Unwin Nunns
Died on Monday 2nd December 2013

Photo taken in Morecambe on 25th Jan 2008 by Fred Burnett

Unwin was born, educated and brought up in Windermere. He first started playing bass at school and then into the RAF with the Regional Band in 1948 at Bedford, treading on the same ground as the great Glenn Miller who was there only four years earlier. He left the RAF and joined the Basil Halliday Dance Band in Nottingham, alongside neighbouring bands Ken Mackintosh at the Astoria Ballroom and Don Smith at the Palais.

02/12/13 - Hello, Fred. I've just heard that Unwin Nunns died suddenly through the night.  Unwin was a bass player of vast experience, having started with dance bands in the 40's, but for many years now he had lived in Windermere. He was leader of the Lakes Jazzmen, and acted as a 'dep' for many other local bands. His cheerful personality will be sorely missed on the local jazz scene.  Funeral details to follow when known.  Regards - Bruce Carnaffin

02/10/13 - I met Unwin once a few years ago when he was selling a bass. What a super feller. I didn't buy the bass but I became a fan of a nice man.

Ed Lloyd Hughes

02/12/13 - I'm deeply saddened to hear of the death of Unwin. I don't think we ever met, yet his name is so familiar that I feel as if I have known him for years. Something to do with the bass players' fraternity I suspect. Please pass on my condolences to his family.

Allan Wilcox

05/12/13 -

I had the 'misfortune' to play alongside Unwin Nunns only twice. I say 'misfortune' because I wish it had been many times more! Unwin was a lovely man, a fine bass player and we swapped e-mails for quite a while. He will be sadly missed on the jazz scene'. So sad-another fine jazz musician gone.

Ian Royle

06/12/13 -

Hello Fred, 

So sorry and sad to hear of the death of Unwin.

I am forever grateful to him for his help in encouraging me and giving me the opportunity to re-start my jazz playing when moving into the area in 2002/3. We had some good times together, he introduced me to many fellow "Jazzers" who will also mourn his loss yet be happy to have known him.

Harold [Harry] Roberts.

09/12/13 -

I was shocked to hear of the sudden death of Unwin. I'd been chatting to him the day before he died about his plans for gigs next year. In my mind Unwin would go on forever. It never ceased to amaze me how he retained his enthusiasm for playing jazz even though it meant hauling a bass and amplifier around, albeit an electric bass of late. This was no mean feat for someone of his age. Unwin seemed to know everyone in the local jazz scene and I'm sure that they will all miss him. We will even miss his corny jokes and his vocal rendition of Slow Boat to China. My sincere condolences go to his family.

Brian McQuillin

10/12/13 -

I played with Unwin on November 28th at The Elleray in Windermere, it was probably his last gig, a fine man, and this is unusual, he often phoned you after the gig just to say thank you for playing as he did on this occasion, sad news indeed.

Barrie Marshall

14/12/13 -

I was really sorry to hear the sad news of Unwin's death. I had the good fortune of playing with Unwin many times a few years ago. He was a gentleman and great fun on a gig (and he was particularly good at getting gigs!). I will miss him and like many in these parts, will remember him fondly. Rest in Peace Unwin.

Paul Palmer.

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