Tom Culbert

From Rags to Stride

Lost Tape No. 5


This is the fifth tape that I unearthed, and thank goodness I was able to copy it, as the previous players I had used were either mono or battery operated. Both players had a distinct flutter when it came to playing the tape, really bugged me, and no amount of slamming the cassette on the desk to loosen the tape would help stop it. I even resorted to new batteries to see if it would help, but No! I reached the point where I went on the internet and searched for "Mains powered stereo cassette players", when to my surprise I saw one and thought, "I've got one of those upstairs". Sure enough it was a more substantial player, not quite a ghetto blaster but a quality  player by Panasonic, and it played the tape perfectly.

My thanks to Peter Kings who has now given permission to reproduce the tape, and also to Tom Culbert who says he is delighted that it is going on the site. It was recorded at his previous home in Wilpshire just outside Blackburn.



If you have any problems playing this file, please let me know


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