Sheila's Memories

Photographs and cuttings from Sheila Collier's scrapbook


With the Merribell Gospel Choir at Hayfield Jazz Festival 1988


Band on The Wall with the Smoky City Jazz Band in the 1970's. with -
John Hallam, Sheila Collier, Bob Jones (Drums ), Tony West Guitar, Brian Morrison Bass



The Red River Jazzmen at Dresden Jazz Festival 1990

 Dresden Dixieland Festival 1910 with the Red River Jazzmen
From the left Pete Cotteril Drums, Sheila Collier, Terry Brunt Trombone, Tony Iddon Clarinet, Doug Whaley Trumpet, Clive Yeadon piano, John Johnson Bass


With the Chris Barber Band in Helsingborg Concert Hall 2010



Singing the Gospel at Breda Jazz Festival


The Smoky City 6  Not sure where  1966 .  Tony Foulkes Clarinet,  Bob Lever Bass, Bob Jones Drums, Geoff Wilde Trumpet,  Sheila Collier,  Malcolm Smith Trombone, Tony West Banjo.

Manchester Sports Guild early 1960,s with the Kid Martyn band -

Louis Nelson on trombone

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