Nicky Martyn

RIP June 2020


 I am sorry to tell you that drummer and comedian, Nicky Martyn, has passed away.   He was Nicky Holcroft in the Zenith Six before the death in the early 60ís of manager, Dave Currie, when the band split as some wanted to go professional and the other half werenít prepared to go that way.  Earlier Nicky played with the Eric Pepp Band in Warrington and both bands met when they filmed a ďdry runĒ at Granada, but unfortunately it didnít make it to be a regular programme.  Nicky became a hugely successful comedian working constantly on top cruise ships.    Mart was his best man at his marriage.   We were on holiday in Australia one time when we suddenly met Nicky and Edwina unexpectedly as they had a few days in Sydney after working on a cruise from San Francisco to meet up there with the P & O World Cruise. When he retired a few years ago he joined Fredís Jazznorthwest dep page of drummers and played with Martís band on occasion.  He also made an advert for Ludwig drums in the States and his fee was a top-of-the range Ludwig kit!

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