The Parade Jazz Band

L to R - Jeff Lewis, Brian Hall, Paul Marks, John Shevill, Keith Jones (RIP 30/3/18), Sue Reid, Roy Gregory.

Photograph by  Clive Edwards : John Shevill passed away in February 2019

The band was formed by Mike Smith -trumpet, by August 1990 and first played downstairs at the Boathouse. Mike dropped out in April 1991, shortly after adding the late Billy Edwards on trumpet. The band then included Billy Edwards, Dave Renton on trombone and vocals and Charlie Walcom (leader) on bass.  Roy Gregory soon joined on guitar, banjo and vocals. At different periods the reed chair was taken by Geoff Parker, Terry Perry and Howard Murray. For some years a keyboard was added to the band, played by Bernie Flynn. The drum chair from early on was filled by Ron Hall and from then by Jonn Shevill. Andrew McKenzie joined the band, when Dave Renton became too ill to play, and was replaced  later by Rob Handforth. Charlie Walcom retired from the band in December 2010, but can still be heard here and there on his 'side of the water'.  Paul Marks now plays trumpet with the band.

The Parade Band with guests at Rochdale Jazz Club, 23rd Sept 2018.  Photo courtesy Sam Ralph
L-R Brian Hall, Liam Bedall, Paul Marks, Ed Hannaby, Roy Gregory, Andrew Mackenzie.

The present band members are:-

Roy Gregory - Guitar, banjo, vocals and announcements and leader.

Django Reinhardt is one of Roy’s great inspirations and together with son Paul they have a duo, ‘Modango’. He also plays a very bluesy mouth organ. He lives in Oxton.

Tony Peers – Trumpet

Brian Hall -  Bass and vocals

Brian started in Jazz as a teenager, playing banjo and guitar with the Panama and Leo Rutherford Bands before his first professional job with the Llew Hird Jazz Band. He moved into pop and cabaret work, including song-writing (winning Opportunity Knocks 1973 with 'Amanda') and about 6 years ago he returned to Jazz playing guitar/bass guitar with local Merseyside bands before joining the Parade Jazz Band in May 2012.

Jonn Shevill – Drums (RIP Feb 2019)

John also enjoys playing with the Parade, that he travels all the way from Southport. He is a swinging, supportive and very experienced drummer and his breaks get the room alive.

Jeff Lewis - Trombone.

Neglected music for 30 odd years in favour of playing with computer networks. He is now better known for his exploits with Speakeasy Bootleg Band, but still finds time for periodic forays into the "normal" jazz scene. As for musical influences....... "If it's good, I like it"."

The band has a wide range over the hot jazz spectrum and cover New Orleans and Dixieland with some mainstream. "Buddy Bolden's Blues may be followed by "Night Train". There is extra variety, when other musicians ‘dep’ or sit in and from time to time special guests are featured. Past guests include from the North West: George Galway, Terry Brunt, and Mart Roger and from further afield: Digby Fairweather, Roy Williams, Johnny Barnes, Spats Langham, Gordon Whitworth, Campbell Burnap, Jim Douglas and from the USA, the 10th Avenue Jazz Band.

The band also play at other jazz venues and for dances, weddings etc.

Contact Roy Gregory on 0151 513 6110 or 0777 4905466 for information.



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