A Tale of Woe

From Bert Schroeder

Once upon a time, about four years ago, there was a band on a float, part of a parade, for a local charity. It was a Saturday in summer and the weather was a bit damp, the float was a lorry with a hydraulic crane at the front, and rigged up was a light canvas sheet, held up in the middle by the crane in the shape of a tent to keep the band dry. 

All went well for the best part of the trip until the rope holding the tent broke away and came down on the band. All that was visible was the drummer as he was well forward. As all the band were sitting, the sousa acted like a tent pole and kept most of the sheet off the band. After the initial shock which brought the current tune to a disorganized end, with a banjo/sousa intro, the band broke into "When you're smiling". Someone out there must have recorded this incident on video, keep watching "You've Been Framed" 

The Band: "Mamas Jass Babies",
The Place: Ormskirk, just outside Liverpool,
The Players: Alan Royal tpt, Alan Miller tmbn, Bill Doodle clr, Simon Jones sousa, Bert Schroeder Bnjo, Steve Conyngham drms,

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