Bodega Jazz Club Days

16/08/20 -

At 83 years old, I have had about 70 years of good music. Starting with Ted Heath, Parnel, Dankworth etc then seriously into Louis, JRM until I was about 27 when for my sins I started to listen to bebop and I'm afraid I have been in the Monk, Bird and Diz mode ever since. My favourite British jazzman being Stan Tracey. I have recently been going through my photographs and wondered if any of them would be of interest to your readers. I have therefore attached some that I took in the Bodega jazz club in Manchester. I am not saying who they are - anyone with a basic knowledge will be able to name most of them and it might give some of your readers something to do if they are still "shielding"! I hope this is of interest to you and thank you for all the hard work you have done over the years.

Philip Buckley



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