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Lockdown Photographs
 Archive Photographs dug out during lockdown. Well there's no live jazz so you have to do something!
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The Sun St Stompers at the John O'Gaunt it it's early days when the awful fireplace was there and the terrible wall paper Steve Thorn very soon sorted that out, Dave Bateman Guitar, Paul Guppy Bass, Barrie Marshall clarinet and Alan Duckles cornet.

The Newhall Jazz Band back in 1977. - Mick Unthank



Some cuttings from 1963.  A very young Micky Cooke and John Hallam. - Duncan Hollows.



Fred, I was wondering if the band members on West Coast Shout could be identified from the cartoon album cover drawn by Diz Disley. - Bob Lamb



The Savoy Jazzmen at The Palm House. Peter Swensson says,
Terry Birkinhead who normally leads our parades has been given his P45 !!!!!".



Cy Laurie with The New Riverside Jazz Band picture taken by Barrie Marshall


07/02/21 -

Bob Lamb sent me this nostalgic collector's item. Bob writes, "May be of interest Fred.. and a conundrum.. This sleeve has the autographs of the Merseysippi Jazz Band personnel on Any Old Rags?? (11.05.1958).. apart from one, Never could get the vocalist Al St. George.. Who ?.... and why does he not appear on the record jacket ?

Thanks again for this site , Fred


What I'm wondering is how they only managed to get four tracks on an LP, were they extra long numbers? - Fred

05/02/21 - Howard Murray says, can you name these musicians?

16/02/21 - Howard comes up with the answers - Guitar: The late Alan Yates. Drums: The late Malcolm Ferrari. Trombone: Howard Burrows now in the Midlands. Piano: Mike Medina. Now in Leeds (brother of Paul M). T/bone and Bass). Clarinet: Howard Murray.. New Years Eve Gig 1959. T. A. Barracks, Whalley Range. My first gig... Dread to think what I sounded like. Got £5.00... Over half of a week's wage as an apprentice TV Engineer. I thought ""Could do with some more of this!"



George Webb, "The Father of British Jazz", at his Llandudno Jazz Festival at Butlins' Grand Hotel in November '91. He was a lovely man - at the end of the final night, he was at the door shaking everyone's hand and thanking them for attending !

Terry Birkinhead



31/01/21 -

Here’s some photos of the Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra, taken off the tele. by my brother Peter, when we appeared on “Opportunity Knocks” in the late 70s: In the right hand photo are: Tom Kirby (bjo), Trevor Stent (clt), Ken Sims (cnt), Hughie, Jon Critchley, and Alan Millar: Also out of shot was Bob Heyward (piano), Jeff Samuels (Sousaphone) and Mike McCombe (Drums).  Acker introduced us, and Hughie Green (who was very late on stage as he was busy getting his makeup right) insisted on duetting with him on bad clarinet in “Stranger on the Shore”. At the end of the show all the acts had to do a reprise and play or sing a few bars of what they had performed to remind the audience of what they had been listening to. So we kicked off from the middle 8 of our song “Everybody Loves My Baby”, to the end, and raised a respectable count of 71 on the Clapometer. The subsequent winner of that night, and of previous weeks (allegedly due to her coercing workmates to vote for her using prepaid postcards) was a “singer” from over the border.  She just could not pitch in on the middle eight, and had to sing a chorus all the way through, until she arrived magically at the middle 8, at which point recording could re-commence. 

I’m not bitter. It was a great experience, but maybe if we’d won, I wouldn’t be spending the last week lifting 30 buckets a day out of our cellar due to a rise in the water table, due to the bloody incessant rain, and due to the bloody insurance company Royal Sun Alliance saying that, YES, we’re insured against flooding, but, NO, we’re not insured against a rise in the water table. But I digress.... I’m still playing, I wonder if the winner of that show is still singing?  Hope not. - Jon Critchley

In the left picture, line-up in shot is Trevor Stent (clt), Ken Sims (cnt), Jon Critchley (cnt), Alan Millar (tmb).  Out of shot: Jeff Samuels (sousaphone), Bob Hayward  (pno) and Mike McCombe (drs).


30/01/21 -  I’ve just brought some albums out of my cellar, one of which is theirs, that was signed by several in the band on 19th August 1975.  It’s just called The Blue Magnolia Jazz Orchestra, produced in 1974 Liverpool Sound (Enterprises) Ltd.  I was 26 years old at the time and had worked in Liverpool for a year (social work) and I was heading to the East End of London.  I used to go with friends and listen to them at a pub in Liverpool I can’t remember the name of.  They signed the album cover as a goodbye.   Here’s a pic. of the back of the album.  You’ll see it included some kisses!!  (They won’t remember me - I only spoke to them that last evening.). I'm listening to it right now - they were so good! I came back to the North West even though I grew up in Sussex and was in London for many years. I now live near Kendal in South Cumbria.- Delcia McNeil (referred to as Dell on the album cover)

I have attached just two of the many pictures of The Cotton City Jazzmen taken by Dave Robinson. This was taken on 18th October 2003 in Preston. In photo 1 are Left to right, Mike Pearson (tbn), John Muskett (bs), Doug Whaley (tpt), Grant Taylor (dms), Barry Aldous (clt and tnr); John Gordon (bjo and gtr) is out of shot but is seen behind me in photo 2. Not sure about the venue, could it be The Lamb or  The Ferret?




Like all musicians I'm missing listening & playing.  Probably like a lot of people I've been hunting through old photos  and wonder if you could help me by putting the attached on your site.  I realise it is from out your area but there are quite a few N.E. musicians living ''out west '' so hope someone may be able to help.  I am wondering if anyone recognises the musicians in the photo.  It's the Eric Ward Quartet from 1960. They operated around the Denton Burn area of Newcastle.

Hope you can help --- Stay Safe
Jack Wilson

25/01/21 -

I've been digging out old photos and recordings over the past few week and these evoke some great memories of my US trip.

When I was in New York in April 1979 I met, amongst many others, Tommy Benford and bass player Johnny Williams and when they toured the UK in 1982 with Bob Greene’s band I met them again. Here’s me with Tommy and my then wife with Johnny Williams who, I must tell you, was the most delightful musician I met during the whole of my American trip.

Graham Martindale





Here’s a couple of photos of me with Humphrey Lyttelton, the late Denis Gilmour (trumpet) and Tony Foulkes (clarinet) playing in Glossop at a Jazz Festival.

Julie Flynn



Anthony ‘Tuba Fats’ Lacen, from the Olympia Brass Band of New Orleans, at the Saturday morning parade of the Keswick Jazz Festival, May 1994. - Terry Birkinhead



14/01/21 -

A picture of the first band I formed after moving to Bury in 1960.  The band was named  ‘The Northside Six’ which played at the Fleece Hotel and the Beachcomber in Bolton, also the annual Arts Ball organised by Bolton College of Art.  We also played at the Stanley Club in Accrington and many other venues until the band folded around 1965.  This picture of the band was taken in 1964.  The musicians were Brian Morrison on Bass, Jim Ashton on Banjo, Richard Dhana on Drums, Ray Bennett (now in Australia) on trombone, Dave Robinson on Trumpet (centre), and myself on clarinet.

Barry Aldous


10/02/21 - Here's an oldie from about 1962 of the Dee Valley Jazzmen at the Odd Spot, which I think was in Bold Street Liverpool. Personnel from left to right is: -  Andy (Froggie) Jenner (clarinet), Dave Antrobus (piano), John Braben (trumpet), Pam Mackie (vocals), Tony Crofts (drums), Terry McGrath (trombone), The late Rob Turner (Bass) and Mike Allen (banjo).  Cheers from Oz - John Braben


You have already posted some photos taken at the Savoy's 30th Birthday Party. However other than myself (obscured) there are other musicians on this photo that weren't on the others. Jeff Lewis, Peter Swensson (obscured) Carl Thompson, Trevor Stent and Peter Darwin. - Peter Swensson


 I came across this photograph on my PC by accident, I'd forgotten I had it. I have to say I feel privileged to have known everyone on it, some are no longer with us but thankfully some are. I've met and spoken to them all. Having said that, I just hope I get their names right. L-R John Higham, Derek Vaux, Peter Fryer, Peter Darwin, John Lawrence, Frank Robinson, Ken 'Nob' Baldwin, and Don Lydiatt. It looks like an official band photograph, but anybody know when it was taken, - Fred Burnett

This photo was taken on the balcony at the rear of the Queen Elizabeth Hall in July 2003, writes Peter Darwin.  We all had a brilliant time and a proper night to remember, thanks to the BBC.  Here is a link to the event.



Both these photographs featuring Carole Oldham were taken by Terry Birkinhead. The photo of Carole in a blue dress was taken July 1994 and has Tommy Orrett a founder member of the Savoy Jazzmen in the background. The photo of Carole in a floral dress was taken in August 1995 and has Hugh Gerrard and Reg Aveyard backing her. - Photos submitted by Peter Swensson.



Here’s one from the 1970s; The Panama Jazz Band at The Black Horse, West Kirby: In the days when the pub was absolutely packed at 8pm on our Wednesday nights and proprietors Mr and Mrs Wiley would bring round hot pasties to all. The Panama line-up in the photo is Dave Renton (tmb), Robin Tankard (bss), Me (tpt) and Dave Thomas (clt). - Jon Critchley

Car parking at Malvern jazz festival, 1991,-  The photo was taken at The ‘Al Capone’ Hot Jazz Festival, at The Winter Gardens, Malvern in October 1991. This gives you some idea of how keen the local authority were in enforcing the strict parking regulations. - Terry Birkinhead


Above - The Mahogany Hall Stompers at Dumfries Jazz Club, a picture taken in the mid 80’s.  Martian Bennett on trombone, was living in Lancaster working on a boat. Keith Moore is on trumpet, Barrie Marshall on clarinet, John Rothwell on drums, Neil Harrison on bass and Paul Guppy on guitar.
Below - This was taken at a jazz festival in Port Laoise in Ireland a long time ago, it consists of three bands - the lot you see here as a marching band.  It split up into two smaller bands to play bars, Norman Thatcher is on the left holding up a pint, Keith Moore in the green jacket my good self on clarinet, I can't remember names of others it was a scratch band put together by the guy behind the banjo player, typical in Ireland the place we are in front of was half hardware store and half a bar. - Barrie Marshall (click on photos for full screen).


Dear Fred , here is a drawing from my sketchbook when I was at Manchester College of Art and singing with The Southside Stompers at The Black Lion in Salford every Saturday night.  It’s of Eric ‘ Ulysses’ Newton who was the bass player at that time. - Sheila Collier


The 4th Bude Jazz Festival, August ’91, and we went to the Hawarden Club, Crooklets, to hear the brilliant ‘Charleston Chasers’ playing classic 20’s jazz. We were miffed to find that we had just missed the 80 year-old Harry Gold, of ‘Pieces of Eight’ fame, sitting in for a couple of numbers on bass sax.

At the interval I asked could I take his photo. He took hold of my arm and marched me through a packed club to the foyer, and posed in front of a large notice that read “SORRY NO DISCO NEXT FRIDAY 30.8.91 DUE TO JAZZ” !

Harry was chuffed to bits, and this photo was shown in Alice Garnett’s “Jazz Times” in April ’92.

Terry Birkinhead


Here is a photo of the Black Horse Jazzmen in 1993/4 playing at our 1st residence, the Hellifield Black Horse. Thus the band name. Guesting is Mike Lunn on banjo. Our reed player was Dave Stansfield who many will remember as a good bass player, who wanted to play reeds. Sadly he died shortly after this photo was taken. Rhythm guitar is Pete Lawrence, bass guitar his son Sam, myself on trumpet & trombone. Can anyone tell me more about Dave, I met him whilst both sitting in at the Station Inn in Skipton. - Peter Boswell (Those were the days: - when you get a fillet steak meal for £8.50 - Fred)


Johnny Tippett (Bjo), Des Hopkins (Dms), Harry Knott (Bs), Jack Goodier (Tpt),  Roy Rogers (Clt). Pete Ward (Tbn).
Hyde Jazz Club, Manchester July 14th 1961 - Photo supplied by Des Hopkins


A couple of photographs sent in by Bob Lamb the top one now identified as Mike Dexter & Tony Dunleavy.  No mistaking the somewhat closer, close-up of Dave Renton below. Bob says, "Apart from trombone Dave had an excellent veggie restaurant in Liverpool called Domino which doubled as a small art gallery.  He was a smart cook !

Photographs from Terry Birkinhead

ART HODES. (1904/1993)  An American pianist, born in the Ukraine, settled in Chicago at an early age. Shown here when guesting with The Blue Magnolia Orchestra at The Albert in Lark Lane, Liverpool on 10/5/88. He played with Armstrong, Bechet, Spanier and reputedly played for Al Capone ! Also toured the UK with Wild Bill Davison in 1989.

PEANUTS HUCKO. (1918/2003). American clarinettist, shown here with his touring All-Stars at The Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight, 23/9/88, Digby Fairweather and ‘Count’ John McCormack on the photo. He played with Armstrong, Goodman, Condon and Glenn Miller.


Photographs from Dr. Alan Brown, in Manchester including this super photograph of George Lewis.

Time for a cuppa in Binns Cafe

L-R Eric Brierley (tbn), Don Bridgewood (dms), Roy Bower (tpt),
Norman Dakers (bjo), .John Featherstone (pno) Geoff Ford (bs), Alan Brown (cl),


The photo is from an article which was in the Picture Post about Manchester University Men’s Union and the Rhythm Club was a feature. It shows Richard Ellis on trumpet, myself on clarinet and Jack Palmer on banjo. Richard later progressed to become Professor of Anaesthetics at Leeds University and Jack became a pharmacist and owned a pharmacy in Ramsbottom. I think it was taken in 1954 or 1955.

Derek Atkins and Alan Brown playing at a session at Swinton Park Golf Club sometime in the mid 1960s.  Also in the band but not in the photo was Fred Fidler on trombone.  The photo was taken by a fellow golf club member Eric Shaw who incidentally was a professional photographer for Reuters News Agency.



I’ve been working on my web site and I have this picture of Tom Culbert with Colin Brownrigg,  myself  and Jim Heap at Lucas factory where my dad (John Brunton), worked. I think it’s 1985. As you can see I'm very concentrated on plying the right chords with Tom looking on! - Gary Brunton



Photo of Phil Mason & Christine Tyrell guesting with the Tuxedo Jazz Band,  October 1995.  Arthur Williams, Geoff Jones, Carl Thompson, Brian Woods, Phil Mason, Unknown, Christine Tyrell, Brian Legan & Mal Horne.  Photo courtesy of Terry Birkinhead.  Their uniform is very fetching! - Peter Swensson


12/10/20 - It seems, like a lot of other musicians, I've been looking through old photographs and came across this one of the John Gordon Quartet. It was taken in Northwich Market, sometime in the mid 1990s but we can't remember the exact date. What a smart-looking group! The personnel is Mick Burns, trumpet, Sammy Reynolds, clarinet and sax, myself on bass trombone and John Gordon, banjo - Paul Medina


17/10/20 - I'm not sure when or where this was taken and how I ended up with a copy", says Peter Swensson. "I only recognise Billy Edwards. It would be good to know the names of the other musicians.


07/10/20 - This photograph sent to by Harry Swinburne shows the Chicago Teds in about 1989.  He thinks it was taken at The Dovedale Towers, which is situated on the famous Penny Lane in Liverpool.  The musicians are, from left to right,  Roy Rogers, Neville Baldwin, Ken Doran, Brian Singleton,  Tony Dunleavy, Joe Addy and Derek Pierce.


06/10/20 - "Don't know how I got this photo", write Peter Swensson, "anyhow it's John Petters' New Orleans All Stars taken on the boat Lady Diana, in Chester, in June 1996. L-R - Clive Payne, Ken Sims, John Petters, Mart Rodger (depping), and Tim Phillips.


28/09/20 - Two more photographs from Peter Swensson. Peter says, "It was a Savoy Jazzmen event but can’t remember the occasion. On the photos Jeff Lewis, Dave Renton, Don May, Les Harris, Geoff Walker, Tommy Orrett, Reg Aveyard, Robbie Foster, Stu Carter, Ken Horton, Pete Darwin, Don May and the good looking one, Peter Swensson, is obscured.

Well done in resurrecting these photos from your archive ! Yes, I took the photos and it was The Savoy Jazzmen’s 30th anniversary celebration in the upstairs room at ‘The Welly’, on 24th May 1990. That was a great night, and the finale had 14 musicians on stage giving it some ’welly’. I have 14 photos of that event in one of my albums. The late Al MacDowall once told the Wirrorleans regulars that I was the only bloke he knew that took a photo of every tune ! - Terry Birkenhead




Here’s a couple of photos of me with Humphrey Lyttelton, the late Denis Gilmour (trumpet) and Tony Foulkes (clarinet) playing in Glossop at a Jazz Festival.

Julie Flynn


19/09/20 - Found this old photo of George Chisholm (trombone), my ex late husband Colin Tomkins (trumpet) and John Hallam (reeds).

I can remember this, but can’t think of the venue! Must have been early 70’s but probably John can remember?

Brenda Canty -Forrest (was Tomkins)



The New Riverside Jazz Band

L-R Barrie Marshall, Peter Eddowes, Alan Duckles, Dave Bateman, Delia Glaister, Malcolm Hall, Alan Matthews


05/08/20 - Peter Swensson has been digging through his photograph album and sent me a couple of old photographs which he thinks was taken during the visit of the Tall Ships, but what year? They show Ron Hall (snare drum), Billy Williams (bass drum) Robin Tankard (tuba), Tom Orrett (cornet), Dave Thomas (clarinet) Roger Hewitt? (sousaphone), Brian Legan (alto sax), Roger Higham (trumpet) and Tony Ormesher (banjo)". I’m sure it was 1984. Tony Davis (Spinners fame), organised the event.


When the Tall Ships came to Liverpool on 16th August 1992 ,Tom Culbert (Forest N.O. Band) organised a group to play on one of the Mersey Ferries. It was Arthur Stead tpt, David Ellison clt, Dave Stansfield bass, Dave Stanley dms and, of course Tom Culbert on keyboard All members of the Forest New Orleans Band - what a day that was ! - Dave Stanley (06/08/20).



Submitted by Peter Swensson 07/09/20



This Picture, submitted by Peter Eddowes (19/08/20), was taken 25 years ago at the Keswick Jazz Festival (May 1995). It was taken in the then, Dining Room of the Queens Hotel Keswick. The room is now a shop and the Hotel is now called "inn on the Square", after being taken over by Lake District Hotels some years ago. L/R Peter Eddowes Barrie Marshall Dave Bateman Alan Duckles (slightly out of shot) Malcolm Hall, Alan Mathews and Vocalist Delia Glaister.

Supplied by Bob Lamb, 29/08/20

He was a regular attendee at the Merseysippi's Albert Dock gigs. Always wearing a jacket bedecked with badges and dancing with the nearest lady, whether they wanted to or not. I suspect that he was well known elsewhere. Does anyone know anything about him? - Bob Lamb



Submitted by  Peter Swensson 29/08/20


Submitted by Robert Lamb 28/08/20

This one was submitted by Peter Swensson 28/08/20

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