Dear Jazz Supporter,


Members of Jazz Clubs and Societies are advised that “Exploring Early Jazz: The Origins and Evolution of the New Orleans Style” by Daniel Hardie is now available at major website booksellers.

It deals with the lost years of New Orleans Jazz History from 1897 to 1927, including the silent years before sound recording.

Starting with the small dance bands active in New Orleans before Buddy Bolden popularised improvised jazz, a sequential history is presented including  the New Orleans bands active during thirty years which led to the perfecting of Classic New Orleans Jazz and its ultimate demise.

The new book is a companion work to the earlier work by the author; “The Loudest Trumpet: Buddy Bolden and the Early History of Jazz” published in 2000. Augmenting the brief account of early jazz performers  in the later chapters of the earlier work it presents a detailed account of the work of three decades of  early New Orleans bands, reviews their performance practices, describes the social environment  during the early stages of jazz history, and develops a sequential life history of the  New Orleans Style together with a brief account of the probable roots of jazz. It also deals in some depth with the requirements for historically informed performance of  early jazz styles.

Additional details; a list of contents and links to major booksellers are available at the Early Jazz web page:

The book is already available online from Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Booksamillion.  Some of these sites  offer discounts and delivery in 3 days (or less in New York). You should also be able to order from any bookseller with access to the Ingram (iPage) data base. Booksellers can also order direct at the website. European enquiries could be made to the Norbert Ruecker organisation.

It would be appreciated if you could pass this information to club members, jazz colleagues and any other groups interested in jazz. I hope your members will find it of interest.


Best wishes

Dan Hardie
October 2012

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