Jim Flynn


21/04/20 - 

Kath Flynn rang to tell me Jim Flynn passed away yesterday.  He had been battling cancer for a long time.  Jim was the original drummer with the Chicago Teddy Bears  Our thoughts are with Kath at this time, when it is difficult for friends and family to be with her.

Tony Dunleavy

21/04/20 -

Well ..That disproves the old adage that only the good die young..'   What sad news... One of the best drummers and certainly one of the best geezers!
Great memories of Jim!

Howard Murray.

22/04/20 -

I am very sad having seen this news. I was fortunate to play with Jim in both Alan Pendlebury's band at the Dixieland Bar, Central Pier, Blackpool for the summer, I think in 1971! and also in the Harlem Hot Stompers.   One of the best as a musician and a friend. Our thoughts and prayers here are also with Kath at this time.

Tony Kennedy.


When you reported the passing of my old friend Jim Flynn a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I may have a photo. It took a bit of finding and isn’t in the best condition! But I found the picture. It was taken in the Dixieland Bar, Central Pier, Blackpool where we were appearing for the summer season in I think 1971. The line up was Alan Pendlebury (Trom. and leader), Alan”Tiger” Bray ( Trumpet), Roy Rogers ( Clarinet), John Gordon ( Banjo), Jim Flynn ( Drums ) and yours truly Tony “Tosh” Kennedy ( Sousaphone). This lineup played together for about two years. I moved on to play with “Shep’s Banjo Boys” and I think I am right in saying that some of the guys formed the basis of “The Chicago Teddy Bears” . Happy memories !

Tony Kennedy

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