to seek work for the future and they would be delighted to receive any calls in the meantime. Please watch this space! - Louis Lince

30/03/19 - Many Happy Returns this coming week to Ged Hone on Monday April 1st, and to Jim Lucas next Saturday.

29/03/19 - Mart Rodger's funeral took place at St George's Parish Church , Poynton, today. Large Parish churches are rarely fully occupied these days, but on this occasion the church was full to the brim with golfers, musicians, jazz fans and friends from his Methodist church. Unfortunately my camera was not set for the best resolution for the procession to the church, but it is still quite viewable. and conveys the essence of the occasion. I've also added the order of service booklet to Mart's tribute page, along with a lovely bit of history from Neville Taylor.


28/03/19 - The gig list for the Fleetwood Hesketh Club at Southport has been updated.

28/03/19 - Just read on Jazz Guide News that there's a new venue in the North West. It's the Farmer's Arms in Bispham. No, not the one near Blackpool, this is on Chorley Rd., Bispham, near Parbold L40 3SL, where John Hallam is starting a new Sunday afternoon Jazz event (not monthly), but hopefully at regular intervals. John will be playing with the Tom Kincaid trio from 1pm to 3pm on Sunday 2nd June. and admission will be £8. Click here to view flyer at

28/03/19 - For about a month now, the Cafe Society web site has been down due to a hacker according to Anthony Mason. I'm pleased to report it is now fully restored and you can see it by clicking Cafe Society on the main menu

28/03/19 - A King 2b Liberty Trombone (H N White) has just gone on the Sales Page, replacing the Rath R10 Trombone that was advertised previously.

26/03/19 - Tributes continue to pour in for Mart Rodger, the tribute page is being updated most days.

25/03/19 -  Just to let you know that Alan Noble, string bass and guitar player, died recently and his funeral will be at Nab Wood Cemetery near Bradford on Friday 29th March at 10.10am. Alan produced a chord book which is used by a lot of jazzmen. He played with our band the 'Blackhorse Jazzmen' frequently some 20yrs ago. - Peter Boswell

24/03/19 - The next collection of CDs has now gone live on eBay and ends on 3rd April. Click here for a detailed list. Proceeds go towards the web site and this time a donation will be made to Prostate Cancer UK.

24/03/19 - Issue 252 of Just Jazz Magazine is now out, and the NW takes pride of place on two pages in the form of an article by Dennis Armstrong -"Remembering the Merseysippi Jazz Band", and "Rising Star Alex" - a welcome surprise guest at Sutton Coldfield Trad Jazz Club - Alex Clarke

24/03/19 - Just one midweek daytime jazz event this week, and it's Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at NORTH EUSTON HOTEL, Fleetwood on Wed, 27 March, 12:00 – 14:30. This is Mike's farewell gig as he leaves the NW to live in Cornwall soon. Time for a swinging send-off I guess.

24/03/19 - Many Happy Returns this week to Richard Vernon on Tuesday, Bert Schroeder on Wednesday, Ed Lloyd-Hughes, Jon Penn and Paul Munnery on Thursday, and Stan William on Saturday.

23/03/19 - The Harmony Hounds are back - Chris Howse says "Yes, the band that was started on St Cecilia’s day in 1987 by Chris Howse, Colin Turner and Willy Entwistle, is out of quarantine and showing no signs of any canine diseases ( maybe a touch of rabies) !!   The original three have returned to their posts and with the addition of two new members are now a five piece.  The line up is: Andy Henderson- cornet,  Willy Entwistle- reeds/violin,  Colin Turner- bass saxophone,  Chris Howse -banjo, guitar and vocals,  John Smith- drums.   We hope a few people are old enough to remember us and we look forward to seeing you at our opening gig at Southport jazz club on Wednesday the 24th July.    Further dates at the moment are: Leeds Jazz Club 20th August, Eagley Jazz Club 18th November and Rochdale Jazz Club 19th January 2020".

23/03/19 - Barbara and I have always said that we have found jazzers on the whole to be very kind and friendly people. This was never more the case than when I sent out an email on my musicians mailing list yesterday to ask for help. A lady in Warrington told me that her 85 year old father, who was once a jazz musician, is now in a care home on the Fylde Coast, but he has no-one to talk to about jazz and his condition makes it hard for him to see any point in engaging with people who don't share his enthusiasm or knowledge. His memory and cognitive functioning aren't great, but he absolutely remembers his Jazz and uses his iPad to play all kinds of music on YouTube. She was hoping someone might spare time to go and visit him. I was overwhelmed by the response from musicians offering to help in various ways, some of whom even remembered him. My thanks to you all, it makes running this web site all the more rewarding. Now watch this video at as an example of how 'music reminiscence therapy' can help, kindly sent to me by John Westwood

20/03/19 - My thanks to Robert Webb for the generous purchase of the last collection of CDs. The next lot are now in the pipeline if you want a sneak preview

20/03/19 - I've just received an emailed press release for JazzAscona 2019 if anybody wants a copy.

20/03/19 - Mart Rodger's funeral service will take place at St. George’s Parish Church,  Fountain Close, Poynton, Stockport SK12 1NH, on Friday, 29th March at 11.00 a.m.

20/03/19 - From now on, the Wall City Jazz Band will only be playing once a month at Upton by Chester British Legion. This will be on the first Tuesday of every month - Alan Jeffs

20/03/19 - I'm grateful to all those people who have bid for the latest collection of CDs. The bidding ends at 7pm tonight and I'm overwhelmed at the generosity of fellow jazzers who have so far bid an amazing amount. The money will contribute to the running costs of the site and also benefit the Alzheimer Society.

20/03/19 - The Parade Jazzband now have a new home. The band plays from 8.30 pm every Tuesday at The Old Quay Parkgate Neston Wirral CH646QJ. Roy Gregory tells me, "It's s a large venue with excellent parking, good beer and excellent food at really good prices. All are welcome".

19/03/19 - Sam Ralph has been busy again at Rochdale Jazz Club, this time taking photographs of Doc Houlind Revival Band from Denmark. They had been voted 'band of the year' for 2018, and this was the first opportunity to present the band with their trophies. What a great idea.  More photographs on Sam's web site.

18/03/19 - Llandudno Jazz Festival has been added to the Jazz Festivals NW page. Although I couldn't spot any mention of Traditional Jazz, last year Brenda Canty Forrest told me, "The Fringe wasn’t expensive and was so popular and even though we had rain showers from time to time it was under cover, and is mostly trad/ mainstream". The Alloa Advertiser reports, "As well as the main stage marquee presenting high-end jazz across three days, performances will be spread out throughout the venue with trad jazz in the Upper Courtyard, jazz jams in the Hall and Stage B - formerly known as the Fringe stage - with popular jazz, soul and more for the festival which will be hosted this year by the returning artist Alan Barnes".

17/03/19 - Hello again Fred, at my request you kindly publicised the Pasadena Roof Orchestra concert at Lowther Pavilion, Lytham and I just wanted to let you know the evening was a great success. Not quite a sell out but plenty there and a great atmosphere. I was heartened that the people sitting around me, some of whom hadn’t been familiar with the band previously, and some who had, all said they’d really enjoyed the concert and would come again. So, a good result all round and I thought you should know. Always good to get positive feedback!   Many thanks and best wishes - Marilyn Mulroy

17/03/19 - Many Happy Returns to John Dunlop who will be celebrating his 81st birthday on Thursday.

17/03/19 - There are no mid week daytime jazz concerts this week, unless you know different?

16/03/19 -  "Yesterday Barbara and I visited Carnforth station refreshment rooms (after consulting this website) to hear the High Society Jazz Band, from 12.30 to 2.30. Our 108 mile round trip was definitely worth it, with the excellent quintet entertaining 40 or so fans.( Not many bands play “Flatfoot” !) Personnel : - Dave Bateman ( bjo / voc.), Peter Boswell (tpt), Bruce Carnaffin (clt), Robin Andrews (dms / w’bd/ harmonica / voc.), and Paul Guppy – guest on brass bass (virtuoso stuff), depping for Gerry Clayton, unfortunately on sick leave and we wish him well". - Terry Birkinhead

16/03/19 - Readers of the March edition of Jazz Guide may have come across an advert for Martin Bennett's Swamplanders at The Micker Brook in Cheadle, a new venue "starting Monday 4th May". It should of course be Saturday 4th May, and it will take place thereafter every 1st Saturday in the month providing there is enough support. It will be corrected in the April issue.

15/03/19 - Many musicians have contributed to Mart Rodger's Tribute Page, but I'm sure there are many jazzers out there who have enjoyed listening to Mart and the band, and I'd love to add your memories if you'd let me have them.

15/03/19 - The PR1, home of the Silver Bell Band in Preston, has changed hands again as Beer Brothers have pulled out and the lady running the pub has taken it over. "It's good news", says Roy Freeman, "because she loves the music".

14/03/19 - Messages of shock, sympathy and support have poured in following the news of Mart Rodger's death. I have collected them all and put them together on a tribute page which is located here.

14/03/19 - I had a shock phone call from Mart Rodger's wife Janet today, to tell me that Mart had died in Stepping Hill hospital last night after being ill for a week. He'd had a very high temperature all week, and they operated on him yesterday afternoon. It seems he had a massive infection round his replacement hip, and it had to be taken out. She told me that had he survived, he would have been the most unhappy man in the world, which I can understand.  Janet will let me know when the funeral arrangements are available.

13/09/19 - My apologies if you have looked at the next bunch of CDs that have gone up for sale and saw that it had expired. That was the start date that had expired, it doesn't end until 20th March. I've amended the page now to show the correct run down time.

13/03/19 - The High Society Jazz Band gig at Bare Village Club, Morecambe, scheduled for this Sunday, has been moved to the following Sunday, 24th March

13/03/19 - Roger Browne regular pianist since 1995 with Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz, will be giving an amusing and entertaining recital/talk/concert featuring personal adaptions of an ecclectic mix of styles underpinned by fascinating stories of the characters and experiences that have shaped his amazing life in music. It takes place at Bowdon Rugby Club on Friday 3rd May. More details here

13/03/19 - The Dart Valley Stompers, based in the South West, are set to travel North  covering Rochdale, Barnsley & Leeds on 7th, 6th and 9th of April respectively.  The band was formed in 2005 with the aim of playing lively and exciting Traditional & New Orleans jazz and features Award Winning Reed Player Jeremy Huggett on Clarinet, Saxophones & Vocals.

11/03/19 - I had a call from John Meehan tonight (leader of the Savannah Jazz Band), to remind me that this year the band will be celebrating 40 years since it was founded in Spring 1979. John joined the band in October that year, and some time later became the band leader. The band members in the beginning were, Paul Harrison (clt), Tony Smith (tpt), Peter Gledhill (tbn), Terry Mellor (dbl bs) and Bob Slater (bjo). John would like help from jazzers and musicians, who can remember who the previous drummer was, and especially any memories you may have as a listener, band member or dep. Please send them to me and I'll add them to a celebratory web page.  Apparently at the last gig in Didsbury, John asked the audience if any of them actually lived in Didsbury, and nobody put their hand up!  Maybe we could find who has travelled the furthest to listen to them?  He is hoping to organise an anniversary celebration at The Keys Hotel in Huddersfield around June time.

11/03/19 - Re: The latest CD Clearout -  The Geoff Bull CD is excellent, well worth buying! For anyone who doesn’t know Geoff then be assured that he is a fine trumpet player & band leader and at home with some of the best New Orleans musicians, who feature on this CD.  As for Monty Sunshine, well I blame him for my love of New Orleans music for it was the liner notes of an EP featuring Monty that set me on the path. George Lewis was mentioned and I sought out an LP and was captivated.- Fraser McCombe

10/03/19 - Just one mid week daytime jazz event this week - The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 15 March, 12:30 – 14:30, where there are Tea Rooms and Good food available. A Collection is taken at this event.

10/03/19 - Just looking at WhereCanWeGo and I see that the Savoy Jazzmen's venue is now listed for Tuesday, well done Peter Swensson, hope it improves your audience size.

09/03/19 - Re: Mike Feltham's fun with trombones - Many thanks - absolutely great!  Malcolm Hogarth (and Isabel when she gets a chance to see and listen to it)

09/03/19 - "The heart of Poulton's community is beating ever stronger as the former St Chad's Hall, now known as Vicarage Park Community Centre, played host to an evening of jazz with a sprinkling of comedy by the popular band Deco Delight", writes community correspondent Yvonne Fielding in the Blackpool Gazette. "The Centre has undergone extensive refurbishment thanks to the effort of the local community fundraising over a number of years and now proudly opens its doors once again to events, community activities and concerts. The jazz evening was organised primarily to raise funds for the continued needs of the Centre and cabaret-style seating with tables and chairs set the scene for a sparkling evening of entertainment and refreshments of cheese and wine. Spokesperson Wendy Barnes said: "It was a brilliant night and the band went down a storm. "They generously gave their services for free and we raised over £600. "We would love to have them back for a ticketed event in the future".   Peter Eddowes passed this item on to me and said, "Good to know that we are doing something right. A really nice publicity plug don't you think?".

08/03/19 - One video I think may have had a mention on here before is one that Mike Feltham pointed out and said, "Not quite jazz", but trombonists out there should enjoy this, and to be fair, all musicians probably will.  "I've seen it before, but well worth a second or even a third viewing", writes Paul Medina. It always amazes me how each player has learnt his part off by heart.  If you like the musical humour, then have a look Mnozil Brass.

08/03/19 - The missing date for Eagley Jazz Club on 3rd June has now been filled. The Dave Donohoe Jazz Band will be playing.

08/03/19 - My Thanks to George Bell, from Seascale,Cumbria who purchased the last bundle of CDs. The next collection of 9 will go on Ebay on Sunday night at 7pm. This time there are CDs from USA, Finland and Australia as well as some familiar bands from the UK, three of which are no longer playing, so this may be your last chance to get hold of a copy of the CD. Click here for a preview of the listing

08/03/19 - Bingley Mavericks Jazz Club gig list has been updated

05/03/19 - Yesterday a disk drive which stores all my documents, photographs and music, died a sudden death. I replaced it today and left it to restore all but yesterday's work which was waiting to be backed up. Be warned, it could happen to you, think about backing up your drive(s) before it's too late. - Fred

05/03/19 - Photographer Sam Ralph was busy again at Rochdale Jazz Club on Sunday night, this time it was Mike Owen's Scarlette's Serenaders in the flashlight. Checkout the photographs here - Fred

04/03/19 - The Parade Jazzband start a new venue on Tuesday 5th March at 8.30 - 11pm. It's at The Brewers Arms 1 Park Street, Neston CH64 3RP.  It’s Mardi Gras so we’ll be playing New Orleans style music and there will be free beads. Brollies optional but welcome - Roy Gregory

04/03/19 - The NW Castle jazz weekend page has been updated - Fred

03/03/19 - Roy Gregory writes, "I now have details of John Shevill’s funeral. They are as follows:-   11th March 2019, Southport Crematorium, 158 Southport Rd Southport PR85JQ.  Cortege arrives 10.30. March to chapel-approx 150 yds. Headed by the Parade Jazzband. Service 10.40 - 30 mins to 11.10.  The Band will play outside for people leaving.  Reception is at the Masonic Hall. Duke St. Southport PR81LS Lord St. end.

03/03/19 - The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in in the beautiful setting of the Sefton Park Palm House, Sefton Park, Liverpool. L17 1AP. T on Tue, 5 March, 14:00 – 16:00. and Baby Jools and The Jazzaholics are appearing at Garstang Jazz Club on Thu, 7 March, 12:00 – 14:30 at Kirkland & Catterall Memorial Hall, Preston PR3 0HR. These are the only two mid week daytime jazz events this week. - Fred

03/03/19 - Many Happy Returns today to Merseyside bass player Jim West, Rosie Harrison tomorrow, and to Mart Rodger & Colin Smith who share birthdays on Saturday. - Fred

03/03/19 - At the end of January I mentioned a free website where band managers, club organisers or fans could list their events. I was having a look today and was pleased to see that someone at Rochdale Jazz Club had taken the trouble to put their events on. Good for you as I've not found any other clubs in the North West who took up the suggestion. I see the Original Panama Jazz Band are shown as playing weekly at the Irby Club thanks to Jon Critchley. That's two down and plenty to go, and it doesn't cost a penny.  Apologies if I missed one that someone took the trouble to put on. - Fred

02/03/19 - Enjoy a bit of good detective work?  Well I'm beginning to find this story fascinating and would love someone in Yorkshire to follow it up.   "Hello Fred,  I noticed the item dated 25/2/19 with the photo sent by Pip Bensley.   It's well known that Louis Armstrong came to Yorkshire in 1968, playing at the famous Batley Variety Club. Louis was met at Leeds Bradford airport by a young Enrico Tomasso. Rothwell is a small town on the southern outskirts of Leeds, so perhaps there is a connection with this 1968 visit? The Yorkshire Post Newspaper has good archives - it might be worth enquiring there.  Interesting to see the twin record deck in the photo but it doesn't look like a local radio studio. Possibly hospital radio, factory broadcasting, or just a keen amateur? - Sam Wood

02/03/19 - Two cornets (not the ice cream variety), have just gone on the Sales Page. - Fred

02/03/19 - Happy Birthday to Roy Gregory! It's now ten years since I first met Roy, with Mad Ed's Hot Five. This led on to many enjoyable sessions at the Blue Bell, and I haven't been the same since!  - Sam Wood

02/03/19 - Re: The number of instruments on stage during the Frog & Henry tour - At Garstang I had a long natter with Ewan Bleach.  It seems the German reed player had only brought his clarinet with him, the alto and tenor saxes he was playing belonged to Ewan, that means Ewan had taken two clarinets, bass sax, baritone sax, soprano sax, alto sax and tenor sax on the tour with him! - Barrie Marshall

01/03/19 - The March edition of Dove Jazz Bugle is now available to read here - Fred

February 2019

28/02/19 - My thanks to those who responded to my query re hissing in the ears, but I am far from needing a hearing aid! I have been diagnosed as not detecting very high frequencies, but I can hear perfectly well. For now. Unless I protect my ears with good ear protectors to cut down the decibels entering them. I don’t want to amplify them! - Jon Critchley

28/02/19 - I will be delighted when Jon Critchley returns -ex accident- to Irby !    Am I alone in thinking that his Hissing comes from the fact that, for some years... he plays Trumpet???   Rather well too!!   I would guess that he exceeds a 707 on take off?? or should that be a 380 nowadays?? Whatever, COME BACK SOON!!! and bring Dave Thomas with YOU -  (Over the Border -  Anne and Hissing Tony)

28/02/19 - Undercliffe Cricket Club gig list has just been updated - Fred

28/02/19 -  Frazer McCombe (25/02.19) drew attention to Ewan having five instruments on stage. Before reed player Lauren joined the Northern part of the F & H tour, Will was in that seat with two clarinets, one a bass, and tenor sax, Ewan, on the other hand, had soprano, tenor, baritone and bass saxes and the two clarinets. David with the tuba machine and banjo, FH Henry two guitars, and Kermane just his violin. I make that a total of fourteen - quite a stage full ! Ten videos can be viewed on Peter Butler's ( ) new Youtube site. Have a look. - Norman Gibson

28/02/19 - I've just been watching videos taken by Peter Butler (jazz&jazz) of Frog & Henry, filmed at Tad Newton's Walnut Tree Jazz Club, in Blisworth. You can tell Ewan Bleach is from Oxford, only an Englishman would pour himself a cup of tea halfway through a number. Check out this video of  Bunk Johnson's "The Girls Go Crazy" - Fred

28/02/19 -  There are a limited number on 1 Day tickets now available for Keswick Jazz Festival so you can just buy the ones that fit in with your plans. For a limited period you can now buy any mixture of Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday tickets at £45 each. - Fred

28/02/19 - I refer to Jon Critchley’s message about hearing aids. I have the same problem with hearing high frequency notes and have both the free NHS and the Boots hearing aids. The Boots aid costs well over £2,000 and is recommended by “Which”. The Boots aid has re-chargeable batteries and the NHS aid is free and is provided with free dry batteries for life. You are given a card which allows you to collect a regular supply of about ten batteries when needed, and both provide equal performance. I only purchased the Boots aid because the earlier NHS model was not as good. Your GP will refer you to an NHS hearing clinic. I was first alerted to the loss of hearing when other musicians complained that I was playing too loud. The biggest loss of hearing is in my right ear, probably caused by always having my amplifier next to me on the right hand side of the keyboard - Barrie Quilliam

28/02/19 - Mardi Gras comes to High Lane.   Monday 4th March is Lundi Gras – the day before Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) itself. Mart Rodger’s Manchester Jazz will be celebrating at High Lane Conservative Club, commencing at 8.00pm. Mardi Gras (celebrated in the UK as Pancake Tuesday) is the last carnival celebration party before Ash Wednesday.   In New Orleans people dress in the three official Mardi Gras colours of Green, Gold and Purple and enjoy themselves parading and partying. Please do join us in the spirit of Mardi Gras. The band will be playing a miscellany of Mardi Gras and New Orleans tunes to listen to and enjoy. Bring a friend and lose yourselves for an evening of fun and frivolity. - Mart Rodger

28/02/19 - The latest edition of Just Jazz Magazine has just popped through the letter box. You can see what's inside this issue by clicking here - Fred

28/02/19 - More photographs from Sam Ralph at Rochdale Jazz Club. This time, it's the Frog & Henry Band - Fred

25/02/19 - Just wanted to pass on the details that the Pasadena Roof Orchestra is to appear at Lowther Pavilion Theatre in Lytham on Friday 8th March.  Still some tickets left for lovers of 1920s and 30s jazz - Irving Berlin, Ray Noble, Cole Porter, Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington etc and in the words of the band – ‘Pack up your troubles, come on get happy, and experience an evening of superlative live music, with more than a dash of wit and humour’. I’ve seen them several times and it’s always a good night, it would be great if you could give them a mention and we could get a full house. - Marilyn Mulroy

25/02/19 -  "I just thought we should send you a note to say what a great night we had on Saturday with Frog and Henry. We saw them in Brittany in 2017 and thought they were one of the standout bands of the Festival, so we were delighted when they approached us for a gig, nearly as delighted as our audience were on Saturday that we had managed to book them. Special praise has to be given to Hilda and Roger Bywater the dancers from Tarporley, who came to Bollington for the first time and it was the third time last week that they had seen F & H, some recommendation eh!  Best wishes, Bernard and Carole Selby".  "A very enjoyable concert from the Frog & Henry band at Garstang. The musicianship and arrangements were terrific and I wish them well for the future". - Mal Horne

25/02/19 - Further to the comments about the Liverpool jazz festival, check out the schedule for the Nantwich Jazz & Blues Festival. The future of jazz in any form is not safe in these organiser’s hands, and I refer not just to traditional jazz.  Further to Pete Lindup’s comment about the future of the music being safe in the hands of the Tenement, Frog & Henry, etc: yes but only if similar age audiences come to watch, otherwise who will they play it to? I think it needs to come out onto the streets for the young people to hear, because the established clubs perhaps don’t know how to attract them through the doors. - Jon Critchley

25/02/19 - After last year's success, with many events selling out in advance, the 2019 Neston Music Festival is running from 26 April to 25 May. Of particular interest to jazz aficionados will be the Northern Rhythm Big Band at Neston Civic Hall on 3 May, Sue Reid at St Thomas's Parkgate on 15 May, Dale Storr at Neston Cricket Club on 22 May and the Original Panama Jazz Band at Neston Civic Hall on 24 May. Full details, including ticketing, are at . - Mike Shipman

25/02/19 - Hi Fred, nice to see you again, enjoying the Frog & Henry band at Garstang Jazz Club. What a fabulous Quintet ! My brother hadn’t heard of them but had heard of Ewan Bleach and that he was a bit special. How right he was ! “Weary Blues” with Jim Swinnerton sitting in nearly blew the roof off, and Ewan’s “Si tu vois ma Mere” was beautiful. A musician sat next to us was literally purring with delight.  I believe the band have already got potential dates for a 2020 tour – I suspect all the dates will be a sell-out after this tour. - Terry Birkinhead.

25/02/19 - My thanks to Robert Webb in Tunbridge Wells who supported this site and the Alzheimer's Society by buying my last collection of CDs on Ebay. If you missed out, there's a chance to have another go as a collection nine more CDs have just gone on eBay. Click here for details. - Fred

25./02/19 - Pip Bensley writes, "I have just bought the attached photograph and saw there was some kind of jazz connection and wondered whether you could cast any light on it. The cuttings on the wall are “Louis makes true Rothwell boy’s dearest wish” and “jazz club story goes on record”. I see there's a Rothwell on the outskirts of Leeds - Fred

25/02/19 -  We can see now that young and old can all enjoy 'our' kind of jazz, when it's of the style and quality of musicianship of Frog & Henry. The Cheshire Swing Cats had to respond to their demand for tickets, by moving their event to a larger venue to accommodate 114 + band and organising group. Very successful event.' - Norman Gibson.  Check out the photos at  - Fred

25/02/19 - Equally free - Jazznorthwest Weekly is out! 25 February 2019 Edition. Of particular interest to many of you, could be an article in the Leisure section, from Gibson.  the new York Times - "Jazz on The Edge of Change" at about the origins of the music. How did the 369th Infantry Regiment band led by James Reese Europe playing in the courtyard of a Paris hospital for wounded Americans, have any influence on jazz? You may wonder. - Fred

25/02/19 - Hello Fred, The new issue of Jazz Journal s available (free) today at - Steve Voce

25/02/19 - In common with most of us who are ‘getting on’ I’ve also been told that I have loss in high frequencies. However, my experience with ‘free’ hearing tests is that they always result in the offer of an expensive, (sometimes very) solution, which doesn’t really work. When I hear hissing sounds, I like to assume it’s due to a hearing deficiency, and not just audience reaction! (????) - Richard Knock

25/02/19 - Just to confirm that Frog & Henry were equally well received at Bollington on Saturday night. Everybody I spoke to were full of praise for the high musical standards of the band. A fresh approach to the music we love. How many musicians are on stage with a bass sax,baritone sax,soprano sax and two clarinets, one Boehm & one Albert system.  And that’s just one of them!   An unusual repertoire and yet some familiar tunes.  - Fraser McCombe

24/02/19 - I used to think that the hissing in my ears after gigs was audience generated (and maybe sometimes it still is!) But, it’s something I’ve got used to: Not whilst I’m playing, but particularly when I’ve got home and I’m lying in bed; even this morning as I write, although due to a fall the other week, I haven’t played for a few weeks. So when Boots offered a free hearing test, Kay and I went last Friday. Kay’s turned out to be spot-on, but I was diagnosed as having problems with the very high frequencies. The specialist put it down to playing and recommended hearing protectors which I since have found out can cost from a tenner to £140 and more. He said I should not be subjected to more than 80dB, which is relatively quiet. Got a dB app on my phone and I will monitor the level on the next gig. Have other musicians experienced this and can anyone recommend any particular make / type? Boots recommended ACS (who I since discovered are ACS’s U.K. dealers). Seems a bit over the top to spend £140 on protection but then again what price is good hearing? Cheers, - Jon Critchley

24/02/19 - A couple of musician's birthdays to celebrate this week - Jamie Brownfield, 27 on Tuesday, and Roy Gregory, 55 on Saturday.

24/02/19 - Just one mid week daytime jazz event this week - Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood on Wed, 27 February, 12:00 – 14:30

23/02/19 - Garstang Jazz Club gig list has been updated

23/02/19 - "Absolutely fantastic performance from Frog and Henry at Garstang Jazz Club. Great comments from everyone I spoke to." - Jim Swinnerton

23/02/19 - Roy Gregory, leader of the  Parade Jazzband, writes "It is with great regret that I have to report that John Shevill has passed away.  John has been the drummer with the Parade Jazzband for well over 10 years. His considerable contribution to the band will be sadly missed as will his wit and humour. He last played with us on Tuesday 19/2/19. He was in good spirits and played well. John was 86 years of age but appeared to be in good health. His sudden death has come as a shock to us all. I will give details of funeral arrangements when I get them. We intend to give him a rousing musical send off.

22/02/19 - When it come to other bands, musicians rarely give praise unless it's well and truly earned. So these comments tell it like it was yesterday at Garstang jazz Club. "Loved the band, first class music, first class musicians and I had two long conversations with Ewan Bleach and tried out each other’s clarinets, an afternoon I won’t forget, and I took nearly sixty pictures. The sad thing is no young people in the audience", - Barrie Marshall. "Frog & Henry playing at the Garstang Jazz Club yesterday, to a full house. One of the most enjoyable performances I have had the pleasure of being at and listening to. Great, not often played repertoire, professionally played by five superb musicians. Wonderful to hear young musicians with such an authentic feel for the music. I look forward to seeing them again".-  Mike Lovell.  "Well, what a superb afternoon, five (young!) guys who have assimilated the 'old' syle jazz and given it the authentic approach. The future of the music is assured whilst in the safe hands of Mr. Bleach and his boys!" - Peter Lindup.

22/02/19 - Dear Fred, I went to bed very happy at 11.30 last night, after reading your e-mail. Your acknowledgement of Frog and Henry, after you witnessed them yesterday at Garstang, and I quote, " I now realise why you rate them so highly, they were brilliant ", meant a lot to me. Assisting them these last two years has been a joy ! The broader significance of how well the band is being received, on this second tour, is not lost on me. More young musicians in NOLA are getting the message, the 'Shake 'em Up' amazing all girl band will be back, and more will follow, But, more importantly, young musicians here, eg Tenement JB, are getting the message. Dependent on Brexit, we could see European young bands, like 'French rag', 'Sweet Peppers', 'Hot Sugar Band' etc making visits here to really liven up our jazz scene. Thanks Fred.-  Norman Gibson 

20/02/19 - Carlisle Jazz Club gig list has been updated

20/02/19 - The Kirkbymoorside Town Blog – Ryedale, North Yorkshire, reports that "The 7th Ryedale Traditional Jazz Festival will take place from 21 to 27 July 2019, in Pickering, on Sunday at 2.30pm in St Peter and St Paul’s church, and all other concerts at 7.30pm in Pickering Memorial Hall". It also includes a list of events which you can see here.

20/02/19 - Neil Clarke writes, "Last month, the Wolfgang Jazz Club (which had put on jazz every Wednesday evening for many years) was forced to cease due to the loss of the use of its regular venue. However, the good news is that the club is re-launching as the Alsager Golf & Country Club Jazz Society, Audley Rd., Alsager. The new club will put on jazz every Thursday evening from 9pm until 11pm. To cover the cost of the move and to ensure we can continue putting on top artists, there will be a small charge of £3 per head on the door. However, I think you will find the drinks good value at the bar and the facilities more spacious and comfortable. There is plenty of level car parking right outside the doors and all facilities are on the ground floor. We will continue to hold a raffle to supplement the door income. Your attendance & support would be very much appreciated to help to keep the club alive and hopefully grow as it adapts to its new location and format. The first gig at this new venue will be on THURSDAY 21st February and will feature Alex Clarke (reeds & flute), Andrzej Baranek (keys), Nigel Cartwright (bass) and Roger Keay (drums)".     I have my doubts that the club will be featuring traditional jazz bands as we know them, so have asked Neil for clarification. Future gigs can be found on the Alsager Golf & Country Club Jazz Society Facebook page.

19/02/19 - What a busy, but amazing weekend, Meryl and I have had. Travelled to Plymouth, a whole day Friday in brilliant sunshine enjoying such a fantastic Passing Out Parade, at HMS Raleigh, of our eldest Grandson Jacob, as he starts his challenging career in the Royal Navy. Then Saturday over to Dove Holes for a full house ( getting on a 100 ) performance by Frog and Henry Band, which included Barry's 65th. birthday celebration and the drinkies that went with that ! There was a standing ovation at the end - could have been for Barry ? For those people who asked me ' Will Ewan be bringing his Bass saxophone ?' - the answer is 'Yes'. Too tired to get to the Caledonia in Liverpool tonight, but Kendal (Wed) and Garstang ( Thurs noon ) here we come. FH Henry tells me a lot of the 2020 Tour is arranged already - that tells me he really likes us in the UK and I can now retire ( again ! ) - Norman Gibson

19/02/19 - In my new life as part-time rock, country, blues and swing drummer I have also taken up entertaining the public at our monthly musical soiree (and other functions when asked) with songs which our audience and my fellow musicians have never come across before e.g. Hello my baby, Let's pretend there's a moon, My little bimbo, Out in the cold again. My search for new songs leads me in diverse directions and I came across a recording of Darktown Strutters Ball which I hadn't heard before.... Joe Brown's 1960 version, his first "hit" record. So the twain doth meet, albeit not often. - Joe Brown & the Bruvvers - The Darktown Strutter's Ball - Graham Martindale (France).

17/02/19 - "We had a fantastic night at the Heron theatre in Milnthorpe last night with The Hot Fingers Trio (Spats Langham & Emily Campbell)", writes Gudrun Ohara

16/02/19 - Just one daytime midweek jazz event coming up, and it's the much talked about Frog & Henry Band who will be playing at Garstang Jazz Club on Thu, 21 February, 12:00 – 14:30 at the Kirkland & Catterall Memorial Hall, Preston PR3 0HR. Lunch is included in the £12 entry fee, so this has to be the bargain of the year and I would be surprised if it wasn't a full house!

16/02/19 - The Seventh Liverpool International Jazz Festival will take place from Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th February 2019 at The Capstone Theatre, and is supported by Liverpool Jazz, but as Mike Feltham says, "No mention of Trad Jazz !".

16/02/19 - After its extensive refurbishment the Southey Street Methodist Church is to be one of the venues again for the Keswick Jazz and Blues Festival - including the ever-popular Sunday Service. The Festival organisers are very pleased to welcome the church back as a long-term supporter of the festival as well as a great Jazz and Blues venue. The church is looking fantastic with greatly improved and renewed facilities. Refreshments will be available again, provided by the lovely volunteers at Southey Street Church.

16/02/19 - Many Happy Returns today to Barry Pryme who is no doubt celebrating his 65th birthday with the Frog & Henry Jazz Band at Dove jazz Club. Next week it's a Happy Birthday wishes to Sheila Collier on Monday 18th, and to Frank Slater who will celebrate his 82nd birthday on Saturday.

16/02/19 - The Deco Delight web page has been updated to include a photograph and video from the charity event at The Vicarage Park Community Centre in Poulton-le-Fylde

16/02/19 -  With all the head spinning information associated with Brexit, it suddenly occurred to me that none of the media (or your page) has investigated the impact of a no deal on musicians and promoters. I decided therefore to do some research myself. Contacting the government was a waste of time as was a phone call to the musicians union.  However an e-mail to Brussels did furnish results. Whilst still in the developmental stage, some definite decisions had been made and here are the findings as supplied by Jeff Roberts.

15/02/19 -
One of Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz CD tracks will be played on Radio Manchester this Sunday on the programme Unforgettable between 10.00pm and midnight. Georgia On My Mind is the track and we would like to thank the JAZZFAN for sending in the request. Allan Dent trumpet, Eric Brierley trombone/vocal, Colin Smith double bass, Mart Rodger clarinet, Tim Roberts banjo, Joe Palin piano and Pete Staples drums. Regretfully the last three have passed away from this world.

13/01/19 - "The Blackhorse Jazzmen celebrate our 25th Anniversary next Tuesday 19th February at the Royal Oak in Settle. We have played a regular weekly session for that whole period though changing venues about 6 times. Three of the current quartet are original members. Some of our frequent deps. will join us for the occasion. We thank our regular supporters for their loyalty which has kept the sessions going. I must take this opportunity to congratulate the Merseysippi on reaching their magnificent 70th this month. How long has your fantastic site been going now Fred? - Peter Boswell". I can't establish the actual date Peter, but by my reckoning, it started around 1995 at the latest, which makes it 25 years next year (see this article). - Fred.


11/02/19 - In their latest newsletter, the Tenement Jazz Band from Scotland has announced that it is playing at The Blue Arrow, Glasgow on 24th Feb, and Matt & Phred's in Manchester on the 21st June. Not one to be left behind, Norman Gibson writes, "We've been to Matt & Phred's, there's a Travelodge just round the corner. We're planning on going in June".

11/02/19 - Sorry to hear of the demise of Roy Pellett. I have a copy of his excellent compilation of anecdotes from BBC's much lamented radio series Jazz Score. I notice that the book can still be obtained from - Trevor Barnes

11/02/19 - Thanks to Sam Ralph, once again we have some great pictures of the Chicago Teddybears Society Jazz Band taken at Rochdale Jazz Club last night.

10/02/19 - Just one mid week daytime jazz event this week, The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 15 February, 12:30 – 14:30

10/02/19 - The Merseysippi Jazzband will be celebrating their 70th birthday this week on 14th Feb, but the celebrations start tomorrow night at Liverpool Cricket Club in the Sports Bar, downstairs. Jamie Brownfield will be a guest with  the band.

10/02/19 - Do you forget to check this page regularly?  Why not have it sent to you twice a week via email?  Simply send an email to with the subject "Add Me".

09/02/19 - My next collection of 9 CDs will be on eBay tonight at 9-30pm, and you can preview them here. They seem to be going quite well and I'm pleased somebody wants them, at the same time any money received is contributing to the web site and to the Alzheimer's Society.

08/02/19 - I have just heard the sad news that Roy Pellett has passed away . He was based in Plymouth and had a lengthy career with much time spent touring the continent . He was a member of the Leathertown Jazzband, Bob Wallis Storyville Jazzband . plus. Rod Mason and latterly his own band. See pictures. Best wishes. - Ken Ames

07/02/19 -  The Micker Brook, a pub/diner/pizzaria at Cheadle-Stonehouse, near Stockport, has booked Bennett's Swamplanders for every first Saturday for the rest of the year, starting on Saturday 4th May. The venue has a dance floor and is ideal for anyone interested at all in jiving and Lindy Hopping, as well as listening to Dixieland Swing. Bennett's Swamplanders is a five piece band from The Old Green River Band featuring Stan Williams on trumpet, Howard Murray on various saxes, Howard Worthington on double bass, Bill Buck on drums and myself on keyboard. The opening night will also be supporting the Diane Oxberry Ovarian Cancer Fund/Charity with a raffle. Raffle prizes would certainly be appreciated. Evenings Kick Off at 8.30 finishing at 11pm. Entrance £10 pp on the door on the night. - Martin Bennett

07/02/19 - Hi Fred, I really enjoy your emails even though I’m over on the east side of the midlands. Yes I picked up on the Tenement band and they are now coming to our beautiful jazz club in Louth early 2020. We also have Frog and Henry coming to Louth this March picked up from your email. Thank you.  Great to get news and Info from North West. - Linda Scrutton

07/02/19 - That's my daughter on stage at Garstang Jazz Club - this lovely photo of Alex Clarke posted by mum Sarah, on Facebook

07/02/19 - The Savoy Jazzmen web page photograph has been updated

07/02/19 - Stranraer and Blackpool are two jazz venues added to the Jazz Festivals and weekends breaks page

07/02/19 - Not having heard much about Dr. Michael White's activities for a few years, it's a treat to hear him play with Shaye, and a great relief to hear that our music still does exist today! - John Westwood

04/02/19 - The gig list for Jazz at Bingley Mavericks has been updated

04/02/19 - Pete Lay may be interested to know that a copy of the George Lewis double LP was for sale internationally a couple of years ago for $1,400 - Brian Legan

04/02/19 - Let’s not get too gung-ho about Frog and Henry being on same bill as the Rolling Stones. Great as it is.   The Stones are appearing as a separate entity to the Fest itself with a stand alone concert on the Thursday before the weekend events. With F&H appearing in the ‘Economy Hall Tent’ where you get to hear some of the local bands – not on the main stage – a bit like Glastonbury where they have more than one stage. But, it’s pleasing that at least some local bands get to feature at this Festival which has changed dramatically since its inception nearly 50 years ago. It’s no wonder the French Quarter Festival three weeks before Jazz Fest has become the ‘peoples festival’ featuring everything/everyone local or those ‘in town’. Hoping to see F&H there this coming April, along with Tuba Skinny, Shotgun Jazz Band, and many other of the Frenchman Street bands.    So pleased that folk have picked up on the Tenement Jazz Band – who will also be touring ‘South’ next March, with an appearance at a Warner Jazz Break at Sinah Warren (March 1st) and at Sylvie’s Place (March 4th) with some other gigs in between. Incidentally buy their CD – it’s pretty damn good – shades of a night in the Spotted Cat or d.b.a in New Orleans. - Pete Lay

03/02/19 -
Many Happy Returns to Alan Matthews who is celebrating his 80th birthday today. On Saturday 9th Feb it's "Many Happy Returns" to Judy Eames.

03/02/19 - Daytime jazz events this week include The Savoy Jazzmen at Sefton Park Palm House on Tue, 5 February, 14:00 – 16:00, and Garstang Jazz Club on Thu, 7 February, 12:00 – 14:30 at Kirkland & Catterall Memorial Hall, Preston PR3 0HR.

03/02/19 - As Frog & Henry are playing to a sold out lunchtime booking today in Holland, I checked out the 'Classic Jazz Concert Club' website.. Their mission is to provide " original jazz from the period 1910 to WWII from Ragtime to Swing, and Hot Jazz of the 20's and 30's". There is a 'Video' link to their own Youtube listing of 170 videos of bands who have played for them (looks like I'll be busy). They include Ewan Bleach and 'Basin St. Brawlers', many of 'Spat's' Langham's Hot Combination and the Bratislava Hot Combination and others I am not aware of ,and need to look at. With latest Liverpool University booking F & H will be doing a total of 15 concerts in the North now ! See Details here - Norman Gibson

01/02/19 - I hear that the charity gig at  The Vicarage Park Community Centre in  Poulton-le-Fylde, which featured Deco Delight, went down so well, the band were given a booking for a paid concert later in the year. This photo of the band on stage was taken by Christopher Gannon, who also took a video of the band playing an unusual version of "The Saints". More photographs and videos here 

01/02/19 - I've just updated Eagley Jazz Club admission charges and membership details, plus a membership application form.

January 2019

30/01/19 - Stopped snowing? Wondering where to go?  Band leaders and fans take note. Many year ago when Barbara and I ran a jazz club I used to post it in a web site called "Where can we go". It's still going strong, and I have just been reminded by a notification from Google that someone has created a post with the words 'Trad Jazz'. Here it is - "Trad Jazz", - A Traditional Jazz Band plays every first Monday of each month. 8.30 to 11pm. Free entry. The White Hart, 27 Churchgate, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 1UD. Mon 4 Feb, Mon 4 Mar, Mon 1 Apr.  So what are you waiting for? Get posting your venue at I found two events in Leicester straight off, none round here though!

30/01/19 - A collection of Cymbals from a retired drummer and teacher, has just gone on the Sales Page

29/01/19 - The Doc Houlind Revival All Stars commence a 26 day UK tour on March 1st.  The only jobs north of the Trent are March 17th Rochdale and March 18th Barnsley. It would be nice to meet up with old friends along the way.  -  Regards Brian Turnock

29/01/19 - Hi Fred, I see Dorian has LPs for sale 26/01/19 - . I’m pleased to see the one on eBay is worth money. I’d consider selling my copy if I could get same money for it. It would interesting to see what other gems are amongst the other 299 items. - Pete Lay

29/01/19 - As John Westwood (who sent me the link) says, "I bet this took a few hours to scan" - It's a 1925 catalogue of 'His Master's Voice' records. I thought I'd search it for the word "jazz", I daren't repeat on here what I found! - Fred

29/01/19 - Well Fred, on 05-01-19 you wrote - " A lot of things can happen in a few days etc". And I can tell you, that since that posting, an amazing lot has happened. Who needs Facebook , Twitter, etc., when we have you. Tom Pickles contacted me, at your suggestion, regarding possible venues for the Tenement JB in June. As Ryan 'Frog and Henry', has the most up to date contact details for his booked venues, I put these two young guys together. Result ! - Tenement JB will play at Tad Newton's Walnut JC 19th June, Bedford Golf Club JC 20th. and Matt and Phred's in Manchester 21st. Bookings being sought en-route to Northampton 17/18th June - anyone got any ideas ? In turn, Tom has fixed F & H up with three gigs in Scotland 12th. to 15th Feb., thus solving the problem we've had filling the Roa Island date, which had to be cancelled. Best of all, a friendship has developed with Ryan and Tom, and Tom will be going out to NOLA to meet up at the time of the Jazz Fest, when F & H will be playing on the same bill as the Rolling Stones. Incidentally, it was Tom who facilitated the 'Shake 'em Up' band's engagements at Edinburgh and Durham last year. Thanks Fred for getting this started. - Norman Gibson

29/01/19 - We look forward to Sunday lunchtime jazz at the John O'Gaunt in Lancaster. Barrie Marshall has got a swinging good team together and lots of guests come to join them. It’s a real pleasure  listening to the music. I am sending you a little picture as Barrie is otherwise occupied. All the best -  Gudrun O'Hara.  Click on the picture for a larger version - FB

27/01/19 - Just one mid week daytime gig coming up - Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at the North Euston Hotel in Fleetwood on Wed, 30 January, 12:00 – 14:30

27/01/19 - Many Happy Returns on Tuesday to Terry Porter, on Thursday to Ken Doran,  and on Friday to Brian Carrick and Tony Pollitt.

26/01/19 - The Chicago Teddybears are delighted to announce that the fabulous Jamie Brownfield will play trumpet with the band at our gig at Eastham Lodge on Friday March 1st. See the web page for more details.”

26/01/18 - More details for the forthcoming event at Garstang Jazz Club on 7th Feb have just been added.

26/01/19 - Maybe I'm starting a trend?  Dorian Legan writes, "I have a lot of jazz records for sale and I am starting to list them through eBay. This is the first one I have listed, and I am told that it is the most valuable one: I have around 300 ready to go, and will be listing them all over the next few days. If you could post a link to the listing I sent it would be much appreciated, and of course I will make a donation on the sale if it manages to go, just ask the winning buyer to let me know he found it via your website.  If you could let people know that more will be coming and to keep an eye on my store page that would be great".

25/01/19 - My next batch of CDs are now about to go live on eBay tonight, but you can see a preview here. There's a signed Chris Barber CD and double CD of skiffle music (61 tracks) included making 10 CDs in all, with a starting price of just £4 and free postage.

25/01/19 - The latest edition of Just Jazz magazine is now out.

24/01/19 - Pilgrim tenor banjo 19 fret ( brand new in 2016) has been reduced yet again, must be a bargain by now. See Sales Page

23/01/19 - Bradley Walsh and son are in New Orleans tonight, ITV 8pm

23/01/19 - Denis Goodwin (Halifax) is the latest musician to go on the deps list. Denis says, "I'm a drummer with drums kit parade etc all styles 43 years pro now semi retired. Deep pocket powerful swing many albums TV film etc. fluent in New Orleans jazz".

22/01/19 - Just realised I was a week premature with the birthday wishes which I've now taken off So it's Many Happy Returns today to Southport reed player, Mike Smith, and tomorrow to Liverpool bass player John McCormick. On Friday it's birthday wishes to Paul Blake & Terry Binns, and on Saturday to Paul Adams.

22/01/19 - Digby Fairweather has written on Facebook, "Did you see the edition of Panorama last night spotlighting the serial killing by Doctor Jane Barton at Gosport War Memorial Hospital. If so did you see the listing of Nathaniel Gonella amongst the hundreds of dead? That was Britain's first great jazz trumpeter Nat Gonella. Three months previously Nat had played a West End week with my Half Dozen and had only gone in for the resetting of a broken elbow".

22/01/19 - Hi Fred, According to a fella called Fellers, the video being praised by so many, was one of 33 'movies' collected at the Juan-le-Pins Jazz Festival, Antibes France between 9 and 12 July 1960. Go down the list at the left and 'click' on 'Antibes' all 33 'movies' can be viewed by clicking each one on the right of the box. There is more on the de Paris brothers on Fellers' page. Thanks to John, this video is making a lot of us happy and wanting more. - Norman Gibson

21/01/19 - Can I add my appreciation of the de Paris video of St. Louis Blues? The clarinettist, Garvin Bushell, with whose work I’m not very familiar, is a worthy successor to Omer Simeon. Sometimes I feel that Simeon was the supreme traditional performer on clarinet – other personal favourites in that idiom are Dodds, Noone, Bechet, Bailey and Hall. Further points of interest are the employment of guitar rather than banjo, the presence of Hayes Alvis on bass (one of Ellington’s double double-bassists with Billy Taylor in the late 1930’s) but insufficiently well recorded for me to form an impression, and the playing of the tune in its “written” key of G (and Gm).  
A bonus was YouTube’s follow-up of a concert video of “In a Persian Market” from 1964 by Acker Bilk. A real show-stopper, and, interestingly, a tune recorded by Wilbur de Paris somewhat earlier.  Happy New Year to all, Harmoniously, John Muskett

21/01/19 -
As a counter to the closing or non-closing of the Bowerham pub in Lancaster you might like to mention my first jazz gig at the Queens Arms on Walney Island this Saturday 26 Jan. First jazz at this pub for a very long time. This seems likely to strengthen the pub. Lovely Olde Worlde place but with under floor heating! and open fires. My jazz food of course. Alan Beacham's 6 piece jazz and blues band which played very successfully these last 3 years at Roa Island. This venture moves on from the 24 years at Roa Island. A few seats left. My phone number is 01229 823279 or e:mail - Malcolm Cookson

21/01/19 - Following from the recent comments re the de Paris band, I can’t believe that it’s taken until my 80th year to discover the Omer Simeon trio recording with Sam Price on piano and Zutty Singleton on drums ‘Clarinette a la Creole’, 8 absolute gems of recordings by 3 absolute New Orleans masters. So for anyone who has remained as ignorant as me, ‘Google’ it, you will be entranced. - Richard Knock

21/01/19 - Thanks to Barrie Marshall for advising me that the Bowerham pub in Lancaster is not closing, the 53 - 70 room students accommodation, is in fact planned for the pub bowling green. 53-70 students next door to a pub, that can only mean good news for the pub and live music.

21/01/19 - Good to see that others enjoy this video. Steve Voce makes the point that the clarinet is Albert system, but misses the fact that it is the equally-more-rarely-heard Garvin Bushell who plays it. Fits beautifully, anyway. - John Westwood

20/01/19 - Beautiful stuff by the De Paris Brothers. They played so easily, with their technical abilities never challenged by their material. But this was a sad time when Sidney De Paris's continuing ill-health overtook him, and a second trumpet had to be employed to give him relief. Omer Simeon, noticeably playing an Albert system had become a bit piercing as he got older. Wilbur was always a superbly accomplished player (ex-Ellington, for example) and with this band he always let his improvising fall on the obvious phrases that came to mind, rather than ones that might disturb the intellects of his audiences. The pianist, Wilbert, is very calm and unaffected by what's goping on, but he played beautifully and with good taste. - Steve Voce

20/01/19 - No midweek daytime jazz events this week.

18/01/19 - It's in the local paper that The Bowerham pub in Lancaster, home to many jazz bands in the past, is to be turned into student flats. Nothing new there then!

18/01/19  - Re: The fundraising gig for Poulton Community Centre on 26th Jan. After pointing out there were no contact details for on the poster for people not familiar with Poulton le Fylde and the ticket seller, Poulton IT,  Peter has updated me and details have now been added to the poster Page

16/01/19 - Just watched (listened) to the you-tube clip from John Westwood of the de Paris band with Wilbert Kirk. Wonderful, certainly one of my favourite bands. I saw (heard!) them perform at Jimmy Ryan's in New York in the late '50s more than once, with the fantastic Omer Simeon on clarinet; that brought back such memories. Fantastic arrangements, absolutely top rate stuff; I wish I could live that experience again, but sincere 'thanks for the memory' John. - Richard Knock

16/01/19 - The Merseysippi Jazz Band are celebrating their 70th birthday in February. We play at Liverpool Cricket Club in the Sports Bar, downstairs on Monday, 11th February, starting at 8.00 p.m. till 11.00. We will have the very talented Jamie Brownfield guesting with us on trumpet and we would like it to be a night to remember. All welcome to join us but get there early to get a seat. - Peter Fryer, Band Secretary.

16/01/19 - Re: My comment about 'Swing Dance Clubs picking up on young bands', Just heard from the Cheshire Swing Cats, they have just passed their break-even number, with most payments in, and feel confident of a full house now for Frog and Henry next month. See what I mean ? - Norman Gibson

16/01/19 - Just stumbled across this, which features the rarely-heard Wilbert Kirk on what is, for once, a well-recorded kit! Once again, those were the daze, eh? - John Westwood

16/01/19 - I should imagine a few eyebrows will be raised at this item from Associated Press -  "The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival has got satisfaction: The Rolling Stones are among the headliners for the 50th anniversary festival. Organizers on Tuesday confirmed reports that Mick Jagger and his band will play. ".

15/01/19 - The gig list for Eagley Jazz Club has just been updated

14/01/19 - A grand fundraising event is taking place on Saturday 26th January 2019 at 8pm featuring the DECO DELIGHT BAND Playing music from the 1920s-30s-40s. It's to raise funds for the VICARAGE PARK COMMUNITY CENTRE.  Tickets available in advance only from Connect IT, Poulton-le-Fylde. Admission £12 including Cheese & Wine Supper Licensed Bar & Raffle.

14/01/19 - The funeral arrangements for Noel Broadgate are  - Friday 25 January , 12 noon at St. Peter’s church in Haslingden, BB4 6NZ.  There will be a Crematorium service following this then back to St. Peter’s hall.  We would love to welcome any of my dads friends - Jill Broadgate

13/01/19 -
Yes Mark Croasdale is correct Fred, we do need to see more young bands here. But problem is, when they do emerge, like Leeds based 'Alligator Gumbo', they get picked up by the swing dance groups, and do not seem to get enough recognition by our jazz clubs!   Although having said that, I see Darlington Jazz Club have them booked for their July 6 lunchtime event. 'Doolally Tap' are mainly young ( just one old geezer in it ). So, 'Tenement's' arrival on the fuller UK scene should certainly help things along. As Mark is obviously open to experience varying young outfits, he may like 'Tcha Badjo', 'The Wiyos', 'Le Bardi Manchot' and 'The Sweet Peppers', who's videos can be easily found. - Norman Gibson

13/01/19 - Just one midweek daytime gig for you this week, it's the High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 18 January, 12:30 – 14:30 where there's Tea Rooms and good food available. A Collection is normally taken to help pay for the band.

13/01/19 - Many Happy Returns this week to Jeff Roberts on Friday, and to John Hallam on Saturday.

10/01/19 - Great news the read about the Tenement Jazz band in Scotland... I have had a listen on YouTube, they really have that New Orleans street musician feel to them. We just need a few more to appear now, and more vibrant venues and audiences. We do seem to be short of younger people playing and following this kind of music in the UK. Not enough exposure I suspect is the issue, a bit of a vicious circle. Keep up the good work. - Mark Croasdale

09/01/19 - Carol Stott has emailed to say, "Arthur Atherton passed away. His cremation is at Springfield 17th Jan 3.30, wake at his home in Woolton, (details available - FB).  All his jazz followers would be very welcome."    Although I never met Arthur, he had emailed me in the past, and he must have been very well known on Merseyside judging by the endless number of videos he put on YouTube - FB

09/01/19 - It was a good gig at The Royal Oak last night with the Black Horse Jazzmen, plenty of people and a decent room. Peter had decided that from now on the band is going to sit down, not because he thinks we are all getting old he just likes the idea, Tuba Skinny influence.  Alison went to see how many people were in the old venue, only four people. - Barrie Marshall

09/01/19 - Good to see Jim has now got four events scheduled for his Garstang Jazz Club on your 'NW JAZZ CLUBS' page. He certainly means business with his venture of jazz promotion, with talented musicians he knows so well, to an ever growing audience. He is taking the Frog and Henry Band, who I help promote in the UK, and his venue, in the catchments area of Blackpool, Preston and Lancaster, will give a lot of jazz fans the opportunity to see these five amazing young men, play the real music of The Streets of New Orleans, with flair and panache. Jim, it seems, intends working on the same entry price, with hot pot lunch, for every gig, making this a real snip not to be missed. - Norman Gibson

09/01/19 - This message today from Jill Broadgate - "My mother has asked me to contact you to let you know that my father, Noel Broadgate, died this morning. My mum Carole is keen that you share this sad news with his jazz friends and  will contact you again once we have funeral arrangements. Sorry to be the bearer of such sad news, he will be greatly missed.  He had a recovery and rehabilitation following his stroke but then became ill around September and had been battling various conditions.  He became very poorly over the weekend and then sadly died early this morning in hospital".  There is now a tribute page in memory of Noel, so if you have any memories you'd like to share, or messages for the family, please email me for inclusion

08/01/18 - Sam Ralph has come up with another great set of photographs he's taken at Rochdale Jazz Club.  This is second time around for the Tame Valley Stompers. So as I struggle to get a decent picture for some of the bands on this site, why not do us both a favour and see if you can get Tony Sheldon to book your band?

08/01/18 - The Dove Jazz Club Bugle welcoming the Roy Walker Band is now ready to read on line.

07/01/19 - The previous batch of your CDs for sale had me worried as I hadn’t seen the Alton Purnell/ N O Rascals session for a long time ! Extended visit to loft today revealed the original vinyl LP, panicked again because cover in Japanese and didn’t know who was playing, anyway eventually discovered that I must have researched it because I had fully catalogued it. - Fraser McCombe

07/01/19 - Sale Conservative Club has now been added to the list of Jazz Clubs.

06/01/19 - Mike Hayler, Phil Lucas and Rae Owens will be joining Ian McCann at the Devonshire Arms, Mellor, on 22nd January from 9.00pm till 11.00pm.

06/01/19 - I'm told that as from Tuesday 8th Jan, the Black Horse Jazzmen will be playing at The Royal Oak in Settle, having moved from The Lion in Settle

05/01/19 - Carlisle Jazz Club gig list updated

05/01/19 - There are no midweek daytime jazz gigs coming up, unless you know different, in which case, let me know

05/01/19 - A lot can happen in a few days. Since posting the item about the Tenement Jazz Band on the 2nd, several enquiries from various jazz promoters have resulted, and I've received a copy of the current CD, "New Orleans Wiggle" (where have I heard that name before?) from the band (you can hear the tracks here).  Sax player Tom Pickles tells me, "We hope to have some gigs in the North West at some point in June. We've got a Sunday-Tuesday to fill before heading down to the Midlands for some gigs organised by Tad Newton".

05/01/19 - Many Happy Returns to Lancaster guitarist Jon Moore on Monday

05/01/19 - My next batch of CDs are now live on eBay, you can see details here.


02/01/19 - Congratulations and Thanks to George Smyth in Belfast who is the new lucky owner of the last collection of CDs that I put up for sale. There's another collection in the pipeline and you can get a preview here

02/01/19 - There's been a lot of talk about young bands coming out of France & New Orleans, well I've just come across a new one (well new to me), nearer to home in Edinburgh.  From what I've seen and heard so far, I'm hoping they will come down over the border.  Have a look and listen to the Tenement Jazz Band at In 2018, the same year they were formed, they played at the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival as well as Dundee Jazz Festival.  If you want to hear more check out and listen to tracks released in July. You'd think they've been playing together for years (I suspect they have) - FB

02/01/19 - Doug O’Brien, Dublin trombonist, passed away on December 28th. RIP.  Long time player with The Cluskey Hopkins Guinness Band, The Jazz Coasters, and Des Hopkins Band. A regular ‘sitter in’ on both the Belfast and Manchester scene. His funeral will take place tomorrow (Thursday). -  Des Hopkins.



01/01/19 - Less than 24hours left to bid for nine great jazz CDs as part of my spring cleaning operation. Currently going for less than £3 each.


01/01/19 - A Happy New Year to all site visitors, and a special Happy New Year today to Neville Dickie who will be celebrating his 82nd Birthday today and describes himself as "Decrepit, but still performing!!". Happy Birthday Neville.

December 2018

01/01/19 - A keen follower of the Frog & Henry Band, which was formed in New Orleans as a collective of several street performing groups, Norman Gibson has sent me details of their 2019 UK tour, several venues being in or near the North West. You can read his email and the itinerary by clicking here

31/12/18 - I'm sure many of you will remember the great pianist, Neville Dickie, who was a regular at Keswick Jazz Festival. Neville, a regular reader of this site, recently wrote in a reply to me, "We still do our "Jazz & Curry" evenings in Stoneleigh (near Ewell - how did you remember that??) but only about 6 times a year. I still do my annual tour of the east coast of America in May/June and have done this for 25 years!  In November I played at the West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento (got caught up in the forest fires but escaped with a runny nose & cough), and I will be playing at a Boogie Woogie festival in Vienna in April, and at the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in June. There's life in the old dog yet!   Thanks for your good wishes - and all the best for a swinging and prosperous 2019".  Wow!  Makes me feel like a hermit - FB



29/12/18 - Just one daytime mid-week jazz event coming up, and that's Garstang where Jim Swinnerton organises the event, which features resident rhythm section comprising the "Three Bears" - Jim on bass, Tom Kincaid (pno) and Jack Cotterill (dms). This week they will be joined by Rosie Harrison (vocals) and Jonny Spall (rds). More details here


29/12/18 - Many Happy Returns this coming Friday to Brian (Sam) Ellis, musical director of the Savannah Jazz Band.



28/12/18 - Bass player Gerry Clayton has announced on Facebook, "Hi everybody, I have been diagnosed with lung cancer. and have had to cancel all my gigs over Christmas, New Year and the near future due to un-scheduled hospital visits and the effects of my treatment. I’m an out-patient of the Royal Preston Hospital and cannot express my thanks enough for the great treatment and care they are giving me.    For the first time in 60 years I have not worked over Christmas and will be “at home” over “New Year”.  When my treatment has been sorted I expect to be back in business. I’ve got itchy fingers and I do not intend to retire at this early stage".    Here's wishing Gerry a speedy recovery - FB.


28/12/18 - John Pashley writes - "Re the Uppermill photograph. The occasion was the 1987 Saddleworth Jazz Festival, a 2 day event. The special guests were Rudi Balliu Eb and Bb clarinets and Jim Holmes trumpet. I was booked for the whole weekend to play double bass on small group sessions and sousaphone in the parade band.   I seem to recall the Marshall was Ray Barwick but I could be wrong. As the Delta Brass Band was specially assembled we wore hat bands from other bands we played in (eg Oriole, French Quarter etc) , not all the musicians are visible on the photo.    Trumpets, Jim Holmes, David Copperwaite, Pat O’Brien. Reeds, Rudi Balliu Eb Clarinet, Martin Boyd Alto sax, Frank Brooker Tenor Sax. Trombones, Jack Jenkinson, Dave Donohoe. Sousaphone, John Pashley. Drums, Gordon Pettit, snare drum, Malcolm Horne bass drum. Some of what we played was recorded and issued on a cassette along with a church service the following morning under the title “What A Friend” by Delta Promotions (Dave Donohoe ).  Hope this helps".


28/12/18 - The alto player is Martin Boyd.  - Dave Davis


28/12/18 -  Re Oriole Band picture - Bass Drum, Mal Horne.  Trombones Dave Donohoe & Jack Jenkinson - Jeff Roberts


28/12/18 - Parade Band. Too many different hats to be Oriole Brass Band. Malcolm Horne on Bass Drum. Could it be Dave Donohoe wearing the Oriole hat. Jeez, I know the alto player but can’t remember his name, sorry!! It’s this age thing!! -  Pete Lay



27/12/18 I hope Mick Unthank had a great day yesterday, unfortunately I forgot to announce his birthday. I know he's a regular visitor so many happy belated returns Mick.


27/12/18 - Not often you see the Chris Barber Jazz & Blues Band dressed casual, and Jon White reckons he hasn't seen the videos before - a couple of YouTube videos of the band playing, "When You Wore a Tulip", and "Stardust", although they have been there since 2012. Well worth seeing again though.


27/12/18 - Scanning my transparencies revealed one timed at 14:04 on 30th May 1987 when this band was in Uppermill, outside the Cloggers’ Arms.  It looks like it might be Terry Eastwood’s rear with, I think, Frank Brooker on the tenor saxophone and Gordon Pettit on the snare drum.  It would be nice if somebody in the know could identify the others.  Actually, after taking the photograph, I had just got myself comfortable for a listening session when the band upped and went, so I (and others) fell-in behind to see where it was going, and my wife found that one of the unexpected benefits of marriage was to march through Uppermill behind a New Orleans marching band!   The band ended up on the green by the museum car park, and entertained there.  Best wishes for the New Year and many thanks for the service you give us all. - Alwyn Smith. There's a clue on a hat - The "Oriole" Band, and far left trumpet looks very much like Dave Copperwaite to me. The late Pete Vickers would normally had been my first port of call for this one. Click on picture for larger version - FB



24/12/18 - The Jazz events at Dove Jazz Club have been updated



23/12/18 - Ever the pedant I must point out to John Muskett that the first recording made by Kid Thomas was not until September 1951 at Hopes Hall, Algiers.  Algiers Strut was not one of the tunes recorded that day by Alden Ashforth and David Wyckoff. Merry Christmas to all. - Louis Lince


23/12/18 - The Jazz events at The Fleetwood Hesketh, Southport have been updated


23/12/18 - The sale of CDS have  now gone live on eBay, check them out here


23/12/18 - As you might expect, there are no midweek daytime jazz events this week.


23/12/18 - Many Happy Returns today to trombone player, Richard Burke, and to reed player George Galway, who according to his Facebook Page is 113 today!  A touch of Irish humour methinks. On Monday it's Pete Darwin's birthday and on Wednesday, Tom Culbert's. Many Happy Returns to you all.



21/12/18 - Three-day Stroller tickets for next year's Keswick Jazz & Blues Festival are now available as from today. You can buy securely on-line by visiting  or by calling the Box Office number on 0845 862 1460.


21/12/18 - Its the trombone I ought to learn how to play, and I could then dep for anyone. But somehow I think I've left it a bit late at 92 - Denys Owen



20/12/18 - Due to health issues, the landlord of The Mad Hatters in Preston (home of the Silver Bell Band), has had to give up his tenure of the pub.  Consequently, the local microbrewery, Beer Brothers, have taken it over. The pub has therefore had yet another name change and is now known as "The PR1 Bar" (after one of their popular brews). It must be the most renamed pub in the country!  After some initial resistance, the new management has agreed to have the Silver Bell Band back to play every other Thursday, starting on Thursday 3rd January.


20/12/18 - Just noted a shortage of reading/jazzing trumpet players to help out. I thought I was still on the deps list ? - Ian Royle (good point Ian, you're still there - Fred).


20/12/18 - Alex Clarke is back home for the Christmas holidays and will be joining Mike Lovell, Chris Howse and Colin Turner at the North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood, on Sun 30th Dec from 2pm - 4pm.


19/12/18 - Sorry to disappoint Graham (Martindale) but I’m afraid I can’t report on Elephant versus Lion duels. As a born Wirralian my main boyhood memory of visits to Parkgate with my parents is the inevitable conclusion with the purchase and consumption of shrimps, although I’m not sure that Jo Stafford ever visited this parish. An elephant in conjunction with another creature inevitably makes me think of the slightly vulgar ditty “The Wild West Show (the elephant and the kangaroo–oo-oo-oo)” - the verse that details the fight between the snake and the elephant is an unforgettable component. Despite memory lapses in various areas I still have almost total recall of all songs and limericks in dubious taste that I have ever known. I tend to believe that the only essential reading for students should be “Count Palmiro’s Book Of Bawdy Ballads”. There was always someone who possessed it and was willing to loan it. ---   I presume that Barrie Marshall is suggesting “You’re All I Want For Christmas” begat “Algiers Strut”. He may well be correct, although the music publisher’s date of the former in 1948, and the belief that Kid Thomas recorded the latter in 1946 throws doubt on this. While there are variations in melody and harmony, they are not great and could be attributed to different interpretations. One to ponder.  Best festive wishes Fred to you and Barbara, and to all your correspondents and readers. Thanks for all your efforts. Happy 2019.  Harmoniously - John Muskett


19/12/18 - On Sunday morning there will be another batch of my CDs going on Ebay, but you can have a preview here


18/12/18 - The latest edition of the Dove Bugle is now available. You can read it here



17/12/18 - A great tune that changed when Kid Thomas got his hands on it! Some of you probably know already. - Barrie Marshall

17/12/18 - "Tributes have been paid to the founder of one of Edinburgh’s best-known cultural celebrations after he passed away at the age of 84", according to The Scotsman.  "Mike Hart started the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival in just one venue in 1979 after drawing inspiration from a visit to the Sacramento Jazz Festival in California".  More information here.


17/12/18 - Re: Terry Perry’s Big Band, Big Easy. Terry decided to throw in the towel – the main reason being that for quite a while he has been finding it a real struggle getting trumpet players who could read the dots as well as improvise as jazzers do. We did our last night at Melrose Hall in Hoylake which was a real success and was packed to the doors. Being a founder member I feel rather sad about that as it was good fun. I know Terry had mixed feelings but he admitted that he felt a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders. I’m finding it more difficult getting deps for the Merseys – especially brass players. - Peter Fryer


17/12/18 - Rochdale Jazz Club gig list has been updated for the whole of 2019 from the club calendar which Tony Sheldon kindly sent me. Sunday featured the Dixie Beats and Sam Ralph has sent me a link to yet more cracking pictures. I see Alex Clarke was back to play with the band.



16/12/18 - John Higham and I have now sent £1910 to The Alzheimer's Society raised from the sale of our Milk of Amnesia and Forget me Knot CDs, and donations.- Malcolm Hogarth.  Congratulations Malcolm & John.  A worthy cause and something which will have touched the lives of us all in some way. A couple of cracking CDs with some very unusual numbers, all in aid of a good cause. If you haven't got your copy yet, check out the details here

16/12/18 -  On Sunday 3rd February at 12-30pm, guests of the DeeSide Dixies at The Hand Hotel, Llangollen, will be Phil Lucas (tpt & vocals) and Dave Dixson (reeds and vocals). There will be no January session. - Malcolm Hogarth


16/12/18 - Unless Muskett's beaten me to it ......... - OMG.   Lion versus Elephant.   Have you seen the battles on YouTube?   It could turn into a bloodbath.   I would have kept this announcement quiet until the very last minute.   If the lion finds out he'll be lurking behind the bar on 8th January. - Graham Martindale (Slide down to the Parade Band message 14/12 to work this one out - Fred)


16/12/18 - With reference to Peter Darwin’s reference to: - I have been accessing this site now for quite a few years and have come across so much great stuff. Outside of the usual names, the number of West Coast bands through the 40s until the’80s of great interest that are accessible to listeners from live recordings from personnel collections of the time. In some cases unknown (to me) musicians of extremely high calibre. - Pete Lay


16/12/18 - There are three mid week daytime jazz events for you to choose from this week. Mike Lovell's 4 in a bar at The North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood on Wed, 19 December, 12:00 – 14:30.  Mart Rodger Manjazz 3 at Macclesfield Methodist Church on Thu, 20 December at 14:15, and  The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 21 December, 12:30 – 14:30


16/12/18 - For some reason or other, last week's Birthday List didn't get posted on this page although it did go out to 320 readers who get the news by email. So apologies to Moe Green (Tues), and Alex Clarke & Barry Quilliam on Friday. Hope you all had a great day. This week it's many Happy Returns  to trombone player, Sam Wood today. Tomorrow, it's Happy Birthday to  veteran promoter, big band and jazz broadcaster for Radio Merseyside - Harry Swinburne. On Wednesday, Preston's bass player, Derek Brown will celebrate his birthday, followed on Thursday by pianist Noel Broadgate. Many Happy Returns to you all.



15/12/18 - Posted by Mark White on Facebook today. "Wirral based Big Band looking for a pianist. Must be a competent reader and preferably able to improvise. We are a very established band doing regular gigs in some very attractive venues. Please get in touch if you are interested in knowing more. Contact me on 078555 12008" - Sue Reid-Povall

15/12/18 - The latest edition (January) of Just Jazz Magazine is now out. It's the only UK magazine for Traditional Jazz Fans as far as I am aware.



14/12/18 - In the midst of the doom and gloom about residencies etc. may I report a new venue for jazz in West Didsbury, JUST JAZZ featuring John Hallam & John Gordon will be resident every Sunday Afternoon from 2pm till 5pm (3 music sets throughout the afternoon) FREE ADMISSION at The Saison Bar, 236 Burton Road West Didsbury M/Cre M20 2LW.   Tel. 0161 434 9521 (commences this Sunday 16th.Dec and every Sunday afternoon till further notice. - John Gordon


14/12/18 - The Parade Jazz Band are moving from the Red Lion Parkgate, right next door to the Elephant Parkgate starting on Tuesday the 8 January 2019. To celebrate their time at the Red Lion, the band are having their Christmas party on the 18th December. Fun frivolity and Bonhomie. "Please come and join in the fun", writes Roy Gregory. He also tells me, "The new venue has much more space and comfortable seating. The Parade Jazzband wishes everyone very best wishes for Christmas and New year and look forward to seeing everyone at the Elephant in 2019".


14/12/18 - I've deleted all jazz events for Christmas  Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year's Day and asked musicians to let me know if there is anything different. There's always one!  Pleased to hear The Forest New Orleans Band are performing at the Union Exchange Hotel, Market St. Colne on New Year’s Day as usual. (8.30 pm). What a great way to round off the festive season.


14/12/18 - I would just like to say a big “Thank You” to all who supported KATHY BENSON’S CREOLE JAZZ at the Bolton Arms in Leyburn through the summer until the last session in November. We raised £271 in the raffles for the Petal Cancer Research (which is dedicated to finding kinder ways of treating children with cancer). Hoping to re-start in the Spring – watch this space. - Merry Xmas to all ! and a jazzy New Year!! -  Kathy Benson (click photo or larger version as usual - Fred)



13/12/18 - King George V, invited the Original Dixieland Jazz Band to a command performance at Buckingham Palace and dismissed the outrage that was inevitable. Following the success of this remarkable occasion, The ODJB tour, originally planned for four weeks, stretched to 14 months, with new dance crazes, outrageous costumes and a whole new era of “jazz behaviour” transforming British “upper” society. 100 years later, Manchester Athenaeum Drama Society will be presenting a dramatic recreation of the events of 1919, including characterisations of King George V, Queen Mary, David Lloyd George and other leading figures of the day.


13/12/18 - I mentioned the  last session at the Arden Arms on 10th Dec., because there were three sessions cancelled, but since then I have had a couple of requests to mention other venue's last sessions.  Unfortunately it can get out of hand with more requests as this page is not available for straight plugs. What I would ask is that musicians and fans check What's On and let me know if any gigs are showing over the Christmas period, are in fact cancelled. That way it will be an easier way to check rather than searching down this page.



11/12/18 - Re: Peter Darwin's found website,  I passed this detail to the Cheshire Swing Cats dance group. They will draw on the early music for their dance classes. They tell me that they only have about 20 tickets available for their Frog and Henry dance night in February. Considering it's a couple of months away, they are very pleased. Jon Critchley's Original Panama Jazz Band play for them at their Christmas party, and that's sold out. Hip Hip Hooray!  Traditional New Orleans live music, young people and dancing - Jon's over the moon with delight! - Norman  Gibson



10/12/18 - Hi Fred, Came across this Knockout Jazz Site -  - Peter Darwin.  Thanks Pete, I'll add it to my links page, some great mp3 recordings on there and amazing quality - Fred


10/12/18 - Louisiana Highway play our last session at the Arden Arms Millgate, Stockport on Monday Dec 10th and start again on Monday 7th January. - John Pashley


10/12/18 -  Pete Boswell, Bruce Carnaffin, Jim Swinnerton and Anthony Mason are guesting at the North Euston Hotel on Wednesday 12th December, - monthly session has been brought forward due to Christmas.



08/12/18 - Just received a lovely Christmas card from Mart & Janet Rodger, and inside was a pleasant surprise, a cheque, which was for a donation to the web site running costs. Many thanks to a lovely couple.


08/12/18 - Hi Fred. I am sad to report that drummer Roy Swift from Ainsdale passed away last Sunday 2nd Dec. He had been in hospital for several days. Roy played for >30 yrs with the Rioters Dixieland Jazz Band and also depped on numerous occasions with other bands. His funeral has been arranged for Friday 14th of December. 10.40am at Southport Crematorium and the afterwards 11.30am at Royal Birkdale Golf Club. RIP. - John Dorgan



07/12/18 - A nice photograph from Barrie Marshall of Jim Swinnerton at Garstang Jazz Club. Jim organises the events there. You can see a slideshow of photographs taken at the event by Barrie and Gudrun Ohara by clicking on the photograph of Jim


06/12/18 - Due to Christmas holidays the CANAL STREET STOMPERS will play at the Railway in Sale a week early on Wednesday 19th December. We wish you all a Happy Christmas and Jazzy New Year. Back to normal in January, the last Wednesday in the month.



05/12/18 - What a great link from Trevor Barnes. someone must have spent a great deal of time studying and allocating the articles to each musician. I particularly enjoyed the piano playing by Marian Mc Partland and Charles "Luckey" Roberts as well as Maxine Sullivan singing "100 years from today". Thanks for great articles - Alan Pearce.


05/12/18 - A big thank you to Terry Perry and John Pashley who depped for Brian and Derek yesterday afternoon at our monthly Savoy Jazzmen concert in the Sefton Park Palm House Liverpool.  John also played with us at our weekly session at the Widnes Rugby Union Football Club last night.  We had a good turnout in the afternoon with 155 people attending.  No session January the next one February 5th. - Peter Swensson


05/12/18 - Brian Hudson, long time friend of Phil Morris, has sent in an excellent tribute in his memory including photographs. It's just been added to Phil's Tribute Page



04/12/18 - The landlord at The Mad Matters has been taken ill and consequently the pub is shut and the Silver Bell Band will not be playing there on Thursday 6th December. Hopefully the band will be back there soon.



03/12/19 - The collection of CDs is now on Ebay, let the bidding commence. More details here


03/12/18 - Thanks to a new set of photographs from Barry Aldous, The Pendle Jazzmen web page has been revamped and updated.


03/12/18 - The gig list for Bollington Arts Centre has been updated. No doubt Norman Gibson will be hot footing it down there on Feb 23rd!


03/12/18 - Frank Brooker and his Happy Chappies are the latest musicians to come in front of Sam Ralph's lens at Rochdale jazz Club last night. Click here to view them. No comments on whether they look happy or not please.


03/12/18 - A well known musician and entertainer in the North West, Anthony Mason has also joined the deps list



02/12/18 - Michael A. Grant is the latest musician to join the deps list. He says, "Most of my jazz is currently with The Jelly Roll Jazz Band and I'm very good at both reading and improvising. I will be moving to Manchester in the new year so will be based there, although I am willing to travel throughout the universe. I'm also a multi-instrumentalist, playing clarinets (Bb/A/Eb/bass), bassoon, saxophones (alto/tenor/baritone), and flute (/piccolo). Clarinet is my first - and strongest - instrument".


02/12/18 - I've selected another 9 boxes of CDs at random from my collection of CDs. They will be going on Ebay to help pay for the site, so if you want a preview of what's going on, check out this page


02/12/18 - Stuart Battle wrote to say, "I realise Leicester is a bit off your patch, but I thought it may be a good idea to let you know about a cracking gig which takes place here every year in order to raise funds to assist guys with the old dreaded prostate problems. Ten hours of first-class jazz for fifteen quid - bargain!  It's been running for fifteen years now and the next one is on January 20th, 2019 at The Musician, Clyde Street. Leicester. Last year it raised £1600, thanks to the generosity of the jazz fraternity. As we have several good quality hotels nearby, we tend to get jazz lovers travelling from far and wide even as far as Aberdeen.  Should you be able to feature this event on your web-site, or promote it in any way, I would be most grateful". Here it is


02/12/18 - The Savoy Jazzmen are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tue, 4 December, 14:00 – 16:00 and on Thursday 6th December, despite two local musician's funerals taking place in the area at the same time, a full house is expected at Garstang Jazz Club for Baby Jools & The Jazzaholics with special guest Dave Donohoe. It takes place at 12 noon, and admission includes refreshments, although you need to bring your own drinks. These are the only two daytime jazz events this week.



01/12/18 - From time to time, usually because I've got too many things on the go, I post an item on the News Page and forget to credit the contributor. This is often because I've copied the contents of an email into my web page editor, and the name wasn't on the end of it, or if it was, it was just the first name, sometimes with an email address that doesn't give a clue to the surname, and then serious detective work is required!  It would help tremendously in future, if any comments you wish me to add, are accompanied by your full name at the end. Thanks in anticipation - Fred (Burnett)


November 2018


30/11/18 - With that latest mention of Lucien Barbarin by Fraser on the CD Discussion page, I was prompted just to have a little check on the net to see what Lucien was up to. I couldn't believe my eyes when I chanced to read on, that Lucien's 34 year old son, also called Lucien, was run over and killed in May last year, by an over the limit truck driver. I don't know if that was ever reported over here.! - Norman Gibson


30/11/18 - Lovely of Trevor Barnes to post this photograph, especially with the facility to click on the individuals, and see and hear 'em play! Five years ago I stood outside the very house. (I didn't presume to have my photo taken though!) - Allan Wilcox


30/11/18 - Listening to my old 78's I looked for some information on the musicians. Among them was Joe Daniels Jazz Group which covered two of the numbers recorded at the festival hall in 1951. Having been there I found some references on the internet. Some material of way back left out reference to Joe Daniels. If you are interested the recording is a Parlophone. The numbers were Wolverine and Barnyard Blues. The other band I have is the Saints playing I Want a Little Girl. Takes me back. Congratulations on your site. - Oscar Gammans.


30/11/18 - At the end of October my wife Christine & I moved house in order to be closer to our family and due to my health. We are back in Saddleworth after eleven years living on the Solway Firth. I hope to keep playing as long as I can, and of course I'll be closer to all the chaps I play with in the Dave Donohoe Band. We look forward to meeting up with old friends back in the North of England. Website - Dave Donohoe. Phone number and email address available on request - Fred


30/11/18 - The funeral of Ronnie Blamire will be held at 2.30pm on Thursday 6 December 2018 at Lancaster and Morecambe Crematorium, Powderhouse Lane, Lancaster LA2 6AD and afterwards at The Borough, Dalton Square, Lancaster LA1 1PP. - Ethan Whittaker



29/11/18 - Fred, it is always sad when we learn , through your pages, of the passing of another member of the jazz fraternity. But there is reason to be heartened by the knowledge that it, like all good things, continues to be replenished.    For some time now Parr Jazz has been bringing to Liverpool many fine young musicians. Recent visitors from America have included the Utah University Big Band while closer to home the LIPA Big Band have shown off their not inconsiderable musical qualities. Indeed at an even younger level I was privileged to attend a concert by the Wirral Schools Big Band. Their seasonal interpretation of " Baby It's Cold Outside ", the Frank Loesser song of 1944, once recorded by Louis Armstrong and Velma Middleton, was getting on for professional.    So yes, our ranks do continue to be diminished but there are many young people taking up jazz and it is up to us , the ' Dixie Dinosaurs', to encourage and support them.    Next week Tuesday 4th December, yet another young group, the Liverpool University Big Band are performing at new venue, Jacaranda Records Phase One Liverpool, 40 Seel Street. It's £3 entrance which includes a raffle to win a vinyl record of your choice from the store. Remember vinyl ? When you held the sleeve, read it and re-read it at the same time gazing at those wonderful photographs by the likes of Francis Wolff et al ?   Let's hear it for the next generation of jazz musicians. The music never dies. - Bob Lamb


29/11/19 - Although it's been on the site previously, it's worth repeating - "I like this link Click on the musician and get the name and a short video clip of them in action". - Trevor Barnes


29/11/18 - The funeral of Phil Morris is now arranged for 11.30am on Thursday 6th December at Barrow-in-Furness Crematorium, Devonshire Rd, Barrow-in-Furness LA14 5PD, and afterwards  at the Rusland Pool Hotel, Haverthwaite, Ulverston LA12 8AA, for a musical send-off.  Robyn has asked for some indication of likely numbers for catering purposes, so I would be grateful if anyone who intends to come could please advise me. She would be delighted to have live jazz at the hotel, so please bring your instrument if you play one, but there will only be recorded music at the service. No flowers, please, but donations to Cancer Research UK would be appreciated, either at the Crematorium or sent to Sheldon Funeral Services Ltd, Lapstone Rd, Millom, LA18 4BZ - Bruce Carnaffin


29/11/18 - The Best CD discussion continues. It's now listed in Jazz Extras


29/11/18 -  Enjoyed the bagpipe piece by Gunhild, she's also pretty good on the trumpet, see her on You Tube playing with Doreen Ketchens, who is probably the best clarinetist in the Free or any other World. Have a great Christmas. - Bernie Hives (Detroit).



28/11/18 - Jon Critchley is, of course correct, it is impossible to argue with Norman’s choice, simply because it is HIS choice.   I do disagree with his decision to exclude Barry Martyn from consideration though, Barry didn’t move to Los Angeles until November 1972 and up until then had a regular British band. I proposed the Swift LP as I know that Barry regarded it highly.  Fraser goes on to think about his music collection and offers his choice for best CD.  As this could well develop, with other readers offering their choice, I'll continue Fraser's email on the discussion page.


28/11/18 - Many Happy Returns today to trombone player, Mike Pearson, back up't North after some years down in Cornwall.



27/11/18 - Sorry to hear of the passing of Phil.  Bruce Carnaffin asks about musicians from Merseyside knowing Phil (24/11). We were in the Dave Lind Jazzmen with Dave Lind clarinettist (deceased), Paul Rodgers trombone. Warwick Evans piano (deceased), Ron Lloyd banjo Ron Horton drums and myself on bass. We played at the DOWNBEAT AND MARDIGRAS JAZZ CLUBS in LIVERPOOL FROM 1959-1963 until the advent of BEATLE MANIA 4 nights a week and many other venues including the CAVERN in the early days. All of the band except Ron Horton and myself were at Liverpool University. Phil lived with his Gran in Rock Ferry as his family had moved to Hertfordshire and most of the band were from the Wirral. Ron Lloyd now in Canada Ron Horton London Paul Rodgers Lancashire Myself Irby Wirral I will be at the funeral and if you can contact Bruce Carnaffin and give him my email address we could make each other known, and I can give him some more info and pass on some early recordings circa 1959-60. Even at 19-20 yrs Phil was afine trumpet player in BLACK CHICAGO style. - Jim West


27/11/18 - Re Fraser McCombe’s comment (26/11) about Norman Gibson's comment (22/11): Norman is absolutely correct: Fraser cannot possibly disagree with Norman’s opinion that it IS the best British band cd HE has bought. Can’t disagree with that. We all have our own opinions as to which is the best cd we have bought and nobody can argue against that! - Jon Critchley


27/11/18 - In answer to Fraser's letter. My preferred liking for DD's CD was compared to others by bands resident in this country. As Barry Martyn has spent most of his playing life in NOLA and Los Angeles, I wouldn't have included him without a regular UK band. Same goes for Whammy Sammy, some of whose earlier CDs I have, with perhaps the best version of Lewis's 'Burgundy Street'. Although I do feel new kid on the block Ewan Bleach could better it. Just Youtube Ewan's 'If You See My Mother' to get my drift. As for how many recordings I have, the answer is 'too many', with most now on my external hard drive. A 'Fred Cull' is perhaps on the horizon ! By the way, in 1967, when the Barry Marrtyn Swift LP recording was made, I had moved on to Rocking and Rolling ! - Norman  Gibson


27/11/18 - Ronnie Blamire has now been added to the Tributes Page



26/11/18 - Many thanks to Fraser McCombe for his kind comments re the Barry Martyn Swift LP; We recorded it in Nov 1967 in the back room of John Defferary' s pub in Willesdon North London, as were many of our sessions of that period. and we released it to coincide with our first USA tour in '68 where incidentally it sold like hot cakes. It's actually has been issued on CD on George Bucks label  BCD 260 under the same title as the LP 'Rum & Coca Cola' Happy days and we were so young !!! - Brian Turnock.


26/11/18 - Re Norman Gibson's comment (22/11) - I bow to no person in my admiration for Dave Donohoe but I’m not sure I can agree about the CD, will need to play it as I haven’t for some time!   Of course the devil is in the detail, I don’t know how many CD’s Norman Gibson has purchased? My initial reaction was to put forward Barry Martyn’s LP with Sammy Rimington, on the Swift Label but that was an LP not a CD. - Fraser McCombe


26/11/18 - - "Don't know if this fits with your subject matter, it sure ain't Dixieland, but it certainly impressed me", writes Bob Lamb.  Well when it comes to the multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist Gunhild Carling, nothing surprises me Bob. Edinburgh Tattoo might never be the same again after this!


26/11/18 - There is now a tribute page for Phil Morris which you can contribute to by simply sending me an email.


26/11/18 -  Ronnie Blamire, well known jazz pianist and local musician died Thursday 22 November 2018 aged 85 after a short period of ill health. Ronnie can best be remembered as a stalwart of the Lancaster and Morecambe jazz scene since the early 1950s and was a continuous presence until early 2018. Until recently Ronnie was a member of Jazz Unlimited playing a regularly weekly session at the John O’ Gaunt, Lancaster. Funeral details will follow when known. - Ethan Whittaker


26/11/18 - "Time for me to join the debate", writes Paul Medina.  Which debate is that you ask?  Well it was last week's Page of The Week. Paul continues, "Round about 2005, I was co-opted quite by chance, as a tutor on the Jazz Course of the Music 4 People Summer School at Giggleswick and remained on the staff for four years or so".  You can read Paul's update at the bottom of  the discussion page here


26/11/18 - Ed Lee tells me that, "Terry Perry decided in October to disband the Big Easy.  Their November gig on the 18th, marked twenty years of entertaining audiences and their last gig will be at the Melrose Hall in Hoylake on December 16th".  A job well done Terry. We had a run over once and thoroughly enjoyed it, but like most people of our generation find, the miles get longer each year.



24/11/18 - So sad to learn of Phil Morris’ passing. He was indeed a fine musician who played for some years in Cornwall where we met as Merseyside ‘exiles’ shortly after his return from Australia, we jointly formed the Peninsula Jazzband down here in 2009, principally made up of NW jazz exiles living in the south-west, which played at Bude and Teignmouth Jazz festivals and regularly at the well known 51 Jazz Club near Hayle. Phil was a fine lead with a penchant for the Billie Holiday repertoire. He went on the play consistently for local bands, Great Western Jazz Company and Black Rock Jazzband in far west Cornwall.    Phil will be very much missed wherever he played. My condolences to his family and fellow musicians upon yet another sad loss to the ever diminishing jazz fraternity. - Alan Davies,  Cornwall


24/11/18 - You probably wouldn't realise that I've been going through my site alphabetically by filename to produce a Page of The Week.  I've now reached the end, so I'll take off the feature for a while and possibly resurrect it eventually, but it will be to feature the tribute pages of the musicians who are no longer with us, possibly starting at the earliest to depart. It's not intended to be depressing, but more a case of remembering those whose contribution helped to keep the music alive, as well as refreshing our own memories.


24/11/18 - Just one midweek daytime jazz event this week - Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at the NORTH EUSTON HOTEL, Fleetwood, FY7 6BN, on Wednesday, 12:00 – 14:30.


24/11/18 - Many Happy Returns yesterday to Peter Butler, Author and Designer of the website Three musicians will be celebrating birthdays this week - Dave Berry on Monday, Tony West on Thursday and Paul Marks on Saturday.


24/11/18 - The latest edition of Just Jazz Magazine is now available, and Tuba Skinny fans will no doubt be interested in a 4 page article about them by Stacey Leigh Bridewell from Kentucky who now lives in New Orleans. She has written many articles in OffBeat Magazine about Traditional Jazz, and if you still don't know who she is, maybe there's a clue in her Facebook biog which says, "In a relationship with James Evans".


24/11/18 - Phil Morris, trumpeter and occasional pianist, died yesterday in Barrow-in-Furness General Hospital at the age of 79 after a mercifully brief struggle with cancer. He was a fine trumpet player, a good singer, and a very nice man. His contribution to jazz in Cumbria was enormous, starting with the High Cross Band in the 70s, then continuing with Jazz Society Six and Mainline Jazz through the 80s and 90s, and finally freelancing since his return to Millom more recently. In the interim he also played in Australia while living there, and then for many years in Cornwall with the Great Western Jazz Company.  Originally he lived and played in the Liverpool area before moving to Cumbria, and there may still be musicians there who recollect his early career. Funeral details will follow when known. - Bruce Carnaffin



22/11/18 - I thought your readers may be interested in the Honky Tonk Project. A 40ft catamaran which sails around the coasts of Europe (and further) bringing traditional jazz to the ports where they call in. They use a variety of fine young musicians, many of which have appeared at Fest Jazz in Brittany in bands like the Old Fish Jazz Band, Frog and Henry, Le Bardi Manchot and the Dizzy Birds. They will surely be with us next year too. The website (www. honkytonksail. com ) describes the project and these videos give a good idea of the music and ambiance. They also show how many good young traditional musicians and spectators there are in Europe these days. Check out and - Trevor Stent


22/11/18 - Norman Gibson writes, "I have to say, I personally am very pleased to see Jim Swinnerton has Dave Donohoe on board at his next jazz event with the Jazzaholics. As far as I am concerned, Dave has been hidden away too long this last few years in his Castle Douglas residence. Not only is Dave a fine trombone player and a real nice man, his CD, with guest Lucian Barbarin, in my view, is the best I have ever purchased by any British band. I play it often. I suggest he brings some along with him on Thursday November 6th. That's if he has any left that is ! I foresee a really big turnout at this one. Norman Gibson.



21/11/18 - On Monday 26th November LOUISIANA HIGHWAY have a special evening to celebrate 10 years at the ARDEN ARMS Millgate Stockport with special guest DEREK GALLOWAY and possibly Hotpot. 3 sets 40 mins each. We play a mixture of Jazz, Blues, Latin, Calypso and Rock and Roll all with a New Orleans flavour. We start at 8.30. - John Pashley.


21/11/18 - Another cartoon with a musical feel this time sent in by Trevor Barnes


21/11/18 - Jim Swinnerton has just sent me details of the next event at Garstang Jazz Club. A very lively band, and not very often in the northwest area - Baby Jools and the and the Jazzaholics with Danny Ilet on trumpet, Dave Donohoe (tbn), Karl Hurd (sax/clt), Brian Mellor (gtr/bjo), Jim Swinnerton (bs), and Jools Aldridge (dms).



20/11/18 - I am sorry to report that Brian Cuddy passed away last week. He has had a health issues for a while now but died suddenly from kidney failure.  Brian had an excellent ear for music. He was still playing and I think his last gig was two weeks ago at the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton. He played piano in restaurants, bistros, golf clubs and for Masonic functions . He worked regularly with Michael McCardle and John (Count) McCormick.  His funeral is at 3:30 on Monday 3rd December at Springwood Crematorium, Springwood Avenue, Liverpool L25 7UN. - Peter Swensson

20/11/18 - I am pleased to announce that the Wall City Jazz Band will now be playing twice a month, starting in the new year. This will be on the first and third Tuesday of each month (except for January because the first Tuesday would be New Year's Day). The other details remain the same (venue: the Royal British Legion, Upton by Chester; start at 8 PM, £4 on the door). I'd also like to mention that as December 11 will be our last date in 2018 we will be holding a special celebratory raffle, with some valuable prizes on offer (champagne, jewellery, and more). This is our way of saying 'thank you' to all our loyal fans, so if you are one - don't miss it!  - Alan Jeffs


19/11/18 - Three trombone players dropped into the John O'Gaunt last Sunday where the Sun Street Stompers are regulars, Mike Pearson, John Whitaker & Alan Mathews. Photo taken by Greg Stevens and sent in by Barrie Marshall.


19/11/18 - A link has been added to Gosport Jazz Club


19/11/18 - An amusing cartoon sent in by Jon Critchley, click here and smile.


19/11/18 - Hi Fred, I took this photo yesterday at our gig in the North Euston Hotel, with, Anthony Mason, Willy Entwistle, Colin Turner and me. - Mike Lovell



18/11/18 - Back in 2007, Mart Rodger raised an issue about Summer Schools and were they teaching the right kind of jazz. It's this week's Page of The Week


18/11/18 - No midweek daytime jazz this week, unless you know different?  if so, let me know.


18/11/18 - Many Happy Returns this week to John Meehan, leader of the Savannah Jazz Band.


17/11/18 - We have arrived at a third session at the Otto Lounge in the middle of Heswall. Once again it is Mike Swift on banjo and guitar, Brian Woods on drums and myself on reeds. There is even a suggestion that we may be able to include our bass guitar, Ali MacDonald!  We are there on Friday 14 December between 8.30 and 10.30. We'd love to see friends old and new.  Thanks again for your help in launching this venture (5/10/18). - Dave Dixson (Peninsula 3).


16/11/18 - Next Fridays event 23rd November at Goostrey Village Hall has been cancelled. Two reasons and one being after 7 years of pain in my neck at last I will be going to the Pain Department at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport and they have warned me of 4/5 hours and stay at home in the evening. I am thrilled about this appointment. Secondly the tickets sales are poor, so the decision to call off Goostrey Village Hall concert has been made. We will consider doing one next year. - Mart Rodger


16/11/18 - When I started this web site I was visiting as many jazz venues as possible in the North West, and taking photographs. I then asked the band leaders if they could let me have information about the bands whether it be historical or pen portraits. What I didn't ask for was a potted history of the musicians and how they got started. So it was particularly interesting to get an email from Ray & Jenny Knight to tell me that their latest video in their jazz odyssey tour of the North West series was now ready and includes in depth interviews with musicians by Louis Lince. It's called "More Encounters of the Jazz Kind - the odyssey continues". It has a touch of Rachmaninoff at the start and end, and film buffs will get the connection I'm sure.



14/11/18 - It's 'make space time' - I'm slowly going through my CD collection, most of which are on my PC, so the originals are sat on a shelf, hardly played, and simply collecting dust. From time to time I'll be grouping some into packs of 9 and offering them on EBay. The first lot are now on EBay and you can get details by clicking here



13/11/18 - Some fine musicians assembling in Hornby a week on Saturday, 24th Nov. Frank Flynn on keyboard with Chris Hodder, guitar and bass guitar and Dave Minshull, drums and percussion. It's taking place in Hornby Village Institute, Main Street, Hornby, LA2 8JR, and starts at 8pm. Full details can be found by clicking here



12/11/18 -  About a year ago Buxton's multi-purpose Pavilion Arts Centre was converted into a dedicated cinema, putting an end to the popular monthly jazz sessions. I was pleased to see a couple of jazz events creeping back into the programme and yesterday local favourites the Tame Valley Stompers gave us another great show! I'd guess there were over 70 in the audience, and the show is now 90 minutes instead of the previous 60. I hope the management regard this as a success and we can look forward to some more Sunday sessions in 2019! - Sam Wood



10/11/18 - Just one birthday coming up this week - Ken Parkinson (tbn) on 14th Nov. Many Happy Returns Ken.


10/11/18 - This week's Page of The Week is about The Wolverines Jazz Band which was formed in 1954 and the page was started by an old work colleague of mine, the late Don Ashworth.


10/11/18 - Just one Daytime Jazz event this coming week - The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 16 November, 12:30 – 14:30 at Carnforth Railway Station, Warton Road, Carnforth, where there's Tea Rooms and Good food available.



07/11/18 - You never know who's going to read it in the future - one of my reasons for the tribute pages. This just come on a youtube video I posted as a tribute to Dave Saville. - "My Wonderful trumpet teacher, he gave me a mouthpiece, a few cornet books and his scribbles on my famous Arban studies bible. Love you Dave R.I.P xx " - Tim Woods


07/11/18 - We must be doing something right as The Savoy Jazzmen are booked back at the Palm House for 2019. 120 people attended yesterday's performance at the Palm House in Sefton yesterday. A lovely atmosphere. We are grateful to Pete Fryer, Terry Perry & Mike Swift for helping out covering for Brian Legan, Mal Horne & Ken Horton. Sadly Brian lost his wife on Monday. Ken is in hospital for tests and Mal is recovering from a carpal tunnel operation. Hopefully a full band on the 4th December. - Peter Swensson


07/11/18 - Edward Hannaby Funeral will be held on Thursday November 15th at 12 Noon at St Francis of Assisi, RC Church Llay, Wrexham,  LL12 OTY.  He will be laid to rest at Ruabon Road cemetery in Wrexham. Family flowers only, but donations will be gratefully received, to be shared between Chester Aid for homeless and Bru Columbanus, a charity in Cork. - Des Hopkins



05/11/18 - More photographs from Rochdale Jazz Club by Sam Ralph. This time it's the Aire Valley Jazz Band. Many thanks Sam.


05/11/18 - T.J Johnson is back up to this part of the country once again. This time it's on Friday 30th November at Mellor and Townscliffe Golf Club  where Tickets are £18.50 including supper. It starts at 7pm for 7.30pm for this special night out and you can contact Angela Brown on 01663 743219 for more details.


05/11/18 - Two first class musician/showmen for the price of one - Rae Owens organises a Gypsy Jazz Night, along with guest musicians, at the Rainford Junction Hotel in St Helens on the first Monday in the month and on January 7th, Rae has arranged for Spats Langham to join him. The only snag is there are limited tickets for what will surely be a good night out. If you want to go, you need to make sure you get your tickets as soon as possible. Tickets are just £8 and can be obtained from Rae by giving him a ring on 0151 525 6900.


05/11/18 - What's your definition of jazz?  This one appears in the Arts & Entertainment section of my JazzNorthWest Weekly newspaper. You can see the definition in full at, would you agree with it?


05/11/18 - I've often been asked if anybody knows what happened to a particular band or musician, which made me create a page, "Whatever Happened To". There are currently 88 listed, some answered, and some unanswered which you may still be able to help with. It's this week's Page of The Week



04/11/18 - Just one midweek daytime jazz event for you this week - The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tue, 6 November, 14:00 – 16:00


04/11/18 - Many Happy Returns this week to Harry Roberts on Tuesday, Alan Brown on Wednesday, Peter Brown on Thursday and Graham Martindale + Terry Brunt on Saturday


04/11/18 - There is now a tribute page for Ed Hannaby on the site


04/11/18 - That is terrible news about Ed Hannaby. Ed depped for me with the Merseysippi during my illness. - Deepest condolences - Pete Darwin


04/11/18 - Please add my comments to the sudden loss of Ed Hannaby.  He was an unusually talented drummer and vocalist who thrilled many with his style and technique, and I had the pleasure of playing alongside him many times. My condolences go out to Katie and particularly to Ed's Dad, who is a fine musician and no doubt responsible for his impact on the music scene.  Ed will be greatly missed I'm sure. - Derek Harrison


04/11/18 - Early Bird Tickets are now on sale for the first 100 sales only, for the Keswick Jazz and Blues Festival 2019. Four-day stroller pass = £145. Acts already confirmed; - Jeff Barnhart, T.J. Johnson, Norbert Susemihl, Ray Gelato, Enrico Tomasso, Roy Williams, Alan Barnes, Scarlette's Serenaders, Keith Nichols, Baby Jools and The Jazzaholics, and Savannah Jazz Band.


04/11/18 - Musicians and jazz enthusiasts from many parts of the North West will be devastated to learn that the talented and versatile young drummer and vocalist Edward Hannaby died on Friday 2nd November at the age of 43 in Ireland, where he had been attending the Cork Jazz Festival. We learned on Tuesday that he was unconscious, having suffered a heart attack, fallen and injured his head, and he never regained consciousness. For several years he had been with Five and a Penny, a band he had admired and followed since his childhood. He also played regularly with the Bill Basie Big Band and others in the Chester, Liverpool and North Wales area, and had a band of his own: the Ed Watt Band. He had a wonderful ear, an innate sense of swing and a technique that, to a non-drummer at least, was breathtaking. Having played regularly alongside him for the past three or four years, I shall really miss his playing and his good company. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his partner Katie and all the family. - Allan Wilcox



03/11/18 - Hi Fred. Just to let you know that The Rioters Dixieland Jazz Band played their last regular Sunday afternoon gig at Stamps Bar Crosby last Sunday. The pub have decided to concentrate on catering instead. We may be back for the occasional session - John Dorgan


03/11/18 - I've recently discovered a Facebook group called “Hot Jazz Records (1917-1931)”. I think it may be of interest to members of our community. It includes video clips and social commentary from the period. Here's a link to the group. - Trevor Barnes


03/11/18 - A fitting send-off for Peter Vickers at his funeral yesterday. Standing room only, with some people unable to get inside the crematorium chapel. The cortege was led by members of the Red Rose Brass Band, but I counted many other musicians who had come to pay their respects. - Fred Burnett



02/11/18 - Event number five at Garstang JC went really well today. Funny men Peter Lindup and Anthony Mason fitted in really well with the 'Bears', and were well received by a sizeable audience. Quite a bit of laughter, and a number of dancers, would indicate Jim Swinnerton's efforts look destined to continue in the New Year. Next event will feature 'Baby' Jules' Jazzaholics, with Jim joining on bass, and they are known to really swing. - Norman  Gibson



01/11/18 - A swinging afternoon with multi-talented musicians who love to play jazz at Garstang Jazz Club today. Only sorry that we have to wait until the 6th of December until the next gig. Gudrun Ohara


01/11/18 - I first came across the KTB Jazz Festival when I came to copy a listing from the High Society Jazz Band calendar, to What's On, for tomorrow at 1pm, but knew little else about it. It's all happening not too far from me in Longton, Preston. One other band which might be of interest is the Well Dressed Gentlemen who are there at 8pm.


01/11/18 - I've just added what may well be the final tribute to Pete Vickers, who's funeral takes place at 3-15pm tomorrow at Preston Crematorium


October 2018


31/10/18 - SOLD - I've just put a Box Set of 5 CDs on Ebay of Chris Barber & his Jazz Band - The Nixa Jazz Today series, full details here Bidding starts at £5 if anybody interested.



30/10/18 - Hi Fred, The gig on Friday night - Wyre Levee Stompers and Thornton Brass Band do battle at Thornton Little Theatre, was very good. Photo attached. - Keith Wadeson


29/10/18 - Grant Russell writes, "Last week I had a lot of gear stolen in Liverpool. Somebody advised me to let you know as you might be able to spread the word and hopefully get it back. Items stolen were:  Westbury Double Bass,  Markbass mini cmd amplifier,  Rat Stand (music stand) in a black case,  and my gig bag containing an F zone gig light and a Accusound Pick-up". If you suspect you have seen any of these items being offered for sale, let me know and I'll pass the information on - Fred


29/10/18 - Re: Frank Gibson. He has not played for several years, and lived in Denton. Previously, he worked with the late pianist Eddie Thompson and, I believe, the Old Fashioned Love band. He was also in the house trio at the long gone Cabaret Club, in Oxford Street, Manchester. - Chris Lee


29/10/18 - A Festive picture of the Bill Barrow Quartet playing at the Houghton Hall Centre near Brampton for the start of their Christmas Season..  Lots of Jazz with a selection of Christmas tunes.  Bill plays with the Wyre Levy Stompers. - Peter Eddowes


29/10/18 - There will not be any Jazz on Friday the 30th November at Delph Band Club as the club has been booked all day for a wedding party. Other Spirit of New Orleans fortnightly dates in November are unaffected.


28/10/16 - I came across an interesting article on scat singing in "The Conversation". The Conversation offers "informed commentary and debate on the issues affecting our world. ... Academic rigour, journalistic flair".


28/10/16 - I am sorry to have to report to you the sad news about the death of Frank Gibson on Wednesday October 24th at the age of 90.  He had played with many local bands in the Manchester area and was a longstanding member of The Manchester Jazz Society.   This is so sad even though it was not unexpected.  I have known Frank for over 50 years since when he played with Randy Colville.   He was a wonderful person and a fine musician.   He will be sadly missed by us all. - Alan Brown


28/10/19 - After 20 years of running this annual event, Allan  Townsend is about to put on his last "Jazz on a Winter's Day" on Sunday 9th December, at Fylde RFC. As well as the Wyre Levee Stompers, it will feature the Duncan Reid Skiffle Group. Always a very popular family event with a super buffet, you can read the full details by clicking here


28/10/18 - Musician's birthday coming up this week include Jon White on Wednesday, Roger Browne on Thursday and Danny Riley on Friday. Happy birthdays one and all


28/10/18 - Back in 2018 there was quite a discussion, started by John Muskett on the keys that certain jazz numbers are played in.  It's this week's Page of the Week.


28/10/18 - Now the clocks have gone back, maybe time to think of getting out during the day. This week you have the choice of three venues offering daytime jazz midweek - Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at NORTH EUSTON HOTEL, Fleetwood When Wed, 31 October, 12:00 - 14:30,  Anthony Mason and Pete Lindup with the Three Bears at Garstang Jazz Club, on Thu, 1 November, 12:00 – 14:30 and The High Society Jazz Band at KTB Jazz Festival, St Andrew's Church, Longton, Liverpool Rd, Longton, Preston PR4 5AA on Fri, 2 November, 13:00 - 14:00



24/10/18 - "Our Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2020", writes Tamás Ittzés. "We have been touring the UK in the past decade but stopped visiting your country two years ago for some reason although we loved playing for the British audience. Now we see a chance to return next year (2019) if there is enough interest. If anyone out there is interested in putting on the band, then follow this link for more details


24/10/18 - The latest edition of Just Jazz has dropped through the letterbox, don't miss out, get yours by printing off the order form here



23/10/18 - This year will be the 3rd Almondbury Jazz Festival. The people who organise it do so to raise money for charity, so deserve a bit of publicity.  It takes place in the village of Almondbury on the outskirts of Huddersfield on Saturday 17th November 2018. - Mark Croasdale


23/10/18 - The Maine Street Jazzmen played at Rochdale jazz Club last Sunday, and there to record the event as usual was Sam Ralph. You can the photographs by clicking here


23/10/18 - Had a trip out on Sunday for jazz and lunch at the Bolton Arms, Leyburn, to see my old mate, Harry Long, with Kathy Benson's Creole Jazz. Very enjoyable. Stunning scenery in my home County. - Dave Wellock


23/10/18 - Details have now come in for Pete Vickers' funeral. It will take place on Friday 2nd November, 3-15pm at Preston Crematorium. The Red Rose band will accompany the hearse from the gates, and afterwards members of the band will provide music at The Mad Hatters, where other musicians are invited to bring their instruments.


23/10/18 -  Geoff Hogarth has turned up trumps again, he's found an interview with Nigel Ipinson at where in 2008 he talked about his time with the Juvenile  Jazz Band as well as OMD,



22/10/18 - Hi Fred, Geoff Hogarth's question about Juvenile Jazz was answered on this site in 2012. It is on your "Whatever happened to" page. I shall ask Richard Beesley's mother whether she has any further information. - Frank Whitehead



21/10/18 - A last minute notice just come on for tomorrow night - Spats Langham Hot Fingers plus Emily Campbell, vocalist. Prince of Wales pub Foxfield Broughton in Furness. This is a something of a revival of jazz at this pub. Organised by Paul Loftus. Lovely old place specializing in real ale beers. £12pp pay on the door or book with Paul e:mail or tel 01229 716582. Monday 22 October, start 7.30 pm.


21/10/18 - I spoke too soon the other day (08/10/18), telling you about future gigs for the Lune Valley Jazz Band at the Tithebarn. We played there last night, puzzled not to see the usual landlord. Apparently he left!  The new people in charge say there will be no more music from now on - bang go all our gigs, all in one go. We have some time now to see whether the band can continue, and if so look for somewhere to play. - Steve Lister


21/10/18 - Undercliffe Cricket Club gig list has been updated


21/10/18 - I'm indebted to Geoff Hogarth for sending me this link to the Liverpool Juvenile Jazz Band's appearance on Blue Peter in 1987. It was uploaded to Facebook to celebrate Blue Peter's 60th birthday, it says, "Here's a clip of Liverpool's own youth jazz band appearing on the show 31 years ago. The lads from two Liverpool schools, were actually very good. Anyone know what happened to them?". Well do you?  Nice to hear the Blue Mags mentioned.


21/10/18 - Were you a fan of The Rolling Stones, do you like Boogie Woogie?  If so you might be interested in videos I was referred to this week - Charlie Watts - The A, B, C & D of Boogie Woogie and an interview with Jules Holland.  If that's not enough to keep you happy, check out my list of jazz videos and sites on my "Jazz Videos to Watch" page, which just happens to be my Page of The Week


21/10/18 - No mid week daytime jazz and no birthdays this week!



20/10/18 - News of a charity concert with a difference.........The Wyre Levee Stompers combined with Thornton Cleveleys Brass Band for a night of Jazz and Brass Friday 26th October. It's a re-creation of a number of concert performances which The Jazz Knights did in Germany with Grimethorpe Colliery band back in the eighties, and it takes place at Thornton Little Theatre


18/10/18 - There is now a Tribute Page to Peter Vickers which you can see by clicking here. RayK Jazz (Ray & Jenny Knight) and Louis Lince have added their tribute to the page with a video interview  with Pete on 11th May last year at the "Bitter Suite (to become Ale Emporium and now The Mad Hatters)", in Preston as part of their Jazz Odyssey - The Road to Southport Pier. Jenny says, "When we were recording the first of our documentaries about jazz in the North West we interviewed the late Peter Vickers. We hope that this clip summarises Pete in a nutshell - a very modest man who just loved the music of New Orleans".


18/10/18 - Regarding straw boaters and striped jackets (Page of the Week). I was playing with The Crescent Jazz band in late 50s at Manchester jazz clubs.  When we played at the Bodega, Paddy McKeirnan approached Pete Haslam and suggested that we change our name to Pete Haslams Collegians as he would be our agent and get us lots of gigs if we played “Jazz of the Roaring Twenties” with appropriate uniform.  Hence this picture...this was taken at the Bodega on a night when Pete was ill and not with us, but I had him superimposed on the photo.  I think that is where people remember the uniforms and straw boaters from, and not so much New Orleans jazz.  We had a gig at The Free Trade Hall with Acker Bilk in their waistcoats and bowlers and us in our uniform.   The reporter from the Manchester Evening News, Jack Florin, put the heading. “Colourful Jazz” Those were the days - Brenda Canty-Forrest.


18/10/18 - The Pendle Jazzmen have continued to build up a regular audience for their monthly Thursday evening sessions at Ighten Mount Bowling Club, Romford St., Burnley: so much so that, by popular request, it has been decided to increase the event to twice a month. These will be on the first Thursday (as now) with an additional third Thursday. The downstairs function room - newly decorated - presents excellent facilities with a wide range of drinks available as well as pie and peas. You can read more by clicking on one of the listed events in What's On

18/10/18 - Sadly I have to report that a local friend and musician, Peter Vickers, died peacefully around 10pm last night with his family at his bedside. Pete was the leader of the Preston based Silver Bell Band & Red Rose Brass Band, from the early 70s.  He was an occasional visitor to our house so we knew him quite well, so much so he regarded me as his computer guru, often ringing to say, "I have a computer problem, it's not urgent, but I know you like a challenge".  Like me he also worked for BT prior to retirement so we had several things in common. He is now listed on the Tribute Page along with a longer version of this message. Pete leaves two sons and a daughter, and Barbara & I send our condolences to his family - George, James & Helen, of whom he was immensely proud. RIP Pete.


17/10/18 - Meryl and I have removed to the outskirts of York: our family think we’re old enough and stupid enough to need to live near one of them, and son Paul, already in central York, has drawn the short straw. The ’phone number, which you can publish, is  330896 (01904).  We’ll take the risk of investment brokers, double glazing salespersons and heavy breathers contacting us (I've put the dialling code last John to maybe fool spam searching computers - Fred) . I’ll be keeping up Delph appearances with the Spirit of New Orleans, but looking for new jazz (and folk) opportunities in Yorkshire (I know you have a few TransPennine followers). Best wishes to Barbara, yourself and all westerly jazzers. - Harmoniously, John Muskett.


16/10/18 - Re: Page of The Week,  I have a classic story about this, I was doing a gig with The Lune Valley Jazz Vintage Jazz Band years ago at Bentham, we were wearing striped waistcoat and boater, in the break I got chatting to the ladies, one of them said we can tell you're a proper jazz band from what you're wearing! - Barrie Marshall.


14/10/18 - The jazz session at Liverpool Cricket Club on Monday, 22nd October has had to be cancelled due to an Annual General Meeting of the club members. We will be back again on 29th. Also, looking ahead to Christmas and New Year, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, also fall on Mondays, hence these dates will have to be cancelled.  - Peter Fryer – band secretary.


14/10/18 - Sometimes people raise questions which are  read and answered by other jazzers, but there was one interesting question raised in 2007 by Trevor Hodgson, that never really turned up an answer. He wondered why straw boaters, striped shirts and jackets and fancy waistcoats were so frequently associated with traditional jazz?  Read about it on Page of The Week


14/10/18 - Just one midweek daytime jazz event this week - The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 19 October, 12:30 – 14:30


14/10/18 - Many Happy Returns this week to Dave Bateman on Wednesday and to Suzanne Mott on Friday



12/10/18 - Back in April 1974, when we were living in Bury, we woke up on April 1st to two new Metropolitan Counties - Greater Manchester and  Merseyside. Along with people in Rochdale, Bolton & Wigan, we were quite upset and refused to believe, that we no longer lived in Lancashire, we lived in Greater Manchester. No doubt people in Southport felt the same when they were informed they were now part of Merseyside. However some habits die hard and 44 years later it quite amused me to see on page 9 of the latest Jazz Guide, under the heading of  "Live & Alive in Lancashire" - Eagley, Rochdale & Didsbury Jazz clubs listed, as well as the Talbot Hotel in Southport. The rest were either in Manchester or Liverpool, and not one venue technically in Lancashire. - Fred, in Preston, and definitely still in Lancashire.


12/10/18 - Tim Woodhead writes, "You helped us last year to find a bassist. There was a response to the message that you circulated for me but it unfortunately did not work out, so we would like to repeat the request. - Tim (piano) and Phil (drummer) are getting established as a jazz combo and we are looking for a bassist to join us. Our music can be loosely described as cool or smooth jazz and our repertoire covers well known and modern jazz standards, with some latin and a hint of classical.  We are located in Malpas (South Cheshire) and we are looking to get engagements at jazz venues around this region.  If you are a bassists (acoustic double bass or bass guitar) and you are interested in joining us, please get in contact: Email, Tel home 01948861175, Mob 07896211733".



11/10/18 - Noted for their excellent value jazz breaks at the Talbot Hotel in Southport, Gilbert & Julie are now going to start Sunday Afternoon Tea & Jazz Brunches for just £14.99 per person. These will be on selected dates yet to be announced. More information from 01704 533975, or email:


11/10/18 - The November Jazzmass Party at the Talbot Hotel in Southport from November 9th - 11th, has been showing TBA for one of the bands now for some time.  I can now reveal that as well as The Eagle Jazz Band and the Wirrorleans Jazz Band, The Chicago Teddybears are the third band to be playing there at 8-45pm on Friday night..



10/10/18 - Ref Norman's link- I particularly liked the ending of Doreen's clip; she truly is the Florence Foster-Jenkins of the clarinet - Jon White.


09/10/18 -  Re: Page of the Week last week.  I was delighted to hear The Tony Smith Band and my very young self. It brought back memories and I had to laugh at my drum breaks. A perfect example of technique over taste but in my defence I was a mere stripling. Yours rhythmically -  Moe Green.


09/10/18 - Late News from Jeff Roberts -  Charity event for Guide Dogs For the Blind. The Forest New Orleans Jazz Band will be at the K.S.C. club this Friday 12th October, Forest Street,  Nelson. BB97NB. £2 entrance fee and 8-30pm start


09/10/18 - Norman Gibson writes, "Unusually I found myself in on my own Saturday night and spent some of my time trolling through Youtube. I had met lovely lady Doreen Ketchens in NOLA 2003 & 2007 and was totally enthralled by her amazing clarinet playing, especially when she let rip with the instrument nigh vertical. Many may know that she was the Queen of Jackson Square, with as many as a dozen playing with her during the French Quarter Festival. I decided to investigate and find if she was still performing with the same vitality. To my absolute delight I found video of her playing 'Just a Closer Walk with Thee' with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra in March this year. It must have been four years since I last e-mailed her (there was a hope that I could get her here to play), but I felt I just had to let her know how much I enjoyed the performance. She looked so well and was still playing with that ummph ! Gracious lady that she is, she replied and thanked me for my kind words - I have to say I felt humbled later when I read some of the many comments on this video. What a Lady - standing ovation much deserved.



08/10/18 - I noticed that on 1st October Chris Lee was asking if anyone had got a copy of Jazz At The Pavillion (Didsbury Cricket Club) volume 2 on dvd. I've got both volumes on vhs (definitely not for sale) & I'm planning to digitise both volumes at some point, probably on some cold & wet winters' evening. If he can let me have his address or email address I'd be happy to send him a copy when I eventually get round to doing it but I'm not promising when.  I'm playing on the recording of course, all those years ago when I had black hair & all of my own teeth!   Also sad to see my old mate Frank Slaters' trombone & associated gear up for sale. He's a vastly experienced & talented trombone player & will be much missed. - Laurie Cooper


08/10/18 - Founder member of the Lune Valley Jazz Band, trumpet player John Beaumont has decided to retire from playing. Best wishes John for the future, and thanks for the enjoyment you have given to many people over the years. The band is continuing as normal with dep cornet players at present. The landlord at the Tithebarn in Garstang has booked the band (although spread out), through most of 2019.


08/10/18 - Sam Ralph has been busy with his camera once again at Rochdale Jazz Club. You can see photographs of the Pedigree Jazz Band by clicking here



07/10/18 - Google and you should find a weekend dancers programme at the the Rowley Court in Scotsforth Lancaster. Non-dancers are welcome to go to the Social evening on Saturday 20th. Oct. for £8, when a very lively young band Alligator Gumbo will be playing.



06/10/18 - A Yamaha YSL 691 Trombone in very good condition and in original hard case, plus accessories, has just gone on the Sales Page


06/10/18 - We heard earlier this week about young Katie Gregg learning to play jazz trumpet, and what her mum Sarah had helped her find in the way of jazz research. By pure coincidence, 10 years ago Jeff Matthews was looking for a tutoring or mentoring list to go on the site. Several musicians were able to give a few tips on the subject and that page is this week's Page of The Week.


06/10/18 - There are no midweek daylight hours jazz events coming up next week I'm sorry to say, unless of course someone out there knows different.


06/10/18 - Many Happy Returns next week to Jack Cotterill on Tuesday and to Gerry Clayton on Saturday 13th.


06/10/18 - On 20th October The Freetime Old Dixie Jass Band are coming from Holland to Dove Jazz Club, and as always the club has produced a 'Bugle' on the subject, which you can read by clicking here



05/10/18 - The Friends of Neston Library are to present The Chicago Teddybears Society Jazzband on Wednesday 24 October. Doors at 7pm for 7.30pm start. Tickets £8 available at the library, booking essential at Neston Library. 0151 337 4670.


05/10/18 - My daughter Katie is currently enrolled in a jazz music workshop (she plays the trumpet!).  She had some worksheets she brought home, so I was helping her do some research. Katie found this guide when we were looking up jazz history: Could you include a link to it on your page? I'd love to show her! Appreciation and recognition go so far in children!  If you add it, let me know; I'd also like to show Katie's music instructor...they meet Wednesday afternoon if you get a chance to update over the weekend!   - Sarah Gregg. Link added in the international section.  Good luck Katie, we need more young people like you to become interested in this genre of music - Fred


05/10/18 - Apologies if you have been having problems with the web site for the last three days when it has been taking minutes to load one page. After I upload it, I have no control over things like that, plus I was in Harrogate on Wednesday and at Garstang Jazz Club yesterday, opticians and then lunch with friends today, so didn't have time to take on the challenge of getting through to the right department within BT where the site is hosted. I hoped I wasn't the only one affected and they would get to know and sort it, seems they did, it's now OK. Not everybody was affected strangely enough!


05/10/18 - We have a new booking for the Peninsula Three at the Otto Lounge in Heswall on Friday 12th October, 8.30 to 10.30. Mike Swift on banjo / guitar, Brian Woods on drums and myself on reeds. Nice setting, good food and drink and good music! Could you let folk know? - Dave Dixson


02/10/18 - A young friend of my Son in Law, who has no interest in jazz music, told me at the weekend he recently saw a jazz band at a music festival in Flint. He and friends watched the whole set of 'Kansas Smitty's House Band' ( no ! I hadn't heard of them either ) because the clarinetist was brilliant. After a bit of checking I found it was Adrian Cox. I mentioned this to Peter Butler at JazzandJazz, who commented Adrian is very much in demand now. His inclusion in the 'Madness' band is only a small part of his work, as he has recently returned from a South American tour and playing in New York with Wynton Marsalis. This latter engagement I find was at the Lincoln Centre 30 Gala 2018 - where the Gala tickets started at 2500 dollars ! I recommend going to - LIVE - "JLCO"Jazz at the Lincoln Centre - Norman Gibson



01/10/18 - I read in the Sunday Post that Elaine C Smith plans to stage a show tribute to the forgotten Scots jazz legend Mary McGowan, who walked away from fame. As part of the Clyde Valley Stompers, Mary’s huge voice inspired generations of future Scottish singers, such as Lulu, Annie Lennox and Sheena Easton. Yet at the height of her success, the Gorbals girl walked off the stage for good, to marry and start a family. Now TV and stage star Elaine hopes to bring a show about Mary’s life to the stage at next year’s Edinburgh Fringe. More at


01/10/18 - Ian Royle writes from the Costa Blanca, "Superb session at the Arena Bar in Denia yesterday. Ex-pats Mike Summers on piano, Dave Butterworth on drums, Dick Crooks on reeds, the incredible Julio Fuster on string bass and me on trumpet,vocals and thoroughly enjoying myself with a great bunch of guys. The bar owner, Willem, loves jazz and serves a fantastic cuisine. There are different groups with different styles at the 'Arena' every week so I can recommend the place to anyone visiting the area.


01/10/18 - Hello Fred,  Your readers may like to know (if it isn’t too far!) that my show SHAKE THAT THING! The Great British Swing Dance Show has been booked by Raymond Gubbay to appear at Birmingham Town Hall next April 28th – a Sunday Matinee. Here’s the link to the theatre: - Tony Jacobs


01/10/18 - Tonight's Now You Has Jazz, Jazz,Jazz on the Sound of Spitfire features a live concert by the best of the Louis Armstrong All Stars, from 1949. This was the band which featured Big Sid Catlett, one of the greatest jazz drummers, along with Barney Bigard, clarinet, Jack Teagarden, trombone and vocals, Earl Fatha Hines, piano, Arvell Shaw, bass and Velma Middleton, vocals. Listen Live Here - John Petters


01/10/18 - Dear Fred,  I am hoping one of your many correspondents can help. I recently came into possession of a DVD, Jazz At the Pavilion [Volume 1], of three bands filmed at Didsbury CC in about 1989, featuring among others, John Hallam playing, as always, stonkingly well. I would like to get my hands on Vol. 2, but can't trace a copy via Google, U-Tube, Amazon, etc. Does anyone know where I could source a copy?  - Chris Lee


01/10/18 - My latest edition of all things jazz in Jazznorthwest Weekly is out and I see there's a hardback, published on 4th September, called, "The History of European Jazz, The Music, Musicians and Audience in Context" by Francesco Martinelli. If you love a good book and you consider yourself an expert on the subject, and have £195 to spare, then this is the book for you. There's a section on, "Great Britain: 1900 - 1960", by Alyn Shipton. I checked on the index most of my favourites from the 50's, as far as I could remember, were listed (couldn't find Clyde Valley Stompers). Some pages are free to read on line, but you can check out the subject index here


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