Didsbury Cricket Club “Thanks for the memories”
by the late Alan Hare

Doggerel in Db

Here’s to all Mart’s band a grand set of boys
who throughout all these years have been giving great joys
To those who love jazz of the Dixieland kind
And to whom Bird and Dizzie may just stay behind.

There’s Nigel on drums whose style’s hard to beat
you’ll see all the crowd keep on tapping their feet.

Our Roger likes hugely the great Powell Bud
but knows that Jess Stacey was also so good.

On ‘bone there is Eric been playing for years
when some ‘bones left no one shed tears.

A solo by Mart may just start with a gliss
the crowd know of course he’s not taking the…’mickey’

Colin’s day simply starts with a large glass of milk
reminds him of long days he once spent with Bilk.

Whatever he plays and I kid you not
Al’s trumpeter’s notes are always white hot.

Was Charlie at one time a Sheps banjo boy
if so then his new band will give him more joy.

They say that two heads are much better than one
and running a band a great head-ache for some.
Publicity wise and oft times on the door
from Janet no one could have asked for much more.

SO……Please raise your glasses…….I mean every-one

To Mart and to Janet we’ll just say……..WELL DONE.

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