The Saints Jazz Band
The Saints on The BBC

Lost Tape No. 4

This is the 4th cassette that I unearthed with amazement.  It's not a commercial tape, and on it is written (not in my handwriting), "The Saints - Unreleased BBC Show". It was indeed a recording of the Saints Jazz Band recorded in Manchester. Whilst on a cassette tape, the crackle on it would suggest that it was copied from vinyl. I can only think it might have been sent to me by Merton Kaufman from Canada. Merton passed away in 2012.  Does anybody know anything about the original recording and how it came to be on vinyl?

The program, "Mostly Jazz",  is introduced by Peter Wheeler who Joe Silmon wrote about at length in an article on this site - "The death of a famous broadcaster who loved the Manchester jazz scene and its performers - Peter Wheeler". The band can be heard playing -

  1. Eccentric  Rag
  2. Wolverine Blues
  3. That Da Da Strain
  4. Memphis Blues
  5. I Found a New Baby


If you have any problems playing this file, please let me know


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