Assorted Jottings

January 2nd 2014

Hello Fred,

A few assorted jottings:
1)  Music lovers wondering why they have not heard the inaugural recital of the Festive Arrangement in Real Time of John Cage’s 4’33’’ may like to know that its premiere has been delayed: although most of the instruments have been assembled (concreted-up post horn, reedless clarinet, stringless banjo and headless side-drum), and the services of expert players secured, there has a problem acquiring the unique frameless triangle (once used to great effect in tacet passages by Horst Kitzinfangel) from the Symphonic Hall of International Triangles (in Baden-Baden).  The difficulty has been in getting the Certificate for Repatriation of Alternative Percussion, although Moe Green (Government Emissary Negotiating Triangle Shipment, as well as Keeper And Registrar of Special Instruments) has been doing his best to ease its passage.  It is now hoped that the first performance of this distinctive air will be at Yuletide 2014.
2)  I have been listening again to the CD McJazz and Friends, featuring Sandy Brown and Al Fairweather.  Sandy was surely a world-class player, with his original compositions, wonderful arrangements and terrific melodic improvisational style on clarinet, far removed from the arpeggio-based approach of some others (and Al Fairweather was an excellent trumpeter).  Any jazz fan with a Postal Order to redeem (a Christmas present from a great-aunt, perhaps) could do worse than put it towards some of Sandy’s music.
3)  In November I depped with Martin Bennett’s band at The Black Swan (Hollins Green) and was pleased to see Colin Smith (and Linda) in the audience.  Could I remind folk that although Colin has retired from Mart Rodger’s Band, he has NOT given up playing and is available for deputising on double bass?
Best wishes to you Fred, Barbara and all your readers for a Happy, Healthy and, above all, Harmonious New Year.
John Muskett

04/01/14 -

I would like to update everyone on the current situation regarding the staging of the John Cage composition 4'33 as mentioned by my co-producer John Muskett. In my position as Gov. Emissary for Negotiating Triangle Shipments I have been making movements to obtain the illusive Certificate for the Repatriation of Alternative Percussion but have run into problems with the Board of the Museum in Baden Baden known as the Worshipful Committee who apparently will only issue the certificate at their convenience. I am taking the appropriate measures to bring this sticky subject to a satisfactory conclusion.

Yours Hopefully Moe Green


Hi Fred: "Oh what a relief!" to read John Muskett's news re the Cage concert postponement. It should give Moe time to achieve Peristalltic Perfection, and myself time to master enough wind to perform the Alto passages on the valveless Tuba which the work requires. I mean, of course, "Play along" to the CD when it comes out, as gigging to me is a lovely memory. Hopeful new year to all.

Jon White


My surprise at the omission of Moe Green from the New Year's honours list is increased by John Muskett's revelations of Moe's appointment as G.E.N.T.S. a position requiring the use of tact, particularly where C.R.A.P. is a burning issue, further complicated by the controversy surrounding the involvement of Vin Daloo (the bi-polar sitar player). This situation will tax to the limit Moe's supreme diplomatic skills, notably displayed in raising issues to push the form his centennial celebrations will take into limbo. That feat alone should have been worth a knighthood at least.

Don Bridgewood

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