Alf Tweedle - A Tribute
(Died 4th Aug 2003)

I feel a need to say something in memory of Alf, even though there's little I can add to the comments you've already published. Alf was a kind-hearted person, an accomplished and "sympathetic" musician, and the only drummer I know who kept his cymbals polished with Brasso ! 

In the fifties and sixties, Alf ran a band ("Alf Tweedle's Dixielanders"), which was the first "real" band I ever played in. Just a few weeks ago Alf sent me a photo of a poster (attached) advertising a festive season bash at the old Tower Ballroom in New Brighton. This was the last gig I played with the band before I went away to college at the tender age of eighteen, so this poster probably is dated 1960 or 61. Note that the "Dixielanders" gig was priced at 7/6, while the "Boxing Night Ball" featuring the "Beetles" (sic) was a mere five bob - there was a better sense of value in the music scene in those days !

Goodbye Alf, you were a real gentleman and will be sadly missed. - Ken Dickinson

"Alf Tweedle, well known drummer on Merseyside, died yesterday in hospital after a short illness. Our thought are with his family - "Alf was a fine drummer and one of life's gentlemen, he will be very sadly missed on Merseyside" -

Bernard Bibby",  

"He was one of the first people on the local jazz scene that I really got to know properly and I considered him one of my best friends, I will miss him terribly. He was a genuinely nice person, full of energy, and a truly musical drummer which is a rare thing. Very often he was the glue that held together many a band and his incisive and intuitive playing was a joy to behold." -

Andrew McKenzie

"I am shocked to hear about Alf,  it was always a great pleasure to play alongside him, a most friendly guy,  always had the time and a smile for everyone, he will be sadly missed -

Bert Schroeder

"I too am very sorry to hear of Alf Tweedle's death. I can only agree with Andrew and Bernard that Alf was always a gentleman and his friendliness and enthusiasm will be greatly missed. He was a man that it is was a pleasure to have known." -

John Hill

"Very very sad to hear news of Alf. It'll be a helluva 'band in the sky' with all the sad departures of late" -

Alan Davies

"Can I express on behalf of all the Mathew St. Band our deep sadness at the passing of Alf and our sympathy for his family. Alf was our 1st choice of dep drummer and he played with us many times. He will be greatly missed" -

Phil Yates

Always a gentleman, a pleasure to talk to, willing to support the band and will be sadly missed. -

Alan Miller

From the Liverpool Daily Echo -

A little bit of New Orleans came to town for the funeral of one of Merseyside's most respected jazz musicians.  Drummer Alf Tweedle, 77, from Lydiate, died after spending more than 60 years on the jazz scene.   Musicians from across the county came together to stage a New Orleans-style jazz funeral.   Alf's wife Olwen said it was what her husband would have wanted.  She said: "In the old days in the states of America they would walk in procession with umbrellas and play low music as they made their way to the funeral.   "After the burial they believed that the soul had been freed like a bird and they played lively music to collaborate..   "It is a lovely idea and I know it would be what Alf wanted especially as he loved music so much.   "And all his friends from the music world came together to take part in the procession.   Alf had been a drummer since he was 17 and played with various bands including the Dixielanders and the Panamas.   Ken Dickinson, who played with Alf in the Dixielanders said: "Alf was a kind hearted person, an accomplished player and sympathetic musician".

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