The Lost Tapes
No.7 & 11-
  Tony Davis Presents -
Tony's Tradtime


Could anyone interested in traditional jazz in the North West ever forget Tony's Tradtime launched on 4th September 1994. It was part of the reason why this web site came into being, which you can read in my mini biog by Andrew Liddle.  I came across the test transmissions before JazzFM or JFM as they called it at the time, had started regular programmes, and Tony's Tradtime was advertised as being on Sunday nights, so I was looking forward to it.

I recently came across a cassette tape which I had made back in the 90's and the only reason I know that, is because there is a recording of the Quayside Hot Stompers playing, and Tony says they were playing every Wednesday at the Yorkshire House Hotel in Lancaster and I said to Barbara, "Let's go, I used to like Trad Jazz".  When we got there we were told they were no longer playing there, and the barmaid said that there was a band playing down on the Quay on Thursday night, (turned out to be the New Riverside Jazz Band), so we vowed to come back. That's what started it all, and little did I know that one day it would result in this web site.

This tape  was somewhat crudely edited to cut out most of the talking and the adverts, possibly by hitting the pause button, but nevertheless, it does bring back the memories of the bands that Tony was fond of playing then, like Bent Perrson and  and the Dry Throat Fellows, bands I'd never heard of before.



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