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One of the problems I find when travelling to other parts of the country, with a copy of Jazz Guide or Just Jazz Magazine in the car, is that my knowledge of Geography is such that I don't know how far away the venues are from where I am staying. With this in mind I am in the process of building a map of jazz venues in the  North West which may help you.  Start by dragging the map so that where you are staying is near the centre of the screen. Use the + and - buttons (or possibly your mouse wheel if you have one) to zoom into the area, and drag the map again if needs be.  Jazz Clubs are represented by the standard location markers with letters, whilst other Jazz Venues are represented by solid coloured circles.  Click on the coloured markers for more information on the venue or resident band, or click on a band name to see where they play. Unfortunately it would appear that the map is not currently visible on mobile phones or iPad/tablets, but hopefully Google will sort that out with a future update of the Maps App.  You can tick the boxes to display Jazz Clubs, or Jazz Venues or both, and if you don't like the map, try changing it by clicking the dropdown opposite 'base map'  at the bottom of the list.

Click the icon below for a list of venues
Use your mouse to drag the map and click the + sign (bottom left) to zoom into the map

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