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May 2017

  • 26/05/17 - The June edition of just Jazz magazine is now available and the front page listing contents, can be seen here

  • 26/05/17 - Next week sees visiting band Emily Bacon's Good Time Gang with special guest Sammy Rimmington as part of the Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival Fringe, at the Crichton Golf Club Dumfries on Sunday 28 May and then at Carlisle Jazz Club on Thursday June 1st. More details in What's On.

  • 25/05/17 - "Last Thursday 18th May John Higham and I had to abandon our busking in Chester due to rain, but not before being recorded and broadcast by Radio 4's World at One programme interviewing people in Chester about the election: ", writes Malcolm Hogarth.   "Roger Marshall (Dove Holes) and my son (in Pembrokeshire) reported hearing us playing Dream a Little Dream of Me from about 23 mins into the broadcast, which you can hear on BBC4 Listen Again. I noticed a chap surreptitiously pointing a microphone at us as we played, but I don't think he tipped us!  And while we're about it, Isabel found a picture of The Cross in Cheshire Life, with John and I busking at it's base. We didn't get a mention!   Fame is achieved in small steps".

  • 25/05/17 - Hello Fred,  What a wonderful thing for Malcolm Hogarth and John Higham to rise the funds in Keswick.  Truly wonderful. - Dee.

  • 25/05/17 - "No I'm not starting up again", writes Norman Gibson in an email with the subject line "Need a Band".  He continued, "but I still have an interest in helping others where I can. I am in discussion with some young people who wish to 'dip their feet in the water', and promote an event aimed at getting them and their friends dancing. Can someone put me onto a very swingy big band band sounding group of the Goodman/Artie Shaw ilk, who could keep the 'kids' dancing to the Balboa. This would be a tester, hoping to move to more regular sessions, hence a very economic fee is being looked for in the first instance. ( that reminds me of when David and I started ! ) July is the projected date in mind". Email 

  • 25/05/17 - The funeral of musician Peter Frank will take place at Nab Wood Crematorium, Bingley Road, Shipley, BD18 4BG, on Tuesday 30th May at 1.20pm.

  • 24/05/17 - Sue Parish makes an interesting point in her contribution to the "yet more doom and gloom" debate.  I for one thoroughly enjoyed watching her recommended YouTube video.

  • 24/05/17 - Following the death of Ken Sims, and at my request, Jon Critchley kindly scanned Ken's series of articles that had appeared in Just Jazz magazine and sent them to me.  I had intended putting them all on my site, but I've been waiting for permission from Ken's family. Whilst converting the images into text and photographs, I notified Peter Butler of about them, knowing Peter was a personal friend of Ken's. Peter has now put together some condensed extracts which can be seen on his site by clicking here.

    23/05-17 -
    Jon Critchley writes, "I was playing in Mossley Hill, Liverpool last Thursday and Alan Miller was there in the audience: He was the former trombonist with The Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra, which I also was a member of in the late 60s early 70s. Haven’t seen Alan for many years and would like to get in touch again. I know he lives in Wirral apparently, but I do not have a number for him. Anyone?"


  • 22/05-17 - There is now a tribute page set up for Peter Frank. If you have any memories to share, please send them to me.

  • 22/05/17 - Had a phone call from Gerry Owen yesterday, it seemed he could access any web site with his iPad except mine, and could I help?  Well nobody else reported having this problem, and I was able to access it OK, but having had someone with this problem before, I suggested he initially try switching his router off and then back on, and sure enough that cleared it. I could explain the technical reasoning behind it if anybody is interested, but it's just worth knowing that if you continually cannot access a particular web site, it may just be your router.

  • 21/05/17 - Re: Doom & Gloom item, 20/05, A guaranteed response, yes. But any from young people?! Alas..... - Jon Critchley.   Well I can always rely on young John Muskett Jon, he's the latest to add a little twist to the discussion - Fred.

  • 21/05/17 - Hi Fred, you mentioned Gerard Bielderman on your news page on 30/04 who has a website at As well as being a compiler and publisher of discographies of jazz musicians and jazz bands, I discovered  that he also has a large CD catalogue of British and American bands that are privately recorded and otherwise unavailable anywhere else, e.g., recordings of the 1960s BBC radio progs “Easy Beat” and “Trad Tavern”. Ever since I used to listen to these programmes when I was in short pants I’ve been hoping someone would put them out on CD. There is also otherwise unavailable European concerts by Alex Welsh, Kenny Ball, Chris Barber etc. All stuff I’ve not heard before. I’ve bought 7 CDs from him and they are excellent: Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen were at their peak and the Alex Welsh Holland Concert is superb. All private recordings he has obtained copyright. You can obtain a list by contacting him via his web site. - Jon Critchley

  • 21/05/17 - There are no mid-week daytime jazz events to report this coming week.

  • 21/05/17 - Many Happy Returns this week to pianist Malcolm Hogarth on Friday, and to reed players Bruce Carnaffin and Dave Dixson on Saturday.

  • 20/05/17 - I was quite concerned to read on Facebook that jazz vocalist Sue Reid-Povall had been caught out by cyber crime, and I mention it in the hope it may help other people avoid the same fate. Sue was looking to change her antivirus software and searched for a respected well known commercial provider of security software. Unfortunately she landed on a fake page that had been fraudulently set up and the software she downloaded didn't work. After ringing to complain she was told it was incompatible with Windows 10 and was offered a refund to her debit card. The bank sent a text to ask her to confirm the transaction, which with hindsight Sue realised was the alarm bell she missed. Banks would not normally ask you to authorise a credit, so as you may now have worked out, the fraudsters carried out a debit and cleaned her current account out!  Unfortunately there is likely to be no help from the bank as Sue authorised the transaction.  So let's be careful out there.

  • 19/05/17 - Musician Bernie Flynn passed away on Tuesday 9th May unexpectedly. He died of of pneumonia. Roy Gregory sent me the news and told me, "We worked together a lot prior to his retiring from playing due to ill health. He had quite a modern piano style and was at home in big bands as well as Trad/mainstream combos. The last time I saw and spoke to him was at Billy Edwards funeral. The three of us played in the Parade Jazzband which I now run. At that time it was a 7 piece band. His funeral is on 2.30 pm Thursday 1st June at Landican cemetery. We played together in the Parade band at the Boathouse Parkgate for many years. He eventually had to give up due to ill health (it's not easy carrying an electric piano and amplifier up a flight of stairs when you're getting on in years). I miss his straight Northern talking and dry wit". - Roy Gregory

  • 19/05/17 - Hi Fred,  As you know I played for Peter Frank for fourteen years and was more than saddened by his untimely death. Peter, in addition to being THE most sympathetic bass player I ever worked with in the UK, had a great sense of fun. He was also a very fine artist, specialising in watercolours. If there really is a heaven I can now envisage Peter looking down, bass in hand, chucking my chord sheets all over the stage floor and intoning (as a true Yorkshireman would) "Well, that's tripled the selling price of my paintings overnight". RIP Peter. One of the best guys I ever knew. - Ian  Royle

  • 19/05/17 - Dear Fred, It was the efforts of several musicians who raised £600 for The Keswick Mountain Rescue last week,  John Higham and I were only two who played. . For the record the other musicians were Dave Dixson (reeds), Isabel Toner (str bass), Nicky Myers (drums), Ed Lee (vocals and keyboard), and Alex Clark (an up and coming young reeds player, who's been mentioned previously in your pages).  However, John and I are pleased to mention that we've just sent a third £500 donation to the Alzheimer's Society from the sale of our Milk of Amnesia CD. We're scheduled to start a second CD next week. - Malcolm Hogarth

  • 18/05/17 - One subject that's guaranteed to get people writing in is "young people and jazz". Jeff Matthews starts the latest round off with his comments posted on 15/05/17. Pete Lay & Malcolm Bridge have responded to it. My thoughts, for what they are worth is that I can't see young people wanting to come to the places I've been to early evening, no more than I would go to their places at 2am in the morning. Let them find it for themselves like I did, and get on and swing to it, as I know they already are in places, but I'll probably be in bed!  In the meantime read the comments here

  • 18/05/17 - Thanks to Peter Bledge for realising i got the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival dates wrong. It is of course in July, and the New Orleans Swamp Donkey's Traditional Jass Band are playing between the 14th & 18th . More Details at

  • 18/05/17 - After a gap of 20 years Sammy Rimington is to visit me in Dumfries again and play with Emily Bacon's Good Time Gang as part of the Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival Fringe. The gig is at the Crichton Golf Club Dumfries on Sunday 28 May 8.0pm and tickets price £12 are available telephone 07471942159.  I first brought Sammy to Dumfries back in 1982 and his groups made regular appearances twice a year up until 1997 when sadly it became more difficult to maintain decent audience numbers. However now in 2017 through the auspices of Paul and Liz Bacon we have an opportunity once more to see and hear a very special jazzman and a rare treat awaits all lovers of pure New Orleans Jazz in SW Scotland.  Love your updates Fred. Think your dates for the Swamp Donkeys are maybe 2 months early though. As it happens I was down in Morecambe visiting Norman Gibson for his surprise birthday party but didn't realise you were also there or we could have had a good blether. Keep up your good work and many thanks. - Peter Bledge.   I have it on good authority that the excellent young pianist Ian Wynne will be in the line-up - Fred

  • 18/05/17 - Trumpeter John Higham and pianist Malcolm Hogarth busked in Keswick during the festival last week-end and raised £600 for the local mountain rescue team. It makes me wish I could still climb mountains to be rescued. - Steve Voce.

  • 16/05/17 - The Merseysippi Jazz Band have moved from the Victoria in Aigburth, South Liverpool to THE COFFEE HOUSE, 14 Church Road North, Wavertree, L15 9EF.  The start date is MONDAY, 29th MAY (the builders are in on the 22nd), with a slightly earlier start time of 8.00 p.m. until 10.30 p.m. Free admission, cash collection. All welcome.

  • 15/05/17 - Just heard the awful news about Peter Frank, can't believe it. I spoke to him by phone just after his bands show at Leeds Jazz Club the previous night to say how much I had enjoyed his bass playing. I first met Peter in 1953 on the train bound for Bedford and our first day at RAF Cardington as raw recruits. Later we spent two months square bashing at RAF Padgate and then went our separate ways to do our National Service. I re-met Peter years later at Gildersome Lodge and booked his All Stars many times at Leeds Jazz Club. So glad I knew you Peter. RIP - John Wall.

  • 15/05/17 - Howard Murray forwarded me an interesting item about the Nazis and jazz, on a web site. "They expressed their disapproval in a very oddly specific way, at least in the recollection of Czech writer and dissident Josef Skvorecky. he recounted from memory a set of ten bizarre regulations issued by a Gauleiter, a regional Nazi official, that bound local dance orchestras during the Czech occupation". Read it at . Howard sent it to Roy Gregory and the conversation went like this - Roy: - "Well It didn't do him any good, did it?", Howard:- ""Why ?", Roy:- "Because he still got a flattened 3rd Reich!"

  • 15/05/17 - I recently went to a stage show starring the chef Gino Di Campo. It was a birthday gift. I looked around the theatre audience and the vast majority were certainly older people with very few under the age of 50. Most were quite a bit older. Me included. I also attended at the beginning of this year a regular jazz concert in a large town close to me. Free entrance and very high quality jazz. Eighty people in the audience, but I can't remember seeing someone under the age of 50. It's not just old jazz that is suffering.  We should congratulate older audience members for getting up and out of the door to support live music. They keep it going. When people say 'we should encourage younger people' to come to our jazz sessions, what age does 'younger' mean. 15? 20? In my mind audiences today who might be interested in older jazz are likely to be in the 40's+ age group. The Kids don't need a baby sitter as they will be at least teenagers. Mum and dad can get out of the house for a night out together. There are very few people in their 20's interested in jazz of any sort, let alone New Orleans, however good it is. Perhaps once we really understand who our audience is in today's world, we can more effectively market to them. - Jeff Matthews, The Chicago Swing Katz

  • 14/05/17 - This may be the last time you'll get to see the New Orleans's Z'hulus in the North West, as Fraser McCombe told me a few weeks back that it's becoming very difficult to continue his Jazz Specials at The Tytherington Club, in Macclesfield. He has promoted the Z'hulus in Macclesfield since 2012, after a successful annual series of gigs featuring Barry Martyn and the Young Bloods. The Z'hulus are appearing there on Sunday 4th June and it's to help raise funds for  East Cheshire hospice. You can find out more by checking out this poster.

  • 14/05/17 - Just had a phone call from Chris Howes to tell me he had a call from Chris Frank to ask him to inform everyone on the jazz scene that his father, bass player Peter Frank (Peter Franks Allstars) , died suddenly last night of a suspected heart attack. Chris told me his last gig was at Bingley with the Aire Valley Jazzmen on Thursday 11th May and the band played well.

  • 14/05/17 - Hi Fred. My name is Ian Kirkby and I live in Ucluelet British Columbia Canada. My aunt Ester Nickson (nee Laria) sang with the Bill Edge Band in the '50s at the Levenshulme Palais. She just died recently and i was wondering if there were any photos and info of her and the band. I was born in Altrincham and moved to Canada as a child in the '60s. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. Ian. You can contact Ian at I'd like to know if you were able to help.

  • 14/05/17 - If you are anywhere near Edinburgh this week, it's the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival. My eye caught the fact that the New Orleans Swamp Donkey's Traditional Jass Band are playing today, Monday & Tuesday. More Details at See 18/05/17 - Correction for dates

  • 14/05/17 - Deco Delight are doing their bit for charity next Saturday 20th May at 7-30pm, when they will be helping to raise funds for St Paul's Lancaster Roof Appeal. It takes place at the Parish Hall of St. Paul's,  24 Scotforth Rd, Lancaster LA1 4ST  Entitled "RAISE THE ROOF' it's live music from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Tickets, which  include refreshments, are £8 in advance. £10 on the door, and are available from St. Paul's Church or the Parish Office. Tel:- 01524 843135.

  • 14/05/17 - The question of dwindling audiences is something that regularly crops up on the site and many people feel the answer is to try and encourage young people to come along too. I've always felt that young and old rarely mix in a club environment especially when the young want to talk and have fun and the older generation want to sit quietly telling them to shhhh!.  So the next best thing may be to try to hang on to the audience we have.  Many people of my generation feel less inclined to go out at night and that's why I've always tried to encourage mid-week daytime events. I was therefore quite pleased to get a couple of photographs and a report this week from Peter Swensson to say "These two photos were taken last Tuesday at the Palm House. Terry Birkinhead can be seen leading the parade (Click on picture to see both). Super afternoon, 105 people attended".   That's some going for a monthly residency. Daytime events this week sees The Savoy Jazzmen playing again at Dobbies Garden Centre, Speke, Liverpool L24 1UX, on Thursday 18 May, between 13:30 and 15:30, and on Friday The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Railway Station between 12:30 and 14:30.

  • 14/05/17 - Now here's something to try at home on a wet day. Back in 2010, Mart Rodger sent me a set of instructions on "How To Dance The Jitterbug". It's this week's Page of The Week

  • 14/0517 - Many Happy Returns today to Paul Medina, and a special birthday greeting for tomorrow to John Barnes who reaches the grand age of 90.  Other birthdays coming up this week are Phil Lucas on Tuesday, and Merseysippi Jazz Band musicians John Higham on Thursday, and Peter Fryer on Saturday.

  • 13/05/17 - Thank you for your reporting of my surprise on my birthday. It was particularly pleasing to see you and Barbara there, joining the faithful jazzers who have supported my efforts for most of the years. My wife Meryl, son Michael and son in law Mark, I have to say, did an amazing job getting the band and everyone organised without me getting an inkling. Cunning lot my family - I'll have to be more observant in future ! As you may be aware, in the photo', the attractive young lady sitting with me is my son's wife Rachel. - Norman Gibson

  • 11/05/17 - Surprise! Surprise! Not often Norman Gibson is lost for words but he came close to it last night when he walked in to the Bare Institute in Morecambe for a swift drink before going out for a meal on his birthday (or so he thought). His son Michael had organised a surprise birthday/retirement party for him, and Barbara & I were privileged to have been invited. Retirement from what you may ask, this being Norman's 82nd birthday?  As Michael put it, "After organising over 100 jazz gigs by bands from all over the UK and overseas my Dad is finally retiring. The last gig had supposedly happened but we’re organising a surprise gig for his birthday the 10th of May". It was Cafe Society, Norman's favourite band, that kept everyone in joyful mood and entertained for the evening. As Norman addressed the assembled audience he looked at me and said "Fred doesn't know I've retired", well he got that bit wrong, but I did need to hear it from the horse's mouth. Well done Norman for 12 years of promoting our kind of music. I wonder if one day he'll  say, "Surprise Surprise, I'm doing just one more!".

  • 11/05/17 - Many Happy Returns today to NW trumpeter Darren Lloyd.

  • 11/05/17 - Some technical information that will affect many of you because there are several on my mailing list. Are you aware that if you have an email address ending in "", "", "", "", "", "", "",  "" or "" that your email addresses are about to disappear on 31st May 2017. After this you will not be able to access your account, send or receive any emails from your Orange Email address, or access contacts and emails in any way. See If this doesn't affect you personally, it might be worth checking your address book to see if you have any friends who fall into this category. There are a few alternatives you could use, like Yahoo, Microsoft Live, Gmail etc. (click the names for more information).  Personally I find Gmail very good and I use the calendar for What's On, and to send me email reminders for birthdays etc. You should also set up an automatic reply on your old email account to tell people your new email address, but it will stop at the end of the month of course. Finally don't forget to let me know your new address if you think I should have it.

  • 10/05/17 - I wonder if you and/or others could assist me in a project I am doing in cooperation with the National Jazz Archive. This is compiling a Working Jazz Bibliography of all aspects off Jazz in Britain since 1940. I enclose a copy in its state thus far which is essentially just the books. The web sites and all the other things are jobs to do! I am moving on to mags and similar things at present. Please have a look at it, please share it with any others who might be interested, and if you have any comments I would be very glad to hear from anyone. - Richard Baker (

  • 09/05/17 - Hello Fred, your readers may be interested to learn that my forthcoming 4 day Festival of Hot Jazz, Big Band Swing, Cabaret & Dance at Warner’s Thoresby Hall has sold out – with around 400 in attendance.  Consequently, we have been asked back next May. We have other great events lined up which can be found here: - Tony Jacobs.

  • 08/05/17 - The Savoy Jazzmen will be playing in Dobbies Speke Garden Centre, 1a Speke Hall Avenue. Liverpool. L24 1UX, on Thursday 18th May 1.30pm - 3.30pm. More information here Tickets can be booked by ringing 0151 728 3070.  If this event is a success they are hoping to book the band each month. Fingers crossed.

  • 08/05/17 - Eagley Jazz Club gig list has been updated until the end of the year

  • 08/05/17 - Dear Fred, I have just heard on Jazz Record Requests that Roy Fisher passed away on 21st March.  He was a great friend in the 80s and we created A tribute to Bessie Smith together. Fabulous piano player . My favourite track on the album is 'Wasted Life Blues. 'more should have been written about his musician life.  He played Buxton and Hayfield and was well known in that area as well as in Birmingham.  Joe Silmon found him again for me through his collaboration with you on your Jazz Pages some years ago.  - Sheila Collier

  • 08/05/17 - I see on Jazz Guide news that Hippocampus Jass Band, who appeared at Dove in June last year, have just released a new CD - Rhoh Dis Donc

  • 07/05/15 - Yes, folks a really busy night at the Beaky in Ashton-u-L, celebrating our Norman's Big Birthday. A six-piece band, numerous second half guests including Billy Bedlam on one of his amazing Fartophones. Birthday cake in evidence, as well as pies of the cheese and onion, and meat and potato variety. Jolly John Percival led for part of the second half, and internationally famous drummer, Dave Moore, waved the sticks for a couple of numbers. Another party night coming up on the 17th May, when one of our stalwart supporters, Mark Nolan, is celebrating 20 years "on the wagon". It's all happening! - Noel Broadgate.

  • 07/05/17 - Page of The Week covers some brilliant paintings of NW Jazz Musicians painted by  Dr.W Jenkyn Jones, otherwise known as  'Jenks'. He describes himself as a retired GP in Crewe, trad groupie, & amateur artist.

  • 07/05/17 - If going out at night is not your thing these days, you could try Annie's Saints And Sinners @ The Dog & Partridge, Bollington (check first on 01625 610059) on Mon, 8 May, 14:00 - 16:00, or on Tues, 9th May, 14:00 - 16:00,  the SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in the beautiful setting of the Sefton Park Palm House, Sefton Park, Liverpool. L17 1AP. Tickets cost £6.00 which includes refreshments.

  • 07/05/17 - Many Happy Returns this week to Morecambe Bay's jazz promoter Norman Gibson on Wednesday 10th May, and to Martin Bennett on Friday 12th.

  • 05/05/17 - I see Woody Allen And His New Orleans Jazz Band are to appear at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Sunday, 02 Jul 2017 at 5pm.

  • 05/05/17 - A busy weekend for the Pendle Jazzmen: 1) Usual Thursday evening session at The Inn on the Wharf - now into the sixth year of the weekly residency;  2) a session at the prestigious Ribble Valley Jazz Festival, keeping the flag flying for traditional jazz. The programme was mainly directed to honouring the Original Dixieland Jazz Band who played on the very first jazz records exactly 100 years ago this last month. Among numbers included were At the Jazz Band Ball, Jazz Me Blues, Royal Garden Blues, Tiger Rag as well as more popular tunes of the time - Margie (in 3/4 time), and I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles.  3) - 3. a broadcast on the Hospital Radio, net-worked throughout England, Scotland and Wales, as part of a 48-hour transmission ( 6p.m. Saturday until 6p.m. on Sunday) when these early numbers were featured un the Jazzmen's set. The broadcast was hosted by Richard Smith, a regular member of the Hospitals broadcasting group.

  • 04/05/17 - My brother Mike sent me the attached flyer from 32 years ago", writes Paul Medina. "If my maths is correct. I'm sure there are plenty of names that will conjure up memories for your readers". Click on it for a larger version.

  • 04/05/17 - A B&H Imperial BBb 4 Valve, 19 inch Bell Tuba and a BBb Brass Sousaphone with Hard Case and Mouthpiece have just gone on the Sales Page from two different sellers.

  • 04/05/17 - It seems the Sales Page works well for some, Re the clarinet for sale (02/05/17) - Hans Erwig writes,  "Thanks for that. Had already two enquiries. Let you know".

  • 03/05/17 - The latest edition of the Dove Jazz Club Bugle is now available at

  • 02/05/17 - Many Happy Returns today to Trevor Stent, ex Blue Mags leader and now annual Jazz Festival organiser of A three-day festival on the banks of the Aulne in Châteauneuf-du-Faou in Finistère

  • 02/05/17 - An early 90 's Hammerschmidt "Klingson "B flat redwood (Cocobolo) clarinet, Albert/German system, has just gone on the Sales Page

  • 02/05/17 - It is indeed bad news at the moment - first Bob Hambleton and now Bobby Boyd. He was a great chap and drummer. He played for about a year with the Merseysippi in the early 80s, when Mike McCombe left to up-sticks and live in California. He will be much missed I am sure. Two funerals in two weeks is going a bit. It is making us all feel nervous! - Peter Fryer

  • 02/05/17 - I had an interesting meeting today with Louis Lince, Derek & Trish Galloway, Fraser McCombe and jazz enthusiasts Jenny & Ray Knight who were videoing the occasion as part of their jazz tour of the North West. They will have to do quite a bit of editing and I don't envy them that job, because everyone had something to contribute about the jazz scene in the North West over a 2 hour session. You will be able to see the results of their efforts eventually, but you can see them in action at Didsbury Cricket Club on Thursday with the Tame Valley Stompers, Delph Band Club on Friday with the Spirit of New Orleans, Rochdale Jazz Club with the Harlem Hot Stompers on Sunday, Southport Jazz Club with the Rae Owens trio on Wednesday 10th, and the Ale Emporium, Preston, with the Silver Bell Band on Thursday 11th. Derek & Trish brought an amazing collection of photographs, and Derek told some great stories in his own inimitable style. I asked him to get them written down and scan some photographs and let me put them on the site. Fingers crossed.

  • 01/05/17 - "Hi Fred, I'm out here in Calpe on the Costa Blanca, writes Ian Royle, "And was recently attracted to a site which advertised 'Birds, Lunch and culinary Jazz in Valencia'. Thinking it might have been something like the Hayfield Jazz Festival of my youth with mini-skirted ladies, pie and peas followed by a spot of curry later on with the Red River Jazzmen I delved into the detail. Sadly, the event featured avant-garde jazz music from Norway. The event was, apparently 'original and highly enriching'. I'd love have heard what the late Tommy Burton's comment would have been to that description. Keith Pendlebury would have described it as 'zoo burning'. Bands featured were 'Atomic', 'Elephant9,'Beady Belle', 'Huntsville' and 'Naima' which guaranteed 'a festival of pure musical freedom and experimentation'. I don't blame the musos who are trying to make a crust but it's no wonder many members of the General Public say 'I don't like Jazz'. ".

  • 01/05/17 - The latest tribute to Bob Hambleton has just gone on, this one from Allan Wilcox. I've been searching my photographs but I don't seem to have one of Bob. Can you help?

  • 01/05/17 - The reference to Moondog (29/04/17) in the blogs about the red trombone brought back memories. I worked with him and he was a good drummer, but a bit eccentric. He was also an artist and in his house he painted futuristic murals on the inside walls. He was nicknamed after the briefly famous Moondog. The latter was an eccentric blind American musician, theoretician, poet, inventor of musical instruments and occasional street busker. - Barrie Quilliam

  • 01/05/17 - Walter Love's excellent Radio Ulster Jazz Club of Sunday 30.04.17 featured classic jazz tracks including recent releases of performances by Humphrey Lyttelton, Chris Barber and Ben Cohen. Well worth a listen to on BBC IPlayer Radio over the next four weeks. - David Evans

  • 01/05/17 - Jenny & Ray Knight run a web site and have been busy touring the country talking to club organisers, bands and jazzers and videoing the gigs they manage to get to. They are currently in the North West, and they were at High Lane Conservative Club filming Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz. I know of other venues, but as I'm seeing them tomorrow, I'll get the full itinerary and publish it later.

April 2017

  • 30/04/17 - The Bollington Arts Centre gig list for the Autumn has been updated. Unfortunately there won't be any sessions in September, as Bernard Selby tells me - "We are having work done at the Arts Centre and are not 100% certain it will be finished in time, so are not taking any chances.

  • 30/04/17 - Another musician has just joined the deps list. Bill Buck, drummer from Chester.

  • 30/04/17 - Back in 2012 Moe Green asked this question about Jelly Roll Morton - "I wonder if anyone else finds this ironic about " the inventor of jazz " It seems to me that the average band has very few of his compositions in its repertoire. his most famous recording " Doctor Jazz " was, as we know, not written by him". Well you can read the replies on this week's Page of The Week

  • 30/04/17 - The Red Rose Band are marching for May Day in Burnley tomorrow, it's the only mid week daytime event this week.

  • 30/04/17 - Quite a few birthdays took place whilst we were in Jersey.  Derek Vaux, Dave Copperwaite, Eric Brierley,  Digby Fairweather, Anthony Mason, Laurie Cooper, Martyn Sharp, Jon Critchley and Sammy Rimington.  Today it's Happy Birthday to Dave Pogson, Norman Pennington and Sue Parish. Happy belated birthdays to you all.

  • 30/04/17 -  Sad to hear that news about Bob Hambleton and Bobby Boyd. I did not know Bobby, but I can relate to scouse humour from my times with another scouse drummer, the late Bob Jones, such as this story:  Two wharfies having lunch, one is doing a crossword puzzle and asks "Who painted the Mona Lisa?"  His mate replied "Probably Cammall Lairds- they do all of the Isle of Man boats."  However, I did know Bob Hambleton. He was already a fine trombonist when I met him at Sheffield University in 1959 and played in my first Jazzband with Ken Doran. At the time Bob was recovering from a collapsed lung. However, I never ran into him in my days in Manchester with the Dallas and the Smokies. My condolences to both families.  - Tony West

  • 30/04/17 - Drummer Bill Buck from Chester is the latest musician to join the deps list.

  • 30/04/17 - Peter Swensson has now provided details for Bobby Boyd's funeral, he writes, "Bobby Boyd passed away Tuesday 25th April. Bobby played drums with the Blue Mags in their early years and joined the Savoy Jazzmen in the late 60’s. When he moved to Wales in the early 80’s he continued playing but mainly with trios & quartets.  He was an excellent drummer always listening to what was going on around him. He was a real character and had a wonderful sense of humour. His funeral is at 10.40 on Wednesday 10th May at Blacon Crematorium, Blacon Avenue, Chester. CH1 5BB. After the service everyone is invited back to the Holiday Inn, Westbound A55. Northop Hall. CH7 6HB".

  • 30/04/17 - "A couple of dates of interest to the jazz scene", writes John Percival. On 3rd May at Beaky jazz club, drummer and leader of the Tame Valley Stompers, Norman Pennington, is celebrating a special birthday. I won't give his age away but it starts with 8 and finishes with 0. The full band plus guests will be there and it promises to be a fun night - all welcome. The day after, Thurs 4th May, they are performing at Didsbury jazz club and, interestingly, the gig is being recorded for a special You-Tube feature promoting Trad Jazz! With this in mind the band intend to be on their very best form and put a really good show on. Who better to  carry the Trad flag than messrs Brunt, Broomhead & co. It would be brilliant to get a good crowd in and show that Trad is still alive and kicking, so anyone wanting to support the promotion of our music and at a loose end that night....

  • 30/04/17 - That trumpet man is back! The astonishing Enrico Tomasso pays another visit to the River Bar, Hawkshead Brewery, Staveley near Kendal on Tuesday 9 May. He'll be backed by the cream of NW jazzmen, including a great front-line partner in reedman Dave Lee. It all happens at 8pm, with admission at £10 on the door.

  • 30/04/17 - It's all sad news on my return I'm afraid, first this from Derek Harrison - "Sadly, I hear from Lynne that drummer - Bobby Boyd - passed away early this morning after a long struggle with illness. Bobby was 'my' drummer for many years with the Derek Harrison Trio, and I'm sure he will be remembered with affection by a lot of musicians among your contacts. He played regularly with several Liverpool bands, and took part in two memorable cruises on board QE2 with the Alan Pendlebury All Stars.   Bob was a fine 'swinging' drummer who drove a rhythm section perfectly, and he could also provide 'fireworks' on the kit when required. Above all he was a true 'Scouser', having worked for years as an electrician with Cammell Lairds, and his Merseyside humour ensured that no gig ever became boring. Bob was a fine musician, a great companion and a loyal friend. Ta ra Bob - and keep yer bowels open!".  Then came this from Gerard Bielderman in the Netherlands, "Just read on Bob Hunt’s Facebook page that on April 21 drummer Colin Miller suddenly died".  Gerard has a website at he's a compiler and publisher of discographies of jazz musicians and jazz bands from all over the world.  I've now added it to my links page.

  • 30/04/17 - Chris Hambleton has written to me following the death of her husband Bob. She says, "He was 77years old and I think reasonably well known in the North West Jazz circuit. He collapsed and died whilst gardening at home on The Great Orme LLandudno on Saturday 15th April. During his Jazz career he played trombone with The Blue Magnolia Jazz Orchestra ( Liverpool), and Panama Jazz( Wirral) most recently with The River City Jazz Band (Denbigh). We moved from Cheshire to Llandudno in 2006. The cremation service will be held at 11am, on Friday 5th May at Denbigh Memorial Park and Crematorium, Glascoed Road ,St Asaph LL17 0LG and after at the Oriel Hotel St. Asaph, where we hope any musicians will bring their instruments for a jam session in the hotel. Family flowers only please but any donations should be made to RNLI Llandudno via T. Conchar and Sons Funeral Directors, 4 Woodland Road West, Colwyn Bay LL29 7DH".

  • 30/04/17 - "Over the past few months The Pendle Jazzmen have been pleased to welcome a number of younger members sitting in with the Band - a very encouraging sign that jazz in not quite on its last legs", writes Colin Mason.  1. John Brunton - our regular clarinet/tenor saxophone player has two sons, Johnlee (guitar) and Gary (bass) who are professional musicians who play and teach music in Germany and France. Both are very fine players and have, at varous times, enhanced our weekly sessions at The Inn on the Wharf.  2. Our regular 'dep'. keyboard player, Keith Fort also has a drummer son - with an excellent technique and feeling for jazz although Steve plays regularly in a rock-style environment.  3. Another 'regular' with the Band is the clarinetist Ted Watton and we have particularly appreciated the presence of his son, Gary, on a number of occasions over the past years. Gary is a peripatetic teacher of percussions as well as appearing in a number of groups.  4. Colin Ball, our trombonist who features every fortnight at The Inn as well as on our regular special engagements also has the support of his daughter on occasions: she is another instrumentalist.  5. Colin Mason also has son who plays a trumpet and this week entertained the audience, sitting in for several numbers at the Inn. Russell is head of Sound Technology Department at Surrey University and was a founder-member of The prize-winning Big Band there. This might make an interesting topic for further development on your site as there must surely be other jazz players who have children who have continued the tradition? A further point: are they all male?

  • 30/04/17 - Alan Jeffs is the latest musician to join the Deps List. Alan plays guitar and lives on the Wirral.

  • 30/04/17 - An Early 1990s 5 piece Premier APK drum kit, as a 'shell only' kit, has just gone on the Sales Page.

  • 30/04/17 - Carlisle jazz club gig list updated

  • 29/04/17 - A nice email received by Mike Lovell recently -  "What a WONDERFUL evening of classic jazz at Todwick tonight – such a great, varied programme and real joined-up music and clever solos.  As you heard the Todwick Jazz Club members very much appreciated your most entertaining music... lots of really great comments. It was an evening of pure fun –now I am winding down with a lovely single malt –here’s to you all – keep up the great music.  I would like SIX IN A BAR to come back in 2018 – I am already doing bookings for the first sixth months of 2018 so will check the Village Hall Diary to see free dates...  and phone you Mike to confirm a date.  You make a jazz organiser’s life so easy... - Sheila Pantry

  • 29/04/17 - Re Eric's comment. It certainly does ring a few bells and a flood of memories..It was the first jazz band that I played with. It was led by pianist Roy Popplewell.  I was playing clarinet in those days. It would have been about 1953. Moondog on drums! I only played a few times with him. He was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident shortly after I joined the band.

  • 29/04/17 - Further to correspondence from Barrie Quilliam and Gerry Tomlinson, he of the red-painted trombone was Gabriel Brown. If memory serves he played with Pop's Piccadilly Stompers who also had a drummer using the name Moondog. In more recent times I have played a red trombone but that is of the plastic variety necessitated by an arthritic shoulder but physiotherapy has put that right (more or less) so Eric Brierley is back on brass. - Eric Brierley

  • 29/04/17 - Back from a lovely holiday in Jersey, every day was sunny, although very cold at times. Plenty to catch up now, not least the garden.

  • 18/04/17 - After today it looks like I'm not going to be able to update the site for nearly 2 weeks. Sorry about that folks.

  • 18/04/17 - There is now a tribute page for Bob Hambleton, and all the previous messages have gone on it. John Muskett has now added his own memories.

  • 18/04/17 - Jon Critchley sent me a link to a video taken at Ken Sims' funeral which you can see on the tribute page

  • 18/04/17 - I was really saddened & shocked to hear about the sudden death of Bob Hambleton. We worked & travelled together a lot during the 1980s & 90s & became firm friends during that time. - Laurie Cooper.

  • 18/04/17 - Many Happy Returns today to Dumfries musician Jack Wilson.

  • 18/04/17 - In reply to Barrie Quilliam’s comments, I too remember working with a trombonist in the mid-fifties who painted his trombone red. I can’t recall his full name but I have a vague recollection that his first name was Gabriel. - Gerry Tomlinson

  • 17/04/17 - Very sad about Bob: He joined the Original Panama Jazz Band in 1997 after leaving the Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra and left in 2008 when he and Chris moved to Llandudno and the travelling became too much. His trombone playing was greatly influenced by Vic Dickenson. I will always associate the phrase “Funnily enough” with Bob, who, in conversation, generally began his response with that. Quite a character, our thoughts go out to wife Chris. - Jon Critchley and The OPJB, past and present.

  • 17/04/17 - I'm informed that a Jazz Evening is on for this coming Friday and Saturday at the Thyme Out Restaurant in Grange -over-Sands. Music will be by a return of 'Duerida New Orleans Specials'. Apparently they are a talented young group of musicians - perhaps someone out there knows more about them ? Tables can be booked from 5pm to 7.30pm on 01539534079 and ". Music is set to start at 6pm, and it's advertised as a Thyme Out evening menu plus a couple of New Orleans dishes.

  • 16/04/17 - John Braben, from Brisbane, Australia, is the latest musician to add a message to the Ken Sims tribute page.

  • 16/04/17 -Sorry to read about Bob Hambleton's death, I worked with him many years ago. Can anyone confirm that in the early days he used to play a trombone that he had painted red. Or am I thinking of someone else with a red trombone?  - Barrie Quilliam

  • 16/04/17 - So sad to hear that bass player Norman Cuff had died. My sympathy goes to his wife Ann and his family.  Norman was a fantastic and powerful bass player, who played all the right notes, and it was a pleasure to play with him for many years in the Alt River Jazzmen from around the Southport/Liverpool area, many private gigs and residencies at the Crown, Birkdale and the Marine Club in Southport every week.  He had played in the various nightclubs that than proliferated around Liverpool, particularly with the Jimmy Harris ( an excellent pianist ) Trio. He played most nights, he said to me, and invariably was half asleep at his drawing board, working as a draughtsmen, the next day.  He called everyone " Ace" and the funniest occasion Was when we went to see Boris's Uralsky Jazz men appearing on the Merseysippi bill at Hartley's in the Albert Dock. He and I got talking to the bass player and drummer respectively. To hear Norman calling this very puzzled Russian "Ace" was so crazy and ridiculously funny !  A lovely guy, who didn't suffer fools gladly, and I have many fond memories of playing with him. A fine bass player who sadly had to give up playing because of severe ear problems.  - Roy Swift (Former drummer with the Alt River and WirrOrleans bands).

  • 16/04/17 - 1920s hot jazz and 1930s swing jazz are coming to Grange-over-Sands Golf Club, on June 9th, with HOT FINGERS TRIO & EMILY, featuring Thomas 'Spats' Langham: banjo, guitar, ukulele & vocal, Malcolm Sked: double bass, sousaphone and/or tuba, Danny Blythe: guitar, clarinet and bass clarinet and Emily Campbell: vocal. For more details and ticket information click here.

  • 16/04/17 - Many people in the North West will remember Jazzy Joan and the Whitewater Hotel with great affection. It was one of the first venues that Barbara and I attended regularly when Keith Moore's band was resident there. Back in 2009, Derek Winters wrote a lovely article in Just Jazz about Joan and Eric and the Whitewater Hotel, and it's this week's Page of The Week

  • 16/04/17 - Mid week daytime jazz events this week include - The Jake Leg Jug Band at The Crown Hotel Ballroom on Mon, 17 April, 13:00 – 15:00 as part of the Nantwich Jazz, Blues & Music Festival, and the High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 21 April, 12:30 – 14:30. John Hallam is also "With Friends", at the Burnside Hotel from Friday to Sunday, but you'll need to find out if tickets are still available.

  • 16/04/17 - Many Happy Returns tomorrow to Chris Barber who will be celebrating his 87th birthday. Also another Chris will be having a birthday celebration on Saturday, NW banjo player Chris Mitchell.

  • 16/04/17 - The Sun St Stompers will be having a special guest today at Ye Olde John O'Gaunt. 17 year old virtuoso saxophone player, Alex Clarke, is in the area, and her mother called to ask if she could have a blow with the band.

  • 15/04/17 - And so we had a great send of for Ken Sims on Thursday 14th April. Great to see so many musicians there. There was a New Orleans style send-off for him. Hope you might recognise a few musicians in the picture (click on it for larger version). - Rita Jones

  • 15/04/17 - My liking of all things Cab Calloway, and curiosity, brought up this four minute video by kids - It's amusing and you may find an opportunity to slip it in somewhere as an interest item. - Norman Gibson

  • 15/04/17 - New power supply unit bought and fitted and now all is well again. One stupidity lesson learned. Thankfully it only cost £16.48

  • 14/04/17 - Disaster struck yesterday, my PC died. It had been threatening to do so for a while, so it didn't come as a big surprise. It was the graphics card, without it nothing can appear on the screen. I manage to  get another one today and it worked fine, but whilst I had it all dismantled I decided to tackle a noisy fan with the help of a little bit of WD40.  A word of warning, don't do this with the power lead attached, or like me you too may poke a finger inside and render a power supply useless.

  • 12/04/17 -  Jimmie Macgregor writes in the Scottish Herald, "The sad death of Radio 2 presenter Brian Matthew draws a line under an important and exciting period of my life. Brian's long career included the period in the 1960s which saw the huge upsurge of traditional jazz, skiffle and folk music. I was deeply involved in all, so worked with Brian on many occasions. His supreme professionalism was a given, but more than that, he had a quiet understated charm and affability that endeared him to anyone who was lucky enough to know him, be it personally or professionally. A long life well lived. What some people may not know is that Brian wrote an interesting book called, "Trad Mad", it was given to me by someone who knew I had an interest in the subject. Strange thing is, on the inside cover there's a stamped name of a bookshop - "The Joke Shop, 9, New Street, Worcester". He did actually make a record called Trad Mad

  • 12/04/17 John Blackman tells me that the funeral of Norman Cuff will take place at 1-20pm on Thursday 27th April at Thornton Cemetery L23 1TP. There will be a parade band and any other musicians who wish to join in will be very welcome. Any friends who knew Norman will also be welcome to attend the funeral. There will be a reception, followed by a session of  jazz afterwards, at Formby Cricket Club, Cricket Path, off Green Lane. L37 7DP.

  • 11/04/17 - After what seems an age of no news, I was pleased to see this photograph of John Barnes tonight on Facebook, looking quite healthy. It had  been posted by Jim Douglas. Jim said, "Maggie and I together with our good friend John Morrow visited John and Pat Barnes today. Although I noticed a slight deterioration in both, they seemed to be in reasonable health and appeared well cared for. I managed to snap John and here is the result. We were both so pleased to have seen them again".

  • 11/04/17 - Margaret Ashworth has emailed me to say, "I have purchased tickets for Tony Bennett's concert at the Bridgewater Hall Manchester on Wednesday 5th July 2017 at 8.00 pm. Unfortunately my two friends are unable now to accompany me and I just wondered if there is anyone who would like to buy from me 2 tickets as online there do not appear to be any tickets left.  They are: Stalls seats L-13 and L-14. Face value is £75.00 per ticket.  Should anyone wish to buy them from me please contact me initially at with a name and 'phone number and I will happily return a telephone call.    If you are interested in a look at Tony singing at the Palladium for his 85th birthday there is a link here  - a true "jazz singer" in my eyes. He sounded just like this when I saw him in September 2014.  He is, of course, still working most nights all over America - Hollywood, New York, Florida etc.etc. I am hoping for a good evening when I go!"

  • 11/04/17  - John Blackman called to tell me that Norman Cuff, who had previously been a long time bass player with the WirrOrleans Jazz Band (known as 'Stormin' Norman' within the band) died peacefully at home at 3-40pm on Monday 10th April. He had been unwell for some time and had lately developed pneumonia. Funeral details will be available when known.

  • 11/04/17 - Walter Love's Radio Ulster Jazz Club of Sunday 09.04.17 featured 'The Blues of Ottilie Patterson.'  Well worth a listen on BBC Radio IPlayer for the next month. - David Evans

  • 10/04/17 - The Merseysippi Jazz band have been informed by the Victoria that the brewery have decided to run a barbecue on Easter Monday and therefore we will not be playing on Easter Monday, 17th April. This is likely to apply to all bank holiday Mondays from now on this year. - Peter Fryer

  • 10/04/17 - Too much sunshine can be dangerous, so yesterday over 70 people crowded into Buxton's Pavilion Arts Centre to enjoy a swinging session from the Original Panama Jazz Band. An interesting programme and we were treated to well over the allotted hour.  - Sam Wood

  • 10/04/17 - I like to keep ahead of the game and some time ago set an alert for when Google logs new pages containing words like 'trad jazz' 'jazz band', 'stompers' etc. Today it notified of the following - "Boys brown Clarke's stompers Size 9 1/2F Hardly worn plenty of life in them Excellent condition".  So there we are, ideal for stomping in no doubt.

  • 09/04/17 - Lovely to read the Malley Horne article!  My listening career (live) started with the GED Hone band at the MSG so probably been listening to Malley longer than any other musician, although Dave Donohoe & Derek Galloway must come a close second. Haven't seen Malley since he stopped playing at the Garrick but hopefully will see him in Davos. - Fraser McCombe

  • 09/04/17 - "When did the word "jazz" first appear in mainland UK", was a question asked by Norman Gibson back in 2012, and one which raised an interesting discussion. It's this week's Page of the Week.

  • 09/04/17 - The only NW Musician celebrating a birthday this week is Andy Henderson on Wed 13th. Happy Birthday Andy.

  • 09/04/17 - Annie's Saints And Sinners @ The Dog & Partridge, Bollington (check first on 01625 610059) is the only mid week daytime jazz event this week on Mon, 10 April, 14:00 – 16:00

  • 09/04/17 - Southport Jazz Club (Fleetwood Hesketh Social Club) gig list has been updated.

  • 07/04/17 - Andrew Liddle sent me a copy of an interview he did with banjo player Mal Horne about 4 years ago, and which appeared in Just Jazz Magazine. It's now on the site in another of the series, Andrew Liddle Writes

  • 06/04/17 - The Anglo-Scottish 'High Society Hotshots' traditional jazz band are set to make their English debut at Kendal Jazz Club on Tuesday 11 April at Staveley, building on two very successful concerts North of the border. The Scots visitors are Mike Daly (trumpet), Kit Carey (banjo) and Bill Mullin (drums), all seasoned and respected players, who join with relative locals Peter Boswell (trombone), Brian Gordon (bass) and Bruce Carnaffin (clarinet). A foot-tapping evening at Hawkshead Brewery is guaranteed, starting at 8pm. Admission on the door £10.

  • 06/04/17 - Deco Delight will be 'Raising The Roof' at the Parish Hall of St. Pauls. Lancaster on Saturday May 20th at 7pm. It's all in aid of St. Pauls Church Roof Appeal. Click here for more details.

  • 04/04/17 - Trevor Stent writes to urge people to go to see the young French group “Old Chaps” at Morecambe this Friday and Dove Holes on Saturday.  Not strict New Orleans jazz but fine young musicians playing a dynamic style that was a huge hit among all generations at Fest Jazz for the last two years….and the singer, Dréo, is superb, a real “life force”! Don’t miss it!”

  • 03/04/17 - Sue Reid- Povall is a 'relatively new' jazz singer just making herself heard in these parts. She tells me she has only been singing for the last six years, but I know she has been appearing here and there recently, and building up a repertoire, and confidence, with the very efficient pianist Malcolm Hogarth, in company with Isabel Toner. She guested last night with the 'High Society Jazz Band' at Roa Island, and, although she did a limited six numbers, she showed she is a very capable singer of the blues. The reception from the audience was very appreciative. What I think we all liked so much as well was her unpretentious delivery, even apologetic ! " sorry it was not exactly Billie Holiday ". Sue will be very welcome on any jazz stage. - Norman Gibson.

  • 02/04/17 - This looks like a great site, if only for the sound clips of each song. Check out Clark Terry playing “Just Squeeze Me”.  - Jon Critchley

  • 01/04/17 - Ken Sims has now been added to the list of musicians who are no longer with us and who have made an impression on North West jazzers. There's a Ken Sims tribute page here. If anybody has any memories of Ken, particularly when he was playing around Liverpool, I'd love to hear them.

  • 01/04/07 - I have recently re-organised my tribute site to Alan Cooper ( ) and it is now far more readable and user-friendly. I thought it might interest you and your readers although it is not north-western and certainly not strictly traditional. - Jamie Evans

  • 01/04/17 - The Savoy Jazzmen are giving a concert on Tuesday 4th April, between 2pn and 4pm, in the beautiful setting of the Sefton Park Palm House, Sefton Park, Liverpool. L17 1AP. Tickets cost £6.00 which includes refreshments. Tickets can be reserved by ringing 0151 726 9304 or alternatively you can pay at the door. Further information can be obtained from Peter Swensson 0151 722 1478. This is the only mid week daytime event this week.

  • 01/04/17 - Mike Hayler & Matt Palmer will be celebrating their birthdays a week today on Saturday 8th April.

  • 01/04/17 - The Mayoress of Preston and members of the Silver Bell Band look on somewhat bemused as  Canon Timothy Lipscomb, Vicar of Preston, & Acting Archdeacon of Blackburn, took to the floor in a somewhat unconventional attire. It earned a charity an extra £20 as his partner accepted a bet to ask him for a dance. It was all in aid of the Mayor of Preston's (Councillor John Collins) charity jazz night to raise funds for local charity Heartbeat. John has been a regular supporter of the band and has followed them as they have moved venues in the town, so it came as no surprise that he invited them to play on this special occasion. The band sounded great, and from the word go, many guests were on the floor dancing, not even something I see very often in North West jazz clubs. I think the Mayor will have been well satisfied with the outcome of the evening. (click on picture for larger version).

  • 01/04/17 - The Red River Jazz Band was a very popular band in Manchester, and in 1964 they were one of the winners of the national jazz federation band contest. Dave Berry sent me some pictures and a page was created in February last year. It is this week's Page of The Week. It includes a video of Sheila Collier singing with the band at Dresden Dixie Fest and some audio recordings too.

March 2017

  • 31/03/17 - Went to see Deco Delight ! At the Jubilee club on Wednesday 29th of March. The Entertainment value and musicianship was superb !. We enjoyed music from the 1920s and 30s. What a real treat it was. Looking forward to seeing them again whenever they are playing in this area. - Peter Jetson.

  • 30/03/17 - I see the Temperance Seven were due to make a Jubilee Recording this month between 19th and 21st March, so that will be one to watch out for. According to their diary, they are due to play  Gaiety Theatre, Ayr on  20th May, then the next NW appearances are June 8th - Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, October 20th - Thornton Little Theatre, Fylde Coast, 21st - Boston Spa Jazz Club and 29th - The Platform, Morecambe.

  • 30/03/17 - Dear Fred, I was very sorry to hear that Ken Sims has left us. I have many very happy memories of the Sunday lunchtime sessions in New Brighton when he was leading the Blue Mags and I was on drums. There was some swinging, that's for sure! - Mike McCombe

  • 30/03/17 - "Fragments of Louis Armstrong when he was on the cusp of greatness" is the title of an article in The Times-Picayune on, but you can read it via the leisure section of my JazzNorthWest Weekly newspaper

  • 29/03/17 - Big Band jazz returns to Altrincham this Sunday as the acclaimed SK2 Jazz Orchestra plays the Cinnamon Club.  The band, who formed in 2013 to perform the repertoire of jazz legend Stan Kenton at concert venues and jazz festivals, was spotted by Cinnamon Club owner Neil Hughes when they played the Scarborough Jazz Festival. More information at

  • 29/03/17 - Just to let you know that the River City Jazzmen, based in North West Wales, are playing at the Bee Hotel in Abergele, on Wednesday 5th April 9-11pm , £5 including Raffle . Led by Curly on Banjo with Gerry on Clarinet and brilliant Vocals , Rod on Drums , Bob on Trombone and Glyn on Bass -plus a Guest to be announced, they will play in the same Hotel occupied by Queen Victoria who I understand is" not amused " - Tony Talk

  • 29/03/17 - If I was a little younger! Just before I retired in 1995, my ship visited NOLA, we were fortunate in that we actually berthed just a ten minute walk from Bourbon Street. I listened to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, apart from the Drummer the rest appeared to be over 70 with their fingers twisted with Arthritis. Despite this, within a couple of numbers they were rejuvenated. And all for $5. - Mike Feltham.

  • 29/03/17 - Hi Fred, just to inform you that Ken Sims passed away during the night. Will keep you informed of funeral arrangements. Obviously to early as yet for any details. A great loss for all the ones that new him. - Rita Jones

  • 28/03/17 - "I can advise that another 'young' chap will be joining the 'Old Chaps with us on Friday 7th. April', adding some depth and making it a 7-piece at Jazz2Swing2. This fine young band of talented musicians are making the long haul up from Lille France, and there are only two opportunities to see them 'Up North', Barry and Roger being the other promoters at Dove Holes. This is a chance for jazzers, and musicians alike, to witness the way upcoming young players are enchanting audiences".  - Norman Gibson.

  • 28/03/17 - Dear Fred, Would you Please be so kind as to say a Big "Thank You " to all the many Friends and Fans who so kindly sent me so many "Get Well" cards and letters while I have been so I'll in Hospital. I am pleased to be able to say, I'm now on the road to recovery after contracting Septicaemia in January which has infected my lower spine, resulting in not being able to walk, "I must say it was a near thing," But once again "Thank God" the medication and antibiotics seem to be winning the battle for me, and I Hope to be able to walk and take on gigs in 2018 once again. In the meantime I shall be listening too and watching the music I fell in love with at the age of 16 years old. Best wishes to all, and "Thank You" Brian Carrick

  • 28/03/17 -  Another story from Jazz Score (20/03/17), was when John Barnes ran a sextet with Al Gay. They were once billed as the "All Gay Joan Barnes Sextet" - Trevor Barnes

  • 26/03/17 -  On the 27th of April, Angela Brown is putting on T.J Johnson at Mellor and Townscliffe Golf Club (News item 20/03/17). The start time has now been confirmed as 7pm for a 7-30pm prompt start.

  • 26/03/17 - Brian Turnock has emailed to say, "I heard the sad news that the pianist Pat Hawes has joined that ever increasing big band upstairs

  • 26/03/17 - The Sun Street Stompers web page has been updated with a new photograph courtesy Barrie Marshall.

  • 26/03/17 - Just one mid week daytime jazz event for you this week, and if this weather keeps up, where better to go than Fleetwood, where Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar are playing at The North Euston Hotel from 12:00 – 14:30.

  • 26/03/17 - Did anybody see the Jazz625 programme rebroadcast on BBC4 on Friday 24th 2013, it featured the Acker Bilk Paramount Jazz Band, with the great George Lewis. It also featured Beryl Bryden, and both artists generated a great deal of comment as well as the bass playing of Tucker Finlayson. They were the subject of a discussion in May 2013 and which is this weeks Page of The Week

  • 26/03/17 - Several birthdays coming up this week, so it's Many Happy Returns to Richard Vernon today, Bert Schroder on Monday, Ed Lloyd-Hughes, Jon Penn and Paul Munnery on Tuesday, and finally Ged Hone next Saturday.

  • 26/03/17 - I hope you remembered to put your clocks forward one hour last night.

  • 25/03/17 - Ken Ames has kindly sent me some photographs from Mike Dine's funeral, and this is one of them. Band - Tony O'Sullivan & Doug Landau on trumpets, Sid Bailey & Mike Pointon on trombones, Emile Martyn snare, John Finch Sousa and Dick Douthwaite on clarinet. You can see a larger version if you click on the picture.

  • 24/03/17 -The schedule for this year's Keswick Jazz and Blues Festival has now been released and is available via download from the festival website. Click this link to take you to the site and look for the download button in the blue headers. Some of the free sessions have yet to be confirmed but all the main venues are now completed.

  • 22/03/17 - Hi Fred, Many thanks again and following the information from Margaret Ashworth I have spoken to Chris Holmes (19/03/17).  I will be sending him the photograph which I sent you a copy of - Mart Rodger.

  • 21/03/17 - There's a new page appeared on , it's entitled "Louis Armstrong Session Musician For the Blues Divas" at I'm no jazz historian, but you might just find something in there that's new to you

  • 21/03/17 - Ex Blue Mags leader from Merseyside, musician and now Jazz Festival Organiser, Trevor Stent is hard at it organising this year Jazz Fest in Brittany, his March newsletter is here.

  • 20/03/17 - I didn't see your latest post and page about Arts Council before I sent my email. Can't even claim credit for the joke. Don't know if you heard it,  but years ago on Jazz Score dear John Barnes told a tale about playing his C Melody Sax in the wrong key by mistake and getting an Arts Council grant the next week! He also claimed that Trevor Bailey was brother of Mildred Bailey. So perhaps he was fibbing? - Phil Morris.

  • 20/03/17 - Surprisingly I've only had two guesses at the signature quiz, maybe you thought it was too obvious?  Well some were but there were some difficult ones too. So click here and Name that Name, or are the jazz experts out there not as knowledgeable as they would have you believe?

  • 20/03/17 - From time to time I get enquiries about disposing of record collections. Sometimes expectations of value are unreal, and sometimes people are only too happy to donate them to someone who would appreciate them. If you are looking to donate them, then how about Rabbit Records & Sell your vinyl and support the National Jazz Archive. Founded in 1988 by trumpeter Digby Fairweather, the Archive’s vision is to ensure that the rich tangible cultural heritage of jazz is safeguarded for future generations of enthusiasts, professionals and researchers. Click here for more details

  • 20/03/17 -  On the 27th of April, Angela Brown is putting on T.J Johnson at Mellor and Townscliffe Golf Club. The cost is £18 including supper and it is strictly ticket only. I'm waiting for times, but it's obviously evening. Telephone 01663 743219 for more information. 

  • 19/03/7 - Hi Fred, We have lived in this house for over 42 years and I am clearing the loft. I came across this picture of Pete Staples, Chris Holmes and Pete Taylor. I know we have lost the two Pete's but I wonder if anyone knows what has happened to pianist Chris Holmes.  I have also been asked by a friend what has happened to Frank Booth who was involved in running clubs. However, he played trombone with me back in 1952 and I have a photograph of Frank Booth on trombone, Alex Gordon on double bass, Geoff Wych on guitar although he was pianist, Ralph Silvester on banjo, Nev Taylor on drums, Peter Eccles on trumpet and myself on clarinet.  I shall be interested to hear any news on Chris Holmes and Frank Booth. - Mart Rodger. (click on picture for larger version).

  • 19/07/17 - If there's anything guaranteed to raise a few hackles, it's a discussion on one of the following topics. Traditional Jazz on the BBC, The Arts Council, Jazz Services and the Musician's Union. Well you can imagine what happened when three of those topics got together. "Jazz Services, do they help us?", was the subject back in May 2010 and is now the subject of this week's Page of The Week.

  • 18/03/17 - I've met Gerry Clayton since my return to NW, thro the benevolence of Bruce Carnaffin and have forgiven him for calling me a "plastic scouser" and, now I know his past, for being a rocker!. Phil Morris

  • 17/03/17 - I was delighted to hear the recording of "Great Having You Around" as played by Rod Mason at a Pub in Torquay in 1971 this as included in John Westwood's email to you dated 16th January 17. I composed this song as a tribute to Louis just after Louis's death.   This is the first time I have heard this particular recording and it captures completely the atmosphere at the Palk Arms and the musicianship of Rod. I played Banjo in Rod's band for four years or so just prior to this session. The Banjoist on this occasion is John Withers. He is now in Australia and he recently sent me his band's version of the song where the singer has an emotional hiccup when he sings the line "So sorry when you had to go".   Kenny Ball did a stirring Louis-type solo in his version of the song.  I have just found your Website. Congratulations on an excellent production. - Peter Sumner

  • 17/03/17 - Another great night at the Beaky in Ashton. Our special guest was young Alex Clarke. The aficionados among the audience wondered about a two reed-player front line, but they need not have worried. - it was superb! Come the second half, they were augmented by stalwart Big John Percival, and Tony Dunleavy, first time he has joined us on trombone. What a line-up, what a night! Recommended

  • 17/03/17 - Hi Fred, Good to read your page about the Iron Door Club in Liverpool.  I used to go there on Wednesday afternoons in 1962 for jam sessions with the Big Three. I was in those days one of those "New Music" types being a member of Karl Terry & the Rockin' Cruisers. One of our band jackets is on display in the Liverpool museum (click on picture). I was "converted" to Trad Jazz when I was invited to join Cyril Wroe's Festival Jazz Band in 1989. Hope this is of interest to you and your readers. - Gerry Clayton (bass).  John Dodgshon has also been stirred into adding his memories to the iron door page.

  • 17/03/17 - Sammy Rimington will be featured with Emily Bacon´s Good Time Gang at Dumfries on May 28th, and Carlisle on June 1st. Details at

  • 15/03/17 - What a great night’s New Orleans jazz we had at Widnes RUFC on Monday 13th March with the visit of Doc Houlind’s International All Stars from Denmark. An audience of just under 50 (including 8 jazz musicians) warmly appreciated this super band on it’s UK tour - all great musicians and friendly people. Top man for many of us was Jesper Capion Larsen on clarinet - absolute magic in the George Lewis mould. Following their performance, my son Paul went to congratulate Jesper on his playing. He thanked Paul, then said“ You are too young to be here !” Paul’s reply “ I am 54!” which brought the whimsical reply - “You are still too young !”  Yes, I’m afraid my son is sadly in a minority of his generation listening to our marvellous music.  But then I suppose we are also in a small minority in our generation - though a very fortunate one ! - Terry Birkinhead

  • 15/03/17 - Hi Fred, Not sure what Alex will do at end of her A-levels; she may go away for a while but if she stays local she will hopefully stay with us. We will continue to search for young players and our next plan is to establish relationships with local schools who have good music departments - we meet regularly to rehearse so can always invite youngsters who have the ability and interest to come along occasionally and hopefully cultivate that interest. Alex is the second gem we've found; we had a pianist, Ian Wynn (early 20s) who played with us last year before going to France on sabbatical. He is doing very well on the Paris jazz scene. We've also found a gifted guitar/banjo player in Scot Johnson. He is a little older (42) and comes from a rock background as well as being a solo artist but is a brilliant jazz player. It's great to see these younger musicians playing with and learning from our senior members like Eddie and Ted. We have a pretty good line up now and if/when Ian comes back from France it will be truly formidable and with a relatively young profile. We just need to work hard to get the gigs to show the young talent we have - as well as jazz clubs we hope to find some new venues outside the normal circuit and try to get younger and more diverse audiences too. Big ideas but we can but try. - John Percival

  • 14/03/17 - Clive Edwards tells me there is to be another jazz event at Neston Library this year, which will include some 'hot' jazz. It's on 20th April, although it's not one he has organised this time. You can see a poster by clicking here

  • 14/03/17 - Have I got an interesting challenge for you, especially any philographists out there?  Michael Nesbitt sent me some photographs of signatures he had come across as a book collector. They are in a book called "Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans" and it is signed by Louis and 14 other musicians. He needs help with some of them, but I thought you might find it an enjoyable moment to work them all out for yourself. So click here and Name that Name.

  • 14/03/17 - I am delighted to announce that Alex Clarke has joined the Dixie Beats on reeds. One of the band's aims is to find and encourage young musicians to get into our sort of music and Alex fits the bill perfectly - a prodigious talent and the sense of humour necessary to put up with us. Undoubtedly she has a great future in music and has many musical commitments as well as working hard on her A levels, but with the support of Mum and Dad has managed to fit us in and will make her debut with us at Rochdale Jazz Club on April 23rd (she is also guesting with the Tame Valley Stompers at Beaky on March 15th). We are proud to have her with us and hope that part of that bright future will involve entertaining audiences as a member of the Dixie Beats. Thanks to Paul Medina for his help - John Percival

  • 13/03/17 - Keith Daniels has a collection of Just Jazz magazines which run from January 2011 to January 2014, (issue No 153 to issue No 188 inclusive). He says, "They are now surplus to requirements and are free to a good home, anybody interested"? Keith is in West Yorkshire – LS13 1NT, and would by happy to liaise regarding handover/collection. Contact me for Keith's email address

  • 12/03/17 - Young Alex Clarke will be a guest with the Tame Valley Stompers this Wednesday 15th March, 9pm at Beaky Jazz Club, Beaconsfield Conservative Club,  Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 6QL.

  • 12/03/17 - Many Happy Returns to Amy Roberts who celebrates her birthday this coming Wednesday.

  • 12/03/17 - What does jazz mean to you, I had an interesting poem from Nick Balmforth in 2013 which I've made this week's page of the week.

  • 12/03/17 - From next Thursday 16 March Bingley Jazz Club is moving to a new venue. This will be Mavericks 80s Lounge at 148 Main Street, Bingley BD16 2HL with no change in the main features of the club, however there is a change to the next event -  Thu 16 Mar, Aire Valley Jazzmen ( in place of Jim Wright’s Rhythm Deluxe).

  • 12/03/17 - Following Tony Jacob's visit to New York (05/03/17) and  his recommendations, bass player Gerry Clayton has pointed me to a web site at which if you have location enabled, will do as the title says, but click on "Change City" and you can select anywhere in the world. Not sure it covers traditional jazz though, but that could be down to nobody telling them!

  • 12/03/17 - A change to the programme at Glossop Jazz Club - the Harlem Hot Stompers will now be playing there this coming Thursday 16th March. Colin Turner will be guesting on Bass Saxophone.

  • 09/03/17 - Jazz Unlimited is no longer doing the regular Monday night at the John O' Gaunt in Lancaster. John Whittaker says, "I'll let you know if we restart there, or find some other venue".

  • 09/03/17 - The DOC HOULIND INTERNATIONAL JAZZ BAND from Denmark is in the North West this month. They will be appearing at Dove Jazz Club on 11th March, and Widnes RUFC on 13 March. Full details are in What's On

  • 08/03/17 - Re: Tony Jacobs (letters 05/03/17) - jazzers planning a visit to New York, and, well anyone else interested in the rise of young musicians playing Hot Jazz, should go to this link for an insight into the City's jazz culture. It was published in 2013 and no doubt there will be update info somewhere. - Norman Gibson

  • 08/03/17 - I've suspected for a long time that there was something fishy about the line 'He's the one who makes me get out both my dancing shoes' in Dr Jazz as most people sing it. (Would I have got out only one of them if it hadn't been for him?) If you listen to the beautifully clear recording that accompanies Tony Davis's tribute page on your website, you'll find that the words are unmistakably 'bow tie 'n' dancing shoes'. Now that makes much more sense. -  Allan Wilcox

  • 08/03/17 - The March edition of Just Jazz magazine has been out for a week now. As far as I am aware it is the only ~magazine catering for traditional jazz in the UK, and as such deserves our support. You can find an order slip here

  • 07/03/17 - The Dove Jazz Club Doc Houlind Bugle March 2017 is now available on line at

  • 07/03/17 - Philip Morris and Mike McCombe has just sent me their memories of The Iron Door which I've added.

  • 07/03/17 - Rod Mason's obituary appeared in the Guardian yesterday. You can read it at

  • 05//03/17 - Finally after 22 years of Charity fund raising, Geoff Rutherford of Buckley & Mold Lions Club has called it a day, The Original Panama Jazzband has played at The Miner’s Arms every year since Geoff, who used to run the Miners Arms, started his open air concerts, inspired by the shocking loss of his son over 22 years ago. He, we and other bands have helped in total to raise over £50,000 towards many charities. We wish him well for the future and will miss his enthusiasm, hospitality and his black pudding baps. Jon Critchley

  • 05/03/17 - Writing from Detroit, Bernard Hives said "I stumbled across this group just recently. They stood out for two things. One....their youth, they are all 30 something and include one female and Two...their mix of instruments.. Alto, tenor saxes, trombone, banjo and sousaphone ( with an occasional trumpet and violin thrown in). I like their versions of Panama and Livery Stable Blues, all on You Tube.  Check out Good to see and hear the younger generation.

  • 05/03/17 - A couple of interesting video links from John Westwood - Dutch Swing College Band - 1960 - Meet The Band and Dutch Swing College Band & Rod Mason 1984 My Gal Sal

  • 05/03/17 - Tony Jacobs has just emailed me - "I spent the month of January in New York City (lucky me) where, overall, the weather was a lot nicer than here! If any of your readers are planning to visit the Big Apple, they will be overwhelmed by the choice of great jazz - and there appears to be a huge interest among younger musicians and singers in performing 1920s and '30s music and they are quite superb".  Tony has sent some recommendations and if you click here you can read his email in full.

  • 05/03/17 - Hi Fred, This is just to wish a Happy 80 th Birthday to Roy Williams, my 2nd cousin....... not a lot of people know that we share great grandparents! His mother and mine were great friends in their younger days and when I first saw him at The Thatched House in Manchester I didn't know that!  Also Happy Birthday to Mart . I met up with him, Janet and Eric Brierley in Nant Peris last year ,when they played in the local church. It was lovely to catch up after so many years.  Can't recall Colin, but also Happy Birthday! - Brenda Canty-Forrest (nee Tomkins).

  • 05/03/17 - The funeral of Mike Dine (504 records) will be at Eltham Crematorium, Crown Woods Way, London SE9 2NL.  It is on Thursday 23rd March at 1.45pm for a 2pm service. We will be meeting after at the Guy Earl of Warwick, Park View Rd, Welling DA16 1TB.  It's been very difficult to calculate how many of Mike's friends and acquaintances from the jazz world will be there so it may be a little cosy! - Ken Ames. Louis Lince also tells me, "On page 35 of Just Jazz there is a fine obituary from Tom Stagg (Mike's business partner in 504 records) and a moving tribute from Paul Adams (Lake Records).".

  • 05/03/17 - Correction to next week's daytime jazz events - The Mount in Fleetwood gigs are cancelled. "New management and they don't want any music". - Mike Lovell

  • 05/03/17 - Birthdays coming up this week - The great Roy Williams, born in Salford in 1937 so a special birthday coming up for Roy on Monday. On Thursday, two musicians who played together for many years, Mart Rodger and Colin Smith share birthdays. Many Happy Returns to you all.

  • 05/03/17 - Jim Swinnerton posted on Facebook yesterday, "Happy birthday Dad. My father would have been 78 years old today. Treasured memories of a great bloke". Quite agree Jim, and it's only fitting that Page of The Week this week should be your dad's series of articles on the Manchester Sports Guild,  which he wrote for Just Jazz, and where where he did so much work for jazz.

  • 05/03/17 - "Hi Fred, Rather Belated response to recent events: Iron Door Club... thought I should contribute, then found I had done in 2009!". - Philip Morris. It happens to the best of us Philip, but you have managed to find an extra snippet, which I've added to the Iron Door Page and also your memory of Tony Davis which has gone on his Tribute Page. - Fred.

  • 05/03/17 - Mid Week daytime jazz coming up - The Savoy Jazzmen are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House, on Tue, 7 March, 14:00 – 16:00, L17 1AP. On  Fri, 10 March, 13:00 – 15:30, Mike Lovell's Cafe Jazz Quintet are at THE MOUNT PUB, Fleetwood, FY7 6QE. Free Admission.

  • 05/03/17 - Good news from the Beaky in Ashton-u-Lyne. The entrance fee for non-members is kept at £2! Twelve months membership is a mere £13 (for those of the elderly persuasion); and this entitles the Member to all the facilities of the Club, not just to Jazz Nights. The guest last Wednesday was Mick Mason (is he a saint or a sinner?), accompanied by the house band, augmented later in the second half by the regular suspects - Alan on banjo, and Big John Percival on trumpet. Delicious butties at half time, washed down by a Guinness - another great night! - Noel Broadgate

  • 03/03/17 - Sarah is a Facebook friend of mine and I was able to meet her and hear her playing at the Albrighton Jazz Club. Sarah also sings. She has great energy and I am sure audiences in the North would love to hear her playing. She's a great performer of jazz and blues. I hope to invite her to guest with my band soon. - Jeff Matthews

  • 02/03/17 - I have just relocated back to the UK after having lived in the USA for the past 23 years and am looking for gigs either as a guest musician, as a dep musician, with my band (Sarah Spencer's Transatlantic Band) and with the band with whom I also play (Mike Owen's Scarlette's Serenaders).  I play reeds (primarily tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, bari sax and am in the process of dusting off my clarinet chops) and sing (classic blues and all sorts of other stuff, but not in 'girl singer' keys).  I live in Surrey, but, after living in the USA for 23 years, am used to driving ridiculous distances and, right now, would welcome any call!  - Sarah Spencer

  • 02/03/17 - Thanks for sending me this lovely extra information Fred...very interesting to know that Geoff can confirm my memory of The Iron Door club ,I will get in touch with him and perhaps we can share some other memories! - Brenda Canty Forrest.

  • 02/03/17 -  Re Page of The Week,  the Iron Door club in Liverpool it has now acquired a reputation of being the forgotten club, this is of course the result of the Cavern clubs phenomenal rise in popularity made possible by the Beatles connection.   I was dumb-founded to read Brenda Canti Forrest’s account of the surprise visitors alighting from the taxi in Temple Street, over the years I have often thought of that night, the great man appeared at the Iron Door. Brenda Conti Forrest’s recollection of that night’s events satisfied me that I was not dreaming and Count William Basie did in fact appear.  I have found the advert we placed in the Liverpool Echo, for the event, Brenda is correct, in thinking that another band was booked in addition to the Collegians it was Les Harris’s Hot Six. See also - Geoff Hogarth.

  • 02/03/17 - The guitar player playing bass with his feet is Ryan Baer (28/02)/17. He can be seen playing with Tuba Skinny on YouTube from a few years ago. - Ed Lloyd Hughes

  • 02/03/17- The funeral of Geoff Purdy is at 2.15pm in the Cypress Chapel, Stockport Crematorium. - Louis Lince

  • 02/03/17 - We had some new pictures of Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz taken and these are now on the website. These were taken at Poynton Legion Club just over a week ago where I am glad to say the jazz fan attendance is on the increase. - Mart Rodger

  • 01/03/17- Just been for my morning constitutional to collect the papers, and with the aid of my phone and some Bluetooth ear buds, I was able to listen to the third part of "Jazzed Up: How Jazz Changed Britain". It's now reached my era when Bebop met Trad, so quite interesting.

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