Joe "King" Oliver was a giant of the jazz world in every sense. He was big in stature, towering over his contemporaries in the stately manner acquired in his days as a butler, as well as big in heart, pressing on with his music when everything seemed stacked against him. He was unquestionably the leading exponent of what became known as "The New Orleans Style", with its emphasis on solid ensemble playing rather than spectacular solo work. His music was infectious and enhanced the careers of others who went on to become New Orleans legends, such as Kid Ory and Louis Armstrong. We trace Joe's life from his rise to prominence in New Orleans, especially in Storyville, through the gangster-controlled cabarets and clubs of Chicago, on to New York and beyond that, to the harsh demands of taking a band on tour in the unforgiving roads of America. We follow Joe on to Savannah, where Joe ended his days like many a jazz pioneer in poverty and obscurity. Joe Oliver lives on today. It is scarcely possible to sit through a Jazz Band set anywhere in the world without coming across an item by King Oliver. My hope is that this book will cause the reader, next time that happens, to draw in their mind a vivid picture of a wonderful man. Ron Cassidy's previous work was the highly successful Ottilie: Star of County Down.




ISBN: 978-0-9568 108-4-7 210

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Published by Broomfields
 Publishing, Manchester, UK

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